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Becoming Real: Which House?

In this installment of Becoming Real, Diana is about 4.5-5 months into her pregnancy, in her last semester of medical school. Diana is thinking about all of the cute things Michael has done so far and recounting them to Emma and Alicia, who’ve just gotten back from their honeymoon after eloping. @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer @mxolh @ultrarebelheart @remember-me-forever-silent-angel @tinyplanet-explorers @burnbrightdoll


“Okay, so what made you two decide to elope? Diana asked. It was in the middle of the day. She had two hours between the end of class and the start of her clerkship, the last one she’d do in medical school, and Emma and Alicia had recently returned from their honeymoon.

Alicia grabbed Emma’s hand entwining their fingers as she rested her head on her wife’s shoulder. “We were doing all this planning and things kept going wrong, so it was frustrating, and then a couple weeks ago we just looked at each other and asked why we were doing this.” Emma laughed, turning to Alicia and placing a kiss on her nose.

“We just figured, all we want to do is get married. We don’t need a party for that,” Alicia said. “So we packed our bags, booked the next cruise and got married on board.”

“And how was the honeymoon?” Diana wondered. 

“We barely left the room, honestly,” Emma laughed. “And you’re not mad?”

Diana shook her head and the baby kicked. She rested her hand on her stomach. “Why would I be mad?”

“Well, because you would’ve been my matron of honor.”

Diana reached over and placed her hand over Emma’s. “That’s all I need to know. Plus, you saved me a whole lot of money. Weddings are expensive. Plus, if it weren’t for my aunt Garcia, we would’ve done this same thing.” 

Emma heaved a sigh of relief and then placed her hand on Diana’s stomach. “How’s the baby? Did you find out the sex?”

“Nah,” she shrugged. “We don’t care. Like genuinely don’t care. I just want them healthy and so far they are good. Michael had been the absolute cutest though.”

Alicia perked up, having practically fallen asleep on Emma’s shoulder. “Yea? Like what?”

“Well, a couple weeks ago, I felt the baby kick for the first time. Michael was home, so I went running outside to tell him.” She laughed, remembering what happened next. “I grabbed his hand, told him what was happening and once his hand was on my stomach, the baby kicked again. He pulled it away, and was like ‘I never want to wash this hand again.’” 

“Awww,” Emma and Alicia said simultaneously. “He’s too cute. Anything else? I want all the cuteness.”

Diana looked down at her stomach again, getting a little more comfortable with her growing bump. “Well, once I started to really show, I could not have felt less sexy, like at all. I was humongous, still am, and I felt awful, but one night, he said out of nowhere that he still found me beautiful. It was completely out of nowhere. When I asked him why, he said, ‘cuz I’m in there.’ Must be a man thing, but I found it cute.” 

“That is so a man thing,” Alicia laughed, “But that is cute.”

“Oh! Oh!” Diana exclaimed. “Just before he left, I really wanted to take a bath, so he fixed it for me. It was warm, not hot, because he said I would be cooking the baby. My husband’s such a loser. But he’s my loser.”

Emma snorted, the water she drank nearly coming out of her nose. “Oh my god, he’s such a dork. He’s coming back from a case soon right?”

“Yea,” she said, looking at her watch. It was about time to go to her clerkship. “He’s coming home and we are gonna do some nursery decorating. I gotta go though. Being a super mommy is hard.”

“But you’re great at it,” Alicia said. “We are gonna go home and…”

“Oh, I know!” Diana laughed.


Diana thought it would be a day at most, but then they got called away on another case. Thankfully it was short and the team was home in a matter of a couple days. Emily was the only one still working and she’d be retiring soon. Her dads, JJ and Garcia had all retired. Grandpas and Grandma especially couldn’t wait for all the baby time they’d be getting.

“So we are definite on the design for the nursery right?” Michael asked. Considering it genuinely didn’t matter to them what the sex of the baby was, they decided to just go with something that was close to both of their hearts. Harry Potter. 

Diana nodded excitedly and looked excitedly at the door. Michael hadn’t let her in the room in days. Apparently, there was a surprise. “Good, because I had Emma come in and do something for above the crib.” As he opened the door, Diana immediately started to cry. The hormones were wild. Above where the crib would be was delicate script that read, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” On the side of the quote was a beautifully painted picture of a white owl. “It’s Hedwig!” Diana was so happy. She’d always loved Hedwig. 

“I’m gonna put the crib together,” he smiled, kissing her cheek as she stared at the quote. “Then we can put the blanket in.” Of course, it had to be a picture of the Marauder’s Map.

