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Edmonton Oilers Season in Review: 2016-2017

Because the next season is about to begin, I was feeling a little nostalgic and made one of these so enjoy the Edmonton Oilers Seaon in Review 2016-2017!

We start the season drafting some kid named Jesse Puljujärvi who had absolutely no success playing in the World Junior Championship and not helping Finland to a gold medal at all

then he just makes the team out of camp and video-bombs newly made captain, Connor, and his interview while devouring a pizza slice? Savage

and then he goes and just scores his first NHL goal like it’s no big deal like boi

Edmonton Oilers vs. Winnipeg Jets for the Heritage Classic got me screaming in my living room on a quiet sunday afternoon 

This game also gifted us with the most iconic celly (they’re just yelling)

Captain Connor McDavid gets his first career hat-trick in the same building that got him his first career NHL goal and evidently Pools looks happier about his hatty than he does

The 2017 Skills Comp provided us with a showcase of talent but most importantly, Drake dressed as Drake.

Cam Talbot, one of the best looking guys on the planet, decides he’s just going to break the record for most wins in a season by an Oiler held by legend GRANT FUHR and make it look easy under an Oilers team that was unpredictable.

greatest goalie to don an Oilers jersey + Grant Fuhr

Also this iconic moment of when Dratty was being pulled by the cutest pupper


Davo (to nobody’s surprise) reaches the century and gets a little pat on the head from Dratty and screams of support from the fans for a well deserved Hart

First game at Rogers Place and the fans and the boys look proud i honestly think Klef is about to tear up

how could we forget about this iconic statement from Captain Sass Connor McDavid about the Oilers’ first huge loss in the playoffs

and after beating the odds, the boys beat the San Jose Sharks in 6 games to move on to the 2nd round

After a tough second round, Leon “duck-hunter” Draisaitl gets a hat trick in game 6 against the ducks to keep the Oilers alive for one more game and gives Oil Country the best last game of the season. 

also can you believe management let a boy band to lead the Oilers to the playoffs

The Edmonton Oilers’ Season End Review just makes me even more excited for the 2017-2018 season. Here’s to more Godsend goaltending from Talbsy, allowed goals for Kass (for once), screams from the boys, and playoff cellies!


Milan Fashion Week 2016 just gets better and better.
I’m so in love with this Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2016-17 Menswear Fashion Show.
D&G is so specific with detail and every piece they create is just ART. I don’t consider what they do FASHION, it’s complete ART…I would literally go to a museum and walk for HOURS just to view their work. Blown away!

My concert experience, Milan!

Soo, i’ve been to both of the milan shows on Saturday and Sunday and WOW. I’m literally still in shock and can’t believe i’ve seen them live twice. I’m gonna start saying a few things about the time before the show.

They played many music videos, i’ve never been a fan of 5sos, i don’t really like them, i must be the only one but i really don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with them.. ANYWAY, these boys get so much promo it’s unreal. They played their music videos 5 or 6 times over and over again, and the whole stadium went insane. Modest! promotes them so much, definitely more than 1D which is ridiculous. Okay let’s move on.
The boys got on stage at around 9, and the shows lasted 2 hours. (yayyy!!!) :)
As you all know they were shooting the dvd, so they obviously brought back the twitter questions. On Saturday, it was so funny when Harry said that if he were a girl he’d do Niall. Fuck you should have seen Louis’ face, i have a video of the whole thing but i was laughing so hard and i am afraid i haven’t caught his annoyed face (lol oh louis and harry you’re such a TEASE).

The fan action we made on Saturday was absolutely amazing, (it doesn’t matter if it was for the dvd and no it wasn’t organized by modest), you could tell that the boys were genuinely surprised and happy and grateful. They all smiled and Niall had teary eyes, they were really happy!
Yesterday was wonderful as well, i didn’t have the best seats so i probably missed something but still. Harry said that there are 3 things he loves about Italy, 1. Food (well who doesn’t?) 2. the weather and 3. YOU. Yes he said the same thing on Saturday but it was still really cute. :)
He also juggled with some apples (i think) during the twitter questions :)
He was super cute and funny when he wanted the whole crowd to shut up but we kept screaming and then he went ‘BE QUIET’ hah :)

The boys : Harry, Niall and Liam are so funny and give you such a positive vibe. They have so much energy and you can tell they have so much fun on stage.. It’s amazing to watch really, they interact with the crowd a lot and they always jump around (especially Harry).
Louis is not as energetic as the other three boys, but you can tell he loves doing that. He seems to be very grateful and he gives his everything everytime he sings. Also the whole crowd went crazy whenever he sang. (Me included, cause you know fave and all.)
Zayn is really talented, he has an incredible voice, but he is so quiet throughout the whole concert, i think it’s because he’s really shy and doesn’t interact with the crowd at all. :(

During both concerts, there have been many Nouis, and Narry moments and also Liam was very cute with all of the boys. As of Larry, not much really. I was expecting it but it’s still sad to see that there is no interaction really. These two have a wonderful relationship and it’s just so sad that they can’t show it in public. :( Anyway, yesterday, Liam was alone on stage cause everyone else had gone to the toilets, then Niall and Zayn came back and Harry and Louis weren’t still on stage, they were the last to get back on stage.
I have seen some pics though, and Louis had his usual fond face, for instance, when Harry juggled.
Ah, last thing but on Saturday Harry turned his face in a really not subtle way to Louis when he was singing 'i’m in love with you.. ’. At least i am pretty sure he was singing it to him cause Louis was standing behind him so :)

That’s it, it was such an amazing experience and i feel so grateful that i could be a part of it.
I felt really happy for the very first time in ages, and it’s all thank to these boys.

Fendi S/S 15 Milan

Silvia Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld created a young Collection,which was defined by structure,shapes and shadows.In contrast to the architectural elements like lacquered spray paint on scliced fringes or short trapeze dresses Lagerfeld used orchid prints woven,embroidered or printed on to various fabrics.And for the first time you could catch sight of denim in a Fendi collection.The show was closed by feathery cocktail dresses.


Alberta Ferretti S/S 15 Milan

This spring collection, Ferretti created a romantic and aesthetic woman,inspired by the late 60´s. Wearing mousseline gowns,slipdresses,maxi floral print gowns and nude-tone chiffons combined with some pieces of artisanship like paillettes forming flower motifs she gives the models a feminin and bohemian look. During the show the looks developed and raw fabrics like denim,suedes and pure cotton were used presenting a new kind of enchanting Pocahontas.