the middle picture makes me so happy

Modern Headcanon where Naruto is just alright with cats but he loves to go to a cat cafe with Sasuke as he could see how his bf interact with them. Sasuke just becomes such a softie and has on that expression that makes Naruto melt inside. All the cats normally gravitate towards Sasuke and the sight of that makes Naruto so fucking happy and #blessed.

Sasuke: Why are you always staring at me when we are here?
Naruto: I’m not. I’m looking at the cats. They are all around you! Let me take a picture of them!
*takes a photo of Sasuke instead in the middle surrounded by so many kitties*

Happy Birthday uniquepizzacollectionblog!

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Posting this possibly early for you @uniquepizzacollectionblog (it’s May 16 in Australia), but we at @everlarkbirthdaygifts wish you a happy birthday :) We present you with a lovely fic by @booksrockmyface that she has written especially for you! Enjoy!

Title: Let the Light Illuminate these Hopeless Places

Rating: M

Author’s note: Happy birthday!! I hope it’s the best day ever and that this meets your wishes. The title comes from a line in the Paramore song Idle Worship.

Katniss was always early to everything. Even dragging her feet she still arrived at the high school gym a couple minutes after seven.

Delly, their class president, was sitting at the entrance with a table full of nametags. “Oh, Katniss!” Her smile was as bright as ever. “I’m so glad you came.”

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Open letter

whoever you are and wherever you live, know that i truly care for you.

i’ve your back, no matter what. we’re living an unusual time in our history where human race has never been this close, but yet we’re still living apart with our small differences. do not think nobody care, because i do. do not let people bring you down. do not believe there’s no hope. and do not think nobody will miss you. i will. maybe you don’t post stuff or you’re just shy, but i’ve noticed some of you for awhile now. you’ve bringing me so much joy this past few months… 2016 was the hardest year of my life. i went throught major… issues.

i cried a lot sometimes. i almost lost my mind and, you know, i used to just log my computer in the middle of the night, and upload some pictures. that makes me happy. i could forget for a few all this misery. i’ve been looking for a safe place for long time and i’m happy here all because of you. i know most simmers don’t like to share personal stuff but it’s good to find comfort when you’re down. and without knowning it, you haven’t let me down. as i said, 2016 was hard : i lost 2 friends (one in january, another one in november). some morning, i opened some drawers and find pictures of them, smiling. pictures of us, younger at school… and, i didn’t thought i could make it.

the next morning i knew my childhood friend passed, i had to go to work. so… i had to walk across our middle school, the park we celebrate our degree, the place we shared secrets, the place we used to draw and paint… the place where she died… all of this the same hour. i couldn’t walk anymore because it was too hard. i just couldn’t walk and know she isn’t here anymore. but then i recieved messages from @mlyssimblr and @jenba. just for a chit chat. and they basically saved my day, saved my life too… so thanks for that. thanks for everything. i would never forget her.

in my mind, she is still the sweetest person i’ve ever met. she always had some kind words, even to the people who used to bully her. she believed in me when nobody did. and she told me multiple times “you can do whatever you want. you’re talentend.” i never thought it was true, until this year. sometimes, you have to experience the darkest time of your life to find strenght. now, i feel like i’m strong for two. i’ll live for us two. i’ll archieve my dreams and hers… because i owe her that. she put brightness in my life and i’ll carry this legacy.

i’m not angry because she killed herself without a word. i’m not mad because she did it at the place we shared so many memories - the place i walk through everyday. i’m not pissed because i couldn’t met her at her work place anymore and make fun of her crazy hairs. i’m not even disappointed she’s not here to call me. i’m deeply sad she went thinking we don’t love her, deeply hurt that she’s gone without trying to explain to someone what was going on. she is still my friend and she’s still the bravest, the most generous person i’ve met in my entire life. for the past few months, she haunted me. i still hear her laugh in my head. i thought it was a curse, but then… i realize it was a blessing. my memory didn’t erase that piece of her.

i would never forget that cassis/mango ice-cream, claire. take care of you, just sleeping below the flowers blanket we made for you. i know you liked it. i won’t give up, i promise.

p-s : please, don’t kill yourself.
because when a star dies, she create void all around her. it’s called black hole and swallow everything around her into darkness.

lil ponyboy & johnny sleepovers

requested by @sunsets-and-socks (:

  • johnny would come home from school with pony almost every friday 
  • they’d play outside. all. afternoon.
  • they played knights the most, so they’d sword fight with sticks & climb trees to survey their kingdoms
  • johnny mostly took charge in their games bc he liked feeling like he had a little brother to protect (,:
  • their sleepovers involved a lot of exploring places that they probably shouldn’t have explored
  • for instance, a house they thought was abandoned…. yeah turns out it wasn’t abandoned
  • mama curtis would always have a big dinner ready for them when they came home ( & chocolate cake )
  • johnny got to take a nice warm bath & borrow warm clothes to sleep in so he’d be extra happy while he was over
  • they’d make the biggest blanket fort ever in the middle of the living room to sleep in
  • ponyboy would sneak a bunch of picture books & a flashlight into the fort so they could look at them when they were supposed to be sleeping
  • they both get goodnight kisses from mama & papa curtis bc (,:
  • the curtis’s dog would sleep in between them & keep them warm
  • johnny always slept the best during their sleepovers 

(Requested by Anon) Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen Moodboard. 

Okay this is aimed at when they were older but I couldn’t find a picture to go into the middle of them older so I had to make do. I literally have a whole other much more angsty moodboard for them because I seriously just didn’t know how to go with this as we don’t know what they’ll be like as a couple. So I went with happy and cute but like I said I could have made it completely different. So let me know what you think!

As usual GIFs and picture in the middle don’t belong to us!

- Admin Tuch

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Nerd. [Part 1.]

A/N: Warning, this is supposed to be really cliche and crappy so. .  yeah, and Y/L/N means Your Last Name, and credit to whoever made this sexy gif.

Rated: PG

Summary: where Luke is a pretentious Jock, and you are a Nerd.

Word count:1267.

I shoved my new Notebooks in my bag, I was ready for my first day, even though my stomach still twisted sickeningly.

John ran out of his room, his wild brunette hair still tousled like he just woke up, he punched my shoulder as I  winced feeling my arm already starting to bruise, “See ya’ Bitch.” He singsonged like this Monday was beautiful and swung his sleek black backpack over his shoulder, his car keys in hand as he enjoyed his senior year joyfully.

It was my freshmen year, Lucky me.

I pulled my hair into a lazy ponytail, it was boring, to say the least, I was in what I would call my ‘Blending in’ clothing, so not many people approached me, not like anyone really wanted to.

“Y/N! I want to take your picture of your first day of high school, Oh I remember mine!” My mom squealed excitedly, I wanted to groan in annoyance, She was the pretty girl in high school who made friends with basically the whole school at my age, but now she was a single parent raising three children and spending most of her time doing Pinterest DIYs.

“Can it be quick I really need to get to school early,” I looked down at my phone seeing as it was 7:30 in the morning, even though school started at nine I wanted to interduce myself to all the teachers so I could possibly get a better seat, if there was a seating chart.

“Alright! Smile.” my mom pointed her camera at me as I stood in the middle of the living room, messenger bag on my hip that had the batman symbol on it.

I gave my mom a real big fake smile, she grinned back at me, every time someone took my picture I smiled like that, to make it seem like I was happy living another three years in this dreadful home, that never really had any joy.

“Alright, have a good day.” My mom waved her hand dismissing me, already posting the picture on facebook and Instagram, as she didn’t even look up at me anymore.

“Thanks.” I crumbled opening the screen door and walking the few blocks to school.


I entered the school, I feel the tight feeling wrapping itself around my neck, and it felt hard to breathe as I made my way towards my first classroom, luckily only a few teachers and nerds like me were here, My new teacher Miss Pennington was setting up her classroom still, unstacking chairs and making sure everything was clean.

“Miss Pennington?” I said, my voice coming out weaker than I expected.

Her head shot over to me, she was beautiful, to say the least, she was a little overweight but that didn’t matter, her blonde hair was in a proper bun and her eyebrows were styled sweetly as she had minimum makeup capturing her features.

“Yes? You are?” She held out her hand, finishing putting a chair in front of a desk, she had about 7 more desks.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” I smiled shaking her hand, trying to be polite.

“Oh well, you do know school starts in two hours right?” She said in confusion not knowing why one of her students was so early.

“I know.. It’s just that I was wondering If I could read in here, and see if I could get a good seat up close Ma'am, Or do you need any help?” I motioned to the seven unstacked chairs.

“Oh yes that would be very nice of you, and you can pick any seat you want.” My teacher grinned happily, for a History class this was really nice.

“Thank you so much! It’s just that I’m bad around lot’s of people.” I smiled embarrassingly, as I helped her unstack the chairs, putting my messenger bag filled with pencils and notebooks in one of the first desks closest to miss Pennington.