Diana started on her project, a little board that said Free Dobby with clothespins to hand random socks from. The room was basically white, with brown and green accents. “I figured on that wall we can have Emma paint the baby’s name in the Harry Potter font,” Michael said excitedly, his eyes widening as a realization dawned on him. “And maybe she can paint the patronus of the doe, because it’s Snape’s and it means Always, and that fits because we’re going to love this baby forever and ever.”

He was so excited Diana started to cry all over again. “I love that idea,” she breathed. “And when the baby gets a little bigger, maybe we can make a mobile out of the flying keys!”

All of a sudden, the baby started kicking incessantly. “I think the baby likes all of these ideas,” she laughed. “So you think the baby is gonna be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor?” 

After a few moments, they both said at the same time. “Hufflepuff.”

KIEFER SUTHERLAND (David): You’re 19-years-old, there’s a thousand extras, the lights are on… right away, in that environment, you start to feel like a bit of a rock star. I was also starting to feel very comfortable on the dirt bikes that we had, and on the first night of shooting, I saw a cute girl in the crowd and thought I’d show off a bit. I popped a wheelie and hit one of the trolley car tracks. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the air; the bike was nowhere near me. I put my hands out and broke my left wrist very badly. I went to see a doctor, who confirmed that it was indeed broken, and they found a surfboard maker to make a cast for me out of polyurethane, which was less than an eighth of an inch thick. I was so embarrassed and thought I was in so much trouble. Of course, Joel found a way around it and that’s why I’m wearing black gloves throughout the film, and also why the clutch and accelerator are both on the right side of my bike.

SVT Reaction to You Drawing on Their Hand Because You Were Bored

A/N: I used to do this to my friends at school all the time and even got in trouble for doing this on one of my last days of school bc we were in the middle of exams not that anyone cares but aNYWAYS i hope you like it (-:


Jisoo, Jihoon, Minghao, Hansol, Chan: Would enjoy it when you write on them because although the ink is said to be bad for the skin, they’d find the feeling to be quite relaxing. They won’t say anything about it and they’ll probably draw on your hand too if they’re equally as bored

Seungcheol, Soonyoung, Seokmin, Mingyu: They’ll think it’s so cute and funny and will more than likely take pictures of whatever it is you drew on them. They’ll also forget to wash it off so the other members are gonna see and tease you if you drawing is bad lol

Jeonghan, Junhui, Wonwoo, Seungkwan: If your drawings are that bad, they’ll laugh at them and tease you about them nonstop. They’ll question your “artistic abilities and say things like, “(Y/N), what is this supposed to be! It looks like (another member)!” So not only will they make fun of your art, they’ll make fun of another member in the process so don’t feel bad bc you’re not alone lmao

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tbh I don't know which fandoms you're in besides RWBY... how about Kill la Kill?

THANK YOUUU!! i’m actually in the middle of watching it! that’s another anime i need to finish omg

Favourite Female: Ryuko

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Favourite Male: Gamagoori

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3 Other Favourite Characters:
Satsuki, Nonon, Uzu

3 OTPs:
Ryumako is SO CUTE  

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also Satsunon! :D

Notp: don’t have one!

Funniest character: Mako 

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Prettiest character:  Nonon Jakuzure *-*

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Most Annoying Character: Mako’s dad and brother lol

Most badass character: Satsuki!

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Character I’d like as my BFF: Mako!! she’s so cute

Female Character I’d Marry:
Mako or Nonon! 

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Male Character I’d Marry: Uzu

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Character I hate/dislike/least like: 

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OOOOOh I have a question,what about when bts finally hears fanboy!Tae singing for the first time and damn that low voice, but holly shit how them highnotes??!!!

Yoongi’s heard Taehyung rap a million times, or that’s what it feels like. His boyfriend is never shy about turning on his phone and getting turned up to Cypher or even Agust D and it’s so fucking cute all Yoongi can do is grin that famous cute gummy grin and watch with fond eyes as his heart beats a mile a minutes because he’s so fucking in love with this cute fanboy he’s somehow managed to date. 

But of course rapping is one thing and singing is another. 

He’s not actually the first one to hear Taehyung sing. That’s Namjoon. 

Yoongi is in the middle of working on tracks for his next mixtape in his studio when his phone is suddenly going off. He’s ready to bitch out whoever is calling him because everyone knows better than to bother him but before he can even speak Namjoon is practically screaming at him. 


 All Yoongi can remember is that Taehyung had spent the night and his blood runs cold before he’s dashing out and to the dorms without even bothering to turn his computer off. Honestly he’s not sure what he’s expecting to find. For a moment an image of the dorm on fire or Taehyung passed out flashes through his mind and he burst through the front door only to see all the members crowded around the bathroom door with mixed looks of amazement and confusion. 

He raises an eyebrow. “What the fuc-” Before he can even continue his sentence Namjoon is shushing him and pointing to the door. 

And then he hears it. 

