the mikaelsens

The hardest choice

As reqeusted here’s the third and final part of The hardest choice. Sorry it took me so long. If you haven’t read the first two parts, then you can find the first part here and the second part here. If you love Kol Mikaelsen (TVD) as much as I do I think you’re going to like them. Enjoy reading.

Paring: Reader x Kol
Words: 696

You had been searching the streets of Copenhagen for hours. The sun was just about to rise. You could not believe that you had lost Kol once again and you decided to go to your favorite bar to forget about it all. At least for a little while.

When you opened the door you noticed a familiar person sitting down at the desk.

Y/N: Out of all the bars in Copenhagen, you chooses my favorite one?

Kol froze.

Kol: I should have known that there was a reason for why I felt driven to this place.

He took a sip of his drink but he did not turn around.

Y/N: Can I please talk to you? Outside in privacy?

Kol: Oh darling, I already told you – I was just the delivering man. I’m not here because I want to.

Ouch, that hurt. But you knew him and this was just one of his many facades. At least that was what you hoped. You walked up to the desk and sat next to him.

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OMG you guys he used a freaking american accent. Ahh i never noticed it before. Ahh  omg still so sexy……But i still love the british accent more. ♥ ;)

Chapter 26

“What do you mean?” Rebekah asked, kneeling down, next to Caroline. Caroline wrapped her arms around her legs and sobbed.

“I loved him.” Caroline said, acting as if she didn’t hear a word Rebekah said. Rebekah eyes widened. She hesitantly put a hand on Caroline’s shoulder.

“Caroline.” She whispered, trying to keep her calm. Caroline snapped her head in Rebekah’s direction.

“Is it true?” Caroline said, her voice trembling. Rebekah got up and held out her hand. Caroline sighed and slowly took it, standing up. Rebekah grabbed her hand to drag her out the room but Caroline let go of her hand.

“Rebekah!” Caroline yelled, tears streaming down her face. Rebekah turned around and sighed.