the mighty shadow


SALLY WHY there can only be one love interest for sonic


poor shard, first his complete removal from the comics and now this


bye zonic, rest in fuckin pieces




shadow is prob thinking bout maria again

it’s sonic 06 all over again


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can someone draw mephiles, shadow and silver singing together please?

fucking hell


it’s always the ones you least expect


Hello I hate myself for spending so much time on these but w/e


Amy: (Teary and talking about Shadow) “He’s so sad.”

Sonic: (Teary) *Gooo*

Shadow: “I’m not sad. I’m stoic.”

Amy and Sonic: “Stoic?”

Shadow: “Stoic.”

Sonic: (Checks dictionary) “Stoic. A person who accepts what happens without showing emotion.”

Amy: “He keeps all his sadness bottled up inside, poor thing.”

Sonic: “Yeah, seen it a million times before. Textbook stoic.”

Shadow: “You just learned what that word meant five seconds ago!“


The Mighty Shadow - Dingolay (Live)

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me how Ryuji, Yusuke, and Akechi would react to a generally unaffectionate s/o breaking down and telling them they couldn't handle living in a world they knew the other person wasn't in? Likely after nearly losing their phantom thief babe?

I bet they’re all super smug on the inside. LOL Thank you, and enjoy!! ^^


  • The situation unfolded in a Palace.
  • Ryuji enthusiastically invited S/O to engage in an “operation” that would be vital for the Thieves’ infiltration.
  • Alas, S/O knew full well Ryuji was only bored, and they brought attention to this fact. In addition, they warned him of the threat that was imposed if they were to venture into the Metaverse lacking a leader.
  • Ryuji reassured them of the Palace’s vacancy; the Thieves had been thorough in eliminating any foes.
  • S/O agreed, although somewhat reluctantly. The couple warped into the Metaverse, and Skull was correct in his assessment; there were hardly any enemies.
  • That is, until a mighty Shadow materialized out of thin air and slammed Skull into the floor, as though he were a mere insect.
  • S/O sprung to action immediately, and Skull followed once he composed himself.
  • With a great deal of exertion, the opponent had been defeated, and S/O pivoted to Skull with tears in their eyes. “I warned you that this was dangerous! You could have died!”
  • Skull was absolutely perplexed. He had never witnessed S/O act this… emotional before. “W-well, I didn’t, so what’s the problem?”
  • S/O spontaneously enveloped him in an embrace, and in response, his heart fluttered like hummingbird wings. “Please… I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  • Their voice was shaky with emotion, and although Skull was indubitably bewildered, his arms instinctively moved on their own as he constricted S/O to hold them closer. “I’m sorry I made you worry, babe.”
  • He planted a tender kiss on their head, and S/O felt his lips pull into a smirk. “But I gotta say, I really like this side of you.”
  • S/O feebly attempted to give him the silent treatment; however, Skull’s sweet shower of kisses managed to shatter their sour facade.


  • S/O accompanied Yusuke to a Palace since the aesthetics of it beckoned to him as though it were a siren, and he the sailor.
  • The young spoke with such passion that S/O found it difficult to refuse; furthermore, they simply couldn’t allot him to venture into the treacherous area solo.
  • They didn’t encounter much trouble, aside from the few straggling Shadows that had the misfortune of crossing the formidable duo.
  • Fox had plopped himself on the ground while S/O maintained a cautious gaze, surveying the vicinity for any incoming foes.
  • However, it had been far too quiet, and realization dawned on S/O when they noticed that Fox’s pencil was no longer scratching the surface of his sketchbook.
  • They whipped around to discover that a Shadow pinned him to the ground using his throat, and S/O hastily summoned their Persona to  launch a physical attack at it.
  • The strike had sent the creature flying, and Fox’s once-purple face was now reverting to its usual creamy hue.
  • Luckily the Shadow was a measly runt, and S/O would have been shocked that it had stealthily approached Fox so easily had they not been overwhelmed with an onslaught of emotion.
  • Fox grunted when the impact of S/O’s abrupt hug forced their air out of his lungs. “Thank god I made it in time… I don’t know what I would have done without you, Yusuke. I’m so sorry.”
  • Fox blinked in astonishment. “S-S/O…” He was rendered speechless by this outburst of sentiment, so he thought it best to reciprocate their gesture. 
  • “It’s all right, my dear. It was my own doing since I neglected my surroundings. But… your concern means a lot to me,” he finished, grasping their chin with his gloved fingers before pecking S/O on the lips.


  • Roaming through the winding, grimy tunnels of Mementos hardly seems appropriate or romantic for a date; yet, S/O and Crow succumbed to their urge for spontaneity and excitement, therefore opting to spend time together on an escapade under the city.
  • The date progressed rather smoothly, and any trivialities the couple happened upon were rapidly annihilated.
  • However, they loitered around one particular floor a trifle too long, for the sound of jingling chains resonated throughout the subway.
  • Crow narrowed his mahogany eyes at the foreshadowing of imminent Death. “We must leave quickly. Come, I believe the exit is fairly close.”
  • He tightly latched on to S/O’s hand and hurriedly guided them forward; just as he claimed, the ascending staircase was just beyond the now open steel doors.
  • Crow’s movement was halted by a Shadow clutching his ankle, and he clumsily thudded against the ground as a result.
  • The petrifying, clanking chains of Death grew louder, and Crow had cleverly relinquished his grip on S/O prior to his fall. He ordered them to retreat; naturally, they refused, and instead equipped their gun.
  • S/O flawlessly targeted and pierced through the Shadow’s extended arm. With a wail, it fled the scene, and after S/O assisted Crow in uplifting himself, they followed suit.
  • Once the two were certain they outran the daunting monster, S/O peeled Crow’s mask off of his flustered face and crashed their lips into his.
  • “Don’t you tell me to run ever again. I will never leave you behind, because a world without you is a world without joy,” they sobbed against his lips.
  • Crow swore that he physically felt an arrow pierce through his heart, and for a split second he wondered if Robin Hood had a hand in that.
  • Alas, he pressed S/O into him to deepen the kiss, and with a massive amount of restraint, he pulled away to delicately rest his forehead on S/O’s. “I… apologize for that. I certainly didn’t expect you to react this way. But… I’m glad that you did.” 
  • Crow fondly smooched S/O’s forehead. “I promise I won’t insist that you abandon me. Leaving you by yourself would be quite selfish of me, after all.”

SONIC: To be honest I don’t really know which rival is the best. But If I really want a racing challenge I’ll race Shadow. And for fighting, I’ll fight Knuckles. His punching tactics can be an interesting task depending on how angry he is on a given day.