“Oh that’s fine, I know how you feel, I was the exact same way in high school, barely made any friends.” She giggled, I was still shocked she could speak without stuttering in front of the class.

“But..? you talk in front of people every day.” I flushed at the stupid question.

“I just got over it.” She shrugged a bright smile on her lips, we finished unstacking the chairs.

“Do you mind if I read quietly?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

“That’s fine Miss Y/L/N, by any chance to you happen to be related to Mister Y/L/N?” She asked, I swallowed the lump in my throat and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind my ear, and nodded.

“You both have very different personality’s.” the teacher nodded, looking towards her desk, the anxiety came back, a number of detention slips John had came home with, or bad grades, or maybe even his vulgar tongue?

“Here’s your textbook for this year, I really hope this year is going to be uneventful?” She gave me a pointed look as if warning me, thinks went from zero to ten real fast, anger boiled in my chest, my brother who I didn’t even particularly like just ruined a nice relationship with a teacher, nice.

I nodded quickly, and sat down in my chair closest to the window in the front row, pulling out another book I got from the library, I usually said “eenie meenie miney mo” and picked a book off the bookshelf as I closed my eyes so I refrained from judging a book by its cover.


“And he was like 'Whaaatt?’ can you believe it?” a guy loudly whispered to his friend three rows behind me, of course, it was just the first class of the year but did they really need to talk so loud?

“Mister Clifford and Mister Hemmings, do you want me to separate you two for the rest of the school year?” She glared at the two boys behind me,

“No..” Another voice muttered, and she went back to teaching.

They were in the back but I could still hear them 'Whispering’, have they ever heard of using their inside voices?

“Mister Clifford! Trade seats with..” Miss Pennington scanned the classroom, and then her eyes trained on me, fuck.

“With Miss Y/L/N.” I turned around 'Mister Clifford’ looked confused on whoever miss Y/L/N was, I stood scared, Clifford had to be a Senior, I was wondering why he was in a freshmen History class.

I dragged my messenger back towards the back keeping my head down until I saw the empty desk still scooched close to his friend’s chair.

I took a seat carefully as Miss Pennington began to continue on the basics, I could barely hear her, great.

I started to scooch the chair away from 'Hemmings.“ Not looking at him, but he grabbed onto my chair and quietly scooted it back towards where it originally was.

I looked up at him in surprise, he had blonde hair and blue eyes, his eyebrows shaped bushily but somehow perfectly, He leaned towards me as I looked away, "Don’t even try, I’m stuck with you the rest of year Nerd, I’m gonna need to copy your homework.” His voice demanding and dark, but yet arousing, I never thought I’d use those words but it was true.

“You can’t do that.” I stuttered out in a whisper using my hand to shield my mouth so Miss Pennington couldn’t see me whispering, suddenly 'Hemmings knew how to use his inside voice as he threatened me, making chills roll down on my spine.

“Watch me.”

{Part 2}

So, yeah, I blame @captn-sara-holmes entirely. Chapter 7 of “The Other Man out of Time” kicked me right in the feels and this was the result. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor, GO FORTH!!

Good warm up for Winterhawk big bang event coming soon I guess right? ^_^

So I wanted to get this idea out in the middle of a ton of overtime this week, so I punked out and pretty much straight up copied a couple of references to make my day go by better. Feel bad about it, so here’s the refs. Regardless, I am happy with the final result. I’ll put it under a cut so it doesn’t make this any longer on people’s dash’s.

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Ed listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.


Note: I can pretty much guarantee that this is not at all what was expected. I had this idea in my head of it being told from Ed’s perspective but the vision in my head was soo much better. Anyway, there IS another part I’m working on, and it will actually be the way I usually write so bear with me?


The first time Ed notices the shift in Harry’s behaviour around Niall is when both lads are at his house for dinner one evening.

The whole of One Direction are here, laughing and having pints while they wait for the ribs on the BBQ. They’re all loud and rambunctious, talking over each other the way they always do in interviews and every now and then Ed sort of regrets inviting them all over at the same time. It’s not that he doesn’t like hanging out with all of them — it’s just that they’re easier to handle in small quantities.

Louis’ the worst. He’s the one who starts everything, the one who encourages everyone else — the one who could talk anyone into anything without even batting an eyelash. Zayn’s not far behind Louis. He’s quiet on the outside, a bit shy and reserved — but Louis unleashes the little terror in him every time. Liam, from what he’s heard anyway, was the only sensible, the “daddy”, the one who sat back with the imaginary first-aid kit and watched while everyone else risked their lives — but Ed’s never seen that side of him because, quite frankly, he’s almost as bad as Louis now that he’s “let loose a bit.”

