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11 Random Facts

I’ve been tagged by about 15000 people to do this and, because I’m incredibly lazy, I haven’t. But, I have some time to pop some facts out now, so here we go!

Thanks for the tag, @aboutalighthouse, @islareeveswriting, @stylishmuser, @1989rosesxx, @cupcakepayno and anyone else who tagged me!

1. I love horror movies. Not necessarily gory ones, but suspense, thriller, paranormal type movies.

2. I’ve played piano since I was 3.

3. I can quote the entire Mighty Ducks trilogy by heart and probably watched each of them 100 times when I was between the ages of 13-15.

4. I usually mask nerves with humor. I’m not always a jokey person, but when I’m anxious about something, I’ll start talking a lot and making jokes.

5. I’m terrified of driving (not being driven, but me actually driving).

6. I have an obsessive personality and am very prone to addictive behaviors.

7. I know very little about technology, but I can usually fix my computer/phone by googling the problem and following the steps.

8. I have a longstanding nightmare that involves pulling out my own teeth.

9. I walk to and from work every single day, 30 minutes each way.

10. I’ve been writing some form of fanfiction since I was really young. The first one I remember writing was a story based on The Bailey School Kids.

11. My go-to music when I’m writing is the soundtrack from The Tudors.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this or who hasn’t done it yet!

The Might Ducks Trilogy

What can I say about The Mighty Ducks, it was a product of Wayne Gretzky’s time in LA. This is coming from a Edmonton Oilers where whom until last month where we get to draft someone who may be the next Grezky the day he was traded remains probably the most heartbreaking day in Edmonton history. But Edmonton’s loss was the sport’s gain in all fairness and maybe karma is finally rewarding Edmonton for over 20 years of torture.

Before Gretzky went to LA hockey was for the most part the lower rung sport amongst the 4. Football (American), baseball and basketball always had more of the spotlight in America than in Canada where it is more than just a sport it is a religion. Unless Boston or big market city went to the finals or won NHL was a relative mom and pop shop compared to the others. All you really need to do is watch how the game has evolved from he 80s to where it is now.

When Gretzky went to LA the Kings finally were put on the map because they had the best player in the league and LA loves a winner and got on the band wagon. LA went from being a hockey dead zone to havng gone from only having one hockey team there to having two more outside of the Kings; the San Jose and……..The Mighty Ducks or the Anaheim Ducks however you want to slice it they will always be the Mighty Ducks to me.

Disney seems to be the only film company that is seemingly cared to make hockey movies. Mighty Ducks was the first one seemingly building off the popularity of Gretz back in LA and setting it in the first state of hockey being Minnesota. I think the success of the first film helped a lot in that fact and spawned two sequels and Miracle with Kurt Russell. 

When Anaheim got a team, I remember Disney owned it (may be wrong but they had to have been part of the ownership if that wasn’t the case) and so it made so much sense for the team to be called The Mighty Ducks, I remember a cartoon followed too. Seemed perfect.

It is too bad there are not very many hockey movies made, because quite honestly if there was a sport made for hollywood it would be hockey. Its fast, aggressive/violent, with more drama in 20 minutes than some full games of other sports. However I am bias being Canadian and finding most other sports except for basketball to be boring but I think you get what I mean.

You can only really count a handful of hockey movies over movies made for other sports. Thankfully most of the hockey movies that have come out are great but sadly most no one knows about except two movies now maybe three if you add Goon.

Slap Shot and The Mighty Ducks

Which is unfortunate because Slap Shot while good is a sort of outdated look of what hockey was in the 70s and even 80s, The Mighty Ducks and the trilogy has very little authenticity in how hockey is for real but then it is a Disney movie for kids and that is the main thing one has to remember. There was also Youngblood which was a bit more accurate but I think at this point on hockey fans those who want to see young Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reaves if I remember correctly (before he was a big star) without their shirts on.

For anyone looking for good hockey movies I would suggest The Rocket/Maurice Richard, Networth (very hard film to film but good one to check out, less about the sport and more about the business behind it back before there was no unions), Mystery Alaska and Hockey Night. Hockey Night would be even harder to find anywhere and was very much a children’s TV movie but the concept behind it was before its time and sort of proved to be motivation for me writing the novel I am trying to write right now called the Goaltender as the movie is about a goaltender (only hockey movie about one) and about a girl trying to fit into a all boys league even though she is clearly good enough to play for them (stars and young Rick Moraines or well before he became bigger).

