the midnight snack



Eleven Questions

I was tagged by @tishinada  Thanks! 

1. What is the third line of your WIP?

From my orig NaNo fic: The iron-haired nanny spares them barely a glance, noting only the new grass stains that join the many others before turning back to her whispered gossip with another woman also in a crisp white apron.

2. What is your favorite OTP to write about?

coughcough This is probably obvious, but Hawke x Cullen. 

3. How do you take your coffee?

Skim milk and sugar. Probably too much sugar.

4. Easy squeeze cheese on Crackers? Or just cheese on crackers?  

Cheese on crackers. My go to midnight snack. 

5. Have you ever dressed up as Santa Clause or Mrs. Claus?


6. What is your favorite holiday?

Huh. I kind of hate holidays these days, because they’re so much work. Either there’s stress and presents and traveling, or there’s number one son off school and me without daycare. Or both, and I’m doubly fucked. 

7. Are you a morning person?

Pretty much. It’s my most productive time. 

8. Have you ever sang in the shower? What was the song?

All. The. Time. What was the last song…? Pfft. Hard to say. Probably a show tune. I’ve also had How Far I’ll Go from Moana and Almost Like Praying by Lin Manual Miranda stuck in my head a lot recently.

9. When do you allow Christmas music to be played in your house?

Hmm, I accidentally listened to Christmas music in the car today when Siri misunderstood the song I asked for. LOL I left it on. So… whenever, I guess? 

10. What is your idea of a great date? (not just a good one, a GREAT one)XD

I’d like to say it was dinner and the opera or something planned, which were always fun, but my favorite dates were always the crazy spontaneous ones, where you met someone at a party and next thing you know it’s 4am and you’ve been talking and walking on the beach and bonding and who knows what and he’s walking you home. 

11. What are the next three songs on your shuffled playlist right now?

I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots, Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira, and No Podras by Christian. 

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Please imagine Zoe Murphy waking up one night and going downstairs for a midnight snack and finding Connor on the kitchen floor staring at his laptop, which is not turned on:

“What are you doing?”

Connor, never moving his eyes from his laptop, “The government is watching us, Zoe.”

Zoe, grabbing the milk. “Yeah, Connor, it’s called the NSA. It’s their job.”

Connor, turning to Zoe with betrayed, bloodshot eyes, obviously high, “You knew?

little things to remember

because everything is going to be alright, love

-          Smiling at strangers and watching them smile back

-          Dogs resting their heads on your lap

-          Being shown around the house of a brand new friend

-          Remembering your favourite scene from an old movie

-          Childhood friends

-          Soft new socks

-          Finishing a favourite book and thinking it over

-          The soft glow of the microwave as you heat up a midnight snack

-          Being the last one awake at a sleepover and the comfort from being                with your friends

i think it’s time i told you (i’m a fan of your universe) (1/1)

Years after Hawkmoth’s defeat, Ladybug and Chat Noir have a conversation about life, love, and marriage.

Ladybug checked her communicator for the third time that night, and frowned.

The green pawprint blinked idly back at her, resting at a junction between city streets—the same place it had been every other time she’d checked.

They hadn’t arranged to meet up that night. It was her turn for a solo patrol tonight, and there hadn’t been any trouble big enough to make calling for help a necessity. She’d stopped a couple muggings, interrupted a robbery—normal, small things. Nothing that needed an extra pair of hands.

And, sure, they both transformed just for the fun of it sometimes. Sometimes they caught one another out on morning strolls or midnight snack runs or impromptu patrols, but usually those involved moving around.

Chat’s tracker hadn’t moved in the past two hours.

She shouldn’t worry—Hawkmoth had been in jail for the past three years and Chat wasn’t in a bad part of town right now—but…


The green pawprint blinked at her from the same junction, at the same pace, unmoved.

Ladybug abandoned the end of her route and headed downtown.

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