Harry and Niall are a bit different. They tag along, of course, stir up trouble just like the others but Harry’s a bit too clumsy and awkward to take seriously and Niall, well, he’s a bit too soft-around-the edges to be labelled much of a menace.

The entire day feels like babysitting a bunch of children — it doesn’t help that those children manage to turn the rest of Ed’s older, maturer friends into actual children as well — and Ed sort of regrets it, except he doesn’t.

He doesn’t even know when he notices Harry — or, rather, Harry with Niall — he just sort of…does. And, after that, it’s like he can’t stop noticing.

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eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your top 3 favorite EddEddy moments and why?

Only 3? Well, we’ve got a month.

Okay, so, 3) the school picture day episode. I love how impressed Edd is with cleaned up Eddy, and then offering to take a second picture. Plus the helping out when copies are distributed to the other kids always gives me warm fuzzies.

2) The Kiss… need I say more? I mean, I will anyway, but do I really need to? Sure, it was forced by Kevin (proof that even he saw the connection?) but I am a sucker for every perspective of looking at it (plus the confused happy leg) *bonus: Edd telling Eddy his middle name to make him feel better*

1) (to no ones surprise, probably) Big Picture Show… all of it… they are too cute for words. Highlights of course being right after the quicksand scene and when Eddy’s hurt after dealing with bro. If I have to choose a specific moment:
Eddy: When am I gonna learn, Double Dee?
Edd: I think you just have.


So I started sketching Nico as I generally do when I’m bored (top left) when I realized… man I keep drawing Nico looking so static and boring.

Whenever I envision Nico, though, I picture him as a really expressive guy body language-wise so I just did a few practice sketches for fun. :D

Art by me

Luke grabs my hand, running with me through aisles of cars until we came to a halt out front of the entrance to Disneyland. I gasped excitedly, squeezing his hand as he pulls tickets out of the bag and hands them to the smiling lady behind the counter.I tugged him through the gates, halting quickly as we took our first few steps into the park. The sun was shining, brightening up the features of Main Street. Sugary smells were surrounding us along with magical music that made my heart dance. I felt Luke’s eyes on me, turning to see him watching my enjoyment. When he saw me looking he blushed and turned away. We walked down Main Street, filled with cheery children tugging on their parent’s hand, and lined with colorful, small-town buildings on each side. “Look, the castle!” I tugged on Luke’s arm, making him laugh as a little girl next to us tugged on her parents’ sleeves in the same way.

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Allison- It’s Just Good To Have You Back

Requests-  Is the one where you are Allison’s sister and you die in her place because you pushed her, and took the oni hit instead. So in season 5 the dread doctors revive you, but you don’t have your memories, so Allison makes her mission to help you remember. Lots of fluff and cute ending please /  Can I request an Allison imagine I just really miss her so much

A/N- This is a part 2 to this imagine. I threw some season one stuff in there because I miss the good old days. Enjoy! Next up is a Theo imagine.