I am really getting off tangent am I? Point is there is not really many hockey movies out there and that is shame, most people remember this for better or worse.

I am fairly torn with the movie or I should say trilogy but I will start with the first one. As I have said in one other hockey movie review I didn’t grow up a hockey fan. As a kid I was all karate movies, wrestling, action figures, cartoons, video games and arcades. Hockey to me seemed stupid to me, I think mostly because I couldn’t skate (still can’t funny enough) and much of the kids I didn’t like back in school played hockey and were bullies. The two things I liked about hockey as goaltenders and also the jerseys.

As a child my first two jerseys were San Jose Sharks (just because I liked the colors and logo, still do of the old 90s version of it, not the new ones) and the Detroit Red Wings. I always liked them.

Growing up further I became a fan of hockey video games and got ok with them and through them I built my love for the game more and more as I got to understand it. Thanks to NHL 98.

However even though I didn’t really care much for hockey The Mighty Ducks and the trilogy were always sort of part of my life in some way or another. I remember it came out in the 3 screen theater in Fort McMurray where I lived which catered primarily to the little kids and the big blockbusters only. I don’t think I chose to want to watch the movie and I don’t know why it was chosen but it was one of those movies that has for better or worse stayed with me over the years. The triple deke move, the flying V which until recently seemed nearly impossible to do in a NHL game, the quacking and all that stuff.

I watched the movie back then and I don’t remember having much of a opinion of it, just memories. Part two came out seemingly straight to VHS and I found myself actually liking that movie more because it felt more fun and had more in it. I grown up even more and noticed when 3 came out that it was going to be much more serious and I remember liking that it went a serious route and enjoyed it. However this was all int he 90s I believe and I forgot all about it.

A couple years back when I got a new camera and was testing out the time-lapse ability  had to keep watch of my computer and the camera as it was next to each other and discovered the entire trilogy was watchable on youtube so I decided to take a shot at it. I found myself not liking the trilogy too much but I think much of it is because I took it too serious which is the first you can’t do with a kids movie because if you do then you are basically ruining it for yourself. To give it a fair shake you have to see it as a kid or see it with no expectations, see it for what it is.

I found myself surprised that the coach was none other than Lane Smith who played Perry White in Lois & Clark: Adventures of Superman.

Since I don’t have a DVD version of this trilogy I am surprised there is a youtube version online however many sections of audio have been cut out. However I think I still know this movie from memory. Lets get to it.

The movie is mainly about Gordon Bombay whom as a child was a very good hockey player for his age, during a championship game he had a chance to win the game with a shoot out goal but blew it. With that his coach Jack Reily shamed him and thus due to lack of confidence or feeling that he was not good enough at hockey he seemingly quit playing hockey, became a lawyer (obviously) and took the win at all costs no matter what philosophy that his coach Jack taught him into that. Now as a young hot shot lawyer he has rarely lost, thinks very highly of himself and only thinks of winning at any cost. No one likes him because of this not even his boss despite the winning record.

One night Bombay seemingly ins stupid fashion is caught drinking and driving which doesn’t make much sense figuring he is a lawyer and should no better than to do something like that but I know I know this is a kids movie so plot holes. Either way he is shamed now by the court and is forced to do community service as a hockey coach for a District 5 peewee team.

The district 5 team is basically a hockey version of the little rascals, the kids are team with no coach and are terrible because of it because there is no one teach them how to play, only Charlie Conway seems at first to be a good player or at least with potential. He must make these kids go from just a bunch of kids only looking for for themselves and not really caring about the game to being a good team as well as rekindling his own love for the game and going from being a irresponsible greedy prick to a responsible guy who cares. However with success Bombay finds his team must beat his own team coached by coach Jack Reily in order to win the state championship.

