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I really need to talk about something that I found absolutely brilliant about 5x12. Not that all of Regina’s moments weren’t incredibly stellar, but this one is sticking out in my brain:

Gif credit to @fairestregal

So here’s the thing: They edited it so that this would show up before it was revealed that Jiminy Cricket is apparently a pervert. As far as we knew, this was Snow’s heart that Regina was intent on crushing. But as soon as she really saw the effects of the heart crushing, this was the expression she had.

We can say time and time again that Regina never actually wanted to kill Snow, and this moment just confirms it yet again for me.

Because for a moment, she does like the taste of her revenge. She loves the idea of crushing Snow’s heart and watching it happen. But as soon as she actually has the direct vehicle to her revenge within her grasp, as soon as she apparently watches Snow suffer, her face falls just that little bit.

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I saw this prompt done for another fandom and it was awesome so maybe it will inspire you! New employee who had a one night stand with their new boss with out knowing it. :)

Thank you for the fantastic prompt! Loved it so much I though I can’t do it justice in a one-shot so this is part 1, part 2 coming next week. Hope you like it, honey!

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A/N: Henry is not Emma’s son.

He has to give it to her, her imitation of a deer caught in the headlights is nearly flawless.

“Miss Swan,” he recovers first, gives a slight bow and enters all the way, closing her office door.

His grin seems to break book publisher Emma Swan out of her stupor too and her eyes narrow dangerously as she leans forward on her desk.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she hisses at him and it’s nothing but threatening yet Killian cannot help the little shiver that runs down his spine at hearing her voice again.

“Well, Swan, naming your publishing house Swan Publishing is not all that low-profile of you. I really think you should consider renaming it, if you truly want to escape any further contact with your one-night stands,” he nears her desk, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Unless, of course, you do desire… further contact.”

His smirk wavers as he sees horror begin to dawn on her face. Alright, maybe creepy stalker isn’t  the impression he wants to give.

“I’m kidding, love, kidding!” he says quickly as Emma opens her mouth, probably to call security or tell him that she is going to haul his ass out of her door all by herself. “I work here! I’m your new editor.”

What?!” Emma screecheS, before she can stop herself.

She tries to compose herself, leaning back, closing her eyes for just a couple of seconds and taking a deep breath. He finds her clearly unsuccessful attempts to remain calm truly adorable.

“You got a job here just to stalk me easier?” she grits out through her teeth once she has managed to reign in her voice.

“What? No!” Killian sighs in exasperation, bloody hell, he has really messed this up. “Emma, listen.”

He pulls out the chair in front of her desk and sits down, leaning forward.

“I didn’t know that was your publishing house until 5 minutes ago when I opened the door, alright? You didn’t even tell me your last name, I was kidding about finding you through that. I applied for this job two weeks ago, you can check my file. I was interviewed last week by this guy named David, David Nolan. I thought it went really well, which, obviously it did, so I was celebrating the night we… met.”

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