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so there’s a beautiful post going around right now that basically asks: What happens when Foggy’s childhood bestie Dean Portman comes to town? Cue the jealous!Matt. this is my offering to the fic gods and my request for someone else to do better please!

Fulton?” Matt sputters, sounding almost indignant about it all but Foggy’s too busy being engulfed in a massive back-thumping bear hug by a real life J-Crew catalog model to even notice.

It’s funny, when Foggy mentioned an “old friend” might be joining them tonight (“You mean you have friends who aren’t Matt or me?” “I laugh, but only to hide my tears Page.”) for drinks Karen hadn’t been expecting this. This being the six-foot giant currently detaching from Foggy, clapping him on the shoulders and upper arms a few more times for good measure before finally turning towards the rest of the table.

Even in the low-lights of Josie’s bar Foggy’s flushed face is sort of hard to miss (kind of like Matt’s furrowed brow and the unhappy twitch at the corner of his mouth when Foggy’s long lost friend drapes an arm over Foggy’s shoulders). “Hey guys, remember my friend, the one I was telling you about? This is Dean!” Foggy claps Dean on his wide, strapping chest (Karen is just guessing but it feels like a really educated guess, based purely on the face situation she’s seeing). “Dean, this is my partner Matt Murdock, and our beautiful and far too good for us friend Karen Page.”

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Mighty Ducks TSA/Harry Potter/Meet the Robinsons fic update and NEW MUSE~

I’ve actually updated “Meetings, Meanings and Might” a few times the last couple of weeks, so if you’re behind a few chapters, look it up. It’s posted at and archiveofourown. ALSO, CHECK OUT MY AWESOME NEW MUSE! It’s sort of a “congrats on getting a new job” present for myself… XD

He wasn’t cheap, but yanno, duh, they don’t make thee toys anymore. And man, they don’t make toys LIKE these anymore! The quality is amazing. I know I demolished the value by taking it out of the box but I don’t even care bc I’m never selling it, and it’s such a cool toy. It shoots pucks from the mask, my daughter has been getting a kick out of that. XD And the paint job is sooo pretty, I just love the metallic gold on the mask and the shiny/sparkly teal in Nosedive’s shirt. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Well, to me. XDDD

And the Fox Declared to the Hound… (28089 words) by Renee-chan
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Mighty Ducks (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adam Banks/Guy Germaine, Dwayne Robertson/Connie Moreau, former Guy Germaine/Connie Moreau
Characters: Guy Germaine, Adam Banks, Connie Moreau, Dwayne Robertson, Charlie Conway, Fulton Reed, Dean Portman, Julie Gaffney
Additional Tags: Slash, Sexual Identity, Questioning, Friendship, Angst, Break Up, Cuddling & Snuggling, Friendship/Love, Unrequited Crush, Sexuality, Teasing, Misunderstandings, POV First Person, Wordcount: 10.000-30.000

I think… I don’t know how to be “Guy Germaine”. I hear the name often enough during hockey games, but in my head it’s always been “ConnieandGuy”. And now… now I have to figure out how to be just “Guy”… and the thought scares me beyond reason. How do normal people function like this? How do they go from day to day hearing their name called by itself, not in conjunction with someone else’s? And more importantly, how will I survive when I start hearing the others say “ConnieandDwayne” they way they used to say “ConnieandGuy”?

June 19, 2013: So… I just realized I never posted this to AO3, which is ridiculous as I wrote it back in 2002-2003.  And it’s still one of my favorite fic ‘verses.  And it spawned several side stories.  So, for completeness’ sake (and because I’m apparently feeling highly nostalgic)… enjoy?  ^_^

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