Watching this movie it is easily a vehicle for hockey and for Emlio Esteves, however I can’t really get by how poorly it was shot and written maybe it is me again taking it too seriously but much of it seems just so cookie cutter. The fact the same are more of just jokesters, the near forced love interest Bombay with one of the mothers and what not.

The thing I do like about the movie though is the underlining message about it about how kids need the right people to teach them how to play a game. Coach Reilly would have been a perfect example of how coaches were in the 70s and 80s. Often demoralizing his own players, taking all of the fun out of playing hockey just to win and they got away with it back then. By the time 90s came in it became more and more apparent that coaches needed to be more supportive  of the players than slave drivers.

Maybe I am stretching here with finding something good but that as the first thing that came to mind when remembering this movie was its about a kid whom had the love of the game stripped from him because of a coach who thought more about winning than developing the games of the children, let them love the game, improve and through that win which is how it is done now.

The movie is sort of Karate Kid but instead of it being about a team nurturing over bullying and whip cracking.

I also like that guys and girls are treated equally in the movie or at least for the most part which is a big problem in the actual sport is mainly a guy sport (there are women leagues but cross gender participation is rare and if it does happen it is more for spectacle than actual good reason). i like that both genders play together and it doesn’t matter.

Watching it again while it is hella cheesy and the use of slap stick on it was poorly used and it is poorly written but what makes the movie shine is the use of visuals, well more so how the hockey is shot. While much of it is still fairly unrealistic it is supposed to be being a kids movie, it is very fluid and all of it sells the game very well as I think this movie was supposed to. 

It s a nice way to teach kids about the game in a fun way as well.

Bottom line is it’s a alright hockey movie for kids, it is a bit over rated and gets way too much credit than it deserves but for what it is there are worse kids movies out there. Its a nice and fun kids movie entered around hockey, it doesn’t insult the sport either. The movie also sports some interesting kid actors who later become character actors or well known ones like Joshua Jackson, Marguerite Moreau and Elden Henson. its a nice film that is still a ok watch for kids and to watch to remember watching as a kid yourself. I give it CC3/4 on the Corey Scale.

Of all the three movies this one was my favourite as a kid but as a adult I found that this one wound up being the worst or the one that didn’t hold up quite as well. I remembered renting this movie now and then as a kid on VHS mainly because I was fan of the kid who did the knuckle puck thing (the actor who did that one wound up becoming a well known comedian for both Nickelodeon and SNL.

I couldn’t find this one one youtube so I am going to go on this one mainly through memory.

D2 follows up a little while after the other movie left off, where that movie was about a little league team winning a state championship this movie is about the Ducks facing the world.

We find Bombay attempting to reclaim his hockey career playing for a minor league team, he is moving his way up when he suffers from a career ending knee injury. After that due to his success with the Ducks he is asked if he could coach America’s team at the Junior Goodwill Games. he accepts and immediately plays favourites and basically brings most of his Minnesota team.

The Ducks now as Team USA face no challenges and also bring in new members (new stereotypes) in order to face the best hockey players from across the world.

Well only that they are missing Canada which was then and always will be the best hockey country, I don’t know where Trinidad, Italy and Iceland got hockey players but apparently they do while Canada is not in this if I remember correctly. 

Other problem is the team seems very Minnesota heavy, I know I know it is merely a excuse to bring the main cast and its a kid movie so shush Corey just go with it, fine I will. It’s the new characters and their stereotypes that I found offensive the most with this movie like the cowboy stereotype character who is a incredible puck handler, I just can’t get behind the cowboy thing, I am sure Texans sort of sigh at this.

You have one guy who seems to be a very good skater in every way except for stopping which makes no real sense at all (except for that it is a comedic ark or use to create laughs so i get it but….yeah). I do like the Julie character who plays goal watching some youtube clips to remind myself of certain things I am surprised I forgot all about its connection to Hockey Night. If I remember correctly the main character who played goal in that movie was named Julie. I doubt there is a coincidence, I doubt the writers did that as a tip of the hat to that movie but it is a strange coincidence.

Since the other figure skating characters if I remember correctly didn’t make this movie (again I don’t have the movie to watch) they add a new figure skating character in this movie. For what it is worth I do like the fact that this movie tries to represent all nationalities. Outside of sexism one other thing hockey is dinged for is that there are very few nationalities in the sport which is very untrue however there are far more caucasians in the sport than any other still which sucks but hopefully more time passes it will change, like with gender. I like that everyone is equal in this movie much like the first movie.

