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“Dude,we have a for real fireplace this year! You know what that means?”

“….You’re gonna tell me anyway, aren’t y-”

“WAITING UP FOR SANTA! This is the real deal, Raph!”


“You’ll wait up with me, won’t you? Puh-leeeeeeeezze?”

One Muppets Christmas Carol, two adaptions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, one and a half rounds of “99 bottles of eggnog on the wall” and twenty seven candy canes later…..


Meet my newest creations…


I haven’t seen anything like this so please don’t copy and or steal. ^u^

I will mostly post these on here from now on. XD

I hope you all like them!! <3


You all of course and…






A special thanks to my favorite TMNT RP Blogs:

Thanks for making the turtles truly alive in this world. Thank you for all your hard work and effort in running your blogs! :)

Thanks for being the great “leader in blue” that you are. Even if you aren’t so active now, hope you know that you’re great and that your family and our fandom supports you a lot!

Thank you so much for being the awesome Raphael and for all the hilarious and cool responses to your asks. Thanks also for the great advice that you’ve given to people during times of need. Have a great day and keep it up!

Thanks for being so active on your blog and for asking people’s asks especially educationally related. Thanks for making us laugh with your smart, sassy and cool posts everyday. Stay cool Donnie :)

Thank you for being hilarious, adorable and friendly! Thanks for all the wacky and crazy awesomeness that you’ve brought into our lives! Even if you aren’t so active anymore, just letting you know that you the best and that you should have a great day today!

Thank you all so much for all the joy you’ve given to people and you deserve this day to celebrate!!!

“Th-The kame-san always done stuff for everyone and they try to help out whenever possible! So um, here’s my Christmas gift to them! …though I kinda made them w-wood carvings too…b-but this is just in case! Pl-Please e-enjoy and accept my gratitude! Um, unless that’s not what you would like to do…” -Momotaro

To all of those who joint us in our special chat tonight. Thanks for joining us! We had a seriously big big big crowd tonight. Was totally stoked dude! Sorry if any asks were missed, but be gladly to answer them through our blogs. 

It’s been totally awesome, Thanks again guys.

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More doodles! 8D
And the return of Harleyyourbusiness’ Animal!TMNT. Everything from collared and bothered Kitty!Raph, to a disgruntled Bunny!Don and begging Dog!Leo. XP

Let’s see, there’s also Kayla bun hair, which never really stays in place anyway. Her hair cannot be taaaaamed! 
Speaking of tamed, what the heck, boogie down Donnie makes an appearance! 
Bread winning Mikey, in all his glory! Bread bread bread bread-
And we can’t forget the first drawing of the Muuuun~ Me, trying to convince Don that yes! Breaking into Shredder’s lair with Leo and practically no back up was WAY more fun that just nibbling sugared fritters and watching television all night!

…..Ichangedmymindit'snot. -sob-