the midnight tour

anonymous asked:

Original books??? With your writing style??? AND witches??? Yes please. Is there a link for preorders/orders yet? Or is this a future thing? <:

AHH MY GOSH ANON I LOVE YOU eeeeeeeeeeeeeep o________o

u-u-um yes, *breathes heavily into her hands* yes, it’s a series of thirteen books called Midnight Tour, centering around two modern New York police officers, one of whom is a bratty witch boy and the other is just a guy who wants to do his job, who get thrown together by the previous guy’s fuckups and basically go around sleuthing and solving supernatural mysteries and (barely) dealing with each other, but also dealing with trauma/social justice/race/healing/sexuality/depression/all that good shit through the lens of the supernatural. I’m a practicing witch myself, as well as a trauma survivor with depression, so it’s an intense desire of mine to wed the two into something that moves and binds (in the narrative sense and the magickal sense ;3).


This is a future thing but a soon future thing!! REALLY SOON! We’re aiming to have a Halloween ‘18 release date with like two months of pre-orders and I WOULD {{{{{D I E}}}}} if anybody could help out when the pre-orders start, reblogging and such!!!

oh gosh having someone ask makes it feel so real

i realize that I’ve like written two harry potter books worth of Pro Hero bondage porn by now in sheer length????? but writing your own shit is hard man and you’ve made my damn night by asking thank you thank you, uuuuuughhhhhhh thank you


things i associate with your sign
  • aries: fire, the color red, action movies, graffiti, joyful screaming, amusement parks, peppers
  • taurus: flowers, fruity smells, obnoxious but cute laughs, peace sign selfies, sunglasses, bright orange
  • gemini: secrets, villains in movies, pranks, fun facts, neon green, money, strong friendships, cockiness
  • cancer: light rain, deep conversations, baby blue, crinkly-eyed smiles, shyness. poetry
  • leo: gold, selfies, confidence, fame, good eyebrows, tight clothing, big smiles, making people laugh
  • virgo: mumbled comments, skipping class, the color violet, trust issues, staring at ur crush, wet hair
  • libra: passionate relationships, musicians, attractiveness, hot pink, makeup, roses, curly hair
  • scorpio: shy smiles, black & white, the night sky, anime, emo music, cats, pretty eyes, soft hair
  • sagittarius: midnight blue, warped tour, piercings, rebellion, adventures at night, dark clothing, coffee
  • capricorn: warm brown eyes, long hugs, group pictures, buying band merch at a concert, purple, long hair
  • aquarius: art, fields of flowers, birds, yellow, indie bands, spending time w/ friends, warm cookies
  • pisces: baby pink, snow, book stores, doodle-filled notebooks, chokers, short hair, watercolor tattoos

This pictures makes me so happy