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The Love - The Dear Hunter

I was 22 when I first died.
But in the darkest dark, I saw no light.
And it was blinding just how dim it got.
It was a cold I thought could never come.

And I had hurt before, but not like this.
It was the strangest struggle I had ever hit.
And I was useless to the world around me,
to barely gather up the strength to say:

“Save me,
when the rivers run dry.
Bring me where the waters run deep,
where the eyes cannot see.”

Middle Ground
The Dear Hunter

Leave me to the same mistakes I always made, that I’ll always make
And I don’t want love, but I don’t need hate
Just a simple middle of the road to keep me on the true narrow
No noise and better poise to keep my bearing straight

I don’t care if you believe me
I’m still here, but I’ve completely lost myself inside myself again