the middle picture makes me so happy


listen, i know the first one wasn’t originally meant to be vitya. i know.

but….. kubo did repost the picture and mentioned that looking at it now, it does make her think of young vitya….. and now she’s drawn this new gorgeous official art where vitya is wearing the same exact coat and the setting seems pretty damn similar?? however, the feeling of the picture is completely different. the first one has a very melancholic and lonely feel, while the other feels nice and warm even though they’re both set in the middle of winter. just look at vitya’s face! look at that smile! he’s so happy?? and he has every reason to be happy: yuuri is right there next to him holding onto his arm and yurio is with them and vitya isn’t alone anymore and he’s found his passion for skating again!

but what gets to me the most is the fact that the new official art is titled “winter fantasy”! i’d say it sounds like exactly the kind of thing young vitya might be dreaming of in the first picture and boy does that thought make me happy and hurt me all at once

Being an LDR little...

- saying good night to daddy while i have to stay awake for hours makes my heartache for attention
- sometimes i cant talk little cuz i worry you wont understand me over texts
- i reread our conversations over and over and over while your asleep
- i pretend im cuddling with you instead of my stuffies
- getting pictures of everyday things like sunsets and daddy’s dinner that make me stupidly happy cuz he was thinking of me (lets not even mention cute pics of daddy himself 😍)
- waking up in the middle of the night and not worrying about waking you up to talk cuz youre already awake
- i love daddy so much and it sometimes makes the distance seem smaller but sometimes it feels like it couldn’t get any farther
- being so far away from someone who knows you so well and cares about you so much is extremely difficult but so amazing because love really conquers distance

Add anything i missed fellow ldr littles

Monsta X Reaction to you having children from a previous relationship-

(for anon)


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After you told Hyunwoo the truth about the children you had with your ex husband, he only smiled and threw his arm around you to pull you close to him. “You sound so scared to tell me. I love kids! I can’t wait to meet them baby.”


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Once you told Hoseok about your children from your ex, he listened intently and smiled widely. “You have babies? When may I meet them? I’m so excited!”


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You showed Minhyuk the pictures of your children that he’d yet to meet. He smiled widely and listened as you told him about them. “They sound so wonderful and they’re beautiful! I cannot wait to meet them!”


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Kihyun was very nervous meeting your child for the first time. You held your one year old son up and introduced him to Kihyun. The response he had was to reach his arms out for Kihyun. He smiled and blushed while holding your son close.  “He’s so much cuter in person!”


Originally posted by vkookgotmeshook

While showing videos of your kids to Hyungwon, he couldn’t stop smiling and asking questions. “They are so precious! When can we all hang out?”


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After telling Jooheon about your kids from a previous relationship, he smiled and nodded along at your reasoning for why they haven’t met each other yet. “They’re your children baby. I would love to be apart of their lives but that’s absolutely up to you. I respect any decision you make.”


Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

In the middle of telling Changkyun about your children and showing him pictures, you noticed him begin to get emotional and slightly teary eyed. “Baby? What’s wrong?” “I’m just…really glad you’re allowing me to know more about your babies. I’m so happy.”

Of Flora, Fauna, and Fondness

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary: AU in which you work at a botanical garden and when I go, I get stung by a bee and have an allergic reaction and you accompany me to the hospital

Read on {AO3}

How the hell did I draw the short straw on this one? Dean questions as he bats the length of a giant leaf away from his face. It’s probably the tenth one he’s run into in this exhibit alone , the Mediterranean section of the botanical gardens. It was the 75th anniversary of the gardens, and somehow, Dean was the reporter that got stuck with writing the article for the paper.

Adding to the fact that Dean doesn’t know a single damn thing about plants, the gardens are currently packed to capacity with over eager tourists and their giant cameras taking photos of every freakin’ flower in the building. He has to push his way around exhausted parents with screaming kids to make it to the front desk to pick up some information for his article. The building is hot, humid, and smelly; he’s about to sweat through his jacket.

