the millitia

thirdworldist maoists really out there praising taliban, a religious fundamentalist anti-communist millitia consisting of ethnic supremacists, as forces of “national liberation” in afghanistan


love Love LOVE this song!

Let's Fight For Abbie and Team Witness!

right now I’ve been hearing some rumblings that we should watch and promote the hell out of Mama! I think this is a great plan and should be our plan for the rest of season. Any episode that promotes the dynamics and values we tuned in for should be praised to the heavans and everything else should be ignored. 

What are our values:

  • race and cultural diversity
  • teamwork
  • equal gender representation
  • Abbie written with honor and respect
  • the Mills sisters and their storyline being showcased equally to the Cranes

What does this look like?

  • Jenny being important to the plot and conclusion of each episode
  • Frank being important to the plot and conclusion of each episode
  • Abbie and Jenny sharing the screen and working together to solve the apocalypse (Ichabod can be there too)
  • TeamWitness working together
  • not against Katrina being present, but no more displacing the main four, no more removal of her agency, no more prop, toy or object to a man’s subject. if the writing for one woman is sexist the writing for all the woman will be sexist
  • diversity is more than black and white, new characters should be Native, LatinX, SEA, EA, from any of the many African countries

What we don’t want to see?

  • Hawley and Katrina sucking up screentime
  • Hawley getting in between Abbie and Jenny
  • Katrina being counted in the decison making process as if she were a Witness
  • Abbie being too stupid to call Jenny as her back-up against Crane stupidity.
  • Native Americans being stuck into the story for no real reason

Sleepy Hollow promised many things in this first season and they’ve stopped delivering. Let’s help them get back on track!