the million year picnic

NaLu Week Day 5 - Dare

Natsu sat in the middle of the guild, his mind wandering as he stared off into the distance, focusing on one specific person.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already?” A sudden voice spoke. Natsu turned to see none other than Gray Fullbuster suddenly sitting next to him. The ice mage was quite obviously annoyed with the Dragon Slayer’s ignorance to a certain young female’s feelings.

“W-what are you talking about? I don’t like Lucy!” The pinkette responded quicker than intended.

“I never actually said you liked her, just that you should-”

“I know what you said!” Natsu proclaimed before Gray could finish his sentence, not wanting to hear the older male’s voice repeat what he had said earlier.

It hadn’t been the first time Natsu had a conversation like this, in fact, this happened almost everyday, and it had been ever since Asuka got Natsu and Lucy to kiss almost two weeks ago.

“Come on, if you won’t do it by suggestion then I’ll do something you can’t refuse.” Gray said with a smirk of confidence, knowing exactly what could get the fire breather to do what the entire guild was asking for.

“Pfft, doubt it, nothing can make me do what-” Natsu was cut off as Gray began to speak, a sense of amusement in his tone.

“I dare you, Natsu Dragneel, to ask out Lucy Heartfelia on an actual date.”

Natsu stared in shock as his cheeks became pink.

“Fine, but if I ask Lucy out then you gotta go on a date with Juvia!” Natsu shot back, not wanting to be the only one getting potentially embarrassed.

“Wha- Fine, we’ll give everyone exactly what they’ve been asking for!” With those final words, Gray stood up with a blush on his face and walked off to where Juvia sat with Mira and Cana, leaving Natsu to think about how he would ask Lucy.

If I do ask her she could turn me down, but if I don’t I’ll be backing out of a challenge… Natsu’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Juvia squealing and yelling “Of course, Gray-Sama”

The ice prince actually did it, which means I have to! With a newfound purpose, Natsu stood and made his way over to Lucy with confidence in his stride.


“He’s not going to ask me out.” Lucy flatly told Erza and Levy for what seemed to be the tenth time that day.

Ever since Lucy had kissed Natsu, she had been enduring the constant tormenting of her female friends, all because Cana had managed to start a rumor that Natsu was planning to ask Lucy on a date.

“Then why is he walking over here with a wandering gaze and a red face?” Erza asked, pointing at something behind Lucy. Sure enough, Lucy turned to see the male in question walking toward the girls at an abnormal pace.

“If you need anything, we’ll be over there, taunting Gray.” Erza said as she and Levy stood up to make their way to the other end of the guild.

Great, leave me to deal with a confused dragon boy! Lucy thought as she watched her two friends walk away.

Lucy wasn’t too worried as her best friend neared, this too happened nearly every day.

“What do you want now, Natsu?” Lucy asked her flustered friend when he was close enough. Lucy prepared for the usual conversation, Natsu talking about a mission or a new lead on Igneel, only to be surprised when none of that came.

“Hey, Luce, I need to ask you something…” Natsu said quietly, as if he were afraid his voice would hurt the girl.

Lucy stared at the boy for a few seconds before nodding, surprised at his words. It was unusual for Natsu to be so quiet and calm, it was almost like he were frightened he might scare Lucy away.

Lucy nodded, signaling Natsu to go on. She had only seen him act this way one other time, about two weeks ago, right after she…

No way! Lucy thought, a light blush making its way onto her cheeks. He’d never do that, not in a million years would Natsu ever-

“Would you like to have a picnic date with me in the park?” Natsu said so fast Lucy could barely understand it.

Unfortunately for the both of them, Natsu had spoken louder than usual in his panic, drawing the attention of most of the guild. Before they knew it, the pair was being stared down by almost all the guild. Out of the corner of her eye, Lucy saw Levy and Mirajane nearly fall from their chairs in glee.

“Uh, sure, I guess I’ll meet  you at my place in an hour.” Lucy said as she stood up and made her way towards the entrance of the guild, almost all eyes watching her exit while hiding her red face.

Levy followed quickly after, a wide smile on her face. As soon as the doors closed the guild erupted with noise as people came over to give Natsu, who was still frozen in place, a slightly obnoxious comment.