Notepad and pen in hand, Dean decides that it’s time for a break. He searches the maze of green for a bench, a chair - anything. He finally spots one across from a section of multicolored flowers when he feels a sharp sting in his arm.


He knows he shouldn’t have taken his jacket off, but it was just so damn hot in the building. He quickly glances at the area and he knows he’s been stung.

By a bee.

Which he is very allergic to.

It’s only a matter of seconds before he feels his chest tightening. He struggles to breathe and is overcome by dizziness. He makes a few staggering steps to the bench and falls into it, gripping his affected arm. He barely manages to shout a weak help due to his swollen tongue, and he knows this reaction is worse than the last time he was stung.

Dean feels a man sit down next to him, the words fading in and out.

“I’ve called…. 911…. help…coming…”

And then everything goes black.


Dean awakes later to a blindingly white hospital room. His throat feels like he’s swallowed a desert, and his arm still hurts like hell. He’s about to push the call button on his bed - if he can even find the damn thing - when a voice interrupts him.

“You’re awake.”

Dean jumps from the sudden sound. “Jesus man, no need to scare a guy like that. Almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Well,” the man counters, “if you did have one, at least you’re already in a hospital.”

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Modern Headcanon where Naruto is just alright with cats but he loves to go to a cat cafe with Sasuke as he could see how his bf interact with them. Sasuke just becomes such a softie and has on that expression that makes Naruto melt inside. All the cats normally gravitate towards Sasuke and the sight of that makes Naruto so fucking happy and #blessed.

Sasuke: Why are you always staring at me when we are here?
Naruto: I’m not. I’m looking at the cats. They are all around you! Let me take a picture of them!
*takes a photo of Sasuke instead in the middle surrounded by so many kitties*

Everyone keeps asking me about my SS story and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post about it but tbh it’s taking me this long to wrap my mind around the idea that it actually happened to me!!! (Also I’m sorry this ended up being so long??? I really didn’t think I would have this much to say lol) 

So it all started on Oct 19th at around 9:30 am I was scrolling through my feed before I left for work and all of a sudden I heard the IM alert go off and saw the notification from Taylor Nation. It took me three times to read through it and realize it was REAL and not just one of those fake accounts. My dad was sitting in front of me and all of sudden I shot up from my seat and started freaking out, he seriously had no idea what was going and jokingly said “What did Taylor like something of yours again?!” And I was like “No no no this is her people contacting me asking me for my phone number!!” I was basically in shock the rest of the day and literally couldn’t keep my hands off my phone. Finally around 2pm I saw a NY number calling me and immediately answered it and heard Natalie from TN’s voice. We talked for a good 3-5 minutes and she said Taylor wanted to invite me to a special event on Sunday the 22nd (3 days away!!) and asked if I was willing to make the drive down to LA (its like 5 hours away from where I live), I immediately said yes and knew there was no way in hell I would miss this opportunity. After getting off the phone with TN I was rushed with tons of different emotions. I was extremely ecstatic, in shock, denial, and tbh I even felt a little guilty (weird right?) that it was happening to me and I couldn’t share the experience with anyone else. 


When I got to where we were all suppose to meet, I checked in with TN and immediately had so much anxiety, thankfully I met @ithinkiamfinallyswift @redlipclassic91 and @cryslovestaylor right off the bat and we all instantly clicked. (seriously love you girls and so glad I got to experience this night with you girls.) 

ANYWHO after we got loaded up into the these buses we were driven up to Taylor’s house, where we were led into her back yard and I kid you not when I say it was the most magical experience. The sun was starting to set behind a few palm trees and we were all out by her pool. There was tons of food spread out on three or four different tables (and the cutest REP cookies and special REP M&Ms). She had the BEST smelling candles with speciality labels with reputation & the SS date printed on each one of them. (Cutest details ever). We all hangout in the backyard for a while, admiring her gorgeous pool, eating food, mingling, Tree was out there talking to fans for a good while as well. 

Eventually it was time for us to head inside. We barley had a chance to even sit down and get settled before Taylor came out from one of the rooms, she immediately said she had friends with her and Jack Antonoff, Danielle and Alana Haim, and Ruby Rose all came out and joined us in her living room..casual right? 

