the midnight ninja

imagine kakashi and iruka trying to adopt naruto separately (custody battle AU??? someone please write this fic)

kakashi is past legal age and is in minato’s testament after jiraya (who’s nowhere to be found), but he’s still in ANBU, and the rules state he can’t father a child whilst in service, unless he has a stable partner outside the organization (which he obviously doesn’t). iruka is a teacher, psychologically stable, but he’s considered too young and he doesn’t have the financial means to fully support a troubled 9-year-old, plus he isn’t related to naruto’s deceased family whatsoever.

they kind of dislike each other because of this, but sandaime gives them three options: 1) iruka waits another two years and tries to get promoted for a better salary, 2) kakashi leaves ANBU and gets counselling until he’s emotionally stable, or 3) they get married. he explains option #3 is the most reasonable, given that iruka has a fixed schedule in a low-risk job, and is capable of raising a child, whereas kakashi is strong and can protect the yondaime’s son, plus he can offer the financial stability they’d need. also, although kakashi watched naruto grow up, the boy has never personally met kakashi; introducing him as iruka’s husband would be more acceptable.

kakashi is the first one to get over the shock, and says he agrees. he wants to take naruto under his protection as soon as possible, but he won’t be relieved from ANBU so soon, and naruto is unlikely to accept being adopted by some stranger. iruka almost bursts out, but he’s sensible enough to think twice; it’s a miracle no one outside konoha has found naruto yet, and having kakashi guaranteeing their safety would make things much easier.

their wedding is probably the coldest the registry has ever seen, with iruka begrudgingly signing the papers and kakashi flat out refusing to remove his mask to kiss iruka. a week and tons of paperwork later (mostly ANBU forms and seals to keep iruka’s mouth shut), they have the adoption nearly done, though.

introducing naruto and kakashi is awkward, but naruto accepts kakashi as long as he doesn’t make iruka unhappy. kakashi and iruka argue all the time for the first two months or so, until kakashi learns to hide his porn stash, and iruka learns to compromise. they do everything by themselves; iruka takes care of naruto’s emotional needs, kakashi trains him when he can, but eventually things start shifting.

iruka starts washing the blood off kakashi’s uniform and does their laundry together because “it’s a waste to have to do it twice a day,” and leaves dinner in the fridge for kakashi when he comes back from missions, and tries to incorporate a more nutritional diet into their lives because “it’s important for naruto’s growth and you’re too skinny.” kakashi is kind of uncomfortable with all of this, but he comes to like ramen, and sometimes he buys apples to leave on iruka’s desk at the acadedmy (iruka only finds out they’re from kakashi after a few weeks, though), and lends iruka good books – that aren’t porn – when he’s bored.

not a year into their marriage, kakashi and iruka find themselves living pretty comfortably, and don’t really mind each other anymore. it becomes quite natural to come home and find that one of them cleaned the mess naruto made that afternoon, or that the grocery shopping is done, or that the ninken’s food was restocked with no need for asking. they help each other and learn to value each other’s company and very slowly fall in love without noticing until their friends comment on how they’re actually and truly acting like a married couple: showing up together at parties, going home early because of their kid, iruka asking kakashi what he’d like to have for dinner over the mission desk, kakashi sometimes commenting on how well-behaved naruto is, that iruka is a good father figure, and so on. it’s kind of embarrassing and they take a long time to sort their feelings out, but the domesticity never really changes.


For those of you who wondered about our twinsies eyes ~
They are actually galaxy eyes! ♥ They sparkle with different lights and angles, it’s so pretty! Especially with the puckered pink lips, ahhh. I love this face mod so much.
Eyebrows and lips are by me, the eyeliner is a mod by crucifiers. The eyes are an edit I made on @kittieology’s Midnight eyes. The original can be found here ♥ Thanks for the permission to use this mod as my base, Kitty!

imagine all the little things that make kakashi feel okay.

  • iruka’s big grin when kakashi gets home and he’s trying a new recipe; that one that says, “it’s alright, we can give it to the ninken if you don’t like it. they’re not as picky as you are.”
  • obscure philosophical essays on trivial matters that iruka finds hilarious or strange books that comprehend a wide range of nonsensical topics left under kakashi’s bed, only to be found and read months later and make kakashi laugh when he finally decides to clean the apartment.
  • the moment of comfortable silence right before kakashi falls asleep, and iruka mindlessly entwines their fingers and soundly sleeps holding kakashi’s hand
  • iruka picking the flowers for rin’s grave, though he won’t say they’re for her for the sake of not intruding in kakashi’s life, nor that kakashi has horrible taste and little sense of aesthetic (kakashi knows and he’s pretty sure rin is happier with iruka choosing flowers for her).
  • the animal-shaped sticky notes iruka receives from his students that are used to leave threatening messages on kakashi’s nightstand (DO LAUNDRY TODAY. NO EXCUSES. OR ELSE YOU’RE DEAD).
  • the same animal-shaped sticky notes being used to leave somewhat sweet messages (morning. had to leave early. eat breakfast ok? ILY).
  • finding iruka left breakfast in the fridge.
  • the fact that kakashi can actually recognize the latest cheesy pop songs (he even knows the lyrics to some of them) since iruka sings them in the shower because his students won’t stop singing them at the academy and iruka has a tendency to get songs stuck in his head.