You sat on a cold metal table, your legs dangling off the edge as the veterinarian shined a light in your eyes. You were a little skittish because all the dread doctors had done was poke and prod at you, but you soon realized Dr. Deaton wasn’t a freakishly tall man in a mask.
The vet actually seemed pretty friendly, and you were positive you didn’t have to worry with Scott and Allison by your side. After they had dropped you off at the clinic, everyone had left. You knew it was because they were wary of you, and you were sure some of them were even afraid of you.
You didn’t blame them though, and after learning you had been dead for eight months, you were a little scared of yourself. The only two who didn’t seem to mind you were Scott, and as you had just learned, your sister Allison.
It was strange having people you couldn’t remember tell you everything about your life. Allison had grown up right by your side, even though she was two years older than you, and apparently you two had been close. You knew it hurt her that you couldn’t remember, and right now you wanted nothing more than to figure out who you were.
“Well,” Deaton said, turning off his light and tucking it into his pocket. “Y/n is perfectly fine, physically at least. She seems to be a very healthy chimera.”
“Chimera,” you repeated, testing the word out of your tongue.
As Scott and the others had explained, you were a human turned into some kind of supernatural creature by something other than the supernatural. It was confusing and you weren’t exactly sure what to think of it, but the boy with the blue eyes, Liam, had told you you should be glad you were just mixed with a werewolf and not something else.
While you were grateful you weren’t half scorpion, it still didn’t feel good to have no idea who you were. You wanted to get your memories back, and Deaton had told you that there was a way to do it, but it was dangerous.
When you replied that you didn’t care, he recommended that you try something else first, and if that didn’t work you could do it his way. He had sent Allison back to the apartment you had shared with your father, and he promised to let her try her own methods as soon as he had finished his examination.
“We just want to make sure you remain fine,” Deaton said. “After all, coming back from the dead is bound to have its consequences.”
“I’m fine,” you complained. “Can we please just get started?”
Deaton nodding, moving aside so you could hop down. Allison walked over to you and set a box on the now vacant table, beginning to pull objects out of it. There was a photo album, a set of knives, and a teddy bear.
She picked up the teddy bear, holding it out to you. “This is Mr. Bear,” she told you. “When I was five and you were three, Dad gave it to you. But I loved it so much, that you said we could share it, as long as you got to name it.”
“I must not have been very creative when I was three,” you remarked, plucking the bear out of her hands and running your fingers over the soft fabric. You tucked the bear under your arm as Allison moved on to the next object, finding it strangely comforting. You watched as her hands fell on a set of knives, etched with a fleur de lis.
“These were yours,” Allison explained. “I was always good at archery, but you were a natural with knives. You made these the night before…the night before you died.”
“This is the symbol of our family,” she told you as she tapped the fleur de lis. “When we finish learning to be hunters, we usually forge silver bullets, but we wanted to make our own weapons. Dad was so proud of us that night.”
You took a blade from her hands, running your fingers gently along the face of it. It seemed to fit perfectly in your hand, and in no time you were flipping it around with ease.
“Woah,” you said. “How did I learn to do this?”
“You practiced,” Allison told you. “For a really long time too. You were already good at it though. I guess your body hasn’t forgotten, even if your mind has.”
“Does that mean there’s a chance I can remember?” you asked excitedly, turning to Deaton.
The vet pursed his lips, his folded hands resting on the white fabric of his lab coat. “I’m not sure. This isn’t exactly a proven science.”
You frowned, turning back to Allison. “Next thing?”
She gave you a soft smile, reaching forward and picking up the photo album. She opened it up and the first thing you saw was a red-haired woman holding a baby in a hospital bed. She was flashing the camera a tired smile, and curled up against her side was who you assumed was a two year old Allison.
“Who’s that?” you whispered, feeling a pang of sadness you didn’t quite understand.
“Our mom,” Allison told you softly. “She died about a year and a half ago. She wasn’t perfect, but she loved us.”
Allison turned the page, but the image of your mother was burned into your head. You brushed it off, your eyes falling on a picture of you and Allison. You both stood next to a target run through with arrows and knives, arms wrapped around each other as you grinned into the camera. You couldn’t have been more than eight or nine, and Allison no more than ten or eleven.
“I’m guessing we were good?” you asked her.
“We both ranked nationally,” she told you proudly. “You for knife throwing and me for archery.”
“Wow,” you whispered. “We look so young. We look happy.”
“We were,” she told you, flipping to the next page. “This is us when we first moved here. We’re not so happy in this one.”
She flipped to the last page, pulling the picture out of the sleeve and holding it out to you. You took it and brought it closer to your face, examining it.
You were sandwiched in the middle of Allison and another girl, someone with bright strawberry blonde hair. You were making a face as she ruffled your hair, but your eyes were full of light. You could tell that you were happy in this frozen moment, and you figured it had probably been taken before everything had gone to hell.
“That’s Lydia,” Allison told you. “You haven’t met her yet, but you will. She was basically another older sister to you. Stiles took this the start of your freshman year. We were so excited you were finally going to going to high school with us. I’m pretty sure we made more of a big deal out of it than Dad did.”
You smiled, looking down at the photo. That was when you noticed Allison staring at you intently, and you felt a pang of sadness as you realized you hadn’t remembered anything. The most painful part was that you knew the memories were there, right below the surface. You just couldn’t seem to be able to reach them.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered, feeling tears prick your eyes. “I just don’t remember.”
“It’s okay,” Allison told you, placing her hands on your shoulders. “We’ll figure it out.”
“What about the ice bath?” Scott asked Deaton.
“Ice bath?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows at them.
“It might be a way to get your memories back,” Deaton explained. “But it’s dangerous. Your heart rate has to drop considerably, and considering you’ve been dead for eight months, it might not be enough to support your body.”
“But it will get my memories back, right?” you asked.
“There’s no guarantee,” Deaton told you, his voice filled with regret. “I wish there was.”
You took a deep breath, gripping Allison’s hands as they rested on your shoulders. “I want to do it.”
“Y/n,” Allison said. “You don’t have to do this. I’d rather have you alive with no memories than-”
“I need to do this,” you cut her off. “Allison, please. It’s worth the risk.”
“I already died,” you continued when you saw her doubtful expression. “What’s the worse that could happen?”
“Dying again,” she told you, an edge to her voice.
“Please,” you begged quietly. “I need to remember and it’s my choice.”
“She’s right, Allison,” Scott told her. “It’s her choice.”
“Fine,” she finally said. “But if you die again, I’m digging you back up myself.”
Deaton nodding, leading you to one of the back rooms. “I had a feeling you might choose to do this, so it’s already set up. I should warn you Y/n, this is going to be dangerous. Your heart rate is going to be extremely low.”
You stared into the basin full of ice water, swallowing nervously as Allison came up beside you. “You don’t have to do this.”
“Yes I do,” you told her. “But if I don’t come back, tell dad that I love him. Promise?”
You had yet to meet your father, but Allison had suggested you hold off until you got your memories back. She didn’t want him to see you again, only to have you be ripped away once more.
“Promise,” Allison replied.
“And Al?” you asked.
“I love you.”
You walked forward, stepping into the basin as frozen water began to soak through your jeans. You shivered as you lowered yourself into the water, gritting your teeth against the chill.
“Ready?” Allison asked.
“Ready,” you replied, closing your eyes in anticipation.
“Okay,” she said. “One, two, three…”