Taylor made her way to the front of the room, saying hi to everyone. She explained what the night was going to entail and how we had all gotten picked. She explained the meaning or inspiration behind each and every song on reputation, when LWYMMD she asked us if we all wanted to get up and dance.. obviously we did. I remember her running over to where our little group was and started dancing with us, she booty bumped with Kimani and danced with her before she spotted me and came over to me and started GRINDED on me??? Me??? THIS ISN’T EVEN AN EXAGGERATION, HER BUTT WAS UP AGAINST MY WAIST AND WE WERE DANCING TOGETHER. It wasn’t until the song stopped until I realized that it had actually happened and one of the girls was like “OMFG KENDRA THAT HAPPENED” dead.  I SWEAR TO GOD THIS HAS TO BE ON FILM SOMEWHERE. We watched her cute little self struggle with technology before we got a sneak peek at the …RFI MV and we all died the two times she showed it to us. THEN, we listened to the rest of reputation, and I wish I could put into words how truly amazing this album is. I loved watching Taylor as she reacted to our reaction to each parts of different songs or lyrics. 

I took away SO much from Sunday night but one big thing was that Taylor is honestly SO happy and SO proud of this album. 

Our group photo came first and Taylor welcomed us into the room, giving the four of us each another hug before bringing us into a huddle. Taylor walked us over to the LWYMMD throne and said: “So we basically have to make this the best group picture in all of history”. She handed me the phone and told me to act sassy and then insisted she didn’t want to be in the middle of the throne and set us up before we all posed.

When it was my turn, she ran up to me saying, “Kendra? Ken- Kenny? Is it okay iif I call you that?!” I was beyond shook at this point and Taylor looked at me and started laughing. “Yeah, that was a bit more stalkery than you thought huh? I stalked you pretty hard for about a year or so. That’s kinda embarrassing huh?” She pulled me in for a hug and the thing about Taylor never pulling away first from a hug is 100% accurate. After we pulled away she looked at me and shook her head. “Wow it’s so nice to finally hug you!” She said before grabbing both of my hands. I told her how this was 11 years in the making and she had the audacity to thank me for sticking by her for 11 years. I told her about jingle ball among other things and how I loved her shoes 🤦🏼‍♀️ There was a million other things I wanted to say in that moment but literally my mind went blank. 

Taylor made me feel so at home and so special Sunday night and it’s definitely something I’ll never forget. I’m so thankful for this opportunity that I never imagined could ever happen to me. I’m also sooo thankful for all the new friends I met and got to experience this with. ❤️

Happy Birthday uniquepizzacollectionblog!

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Posting this possibly early for you @uniquepizzacollectionblog (it’s May 16 in Australia), but we at @everlarkbirthdaygifts wish you a happy birthday :) We present you with a lovely fic by @booksrockmyface that she has written especially for you! Enjoy!

Title: Let the Light Illuminate these Hopeless Places

Rating: M

Author’s note: Happy birthday!! I hope it’s the best day ever and that this meets your wishes. The title comes from a line in the Paramore song Idle Worship.

Katniss was always early to everything. Even dragging her feet she still arrived at the high school gym a couple minutes after seven.

Delly, their class president, was sitting at the entrance with a table full of nametags. “Oh, Katniss!” Her smile was as bright as ever. “I’m so glad you came.”

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Water (Cat Boy!Yoongi)

Plot:#68: “You’re sitting in front of a space heater in the middle of summer…” with cat boy!Yoongi

Word Count: 596

A/N: so I decided to throw in a hint of the Yoonseok + Taegi + Yoonmin friendships bc I think they’re so fucking cute and I thought it was so fitting for this and all I could picture was like this really grumpy cat while I was writing this and it was making me so happy so hopefully it’ll make you happy too, the link for this is cat boy!Yoongi (here)

Yoongi didn’t like water. Call it a cliche but he really wasn’t a fan. He could drink it, he could see it but getting into it was another story. Why he thought it would be a good idea to join you when you went down to the pool is a mystery but he somehow found himself trying to figure out how to put on swimming trunks when he had a tail. He hadn’t actually planned to get into the water with you. His intention was to sit in the shade and listen to music or try to write his own music. But unfortunately having a dog hybrid for a best friend had its pros and cons.