Deep as fuck but still soft and soothing (like fucking magic), it kind of sounds like humming at first, until he listens more closely and he can hear his boyfriend’s singing. Yoongi recognizes the song as “I Need U” and it makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside because Taehyung listens to them while he showers and how fucking cute is that?!?! The younger manages to go through the rap parts pretty well too and honestly Yoongi’s not sure if he can love Taehyung any more than he already does but he knows his heart is going to try because wow Taehyung is the fucking cutest. 

“Do you think he’ll hit the high notes?” 

Jimin looks to them and Jungkook shakes his head.

“No way his voice is too deep for them.” 

They all hold their breaths as the song continues on and the moment the notes come excitement pulses through Yoongi. Taehyung fucking slays them letting his voice go high than Yoongi’s ever heard it, even in sex, and everyone stares wide eyed. They’re so amazed and just wow holy shit, they don’t even notice the bathroom door opening until it’s too late and half of them are falling to the floor with the weight of the door being gone. 

Taehyung just stares at them on the floor with a confused face before looking back up to his boyfriend.  Yoongi’s response is a very breathless, 

“I need to get your voice on one of my tracks.” 

Hello, it’s the anon who asked about submitting a picture :3 How do you think the RFA members would react to seeing MC in this? (Also yea this is a sketch of MC in a maid cat costume that I happened to do in class one day oops :p)


Author’s note: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT PERFECT!! & btw omg this lil sketch is so cute


  • He had been playing his game alllllll day
  • And you had tried EVERYTHING to get him to pay attention to you
  • But apparently there was some super important tournament going on today???
  • So, desperate times calls for desperate measures
  • “Yoosunggggggg!”
  • “MC, I love you, but I’m super-duper busy right now!!”
  • “Just turn around, please.”
  • Yoosung sighed and turned around
  • “Okay, but I only-“
  • You smiled when he stopped mid-sentence
  • “Do you like it?”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “I-I…”
  • He quickly spun around in his chair and pressed a button
  • “Uhh, hey guys? I’m gonna have to sit this round out. Bye!”
  • He spun back around and rested his chin on his hand
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • You bent down and kissed his lips
  • “Thanks, but you never answered my question.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “…Do you like it?”
  • “No. I LOVE IT!!!”
  • He stood up and hugged you, spinning you around
  • “Y-Yoosung I’m getting d-dizzy!”
  • He stopped and put you down
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help it…”
  • You laughed, “That’s okay, I’m glad you like it so much!”
  • He smiled before removing your cat ears and putting them on his head
  • “Do they look cute on me, too?”
  • “Adorable.”


  • You lost a bet to Seven on who could drink the most PhD. Pepper
  • And of course he used your boyfriend’s allergy against you
  • So when Zen walked into the house and turned on the lights
  • There you were, in the middle of the room
  • In a maid cat costume
  • “Nyaaaaa!”
  • “MC?”
  • “Y-Yes, master?”
  • And with that Zen’s face turned BRIGHT RED
  • “U-Uhhh, take off the maid costume.”
  • You looked at the ground
  • “Okay…”
  • And leave it off.”
  • You looked back up at him and smiled
  • “As you wish-“
  • You turned around and walked away
  • “-Master.”
  • Before you could move another step, you heard Zen call out
  • “Oh, and MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “…Leave the cat ears on.”
  • “I thought you hated cats?”
  • “I do… but you might get to change that.”
  • You swore you could hear his smirk


  • Jaehee called you and said she was going to be home late
  • So you took this an opportunity to surprise her, and slipped on something you were saving for a rainy day
  • And two hours later, your prey Jaehee arrived
  • “MC, I’m home!”
  • You hopped up and walked over to her
  • “Do you want me to get your bag for you?”
  • She nodded handing you your bag
  • She looked at you and then walked into the kitchen
  • Not even a reaction! I wasn’t expecting that…
  • No more than two seconds later, Jaehee walked back out of the kitchen and gave you a confused look
  • “W-What are you wearing?”
  • You smiled, “Oh, this? I thought you didn’t notice!”
  • “It took me a couple seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing…”
  • “But, you like it?”
  • She walked over and placed her hands on your hips
  • “I like everything you wear. You’re supposed to be a cat maid, right?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • She stood back and smirked
  • “Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making dinner?”
  • You laughed and grabbed her hand
  • “How about you go put on your costume and we can make dinner together!”
  • “Y-you got me one?”
  • You turned and gave her a devilish grin
  • “Of course.”