“I take back everything I said about Natsu and I not dating within the past week” Lucy repeated for the tenth time as she sat on her bed while Levy rubbed her back.

“Alright, alright, it’s fine, right now we need to focus on what you’re gonna wear!” Levy said excitedly, grabbing her friend’s arm as she stood.


Within twenty minutes Lucy, with the help of Levy, was completely ready, and almost perfectly calm.

Natsu, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of calm.

“Why did I have to ask her right after ice princess!? He never said when I was supposed to ask her out, just that I had to!” Natsu ranted to Happy, who was quite honestly uninterested.

“Your pride was being threatened, it was your natural reaction.” The Exceed told his friend as if it were an obvious answer.

It had been a solid forty minutes since Natsu had asked Lucy out, most of that time was spent panicking and trying to peek inside the picnic basket Mira made for the date, with a few curses at Gray in between.

“Now stop whining and go put a shirt on, you need to start heading to Lucy’s soon”


Natsu arrived at Lucy’s house fifteen minutes later with the picnic basket in hand. His nerves hadn’t completely calmed down, in fact, he had barely calmed down at all. Knocking on the door, Natsu thought back to what Happy had told him before he left.


“Alright, I’m heading to Lucy’s now!” Natsu called to the cat as he opened the door.

“‘Kay, make sure you don’t screw this up, you know what might happen.” Happy told his friend before he could leave.

“What do you mean?” Natsu asked “What could happen.

“She might end up hating you and never talk to you again.” Happy told his friend like it was common knowledge, only trying to mess with Natsu’s head.


Natsu was pulled from his nervous thoughts as Lucy opened the door, the sound bringing the boy back to reality.

“So, are we going to head to the park for our date?” Lucy asked after a few awkward seconds, hoping to ease some of the nerves.

Natsu had never actually been on a date, and Lucy had been on a few with guys who ended up trying to use her. Neither really knew how the date would turn out, just that it would be nice going with someone who they knew very well.

The two flustered friends made their way to the park, stopping at the edge of a forest.

“Uh, shouldn’t we be going towards the actual park?” Lucy asked her date, confused by their location.

“Nah, we’re going to a place away from all those annoying people!” The boy responded with a grin and a sense of excitement.

Lucy stared at the boy curiously as he moved aside a large branch, revealing a narrow path through the bunch of trees.

“We’re gonna have our date somewhere private, this way nobody will see if I screw something up!” Natsu declared happily, quite proud of his self-decided amazing idea.

Natsu made his way to the planned date spot, Lucy following closely behind.

“Where are we even going?” Lucy asked as she dodged a low-hanging branch.

“An open area in the forest, we’re almost there.” Natsu exclaimed excitedly, all previous signs of unease gone.

As Natsu had said, within seconds Lucy was standing at the entrance of a beautiful clearing in what seemed to be the center of the forest.

“So far you’re doing good, let’s just hope you can keep it up.” Lucy said teasingly as Natsu began to unpack the picnic basket.


A few hours later Natsu was walking Lucy to her house, a comfortable silence settling between the two.

The date had gone fairly well as Natsu had only mildly screwed up a few times. Despite all that had happened the past few weeks, the two found themselves holding hands as a light blush covered their cheeks.

As the pair neared Lucy’s house they released each other’s hand so Lucy could unlock her door.

“I had a nice time, you did good for a first date.” Lucy said as she opened her door.

“Well actually Mira planned most of it, I just changed the place in the park because I knew she’d try to watch us.” Natsu replied with a smile on his face. “Anyway, I’m gonna go back to the guild to get most of the annoying questions away from you, have a nice night.” With that, Natsu turned to walk away when Lucy’s voice stopped him.

“Natsu, wait, I forgot to give you something!” Lucy called to her date.

Natsu turned to receive a sudden kiss on the cheek from a blushing Lucy.

“Thanks, I can’t wait for our second date.” Lucy said with a smile before entering her apartment and quickly closing the door.

The guild’s never gonna let me live this down… Natsu thought as he made his way to Fairy Tail with a bright pink face.


I’m honestly not as proud of this one as I was the previous one, but that’s because I wrote most of this one when I had some intense writers block.

I will have another story for day 7 that is quite short but was still fun to write. When that one is posted it will be scheduled because for the next week I probably won’t be here.

Anyway, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!