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lil ponyboy & johnny sleepovers

requested by @sunsets-and-socks (:

  • johnny would come home from school with pony almost every friday 
  • they’d play outside. all. afternoon.
  • they played knights the most, so they’d sword fight with sticks & climb trees to survey their kingdoms
  • johnny mostly took charge in their games bc he liked feeling like he had a little brother to protect (,:
  • their sleepovers involved a lot of exploring places that they probably shouldn’t have explored
  • for instance, a house they thought was abandoned…. yeah turns out it wasn’t abandoned
  • mama curtis would always have a big dinner ready for them when they came home ( & chocolate cake )
  • johnny got to take a nice warm bath & borrow warm clothes to sleep in so he’d be extra happy while he was over
  • they’d make the biggest blanket fort ever in the middle of the living room to sleep in
  • ponyboy would sneak a bunch of picture books & a flashlight into the fort so they could look at them when they were supposed to be sleeping
  • they both get goodnight kisses from mama & papa curtis bc (,:
  • the curtis’s dog would sleep in between them & keep them warm
  • johnny always slept the best during their sleepovers 
Reactions: Carrying The Load (Their Reaction To Vernon Having A Child)

These could really be for any of the members, but Vernon is not included.

S. Coups

He would be disappointed, due to the fact that Hansol is at such a young age. He would be more for the traditional mafia rules, in which they generally don’t get married/have kids until their mid-twenties.

“Just make sure you know what you’re doing, cause I sure as hell am not dealing with this for you.”

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He wouldn’t be sure of what to say, because he wants to be supportive but he also slightly agrees with Seungcheol. He would have a small smile as he spoke, but would be screaming on the inside.

“Congratulations! Be careful, it’s definitely a dangerous situation but I’m sure you two can handle it!

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He would be most likely to help when he had the time. That doesn’t mean he would be very excited about it happening.

"You guys are still young… Just try to keep yourself out of prison, you wouldn’t want your child not knowing who you are it’s whole life.”

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His eyes grew wide, most likely in fear, and he turned to you with a smile. He held his mouth open while thinking of something to say.

“Wow, yeah, okay, congratulations?! That’ll definitely be fun for you guys so… you enjoy that. Don’t come to me for help, though.”

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He would most likely be the least happy because he’s so focused on work. He wants everyone else to be as involved as him.

“How do you expect to run half of our deals and get private information while you have a crying sack of flesh by your side?”

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He wouldn’t have much feeling towards it because it doesn’t directly affect him. The most he would do is give you a slight smile before leaving.

“Congratulations? If that’s what you’re expecting me to say.”

Originally posted by mc-gyu


His reaction would slightly be like Seungcheol’s but he would have more care. He wouldn’t offer much help but at least make sure that you’re doing alright.

“Yes, it is quite common but normally after marriage. Don’t worry, the rest of us will take care of you if anything bad happens.”

Originally posted by mountean


He wouldn’t be sure what to say so he would just stand there and smile. He didn’t have any reason to be disappointed or have a problem with it, he would probably be the most accepting.

“You’ve probably got a lot of shit for this but it is kinda your life so you can pick when you want things to happen. Congrats!”

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He’d seem pretty awkward about it, like he wanted to say it was wrong but couldn’t. Maybe it was because he actually wanted to have hope for you two even if it’d be hard.

“I don’t know, guys, it seems… I just don’t know. Whatever happens, happens, I guess.”

Originally posted by mountean


He had a big smile on his face as you told him. He didn’t care about any of the hardships you could face but he did make sure you knew he would be prepared to help you.

“Oh, really? Can I be the honorary uncle? I’ll make sure you’re all taken care of well!”

