the mighty ducks 3

I always wonder what Vincent Larusso thought when he was offered the part of Adam Banks.  The original Adam got kicked off because he was tormenting the cast, and Vincent was in a smaller role.  So, he was still in the movie.  But I wonder how happy Vincent was when they said they wanted him to play Adam, and that they said in an interview he was perfect for the role.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to move from an extra-like role to one of the main characters and an iconic role?


A video showing all of Adam Banks struggles throughout the movies.


exhibit 1756 of “the furries were always there” - September 13th, 1996, broadcast date of episode 3 of Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, “A Traitor Among Us”:

Phil Palmfeather, voiced by Jim Belushi, walks into the semi-secret space base of his hockey team/vigilantes, the Mighty Ducks, conducting a business call about “you want the ducks to do a commerical where they all appear in a vat of chocolate? i’ll talk to them about it!” followed by “the HECK with your candy - i’ve got something bigger than elvis here!”

followed by “she’s GORGEOUS… and i’m not even a duck!”

surprising lack of ducks in furry fandom though, except apparently for the ones working at mid-90s tv disney animation

anonymous asked:

10 things you would tell a new hockey fan?

1. Check contract status/length before you fall in love, buy jerseys or pay for autographs

2. Don’t be a dick to other fans unless they really deserve it. Don’t get upset when you get anon hate from idiots. If you’re a Pens fan, expect hate from Hawks, Caps and Flyers fans.

3. Spend some time watching YouTube videos to learn the rules. Also check out the movies ‘Slapshot,’ ‘Miracle’, 'Mighty Ducks (watch all 3)’ and 'Goon.’

4. Read up on your preferred team a little bit. Spend some time watching team hi lights on YouTube. Know the big moments in your franchise.

5. Pick some players to hate. It makes life fun. Giroux, Ovechkin and Kane are a nice starter pack. Pick some entire teams to hate too. I’ll suggest Flyers, Hawks, Caps, CBJ to start with.

6. Goalies are sacred. They are not to be touched by the opposing team. You can love any of them but Varlamov indiscriminately.

7. Check up on players before you decide to like them. If they’re problematic, drop them like it’s hot. If your gave does something terrible, call them out, don’t sweep it under the rug.

8. It’s fine to hate on a team or player, but do it outside of the tags and be ready to have links/video to defend your opinions. Don’t take the hate too far though. Keep it angry and funny.

9. Don’t worry if someone tries to call you a bandwagoner. They were a new fan too once. Hockey is for everyone. I don’t care how you got here, I’m just glad you’re here.

10. Let it take over your life.