  • You already know how this gonna end
  • You walked out of your closet and looked at yourself in the mirror
  • “Juuuminnnnnn!!”
  • “What?”
  • “Come here! I think you’ll like what I have on!!”
  • “Fine, I’ll be there in a second.”
  • You bounced up and down with anticipation
  • “MC, you know-“
  • He stopped mid-sentence
  • “So??”
  • His eyes widened as he slowly approached you
  • I know that look…
  • Just as you were about to suggest… doing something else, he spun around and walked out of the room
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Stay there!”
  • “…okay.”
  • He walked back into the room holding Elly
  • “Here, hold Elizabeth.”
  • You took the cat and gave him a confused look
  • “Okay, now smile!”
  • You blinked as the camera flash went off
  • “Stay still and give Elizabeth a kiss!! We can put it on our Christmas card!”
  • “JUMIN.”
  • actually they do end up getting a little frisky later though I mean come on she’s in a cat maid outfit


  • “Okay, you can look now!”
  • Seven removed his hands from his eyes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You smiled at his now bright red face
  • “So… you like it?”
  • Seven dashed out of the room before you could question him
  • He could have at least said I looked cute or something…
  • After five minutes, you started to get a little concerned
  • “Uhh… Seven? I can take-“
  • “TAH-DAH!”
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • Seven gave you a wink
  • But you didn’t notice
  • You were still staring at THE MATCHING MAID CAT COSTUME HE HAD ON
Spring Formal | Drabble

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Request: Can you do destiel where Dean is all awkward and has a bunch of freckles and glasses and is a cutie in general please? - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Sure can! Hope you all like it! I think this is actually the first Destiel on this blog. -  Haley xx 

This was it. The dance that Dean had dreaded since he stepped foot in this high school; The Spring Formal. Normally, Dean would strut into the darkened gym and act like he owns the place but since Dean’s only been at this high school for a few days, he hasn’t been able to pull any of that off.

Now he stands in the corner of the gym, wearing an old shirt and tie of his dad, praying for this stupid dance to be over. Dean pushed up his glasses and watched Sam on the other side of the gym, talking to some girl and he smiled to himself.

Sam was the only reason he was here because Sam had begged their dad for one night off and somehow, he had agreed. Him and Sam had to be back at the house before eleven, but getting a few hours out of the house and being able to breathe was good enough for him.

“Why aren’t you dancing?”

Dean looked beside him and saw Castiel. Dean’s heart skipped a beat as Cas’ blue eyes shown exceptionally bright from the twinkle lights above them. Dean and Cas have a few classes together and ever since Dean’s eyes landed on Cas’, he’s been head over heels.

Yeah, the kid was a little weird, but there was something about Cas that made Dean feel like this school wouldn’t be as bad as the last ones.

“Dunno,” Dean said, shrugging.

Cas looked around the gym before glancing back at Dean. “Dance with me,” Cas said, grabbing onto Dean’s hand and pulling him to the middle of the gym.

“C-Cas, no. I can’t d-dance,” Dean sputtered out, color rising to his cheeks and ears as Cas held him closer.

“Aw c’mon, Dean,” Cas whispered, “it’s one dance. What’s the harm?”

Dean let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding in, “fine.”

Cas wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, “Ya know,” Cas muttered, pulling Dean even closer, so close their chests were touching, “I never knew you had that many freckles.” The blush that Dean thought had went away came back full force. “And you’re cute when you blush.”

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67 with Eponine/Cosette! Pretty pleaaase~

“Stop being so cute.”

Hogwarts AU because, again, I can.

If Eponine was little less proud and competitive, she’d admit that the Hufflepuff common room was way more comfortable than the Slytherin dungeon. It was warmer, for one thing, which, in the middle of winter, could not be overlooked. Situated below the lake, the Slytherin common room fostered a lot of colds and runny noses. Slytherins were known to flood the hospital wing as soon as the temperature dropped in October. 

Another thing the Hufflepuff common room had over the Slytherin’s was Cosette Fauchelevent.

Now, the old “Thou shalt not bring a non-Slytherin into the Dungeon” rule was widely overlooked. Enjolras smugled in countless of his friends almost daily. So did Montparnasse, though his company was more selective, and though he tried to be discreet about it, he really wasn’t fooling anyone.

But why bring Cosette to the Slytherin Dungeon when Eponine could spend a cozy evening drinking hot cocoa wrapped in a warm plaid? The fact that she could also avoid smug looks from Montpanasse and Claquesous also factored in that equation.

Eponine was sitting on a bed opposite Cosette’s, who was currently sticking her tongue to a muggle device. A picture taking device, not unlike those used in the magical world, except the photographs did not move.

“How can muggle know what’s happening on the photo if it doesn’t move?” Eponine asked, as Cosette was fanning the lastest picture for the colours to dry.

“There’s often  a caption under it that explains it all.”

“Don’t muggles get bored? I mean… It’s a little bit weird, no?”

