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OMG you guys he used a freaking american accent. Ahh i never noticed it before. Ahh  omg still so sexy……But i still love the british accent more. ♥ ;)

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Drabble: Klaroline- Klaus makes Caroline Jealous by flirting with other girls and it works....just want to see them teasing one another :)- you could make the ending hot, but it's up to you :) (set it at the decade dance please:))

Klaus had walked into the gym just a half an hour ago, and he already had all the girls all over him. He had come to talk to Caroline but she wouldn’t speak to him. She and Tyler had come together. After Tyler had broke the sire bond, he came back for Caroline. Caroline admitted she loved him and here they were at the decade dance.

“May everyone please grab a partener for the 20’s waltz.” The announcer said. Before Klaus could walk up to Caroline, her and Tyler were already on the dance floor. Klaus growled to himself. He was just about to leave, when a girl called after him.

“Do you want to dance?” she asked. She was pretty not as pretty as Caroline but she would do. Klaus smiled and took her hand. He guided her to the dance floor. When Caroline saw Klaus dancing with another girl, her eyes filled with anger. ‘He came here to talk to me, and now he’s dancing with another girl?’ Caroline thought to herself. Her eyes didn’t leave Klaus. He was flirting with her and the girl kept trying to throw herself onto him. The girl leaned in and whispered.

“Do you wanna go to my house?” the girl asked. Klaus knew Caroline was listening to their every word, so he simply smiled. The girl took his hand and guided him out the gym door. Caroline immediatly stopped dancing.

“What’s wrong Caroline?” Tyler asked her. She didn’t answer, she simply headed out the door. Klaus and the girl were just gonna get into his car when Caroline flashed in front of them. Caroline looked into her eyes and spoke.

“You will go back to the dance and forget you ever met him.” Caroline said. They girl quickly rushed back into the school.

“What’s wrong love?” Klaus asked smirking.

“What’s wrong with you?” Caroline said in a loud voice. “Where do you think you were going with that girl?”

“We were going to her house before you came in and ruined everything.” Klaus said smiling like an idiot.

“No need to be jealous love.” Klaus said grinning. Caroline raised an eyebrow.

“I was not jealous.” Caroline said in a loud voice.

“Denial will get you no where.” Klaus said taking a step closer to her.

“I was not jealous.” Caroline repeated.

“Then why did you make her leave?” Klaus asked raising an eyebrow. Caroline was speechless. Why did she stop him from leaving with her?

“Because… Becausee.. Because i wa-” Caroline stopped talking when Klaus attached his lips to hers. He pulled her closer and kissed her pationately. Caroline was surprised by the action but after gave in. Klaus was surprised she was kissing him back. He thought she would have pushed him away or punched him. Klaus pulled away so their noses were touching. He pushed a strand of her hair away from her face.

“Jealous, you were just jealous.” Klaus whispered to her. Before she could reply he was gone. Leaving a confused blonde behind.


Chapter 26

“What do you mean?” Rebekah asked, kneeling down, next to Caroline. Caroline wrapped her arms around her legs and sobbed.

“I loved him.” Caroline said, acting as if she didn’t hear a word Rebekah said. Rebekah eyes widened. She hesitantly put a hand on Caroline’s shoulder.

“Caroline.” She whispered, trying to keep her calm. Caroline snapped her head in Rebekah’s direction.

“Is it true?” Caroline said, her voice trembling. Rebekah got up and held out her hand. Caroline sighed and slowly took it, standing up. Rebekah grabbed her hand to drag her out the room but Caroline let go of her hand.

“Rebekah!” Caroline yelled, tears streaming down her face. Rebekah turned around and sighed.