If there was a movie that had the case of 90s style then this one is it, from the roller blading, to jersey design to well….you have to be a kid of the 90s to get what I mean if I remember this movie well. Last time I watched it again was while I was doing the time-lapse exercises and I found the movie to be terribly inaccurate and full of plot lines but despite all that it worked with more of what worked in the first movie which was visuals and using hockey as a springboard for more cartoonish action (knuckle puck, flying V, etc etc).

This movie is far more cheesier in the end and like with any other sequel everything is more but like the previous film the story is still lacking and even more so but again the film works with what it has, its for kids and for the most part it is a fun movie. As a kid I thought it was far more fun and exciting and even funnier than the first one and for the most part it is but if you are looking for hockey realism you won’t find it in this movie at all.

Bottom line is that if you liked the first this movie is basically no better however unlike the first movie there are no moral messages, no seriousness it is just another adventure with the kid ducks as they face newer opponents on a bigger stage. Watching highlights of the movie on youtube it is not as bad as I remembered watching it years back but the thing is you have really not judge it on realism because of its audience. Its a decent children’s movie centred like the first and like the first it succeeds as that however I think the increase of plot holes and lack of any real message and plot hurts the film. I give the film CC1/2 on the Corey Scale.

This is one I had expectations of a bit more when I rewatched it a few years ago because I remembered as a kid watching this that it was a mature conclusion to the trilogy where like the first movie it had something to say, less serious and less childish stuff and more about ‘growing up’. Watching it then I found the movie didn’t age well at all but with the help of youtube and memory I will try and re reflect on the movie using the times I have watched it and try to see it for what it is more.

The Ducks no a bit older are nearly all accepted into the Dean Hall Academy which is a prep school Bombay went to, the Ducks all thinking that all the same tricks and things and they once did on their way here is going to help them succeed her comes to a crashing halt as they realize that Bombay is no longer their coach, instead a man named coach Orion is their new coach whom brings a different style and approach than Bombay. this in turn fustrates and angers the Ducks mainly Charlie Conway whom is unable to transition from a all offence style to a two way style of play and it immediately becomes conflict forcing Charlie to consider quitting the team.

As I remember this movie became more about Charlie and less about Bombay which makes sense as Bombay only really had a story arc in the first and was just merely there as a coach in the second. In the third movie I feel it made sense to create drama and tension to put Bombay out of the movie or at least for the most part. this movie is about Charlie learning to change and mature as a kid, basically coming of age but through the Ducks movie.

Watching clips and the trailer and from what I remember of the movie I feel as this this movie failed to really do what I think it set out to do. I tries to show a mature Ducks team and progress, have them learn to play more that just their stereotype hockey at the end it just seems like they just go back to their old hat patterns just to get the rise out of the audience whom they assume was just waiting for it all to happen. I remember watching it the first time and enjoying the new drama but found that they did nothing really good with it in the end. Then watching it a second time i felt it was as bad as the second because even with a new plot that would work it just seems like they were pulling the same shit over and over again with no real change. Everyone seems too old to be pulling the same antics they were doing 4 years ago which seems weird because it was only 4 years ago. Joshua Jackson definitely had a growth spurt from D2 to D3 that is for sure.

Bottom line is looking at the entire trilogy I think number 3 may be the worst because it tries to change, feels like it wants to but just doesn’t for the sake of doing what previously worked in the other films. I didn’t really like it when I first seen it, disliked it even more watching it again a few years, now watching clips of it it just seems like this movie was confused from the start as to whether they wanted to be another Ducks movie just doing what they did before or progressing with their characters and watch them mature like you would in a Harry Potter series of movies. I sort of wish they went the other route but this was before Harry Potter became a movie series. I think this film fails one delivering what it sort of said it was going to; its status quo wrapped in a little bit of change. However if you just wanted to see the same stuff as the other two movies then you sort of get it but even then it doesn’t seem to have as much fun as the other two. I give this movie CC on the Corey Scale.