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Blind Date

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Authors Note: I liiiiiiive for 1940’s Bucky, so I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Requests are still open, yo. 

Living during the 1940′s was great, besides the whole situation between World War 2, life wasn’t too bad. Men and women were always wandering the streets, children running around with their toys, men in their soldier suits. 

Living in Brooklyn was honestly a dream come true, if you wouldn’t have never made the choice of living here, you would have never met Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes. 

Those two men, were so special to you. They were the closest friends you could ever ask for, they were the light into your life. 

Being close friends with them since the age of 12, was quite the journey. You first met them back in middle school, Steve was such a small little youngling while James was a much taller, bigger guy. And as for you, you were this short innocent girl, but the boys at school really did like that about you.

You were much different compared to all the other girls there, most of them would wear their little dresses or flared out skirts. You didn’t wear any of that, you were more unique with your own style ever since you were younger.

Helping Steve with the ridiculous bullies was when your guys’ friendship first started. Until a few moments later, that’s when you met James.

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i feel like we all just need to take a moment and appreciate the ray of sunshine that is eric bass

here we see the humble bass family taking a nap in the middle of a movie. they are probably the most adorable little heathens i believe i have ever seen

here we see the geeknerd himself enjoying a moment of relaxation.

just a dork getting his hair done. looking like a falcon. 

oh dear this precious gemstone was injured and had to use a walker to get around :(( he looks about ready to kill someone tbh

eric friend i think it would be in your best interest to chill out a little with the touching of other men

or you know

nevermind i guess ??? well i mean he’s really not this odd all the time

he can communicate ok that’s all that matters really

quote: “i take pride in being the the most underdressed person in a five star restaurant” dork

is that a sock monkey hat

is this hat just part of his everyday accessories 

while we’re on the subject of things he puts on his head what is this garbage 

and furthermore,

“check out this small kangaroo in a blanket. what are you gonna do? you wanna fight me?”

“alow me to pla y for yuo…. a snO g”

he snapchatted this to the entire band i give up i’m done i’m not even going to try to pretend he’s normal anymore