Originally posted by dseok


While he was making fun of Vernon and being audacious, it was all sarcasm. He still didn’t think it was the right time, but he was still happy for him.

“When I said get an easy job and settle down, this wasn’t what I meant!”

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When he was told, he wasn’t sure what to say because he didn’t really care. Much like Wonwoo, it didn’t affect him so he wasn’t too keen on getting involved.

“It’ll probably be cute and all, but don’t bother me with it. I don’t need to see your baby pictures while I’m in the middle of a deal.”

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Hello all of my 2 followers!!! I have a big announcement!!! I used to hate my face due to my biig middle eastern nose, my small lips, and my weird chin. But I’m starting to not only accept it, but to love it!!! I wouldn’t have even dared taking a picture like this two years ago, so I’m super happy of the progress I’m making towards self love!!!

Open letter

whoever you are and wherever you live, know that i truly care for you.

i’ve your back, no matter what. we’re living an unusual time in our history where human race has never been this close, but yet we’re still living apart with our small differences. do not think nobody care, because i do. do not let people bring you down. do not believe there’s no hope. and do not think nobody will miss you. i will. maybe you don’t post stuff or you’re just shy, but i’ve noticed some of you for awhile now. you’ve bringing me so much joy this past few months… 2016 was the hardest year of my life. i went throught major… issues.

i cried a lot sometimes. i almost lost my mind and, you know, i used to just log my computer in the middle of the night, and upload some pictures. that makes me happy. i could forget for a few all this misery. i’ve been looking for a safe place for long time and i’m happy here all because of you. i know most simmers don’t like to share personal stuff but it’s good to find comfort when you’re down. and without knowning it, you haven’t let me down. as i said, 2016 was hard : i lost 2 friends (one in january, another one in november). some morning, i opened some drawers and find pictures of them, smiling. pictures of us, younger at school… and, i didn’t thought i could make it.

the next morning i knew my childhood friend passed, i had to go to work. so… i had to walk across our middle school, the park we celebrate our degree, the place we shared secrets, the place we used to draw and paint… the place where she died… all of this the same hour. i couldn’t walk anymore because it was too hard. i just couldn’t walk and know she isn’t here anymore. but then i recieved messages from @mlyssimblr and @jenba. just for a chit chat. and they basically saved my day, saved my life too… so thanks for that. thanks for everything. i would never forget her.

in my mind, she is still the sweetest person i’ve ever met. she always had some kind words, even to the people who used to bully her. she believed in me when nobody did. and she told me multiple times “you can do whatever you want. you’re talentend.” i never thought it was true, until this year. sometimes, you have to experience the darkest time of your life to find strenght. now, i feel like i’m strong for two. i’ll live for us two. i’ll archieve my dreams and hers… because i owe her that. she put brightness in my life and i’ll carry this legacy.

i’m not angry because she killed herself without a word. i’m not mad because she did it at the place we shared so many memories - the place i walk through everyday. i’m not pissed because i couldn’t met her at her work place anymore and make fun of her crazy hairs. i’m not even disappointed she’s not here to call me. i’m deeply sad she went thinking we don’t love her, deeply hurt that she’s gone without trying to explain to someone what was going on. she is still my friend and she’s still the bravest, the most generous person i’ve met in my entire life. for the past few months, she haunted me. i still hear her laugh in my head. i thought it was a curse, but then… i realize it was a blessing. my memory didn’t erase that piece of her.

i would never forget that cassis/mango ice-cream, claire. take care of you, just sleeping below the flowers blanket we made for you. i know you liked it. i won’t give up, i promise.

p-s : please, don’t kill yourself.
because when a star dies, she create void all around her. it’s called black hole and swallow everything around her into darkness.