“I like it,” Cosette shrugs. “It’s like a snapshot of someone’s life. One second, and pouf! It’s gone. But the memory of that second remains. You’re a second older, but that’s a second of your life you can carry around with you. It’s a little spark of immortality.”

Eponine chuckled and nudged Cosette’s leg with her shoe.

“Someone’s been hanging out with Jehan,” she teased, though she shouldn’t help herself but smile and look at Cosette.

A bright light flashed before her eyes, and before Eponine understood what had happened, Cosette was fanning yet another small picture.

“Oh no!”

“Oh yes!”

There was one flash, then another. Laughing, Eponine hid her face behind her hands.

“Stop taking pictures.”

“Stop being so cute.”

Truth was, Eponine disliked muggle motionless pictures because she had no control over them. What if she looked bad on it? She couldn’t adjust the angle, the picture was already taken! What if those picuted showed the truth?

Cosette put her device down and looked at the new photographs she had just taken. A bright smile dug little dimples in her cheeks.

“They’re wonderful! Can i keep one? I’ll put it with the others!”

“I-Yeah, sure.”

“Can we take one together?”

“Depends, can I burn it if it looks terrible?” Eponine said wryly.

“Nonsense, you always looks gorgeous.”

Cosette popped on the bed beside Eponine and cast a spell on the device to make it levitate in front of them. Right before the flash, Cosette kissed her cheek, and Eponine could have sworn the outline of her lips had left an invisible, yet burning mark.

She looked at the picture, her heart knocking dangerously in her chest.

“Can I keep it?” Eponine asked, her voice suddenly higher pitched than usual. “I really like it.”

“Of course, of course! I really like it too.”

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I can't stop re-reading your Ransom snippet. More Ransom adventures, pleeeeeeeeease!?!??

“Luffy?! Who’s that?!” Usopp stares, and the little black haired child in Luffy’s arms stares right back with dull crimson eyes. Devil child, devil child!

“Huh? Who’s what?” Luffy parrots, one arm supporting the little boy with demon eyes and the other reaching for a leg of meat. 

“Luffy! Where did you get that child?! We’re in the middle of nowhere!” Nami screams, hands going to her hair in frustration. They’re in the middle of the ocean, on their way to Loguetown; where could Luffy have possibly foun-

“Eh? Ransom’s my cousin!” Luffy proclaims, offering a leg of meat to the boy. As if cementing their relation, the three year old tears effortlessly into the food, looking up at Luffy as if he hung the moon and the stars. “Auntie Kit said to take him to Lougetown ‘cause that’s where Rosi will pick him up.”

“Hi!” The boy suddenly cries, waving one pudgy little hand in Nami’s direction and she feels her heart melt instantly. He’s just so cute!

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Headcanon Danny actually does sing Arin Sleeptime Junction so he can fall asleep and when the others find out they demand a sleepover so he can sing it to them, then drag him into the middle of the cuddle pile as thanks.

Sorry I thought I’d replied to this. Things have been so hectic over the last couple weeks. 

I find this so cute and think at first it would happen whenever Arin was stressed and Dan knew he needed to chill out, so Dan would sing that song to him, mainly to make Arin laugh but he then falls asleep and as time goes on it just becomes a thing. One time Ross sees them and records it, he wasn’t even planning on making fun he just found it cute. Then when he returned to the main part of the office everyone was asking why he’s smiling so he had to show them and that led to a sleepover with Dan singing them all to sleep while cuddling. (They all fought over who got to be cuddled up to Dan)

Another Proposal for a Standard Order of MBTI List Posts
  • ENTJ: Always #1
  • ISFP: we let them be second because they're cute
  • INFJ: fourth so they can flirt with the ENFPs
  • ENTP: fifth so they can flirt with the INFJs
  • ESTP: because we want to keep them at least one type away from the other SPs at all times
  • INTJ: 7th because they're obsessed with prime numbers
  • ESFP: eight so they can troll the INTJs
  • ISTP: no one will notice me here in the middle
  • ESFJ: ^ Hi! :D
  • ENFJ: ^ Do you need anything? :-D
  • INTP: 12th so they can tell you about the duodecimal system
  • INFP: #13 because it looks the most like a cat face emoji
  • ISTJ: They're all obsessed with history and something cool happened on the 14th of some month. We forgot what.
  • ESTJ: Try to keep the ESTJs as far away from the ENTJs as possible.
  • ISFJ: no it's ok guys I can be last :)
Happiness - Sehun

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Request:  Can I request parent scenario ( taking care their kids or anything…) with sehun please!!! Thankssss

Genre: Fluff

Member: Sehun

Note: d/n = Daughter’s Name


hap-pi-ness, (n.)

a mental state of well being characterised by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy; good fortune

It was the dead of night when you were abruptly woken by the sound of your baby girl crying from her room. You were about to get out of bed when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and gently push you back down onto the bed.

