the midnight men

Whenever I feel in a witchy rut, like I don’t know what to do next, or simply stalled in my practice, I go back and re-read the Witches Sequence of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

Nothing will teach you more about witchcraft than Granny Weatherwax.

One of my favorite things about fairy tail is the men’s collectively bizzar fashion sense.




The fuck are you wearing?

The fuck is this?

What is on your shoulder, Gajeel?  The fuck is that made of, feathers? From what?

Why is the armor only on your shins?

Why is your shirt only sleeves?

Are those pants really necessary? Or functional?

This whole outfit is a shit post.

Seriously, is this supposed to be a vest or a jacket?

Bickslow has two different versions of this shit

additionally, Bickslow has tattoos on both his face and tongue, which seems questionable and excessive, but I digress.

What era do you think this is, Freed?

Literally, no one questioned this as casual, everyday wear.

I mean, COME ON!

Then there’s Gray who can’t keep his shirt on, and Laxus who can’t put his arms in his damn sleeves, but this post seems long enough.


Don’t touch my man men, boy


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 are here!

I’m FINALLY happy to announce that I had the treat of illustrating the brand new paperback editions of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching adventures. This job was truly an honour, and it’s the first time a female artist has illustrated a book by Terry Pratchett! Hurrah!
The first book ‘The Wee Free Men’ will be released April 27th.

The grim photograph above depicts the lynching of Laura Nelson and her 15-year-old son, L.D. Nelson. Disturbingly, this photograph was once used as a proud postcard for Okemah, Oklahoma. On the 2nd of May, 1911, Deputy Sheriff George Loney formed a posse and made his way to the Nelson farm. A cow had been stolen from another nearby farm and they had penned L.D. as the thief of said cow. When they arrived at the house, L.D.’s father, Austin, confessed that he had stolen the cow purely because he had no money to feed his hungry family.

What happened next has been obscured by time; several reports offered different versions of events. What is known for fact is that a scuffle broke out and L.D. shot and killed Sheriff Loney. It was said that Laura had attempted to hide the gun so that violence could not unfold. Both L.D. and Laura were charged with the murder and sent to county jail, where they awaited their arraignment. However, that arraignment would never come.

On 24 May, a group of a dozen to 40 men arrived unannounced at the jail at approximately midnight. The men bound, gagged and blindfolded the jailer, rendering him unable to later identify them. Once he was immobilised, the group kidnapped Laura and L.D. from their cells. Several reports claim that Laura was raped my several of the kidnappers in her jail cell. From the jail, the lynchers took them to a bridge over the North Canadian River and hanged the mother and son.

Nobody was ever charged with the brutal murder but it was alleged that one of the perpetrators was Charley Guthrie, the father of the singer, Woody Guthrie.

When i'm playing a voltage game in public
  • Me: *walks in to public bathroom*
  • Me: *goes in stall* *starts giggling and squealing*
  • Girl 1 : *walks in bathroom* *hears me making noises*
  • Girl 2: * walks in bathroom * *hears me making noises to*
  • girl 1: is she masturbating?
  • girl 2: maybe shes taking a really hard shit and it hurts so much shes laughing? ive been there before...
  • Me: oh soryu not here....
  • Girl 1: um.. ill touch up some other time..
  • Girl 2: I can hold it...

a little taako

combeferre in a pencil skirt was the first of my recent doodlequests! this one’s going out to apollowned​~

I added bonus perv!courf. not sure i’m happy with his char design but for a doodle at 2 in the morning it isn’t bad. might turn it from a doodle into a finished piece, please let me know if this is relevant to your interests

Me going on a date...
  • Mom: so that nice boy that asked you out did you say yes?
  • Me: no hes not a voltage man.
  • Mom: *face palms* can you just try a real man? literally!
  • me: *goes on date*
  • Guy: so you wanna hook up?
  • Me: no say "can i make you mine"
  • Guy : what?
  • Me: just say it!
  • Guy: okay... can i make you mine?
  • Me: nope you don't say it like Yuma.
  • Guy: what?
  • Me: bye. *walks home and is playing butler until midnight*