“Y/n!” Allison called from the kitchen as the doorbell rang. “Will you get that?”
“Yeah!” you yelled, rising from the floor where you had been painting Malia’s toenails and jumping over Kira’s legs in order to get to your front door.
“Ooh, is that the pizza?” Malia asked.
“Malia,” you heard Kira complain. “Don’t move, you’ll ruin the nail polish.
You adjusted your pajama top and opened the front door, only to be slammed into by a flurry of strawberry blonde hair.
"Y/n!” Lydia squealed, squeezing you tighter than you had thought possible for a human being.
“Can’t-breathe,” you choked, before she finally released you.
“I’m just so happy you’re here,” she told you, her green eyes filled with adoration.
“I’ve been here for three weeks,” you reminded her. “I’ve seen you at least ten times already.”
“Well, this makes it eleven,” she told you, ruffling your hair, and walking into the apartment. “Who’s ready for The Notebook?!”
Two sets of cheers erupted from the inside the apartment, followed by a single groan.
“Why do we always have to watch this movie?” Malia complained.
“Because it’s a classic,” Lydia told her, kicking off her heels and flopping onto the couch beside her. “Plus Stiles won’t watch it with me.”
“Maybe because you already made him watch it a hundred times,” you told her as you popped the notebook into the DVD player.
She playfully threw a pillow at you, which you simply ducked to avoid. “You were a lot cuter when you didn’t have any memories.”
“Popcorn!” Allison cried, maneuvering over a nest of blankets, magazines and pillows to get to the couch. She plopped down on the floor next to you, handing the bowl of popcorn to Malia.
“Ah, no!” Kira cried, pulling the bowl from Malia’s hands. “Do not give her the popcorn. She ate it all by herself last time!”
“And most of the pizza,” Lydia remarked.
“Hey, I lived in the woods for eight years!” Malia complained. “I didn’t eat pizza or popcorn for eight years!”
“Are you still trying to use that as an excuse to eat us out of house and home?” Lydia asked smoothly.
You groaned. “Can we please just watch this stupid movie?”
A chorus of “fine"s erupted from above you, and you smiled as you hit play on the movie. Allison grinned at you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as you laid against the bottom of the couch. The previews were just beginning to play when you felt Allison’s eyes on you.
"What?” you whispered.
“Nothing,” she told you with a smile, her brown eyes shining. “It’s just good to have you back, sis.”

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lmao so i jus hit 1.4k nd ily guys sm

so my dudes, under the read more i have written a tiny note to all of my mutuals. its a lot but like also i love you guys so much and like this seems like the least i can do. i also want to start another net soon (one i will actually you know participate in sorry pop punk gays ah) and maybe a promo, although if you scroll through this you’ll find some rad blogs tbh. love you guys !! you guys are probably one of the only thing keeping me alive. there is alot of you so i do hope you find the message ive written for you ah.

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i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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anonymous asked:

How would the twins, Hani, and Tamaki react when they wake up and their S/O is cuddled around them like a koala?