“Sehun, what are you doing? d/n is crying,” you tried getting back up, but felt yourself being pushed back down.

Keep reading

S: That was precious.  I hope we get to see lots more of Connie.  It sounded like she didn’t live nearby, which is disappointing.

L: Do you have a rating?

S: Um… Well for cuteness a 9 out of 10

L: Only nine?

S: I’m leaving myself room in case something even sweeter comes along.  In terms of, uh, call it lore, we’ll give it a 1 out of 10, but that didn’t detract in this case.  For smoothness of the plot I’d have to give it a 6 because it started out good and ended good but the middle bit seemed kinda… fillery.  So overall this one gets an 8 out of 10 from Strawberry.

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Hi again :P could u do some first date h/cs for the boys? They're all so cute >w<

Hello hello, my dearest! <3 I absolutely can make that happen~! <3

I have this really bad tendency to let my headcanons get away from me, turning them into full on drabbles or oneshots rather than just some basic headcanons… So I’m going to give it a shot just doing the normal “headcanon” format and see what happens :D

…This still turned out hella long omg

Noctis -

- Noctis is a mess.
- He’s never actually been out on a date, much less a date with a girl he’s liked since middle school
- Ends up asking Prompto how one actually dates a girl
- With Prompto’s advice, he takes you through the streets of Insomnia
- You start at a nice dinner. No wine since you guys are still a bit too young, but he makes sure it’s got the fancy bread and the candlelight atmosphere
- Stutters and stumbles over his words a bit during dinner, thankful there is bread to shove in his face
- After dinner, he takes you on a walk through the city streets, and eventually to the park
- He leads you to his favorite fishing spot. It’s too late to fish, but you two sit at the edge of the pond and talk
- Noctis feels much more relaxed now what it’s the two of you.
- You talk for hours, not even noticing the time go by
- The sun starts to rise and you two quickly scramble to head back into city proper
- Noctis accompanies you to your house
- While he’s ready to go inside and explain to your family, you tell him not to worry, that they’re likely sleeping
- He awkwardly stands at your side, waiting for you to head inside.
- You roll your eyes and lean up to gently kiss his cheek, letting him know you had a great time.
- Noctis is too much of a nervous mess to give you a proper kiss… this time. But he’ll learn for next time
- He leaves with a big grin on his face.

Prompto -
- Prompto is ecstatic at the idea of getting to take you out on a date
- He picks very specific dates, like right in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.
- He brings you to an amusement park, letting you know Thursday afternoons are the times when the park sees the least amount of people, which means ride ALL the rides ALL the time!
- You guys literally ride the same roller coaster, like…. easily 50 times.
- Prompto nearly buys every single picture from the end of rides. You have to eventually convince him to limit it to one per ride.
- After riding nearly every ride at least once, he drags you through the park’s game area.
- Spots all the two player games in the arcade area. Uses all his quarters.
- Sees a shooting game with the grand prize of a 3-foot tall fat baby Chocobo.
- He earns a perfect score
- Happily hugs the fat baby chocobo as you guys walk to another game
- Spots a Moogle plush the same size as his fat baby chocobo.
- Plays and wins that game too and gives you the Moogle.
- “Now our children can have play dates!” he jokes
- As the sun sets, he hurriedly pulls you along
- Brings you to the ferris wheel and hurries you into a cart.
- Sits fat baby chocobo and Moogle across from you.
- When your cart reaches the very top and sits there for a bit, that’s when the fireworks show starts.
- Once the finale starts, Prompto reaches to gently take your hand and looks at you.
- “I’ve had the best time of my life with you here,” he says with a goofy little smile
- You can’t help but kiss him, which turns into a little makeout session as the ferris wheel begins its descent
- Prompto walks beside you, one arm holding fat baby chocobo and the other holding your hand
- Walks you home and kisses you at the door before telling you to be ready for another adventure on Saturday at 10:00 AM sharp.

