the mighty thirsty

I’m doing this for my amusement. Pickup lines by the Akatsuki!

Itachi: Can I borrow your eyes? Mine can’t see clearly without you.

Kisame: Did you know the human body is 65% water? *grins* And I’m mighty thirsty.

Pein: …. I like your face.

Konan: Are you origami because I want to fold you up (me: Is.. That a threat?)

Zetsu: If you were a vegetable you would be a cute-cumber

Tobi: Are you a lollipop? Because I want to lick you all night

Sasori: …. *straight face* You can say I’m a master with my hands. *very slight grin*

Deidara: *winks* is there a mirror in your pocket because I can see myself in them

Kakazu: I am willing to pay for dinner, will you care to join me? (Me: this is a really big step for you, Zuzu)

Hidan: I can make you scream. (Me: Another threat?) In pleasure! *giggles at his cleverness*


Sasuke: …. I kind of don’t hate you. *slightly blushes*

Orochimaru: I can do things with my tongue you can’t even imagine. (Me: fuck this I’m out)


Final Call for Summaries!!!

Hey Shit Bangers!!

We only have 6, that’s right 6 summaries left until every one has been claimed!! That’s so amazing!!!! Is there anyone that can help us claim those last 6??? There are several signed up artists that still have yet to claim anything, and I know a few artists were mighty thirsty to claim a few more!!

You can find the remaining summaries Here:

A HUGE shout out and thank you to all the artists who have claimed multiple fics! We truly could not have done any of this without you! Apparently, from some veteran bangers, no other bang has had so many claims in such a short amount of time! You guys really are the best!!!

So let’s be even more awesome and get them all claimed :D

<3 Sinpai

kyungil x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Kyungil (History) x Reader
Rating: PG-15
Comments: Wow, this took me forever to write. So, it’s really hard to find stuff on History, probably because their name is a generic common word. That means this is short and inaccurate. :’D This isn’t actual smut, you pervs. Hopefully it turned out okay.

Summary: “A kyungil from ‘history’ scenarios, when he’s ur boyfriend after a date he invite you at his appartement. You drop your beverage on him, you try to clean your mess but that kind of turn him on.” - Anon

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please watch this video

I love the boosh fandom. They’re so thirsty for new content, new friends, new anything. They actually look in the mighty boosh and noel fielding tags. You don’t need to look in tags for benedict cumberbatch or sherlock or doctor who or whatever. New shit regularly pops up on your dashboard.

Plus the boosh fandom is so insanely nice and accepting. They were the first fandom that I ever really got into on this site, because if you posted boosh, you became a booshlr, and all the other booshlrs actually talked to you!

The boosh fandom is so amazing and made tumblr so great for me when I first started out here.

Ahhhh got mad love and respect for booshlrs!

Your signs thirst
  • Aries: your thirst is POWERFUL
  • Taurus: you're excitedly thirsty
  • Gemini: you've got double the thirst
  • Cancer: you thirst deeply and in secret
  • Leo: your thirst is mighty
  • Virgo: you're adorably thirsty
  • Libra: you're cautiously thirsty
  • Scorpio: your thirst is intoxicating
  • Sagittarius: you thirst with purpose
  • Capricorn: your thirst gives you LIFE
  • Aquarius: your thirst is unquenchable
  • Pisces: you thirst with your heart

anonymous asked:

Dang Jennifer needs two cups for herself. Must be mighty thirsty.

That spicy burrito makes her thirsty.

Or she’s holding the extra cup for the person taking the photo.

Maybe both. probably both.