the mighty groove

So in the Road to El Dorado...

  Does anyone notice how there’s like, the townspeople, then there’s the High Priests but it’s like, where is the Emperor? All of a sudden, two “Gods” come along and take over now all I can think of is the Emperor being on vacation and coming back like


Born on this day: September 6, 1947 - Disco and Hi-NRG music icon Sylvester (born Sylvester James in Los Angeles, CA). Happy Birthday to this one of a kind vocalist on what would have been his 70th Birthday.


Gracias y hasta siempre, Jesús Barrero

Pues hoy se nos fue un verdadero grande del doblaje latinoamericano. La voz icónica del señor Jesús Barrero forma parte de la infancia de por lo menos 3 generaciones, con un repertorio que va desde papeles cómicos, a dramáticos, de acción y aventura. Sólo basta decir, que como alguien que creció escuchando su voz, gracias por las historias y los recuerdos de la niñez.

Scars - A Kabby Fic

For electricbluebutterflies, travelerontheedge17 and maegfen all of the prompts you’ve sent me were fairly similar so this just sort of covers them all. 

Title: Scars

Summary:  Set in the not so distant future, follows canon. Marcus and Abby see each other’s scars and deal with the fallout of both. 

TeaserShe reaches back and gently but firmly catches both of his hands and hers. She pulls them up in front of her, lacing their fingers together, stop him from worrying away at old wounds that are doing far more damage to him than they ever did to her.

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