Hikaru would be freaking out cuz you’re so close to him and he can feel the heat radiating off your body. He wouldn’t know what to do at all; if he moves he’ll wake you and hate himself for disturbing your beautiful sleeping face, but maybe he should cuz it’s late and if you guys don’t want to waste any daylight you should get moving.  And as the club’s resident perpetual horny fellow, your close proximity is making a certain something throb.  Basically, he’d be an absolutely adorable, blushing mess.  

Kaoru First things first, he’d wake up thinking “thank god, you didn’t push me off in the middle of the night.”  He’s had to put up with some annoying sleeping habits from a certain twin so waking up to you holding him  tightly is actually super comforting and makes him smile stupidly.  He’d pull out his phone and take a picture for blackmail evidence, though, cuz he’s still a little shit at times.  You’re just so adorable and infatuated with him, even in your sleep.  It honestly makes him ridiculously happy, seeing you so open with your affection at such an intimate time.  

Hani would feel such giddy pleasure at getting to look at your peaceful, sleeping face up close. He loves the proximity, and he’d probably stay there a little longer, just to relish in the warmth of your embrace. Eventually, his hunger for cake would get to him, though, and he’d gently nudge you awake.  “Good morning!  Did you know that you’re super cute when you sleep?” and he’d be super smiley and wouldn’t want to let go of you.  

Tamaki would blush like an idiot at first, not really sure how to react.  Like Hikaru, he doesn’t want to wake you up cuz you look so serene, so he’ll just absentmindedly stroke your hair and continue letting you cling to him until you wake up.  And when you do, he’ll throw you in a loop with how loving he talks about how you sleep and the cute things you do and you’ll be a blushing pile of mush in his arms.    

~Admin Yvette

My JPEG arrived and I am honestly so happy, like I can’t even believe that this is even real. These guys helped me through so many difficult times, like I would go on YouTube and watch videos of J2M pulling pranks on each other while I was in bed in the middle of the night to help with my depression. And now, seeing this picture of my heroes hugging me so hard just makes me so emotional yet stronger.


i had to edit somethings so im reposting :)

