the mighty thor (2011) 6


There are a lot of sad moments throughout kid!Loki’s run, but this might be one of the most painful for me. This is a situation in which Loki actually didn’t do anything wrong - did the smart thing and eliminated the threat of Galactus by stealing the object he wanted and removing it from Earth (placing it in the World Tree). And this is…Thor’s reaction. 

He apologizes later, but - god. I think a lot about the weight of old!Loki’s legacy on kid!Loki, this child who desperately wants to be good, and how it would feel to have that expectation hanging over your head, all the time. 

“It doesn’t matter what I do.”

And the truly painful thing, of course, is that it doesn’t. In the end, Loki gets his fresh start, and kid!Loki is gone. Functionally dead. The game was always rigged.

The Mighty Thor #6 (2011) | w: Matt Fraction, a: Oliver Coipel