Good evening, dear followers! (Happy Thanksgiving and Friday night and enjoy the weekend!) *wipes forehead* Phew! I’ve been trying to write my “Call the Midwife” fanfic every day and now I’m 6,600+ words in. I’ve reached the middle of the story, but I’m missing one side plot line for that (I know how it ends). Anyways, writing so much about healer Katara makes me think about her being the healer of their household, too - how she’d take care of her family if someone becomes ill, how Kya loves to play healer with her…

Which led me to picture this image in my head - worried Katara cradling poor baby Tenzin and measuring his temperature because he has a fever and he’s been crying more than usual since he doesn’t feel well. I like to think that Tenzin was the one who cried the least and if he did, it’d be really quiet and not for long periods of time. Also, he’d respond to his mother’s hushes the best.

They’re sitting on the living room couch. Katara has her pouch there, it’s filled with cold water and she’ll use it to lower his fever after she’s got the measurement. Her stethoscope is hanging around her neck, she used it to listen to Tenzin’s breathing and heartbeat earlier.


(Requested by Anon) Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen Moodboard. 

Okay this is aimed at when they were older but I couldn’t find a picture to go into the middle of them older so I had to make do. I literally have a whole other much more angsty moodboard for them because I seriously just didn’t know how to go with this as we don’t know what they’ll be like as a couple. So I went with happy and cute but like I said I could have made it completely different. So let me know what you think!

As usual GIFs and picture in the middle don’t belong to us!

- Admin Tuch

Want a moodboard for a character, couple or friendship? Send it in!

New Simblr!

Hello people on the internet! I woke up one day and decided to make a tumblr page dedicated to The Sims (4 for the moment). I look forward to meet a lot of new people so don’t be afraid to talk to me, I don’t bite (I think). 

My Simblr will be focusing on a legacy, written like a story with lots of pictures of the game and some drama (I tried this already but decided to remake it because I wasn’t happy with the effort I put into the legacy). I will also try to make some own cc, so look forward to that!

In my game there is only Maxis Match CC (and some mods to make my life easier). If you want to know more just ask me! 

Have a great day! (Or night… Play Sims in the middle of the night is not unusual… Right?)

Nu'est Reacts to celebrating their first year together anniversary with their s/o.


Baekho would take you iceskating, despite his lack of talent in the sport but managing to hold your hand cutely the entire time. The two of you would enjoy the warmer foods that accompany the colder climate, sharing hot chocolate and warm pasteries with a few eskimo kisses snuck in here and there. At the end of the night he would gift you a small handsewn snowman, though a bit ameture in appearance you accept it happily, and notice the small clear box cluched in it’s crafted stick arms. Inside the box is a gold chain bracelet with a small B in the same metal, a small diamond attached to the second bend in the letter.

“Thank you for staying with me this long. You mean so much to me.”


JR would show you around his home town, giving you small gifts through out the day. At the end of the date he would lead you to the roof of your aparment and star gaze, talking about future plans together. Just before you went inside he would press a small clear box into one palm and a single rose in the other, and kiss your forhead. Inside the box is a gold chain bracelet with a small J in the same metal, a small diamond attached just before the hook of the letter.

“I want you to wear it always, and think of me…”


Ren would take you shopping to all the cute and fancy stores he could find, buying matching articles of clothing or jewelry. By the end of the date he would invite you to stay the night for the first time. As you sit down on his bed, Ren would walk in with a small red velvet cupcake decorated with a small red heart in one hand and a small clear box in the other. Inside the box is a gold chain bracelet with a small R in the same metal, a small diamond attached to the small leg of the letter.(Not NSFW)

“Happy anniversary jagiya. I love you.”


Minhyun would take you to an amusement park, happily riding any ride you chose. Throughout the day workers would hand you balloons, each one a silvery white color, and by the end of the day you had at least eleven. Just before you left the park Minhyun would turn to you with a soft song on his lips and one last balloon, a small clear box attached to the string. Leaning in, he would press his lips to yours for the first time and smile. Inside the box is a gold chain bracelet with a small M in the same metal, a small diamond attached to the last leg of the letter.

“I’m so happy that you share your love with me. You make me so happy.”


