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Why is tumblr so reluctant to discuss animal rights?

Seriously? We’re well-read on subjects like feminism, racism, transphobia, etc. but as soon as someone mentions animal rights it’s all “HEY SPOT THE VEGAN HAHAHA!!”

Animals live through AWFUL conditions in slaughter factories and likewise, not only so that we can have meat, but milk and cheese and cream as well.

I’m not saying we should all stop eating meat or dairy products, nor am I saying ALL meat/dairy-factories are the source of all evil, but can we at least acknowledge the problem and discuss it?

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According to MangaStream translation, Colt (so the other officials) doesn't know Zeke has royal blood. Why would Zeke shut up about it? Does he not completely trust Marley or has some plan? Or he didn't want to be used to make children with royal blood? I'm kinda confused. Also great blog!

Zeke would mostly stay quiet for the same reasons Grisha let Dina be titanized.

Dina’s potential fate - Ch. 88

If Zeke’s royal blood was ever found out, Marley would milk his baby factory hard enough till the day he dies. All he wanted was a normal, regular life that doesn’t have “royal blood” entailed on it.

Thanks for the compliment!

can we stop pretending that adhd is

  • always “10 yrs old white boy who wont stop screaming and wont sit still” disorder 
  •  fake disorder that is designed so medicine factories could milk money out of white moms
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The day is finally here! Introducing Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream: not one, but four incredible flavors made with creamy almond milk!

• Chunky Monkey

Banana non-dairy frozen dessert made with fudge chunks and walnuts.

• Chocolate Fudge Brownie

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• Coffee Caramel Fudge

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• P.B. & Cookies

Vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy peanut butter swirls.

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I've seen someone on reddit mention that Japanese fans were pissed about the split and a few people I follow on twitter claimed the same thing. While I do think that there's enough content to justify that decision, it's weird. For the old routes, the romance doesn't really start until the second half. I don't know what the new guys's routes are like, but I suspect it's similar. So you get an otoge that's ... really light on romance and doesn't have a conclusion. 1/3

2/3 There are a few psp games that come with two discs because the content wouldn’t fit into one. It’s not like iF couldn’t have released a game with two cartridges instead of one, if it really was about the space. It might be more pricy, but it’s not like hakuouki fans wouldn’t eat it up in an instant. I also think it’s incredibly dishonest of IF internation not to mention anywhere that it’s one half of a game. I’ve seen several people who didn’t know about that complain already

3/3 I’m still going to buy Kyoto Winds because ultimately, I love hakuouki and want to support the localization. But the circumstances around the release make me mad… specifically that the average player won’t know they’re buying an incomplete game.

I can sense your ire so I’ve written and re-written this response a couple of times, but ultimately it seems like you’re mostly angry with IF International, which I think is totally justified. They have not at all done a good job of clarifying that Kyoto Winds is only part 1 of a two part game and unlike when Kaze no Shou came out in Japan, we sit here not knowing when the second part of the game will be released. 

All I can tell you is that, as someone who followed the official Japanese news sources before, during, and after Shinkai’s release, the Japanese side of things did a good job of making it clear that there would be two games and there was barely a year between releases. Maybe it’s because I work in a similar field and have been in a sales position more than once, yeah they could have sold the games together but doing it separately allowed them to gain more from the various bonuses and such that were offered. And I remember at the time some complaining on the English side about Hakuouki being “milked” but I’ve never felt anything shady from Otomate or Idea Factory about it. 

The people behind Hakuouki seem to genuinely want to put out a good product and make it worth our while, but it’s so important for people to remember that these companies are first and foremost businesses so they have to consider both fans and their own interests as well. Plus, despite not having the bulk of original content Kaze was a fantastic game and made me that much more eager for Hana, which was well worth the wait when it did come out a few months later.

Does that mean Otomate or Idea Factory don’t milk Hakuouki? No, but so long as they put out things that are worth buying, I’ll continue buying them. As far as I know though, this is the first time we have had such a drastic amount of new content within the main story of the game since the release of the Reimeiroku prequel. 

Now, I honestly can’t say I know as much about what’s gone into the English release but so far having played the game it honestly seems like a lot of this was rushed. I don’t know when or how long they’ve been working on localizing Shinkai but any irritation towards the English release and the lack of news regarding it is totally warranted in my opinion. I think they seem to feel that if anyone really cares they’re following all of Idea Factory International’s different social media platforms, but that seems especially shortsighted. 

Either way, it’s worth POLITELY inquiring with IFI about when we can expect to see the second game. We don’t need to rally the troops and arm ourselves or anything, but it is worth pointing out that they really mishandled this whole release and could have done a better job. Mistakes and oversights happen but we need something more than a Facebook response to someone. 

Anyway, I hope this helps somewhat. I really apologize if my tone comes off a little smug, that’s not at all my intention. I totally get your anger and only hope that things will get better for the English release.