Gladio -
- Gladio’s a bit nervous about his first date with you
- He tries to take Iggy’s advice of taking you to a nice restaurant
- You can tell he’s clearly not digging the vibe
- You keep pretending you can’t figure out what you want every time the waiter comes by
- You finally sigh and drop your menu. “There’s nothing good here.”
- He laughs, agreeing.
- “You know, I heard there’s this amazing ramen cart around the corner…”
- Gladio immediately grabs your hand and drags you out of the restaurant.
- You two sit together on a bench, happily slurping away at the best noodles in town
- “This is way better than some ol’ snooty restaurant,” you say
- He laughs, agreeing again
- Once you finish your cup noodles, you two start down the street
- He’s way too nervous to try to hold your hand, but he playfully offers you his arm and you happily accept, taking his arm with both hands.
- You two walk for a while until coming up in the movie theatre.
- “Movie sounds fun” you both agree
- New fighting movie that Gladio has been dying to see is out, but so is one of the year’s most popular chick flicks.
- “You choose, hun,” he encourages (though he’s dying inside)
- You pick the fighting movie
- He nearly drops down on one knee in front of you
- You two go inside and get settled in.
- You spend most of the movie criticizing the fight scenes together, Gladio happily impressed that you know your stuff
- Your criticism somehow starts to move into suggestive innuendos that move into straight up flirting.
- No longer interested in the movie, you lean over to whisper in his ear, “You know… we could probably makeout the entire rest of this movie and still know what’s happening when we get to the end.”
- You don’t have to tell him twice.
- Gladio’s a great kisser. Surprisingly soft lips. Powerful jaw. And oh god, that tongue.
- You two walk out of the movie glowing.
- You hold onto his arm as he walks you back across town to your home.
- Gladio starts to lean in for a simple kiss, trying to be somewhat of a gentleman, but you’ll have none of that
- You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in deeper.
- You end up pressed against the wall next to your door, wrists pinned against the wall next to your head, a knee pressed between your legs
- “Maybe if you impress me next time, I’ll invite you in,” you tease suggestively
- “Plan on it, sweetheart,” he says, voice low and rough.

Ignis -
- Ignis prefers the intimate setting of his apartment
- He has most of the lights dimmed, and even a few scented candles lit in strategic places to provide excellent lighting along with an alluring smell
- He requests that you both dress up nice. He, himself, is dressed in a dress shirt, a pair of slacks, and some matching suspenders, his hair combed perfectly in place.
- When you arrive, he hangs up your jacket and motions for you to take a seat at the counter across from where he’s working
- He’s been prepping this dinner all day and now all that’s left is just to get it put in the oven.
- While you wait for it to cook, he leans against the counter and starts asking about you
- Asking about your day, your week, your hobbies, your passions, favorite color, favorite place in Insomnia, etc. He doesn’t offer anything in return unless asked since he wants to make sure he is focusing on you and committing your answers to memory to be used at a later date.
- His eyes are constantly on you, watching you. He only ever glances away to check the timer on the oven before his full attention is back on you.
- When the food is ready, he pulls it out of the oven and serves it on two plates
- He pulls out a bottle of wine he’d been saving for basically forever
- You two enjoy a nice romantic dinner at his dining room table. Table has candles and place mats and everything
- He continues to ask you about yourself while the two of you enjoy dinner.
- Once dinner is complete, he urges you to go to the living room and pick from one of the movies he left on the coffee table while he does dishes
- You insist on helping with dishes instead, which he can’t argue with
- You two work together on the dishes and, at one point, he reaches up to gently tap your nose with a soapy hand.
- You let out a fake-offended gasp and reach out to smear some soap on his cheek
- Soap wars
- Soap war soon turns into your lower back being pressed against the counter while his hands rest on either side of the counter to trap you between him and the counter
- You use this opportunity to grab his face with wet, soapy hands and pull him down into a heated kiss
- Heated kiss eventually leads to you sitting on the counter with your legs wrapped around his waist.
- You don’t take it any further than this before he chuckles and wipes some soap off your cheek with his thumb
- Your clothes are wet and cold now from the soap wars
- Ignis lets you borrow a t-shirt and pants to wear and changes in his bedroom while you change in the bathroom
- Wearing now comfy clothing, you two head into the living room to cuddle on the couch and watch every movie that Ignis set out on the coffee table until you fall asleep.
- You leave the next morning with promises that you’ll cook for him next time.
- He definitely looks forward to it.

Corabelle Week Day 3: Family

SO i’m a little late with this but i wanted to do something for this day haha

the edges of the pic are burned b/c Cora accidentally burned them

oh, and Law’s in the middle of most of my Corabelle family pics b/c he’s like 15 and cute family stuff like this embarrasses him so they have to put him in the middle or else he’ll sneak away like the moody teen he is. also that’s a tank top that is wearing, but its hard to see

just look at this precious family

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So I totally had a dream about rewind and chromedome teaching me how to kiss 😘

SQUEEEE!!!  That’s so cute!  ^___^  Sweet, helpful robo husbands!

“So this is how you would kiss your conjux after a long day at work.”  *smorch*  “This is how you’d kiss them goodbye”  *more smorches*  “This is how you would kiss looking out over the acid wastes at sunset-”

“Guys!  You’ve literally been at this for hours!  I think I get the concept.”

“But we haven’t even gotten to the ones with tongue yet!”

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Age: 18

Biggest fear: hights and small spaces :/ 

Current time: 17:49

Drink you last had: coffee:D

Everyday starts with: checking my phone 

Favourite genre: pop/indie rock

Ghosts, are they real: nope, i don’t think so…

Home country: slovenia

In love with: matthew daddario (always!)

