the milk scene


my favorite scene from episode 2 of SAVE ME. (spoilers ahead) when i saw the first shot of milk being thrown at the bully’s back, i audibly gasped. and then, to make it even better, it was revealed that it was sangmi who threw it so forcefully and with such restrained anger when she saw her twin brother being the subject of the bullying once again. then yet again, sangmi proved her undeniable strength and belief in justice and gave THE HARDEST SLAP IN THE HISTORY OF ALL SLAPS. and to top it all off, the two boys came flying in (literally) and made asshole puns out of the bully’s words. 

also the last screencap was unneeded, but the second male lead, dong cheol’s gaze toward sangmi was too hard to ignore…i already anticipate his broken heart.

I like fandom jokes as much as the next gal - hell, I love fandom jokes, and memes and all of it

so I think the milk jokes in the cap 2 fandom are funny enough

but I hate when it winds up in fic. or fanart that is supposed to be serious o_O????

like Bucky is supposed to have a Thing about milk because Pierce… said something about milk to him once?


what >.>


that’s…probably the least traumatic thing that happened to him all movie.

the kitchen scene is - except for the after credit scene - the only time in the entire movie that the Winter Soldier isn’t directly involved in violence - towards others or against him. what are you all doing

And there’s been all this overblown meta about it. that sometimes touches on valid things but mostly blows everything vastly out of proportion - the milk is not symbolic

Pierce isn’t taunting Bucky - why would he, there’s no Bucky to taunt

he is having a joke with himself at the expense of the Winter Soldier, because Pierce thinks he’s funny

But I’m pretty sure the real point of the scene isn’t Pierce asserting his power over Bucky - he doesn’t need to, the Winter Soldier’s already his

the milk scene isn’t a show of power to the Winter Soldier

it’s a show of power to the audience

that Pierce can be faced with the man who gunned down Nick Fury, this terrifying human murderbot, alone, in his kitchen, wearing his little old-man hoodie

and have the most banal response possible “Do you want some milk?” (milk - this isn’t a fucking playdate Pierce, stop trying to be funny)

that’s the punchline - not how poor woobie Bucky can’t answer Pierce because nobody (including himself) thinks he’s human enough to, but how utterly untouchable Pierce feels - how untouchable and powerful we are meant to feel he is. (because he’s got this whole arrogance shtick. it’s his thing. it’s his fatal flaw, and he oozes it all movie. right up until Natasha saves herself from being his hostage and Nick Fury shoots him in the chest)

which, okay is enough meta on a scene that has already been metaed to death

THE POINT IS - I swear to god, Bucky has no ~special feelings~ about milk. Except, maybe, when he gets his memory back, about how expensive it is now.

A++ way to reference Bucky’s time as Pierce’s toy assassin:

Bucky stripped his gloves off and tucked them in his pocket. His hair wasn’t tied back anymore; the hair tie must have come off at some point during the car journey. He was looking grimly at the fallen man in the expensive suit. Something about his expression made Steve go still. Natasha froze too, looking at it. Slowly, thoughtfully, Bucky pulled out his gun from his jacket and pointed it at York’s head.

“Bucky,” said Steve.

“He reminds me of someone,” Bucky said, almost calmly. “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the nice house.” x (excellent fic, excellent writer, but warning for sex pollen)

the way most of fandom chooses to do it: someone mentions milk and Bucky freaks out