Aron would take you around town, taking photogenic pictures of you and him. His fingers would intertwine with yours as you walked and he would swing your hands proudly. Small dances and snippets of songs would accompany your walking and eventually you’d film him in the middle of one, only to have him get shy and stop half way through. At the end of the day, he would hand you his phone with a picture of a clear box resting in his palm displayed on the screen. Confused, you would ask him what this meant and he would tell you to close your eyes. Taking the phone back he’d replace it with the clear box he would tell you to open your eyes. Inside the box is a gold chain bracelet with a small A in the same metal, a small diamond attached to the last leg of the letter.

“I can’t imagine life without you. Thank you for everything jagiya.”

♡ This all from or inspired by Shalala Ring ♡

- Admin M


bUtTtT,, HAPPY 15tH BIRTHDAY ALEX !!!!!! i️ love you soososoo much it’s actually insaNE AHAHHA anyways,, im incrediBLY thankful for our friendship :’) our facetimes aLWAYS make my daY !!!! and wowoowow throwback to when we stayed up until like 4am “”””listening””” to lwymmd ++ when u left me in the middle of your kitchen to go find paul ++ rAW TOAST DKAJKSJS ++ “what’s the album called again?? reincarnation???” ++ the mANy pee breaks that we took ++ there’s a tOn more but it would take me 82382837 days to type out all of that jaZZy jazz whOOPS,. anYWAYSSS ,, thankyou so much for being an amazing human being who is literally sosoosoo sweet IM YODELINg and for being one of my best friends !!! :’) i love you a lot and i️ hope that you have the best day possible 💓💗💘💖 @taylorselenaswift


Ed listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.


Note: I can pretty much guarantee that this is not at all what was expected. I had this idea in my head of it being told from Ed’s perspective but the vision in my head was soo much better. Anyway, there IS another part I’m working on, and it will actually be the way I usually write so bear with me?


The first time Ed notices the shift in Harry’s behaviour around Niall is when both lads are at his house for dinner one evening.

The whole of One Direction are here, laughing and having pints while they wait for the ribs on the BBQ. They’re all loud and rambunctious, talking over each other the way they always do in interviews and every now and then Ed sort of regrets inviting them all over at the same time. It’s not that he doesn’t like hanging out with all of them — it’s just that they’re easier to handle in small quantities.

Louis’ the worst. He’s the one who starts everything, the one who encourages everyone else — the one who could talk anyone into anything without even batting an eyelash. Zayn’s not far behind Louis. He’s quiet on the outside, a bit shy and reserved — but Louis unleashes the little terror in him every time. Liam, from what he’s heard anyway, was the only sensible, the “daddy”, the one who sat back with the imaginary first-aid kit and watched while everyone else risked their lives — but Ed’s never seen that side of him because, quite frankly, he’s almost as bad as Louis now that he’s “let loose a bit.”

Harry and Niall are a bit different. They tag along, of course, stir up trouble just like the others but Harry’s a bit too clumsy and awkward to take seriously and Niall, well, he’s a bit too soft-around-the edges to be labelled much of a menace.

The entire day feels like babysitting a bunch of children — it doesn’t help that those children manage to turn the rest of Ed’s older, maturer friends into actual children as well — and Ed sort of regrets it, except he doesn’t.

He doesn’t even know when he notices Harry — or, rather, Harry with Niall — he just sort of…does. And, after that, it’s like he can’t stop noticing.

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So, yeah, I blame @captn-sara-holmes entirely. Chapter 7 of “The Other Man out of Time” kicked me right in the feels and this was the result. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor, GO FORTH!!

Good warm up for Winterhawk big bang event coming soon I guess right? ^_^

So I wanted to get this idea out in the middle of a ton of overtime this week, so I punked out and pretty much straight up copied a couple of references to make my day go by better. Feel bad about it, so here’s the refs. Regardless, I am happy with the final result. I’ll put it under a cut so it doesn’t make this any longer on people’s dash’s.

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So I started sketching Nico as I generally do when I’m bored (top left) when I realized… man I keep drawing Nico looking so static and boring.

Whenever I envision Nico, though, I picture him as a really expressive guy body language-wise so I just did a few practice sketches for fun. :D

Art by me