the middle picture makes me so happy


(Requested by Anon) Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen Moodboard. 

Okay this is aimed at when they were older but I couldn’t find a picture to go into the middle of them older so I had to make do. I literally have a whole other much more angsty moodboard for them because I seriously just didn’t know how to go with this as we don’t know what they’ll be like as a couple. So I went with happy and cute but like I said I could have made it completely different. So let me know what you think!

As usual GIFs and picture in the middle don’t belong to us!

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So the Asian tour has finally started, 🎉 & a week and a half before the Manila PH 727 concert! 🇵🇭 I'm roughly around 6 months new here in the fandom, so if anyone here's going to be in the VIP 1 area come and say Hi 👋 I'll be there there with my best friend. 🙃 Also got an M&G, and my braincells cannot fathom that I am finally meeting 5H 🎈srsly, Lauren is going to be the death of me. 🙈🙊I cannot be mesmerized, and freeze in front of her, chill should be my middle name on that day. 😅😂

Ya lucky bish I wish I could come with you 😭 y’all better calm yo tiddies and enjoy the experience, take a lot of pictures and videos and share them with us ❤ so so happy for you bro next time I’ll make sure to come with youuuu

So I just have to share this picture, because it makes me so friggin happy. Like… Look at the little face! Little fearsome hawk face! Hahahahahaha

I’ve been painting masks for the middle school show, and one is a hawk. I don’t just… Google bird faces for fun. Though I might start.

So I just realized that this picture:

was taken sometime during the filming of 2x15…

and now all I’m picturing is Henry the monkey staring accusingly from behind the camera as the invasion occurs and then Iain popping out from behind the stuffed animal whenever someone in the scene happens to look at the random monkey on set and making everyone burst into laughter in the middle of a very intense scene. Idk why but this makes me very happy.

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Happy awkward theater story?: Me (actress) and a guy (sound tech) were going through a flirtation/get to know you phase in the middle of a show. Cast and crew find out, make a secret chat about how adorable we are, post pictures of us hanging out in the theater, and try to leave us in the same room together as often as possible. We end up getting together halfway through the show and have now been two theatre geeks in love for over a year. Gotta love the theatre family.

Aw, that’s so nice of them. Good work team. 

there is literally never a time when I don’t want to be told “this reminded me of you.” that honestly makes me so happy. it could be a picture of a potato in the middle of a field and I’d be like “wow, so true, thank you.”

My JPEG arrived and I am honestly so happy, like I can’t even believe that this is even real. These guys helped me through so many difficult times, like I would go on YouTube and watch videos of J2M pulling pranks on each other while I was in bed in the middle of the night to help with my depression. And now, seeing this picture of my heroes hugging me so hard just makes me so emotional yet stronger.