1989 secret session NYC
okay so story time.
on tuesday morning at 7:38 am i got a dm from taylor nation saying they wanted to know more info about me and to email them. i started sobbing because i knew what it ment and my mom thought i was dying because i screamed so loud. anyway i was terrfied all day because i had emailed them and they hadn’t called me yet. at 8:05 pm on tuesday a saint, Lauren, called me and said she was from taylor nation. Lauren i am forever grateful to you. anyway they told us the code word and where to meet and when but wouldn’t tell us specifically what it was. wednesday and thursday couldn’t have gone by slower and then friday i took a half day and left for the city 12:45. i got to the city at 1:15 and i went to lunch and met up with traci before i went in. we went in the secret meeting place at 3:00 pm and there were so many people from twitter there it was amazing. i met grace, arielle, bridget, julia, and so may others. okay so we went in and there were 9 groups i was in group 6 along with traci bridget arielle and julia SQUAD SIX. so we were on the second bus to Taylor’s house and i couldn’t even tell you the timeframe this happened in because we didn’t have our phones. okay so we got on the bus and squad 6 prayed and then we were finally there and we were all screaming and we saw karlie kloss walking in. so we all walked in and we waited in the lobby of her apartment and they told us to be quiet then we walked up 7 flights of stairs to her security’s apartment where they did another security check. then we were finally in her apartment. IT IS BREATHTAKING. we were allowed anywhere on her first floor. we immediately went to where she would be sitting and got a seat right in the front row. after we got seats in the front i walked over to one of the bedrooms and i pet Meredith and she was looking out a window and it was very very cute. then i went back and sat down in the front. i was less than a foot away from her chair and i was sitting right next to traci and we never stopped holding hands. finally we heard screams and saw her legs coming down the staircase followed by other great legs and it was no other than taylor and karlie. the twO HOTTEST best friends in the world. i told karlie i loved her jacket and she said thank you and them she hugged taylor and left. so then taylor sat down and i couldn’t not stop crying she was right there. there was no one in front of me it was me then her and omg. anyway she started explaining the album and asked us not to say what it was about the titles lyrics, etc. she played her first 7 songs for us and told the stories behind each of them and it was magical. she kept looking at me and traci the whole entire time and every time she looked at us we would grab each others hands tighter and cry. then intermission came and she brought out cookies and rice krispie treats. they looked so goos but they were all chocolate so i didn’t have any. OH WELL. during the intermission i talked to scott and i pet olivia and she is literally the softest ball of fur in the entire world and she is so affectionate and shes so cute honestly. OH AND SCOTT TOLD US AUSTIN NAMED HER DIBBLES NOT TAYLOR. so then we sat back down after intermission and listened to the rest of the album and heard the stories behind them and she played us a voice memo. this album. better than ANYTHING she has ever done. EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. i thought nothing could be speak now but this beat it by a mile. i cannot explain this album to you, mentally or legally :). But it is so just about being yourself and being okay and being truly HAPPY. there is one song that hit me like a bullet. this one song, after hearing it only once was my everything. i know you all will love it, i know i did. okay so anyway after we listened to the whole album we got up and had a shake it off dance party. she took off her heels and WAS JUMPING ON HER CHAIR DANCING WITH ALL OF US. then she came out in the middle and was dancing with people and she played with this guys hair during the ‘hella good hair line’ it was incredible to see her so happy. after the shake it off dance party i go to her ‘taylor nothing makes me happier than seeing you so happy’ and you smiled so big and said thank you and then she CALLED BRIDGET BUDDY AND HUGGED HER WHICH WAS AMAZING. so then she went over to take individual pictures and we were free to explore. i played her piano, we talked to andrea for the longest time. we talked to her about club red for the next tour and taylor being discovered and how scott borchetta has 90’s hair and how he wanted a country album and how happy taylor is and how happy we make her and how we are always there for her. there was so much. we played pool on her pool table and held her awards and just talked and mingled. grammys are hella heavy. i also looked at her alcohol. i remember she had fireball and malibu, but thats all i remember. then after maybe 2 hours of exploring we got in line to meet taylor. when we were waiting in like scott came over and talked to me and arielle about taylor and guitar picks and people running on stage and how scary it is for him and he said how amazing taylors ideas are for the next tour. finally i was the next one in line to meet taylor. arielle went before me and her and taylor were precious and taylor fluffed her hair and it was so cute. then i walked over and she smiled so big and i gave her the biggest hug and she goes “look at your abs!” AND I ALMOST FELL ON THE FLOOR i go “taylor look at you!!” and she told me “i was so glad you were sitting in the front! i felt like we had a real connection during it, i felt you. you knew what i was saying and i knew what you were thinking” and I WAS SOBBING BECAUSE ONE OF THE SONGS SHE PLAYED JUST MENT SO MUCH TO ME AND IT MEANS EVERYTHING THAT SHE GOT THAT. and then she goes “then you got up and you look like a supermodel!” i was so beyond dead at that point i cant even tell you. then i told her about traci and how we never let go the whole night and she told me we were so cute. then i told her about dev and how we met!!! she asked if it was awkward when we met and goes “was it like..” AND THEN MAKE THIS REALLY FUNNY AWKWARD DISGUSTED FACE AND I DID THE SAME THING AND THEN I GO “no it wasn’t awkward at all it was cool” AND SHE SAID IT WAS CUTE. then i just kept thanking her and thanking her and thanking her and then she asked what i wanted to do for my picture and i told her “I’m not sure because I want a sassy one yet I want a hug one” “Okay! How about this. I’ll be Johnny Depp and you be Amber Heard! Just like this!” THEN SHE BROUGHT US TO THE MIRROR AND SHOWED ME HOW TO POSE AND TOLD ME TO PUT MY HAND ON MY HIP AND HAVE A SASSY FACE. SO WE DID IT AND I CRIED I WAS SO EXCITED. then my mom came over and taylor told my mom she looks like she is right out of a ralph lauren model. she kept telling my mom and i how pretty we were and we kept telling her how pretty she was. my mom kept telling her thank you for making me so happy and we told her how the best day was our song and she goes “you have to tell my mom that!! she would think it’s so cute!” so finally after we talked a little more we got our picture. after we got our picture i held taylors hands and looked her in the eyes and thanked her then gave her a hug. then we left. we waited in the security apartment and i couldn’t fathom what had just happened. i had just met taylor swift. after 7 years of waiting. after waiting a little more scott swift came in with olivia and we got to hold her and shes so soft i love her. then after everyone was done with their pictures we left.

this night was the absolute best night of my entire life. thank you to taylor nation and taylor for pitting this all together. i have never been more thankful for a person in my entire life. taylor swift, you are an angel. you have made me and continue to make me the happiest person alive. i have learned that happiness is a choice, and i chose you.
taylorswift i love you forever and always.