the midnight cafe

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream

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How about you!!??? What are YOUR favorite drink(s), movie(s), and Video Game(s)?


Favorite drinks

-cafe mocha

-midnight mint mocha

-any frapp from starbucks tbh

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favorite movies

-mad max

-get out


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video games

-Any Pokemon game~

-but pokemon ranger was a childhood fav. 

-and i just got into fire emblem thanks to @mistressphobia

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thanks for the ask~ 

It seemed only fitting that I brought this whit me today and spent my free hour with something I love ( when Midnight is much to far away ), words , sentences, feelings , the dampened music in the background , the few other people in the café talking in dampened voices and the smell and taste of coffee is all getting blurred into a warm ambience and I keep thinking of him even when I’m reading .
I should take time for moments like this more often.
Books are always preferred instead of the colder feeling of the phone screen.
I rarely see people actually reading a book , they are all so busy with the never ending stream of social media .
Phone glued in hand instead of pages of a book, and that special smell and feeling of something really special .
Now I need to get back to reality for a while , end of message .

Ps. Thinking of you

an Alien, Demi-goddess and vampire walk into a bar


Not too long after arriving in Chicago and Opening her own apothecary shop Haru had been approached by a strange man and handed an invitation. It said to meet others like her outside of the broken brick cafe at midnight. And so she did, that night she went to the specified location and found other people just like her. And by that i mean people of power, of the magical variety. Werewolves, fea folk, vampires, magic practitioners and all sorts of other kind of creature. Turns out that inside the store was a secret passageway opened only by magic and only known to those of the magical community. Inside was a nightclub the likes Haru had never seen, so full of life and fun this place was, it was like a dream. And on top of everything else she and Calabast fit right in and go to talking to many different folk.

Now many moons later Haru has become not only a regular but a performer too, and tonight is theme night. What’s the theme you might ask? Well it’s Egypt! Everyone is dressed in their best egyptian styled finery and is already partying it up in the monster club. Haru and Calabast are out in the middle of the dance floor a ring of people surrounding them. A large anubis stand in the middle of haru and a few friends dressed as anubis followers. They are dancing singing and having a blast.The song ends shortly and the dancers as well as the Anubis go off to find dance partners of their own. Haru and Calabast however wander off for a drink because dancing makes you thirsty, and Haru wants to relax her feet a bit before the next set of songs.

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Everlark #6 pretty please? :)

Thanks for the prompt anon! The fantastic mitchesbcray​ also asked for this one, so I may or may not be continuing this one. Fun note, this little ficlet has some basis in reality. Let’s just say my friends still talk about my bachelorette party, ten years later.

This is way longer than a drabble and may or may not be suitable for the workplace, depending on how conservative your place of business is. The words “naked” and “bed” are in the prompt.

A smile curves over Katniss’ lips as a hand carefully places a coffee-to-go cup on the desk in front of her.

“One Cinnamon Dolce Latte with extra cinnamon for my favorite receptionist.”

She looks up into the sky blue eyes of the newest legal counselor at Heavensbee, Cardew & Sons Law Offices. Peeta Mellark is the only person at her job Katniss can actually stand. He’s sweet and funny, and never treats her as inferior just because she’s one of the receptionists and doesn’t have a fancy degree that cost a fortune.

“What do I owe you for that?” she asks, glancing at the cup that is one size larger than he usually brings her, and pulling her purse out from the desk drawer.

“Absolutely nothing,” he tells her cheerfully. “Just wanted to say thanks for making my first two months here a whole lot easier than they would have been without you saving my ass. Plus you kind of are my favorite.”

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had a fucking fantastic time out w my best friend, drove down to new orleans w her in the afternoon and got supper in the french quarter, walked up to the smoothie king center and saw roger waters in concert which was PHENOMENAL, heard his solo album songs which i didn’t know but loved all the same and all my fav floyd songs which was………….. really fucking amazing, literal chills during ‘welcome to the machine’, Such An Experience™ (also got to stare at his fucking hot ass arms and face which i mean how he’s still that attractive at his age idk but there we are lmao), then walked back down canal at midnight to cafe du monde where we had coffee and beignets before driving home and talking about the psychology of serial killers