Jealous of: cute bookstagramers 

Killed someone: buahahahh. no. 

Last time you cried: while reading aristotle and dante discover the secret of the universe…yep ik.

Middle name:  don’t have one.

Number of siblings: 1

One wish: to look cute when i meet matt

Person you last called/texted: actually my crush haha

Questions you’re always asked: where are you going to collage..gosh i hate that question.

Reasons to smile: matthew daddario. that’s enough.

Song last listened to: Asleep by The Smiths

Time you woke up: 10:15 (?)

Vacation destination: Ireland or Palm Springs or Australia :) 

Worst habit: I talk about my gay ships non-stop. Like NON-STOP. but i don’t think that’s a bad habbit. IT’S FREAKING GREAT! 

X-rays: nope

Your favourite food: waffles (with strawberries and chocolate) all the way! 

Zodiac sign: aquarious

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6, 60 + whatever number you've been wanting to do with taffy. Gotta be honest i wanna see how you write this lol :)

I’m curious to see how i’m gonna write this too tbh but tbh this is prolly gonna be fucking funny tbh

okay this was fun to write and tbh Jeff’s drunk texts are based on my own Drunk texting shenanigans which are always fun

6 I lost the baby
60 You’d be a great dad
and for my own choice i have chosen
134 was I really that drunk

Clay was woken up in the middle of the night by a string of unreadable drunk texts from Jeff. However there was one readable one.

Sunshine Jock: I LOFT THE BABY

Cute Nerd: What?????

The Mustang: Jeff darling You’re a gay man. 
The Mustang: You can’t get pregnant.

Sunshine Jock: BUT I
Sunshine Jock: I SWEF IT HAPN I
Sunshine Jock: TUMBIG THEN NOT
Sunshine Jock: SO MUFT BAB THEN NO

The Mustang: Jeff go to sleep your drunk

Cute Nerd: Drink water first though

Sunshine Jock: OKA I SLEP NOW
Sunshine Jock: AHH
Sunshine Jock: IM SO
Sunshine Jock: IM ALEEPIMG NOW

Clay chuckled at the drunk texts Jeff sent and when he was satisfied that Jeff was asleep and not going to send more texts, He too went to sleep.

When Clay woke up at a resonable time in the morning, he found he had some new texts from Jeff and Tony and also surprisingly Alex.

Sunshine Jock: Was I really that drunk?

The Mustang: Oh yes you were

Cute Nerd: The texts kinda prove that you were, Jeff

Sunshine Jock: My head hurts 
Sunshine Jock: I think my body officially hates me

Cute Nerd: Have some painkillers and water

Clay then went on to check the messages from Alex.

Alex: I got a video of drunk Jeff off of Monty its hilarious
Alex: {Attachment 1}

Clay: Omg Thank you

Alex: Youre welcome feel free to tease him about it for ever

The video Alex had sent, showed a very drunk Jeff firstly trying to pole dance, then he started singing Queen at the top of his lungs and finally he ended up running around saying he’s pregnant.

Cute Nerd: {Sent 1 Attachment}
Cute Nerd: I think you were extremely drunk Jeff

Sunshine Jock: Oh god who filmed that


Cute Nerd: Monty

Sunshine Jock: He’s so dead

The Mustang: I think you’d make a great Dad, Jeff

Sunshine Jock: Oh bite me, Tony

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How would bounty hunter Anakin meet Padme?

You know the episode arc where Cad Bane takes control of the Senate building and holds a bunch of senators hostage with a group of bounty hunters? I imagine around then.

Anakin has definitely heard of Padmé by this point. He even thinks she’s kind of cute, and he respects her resolve.

Padmé is an almost eternal state of preparing to kick Anakin’s ass the first few times they meet. Imagine the relationship Leia and Han have at first – yeah, that’d be Padmé and Anakin.

They’d meet a few other times, usually with Obi-Wan acting as the middle man they both like so that they’ll tolerate each other.

Ofc they start to like one another after a while. I imagine Padmé kisses Anakin first midway through a heated argument and Anakin is just like !!!!!!!!!!!!

Shmi adores Padmé when she finally meets her, and Padmé adores Shmi. They get along wonderfully.

Padmé is totally the one that suggests they turn things in an Obianidala direction.

Looking for a super sweet middle grade book about a trans boy? No? Well too bad because I’m gonna tell you about one anyway. It’s called “The Pants Project” by Cat Clarke and it’s amaze. So cute and so necessary. We a) need more middle grade books about trans people and b) need more FtM books. I feel like most trans books I’ve read have been focused on MtF so it’s good to see a change. Although I’d love more non-binary characters too!