the middle one is my fave tbh


–it’s called Success;; look into it!


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eyes on me

jikook / 2,477 words / rated M / AO3
once upon a time @baebsaes mentioned something about power bottom jimin and tied up jungkook and my mind… ran with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jungkook clenches his hands into fists, rope digging into his skin as he shifts. He turns his head slightly to where Jimin is watching at the side of the bed, eyes wide and eager as he bites his lip. He looks gorgeous in the soft light, face deceptively sweet and angelic. Jungkook knows the dirty ideas going through Jimin’s head, and the younger’s body flushes all over at the realization that Jimin looks like this–naked and flushed in the glow of the lamplight--because of him.

“You look,” Jimin stops, swallows, “good.”

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adventuresinlilac  asked:


sexuality: pan (also a trans boy) !!

otp: not really anything…

brotp: with anyone, tbh! all steven friendships are the best!!

notp: with any gem

first hc that pops into my head: since hes half gem, hes got lil baby fangs! 

one way i relate: Depression 

secondhand embarassment: no! never!!

cinnamon roll or problematic fave: in the middle! he is nice and tries his best but messes up sometimes! 

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are u religious because you seem to be really active in chaeism,,, your devotion to chaesus is astounding

this ,, made me holler i legit started laughing in the middle of the lounge… no regrets bc honestly…. wow i keep reading this over and over…. amazing.. spiritual… i feel one with these asks thank u wow im,, im the first prophet of chaeism… my devotion knows no bounds and i’d really give my life for it ok ://

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Jaune Arc for character ask?

1: sexuality headcanon: Bi
3: brotp: Him and Ren i guess
4: notp: Him and Pyrrha. I have my reaons and i dont hate hate it but still????
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: he is the middle child of his fam
6: favorite line from this character: er….i guess “ Pyrrha! This is not the relic! It’s not! “
7: one way in which I relate to this character: i dont really…..
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: ……dont…dont get me started
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: idk with him tbh, sorry

odesssey  asked:

star wars :)))

thank you!

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: bb-8 without a doubt
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: i feel like anakin is the obvious choice for this answer, but i’m going to go with c-3po since i found him annoying when i was a kid but now i love him
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: i don’t think there are any, tbh?
  • a character I’m indifferent about: i don’t think there’s any middle ground with star wars…
  • a character who deserved better: han and padme both deserved better. so did luke. and jyn and cassian. and k-2so. and bodhi. and chirrut and baze. and anakin. and obiwan. and qui-gon jinn. and r4-p17 who was one of my favourite droids who got blasted.
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: rey/o is nasty
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: rebelcaptain owns my ass
  • a cute, low-key ship: storm pilot <3
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: unpopular? i guess padme and obiwan could’ve been cute
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: are there any? probably can answer rey/o for this, too.
  • my favourite storyline/moment: vader’s lightsaber scene in rogue one or bb-8′s thumbs up
  • a storyline that never should have been written: jar jar x100000000
  • my first thoughts on the show: “i hope my planet doesn’t get destroyed”
  • my thoughts now: “i literally have a bb-8 tattoo.”

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what websites do you go to for listening to podcasts, or do you just look random ones up?? i could use some to listen to on the train tbh...

i just get stuff from itunes cuz these are all free!!! i don’t listen to a huge variety of podcasts, my main ones r:

  • bbc in our time (its divided into history / culture / science / philosophy / religion so there has 2 be something u like!!! for the humanities ones it’s mostly like. middle age white men discussing stuff so i like 2 think of rebuttals to their points i disagree with…)
  • ted radio hour (each podcast has a theme and its basically snippets of 4-5 ted talks on that theme + interviewing the ted talker. this ones my fave, it’s rly accessible and always makes me think)
  • the actor’s diet (for when i just wanna relax and not use my brain. i love lynn chen and she talks about food / body image within a cultural & racial context w/ different actors & food ppl in these) 
  • bon appétit foodcast (this ones also for relaxing…just explores food from every angle w/ different chefs and food ppl each week)

u can search any of these in the itunes store and download directly from there :-)


A little sketch for lumina-magi, who was kind enough to trade me some Club Nintendo cards for some sweet Sailor V art haha

I went by the manga design because the manga design is hotter better ;D

It was just gonna be a simple lil’ sketch but before I knew it there was color and I was just oh, how did color get there LOL my hand slipped It must have been the sudden surge of nostalgia I have not drawn Sailor Moon related things since middle school forgive me I’m rusty.


[You might already have read the text here. I just really wanted to make some pictures for these text prompts] @simphonious

19. “Come over and bake with me.”

No! Are you bloody kidding me!?” Fetch pressed her lips together gazing at the paused television screen. Liev did his best to conceal a grin next to her on the floor while Tolstoy, who had otherwise been in deep sleep on the couch behind them, sat up looking rather annoyed at his loud owner. Fetch turned around immediately feeling bad as her eyes met Tolstoys. Leaning over to her cat, she scratched him underneath his chin and Tolstoy responded by purring.

Liev, Fetch’s best friend from across the pond, had been kind enough to pay her a surprise visit over the New Year. Fetch became even more estatic learning that he would be staying for two weeks, giving them plenty of time to work on collab videos for each of their respective youtube channels and just a good old hangout, which the two were definitely in need of. If she had to be honest, over the past month or so she had begun to realize she missed her friend more and more than she had previously and actually being able to spend time with him made her feel better. She honestly believed that he was the one who understood her the best most days.

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Hey I follow your insta (youre my fave account tbh) But I was wondering, one of your posts said you just finished year 11? Most of us are in the middle of a school year?

i live in australia!!

Bts Highlight in Toronto Fan Acc

K so it actually went really well? Like really really well.
First of all, me and can-o-tuna-balism arrived around 10Am, a little bit before that. Keep in mind checkin was supposed to be at 10. The line was relatively long, and it only got longer. We were actually some of the first people, surprisingly. Now I didn’t expect check in to start at 10, I was expecting 11 or 12.
But of course, it didn’t start then either.
Around 3pm VIP and autograph people started being called in. 3pm. 5 hours late. GA people had to keep waiting. It was a relatively nice day out, and other than getting sunburned, which was honestly unavoidable, I was ok with. No one was brought in, but a separate VIP line was made. At 3Pm, a white bus drove by, and guess who was in it? BTS. J hopes face was pressed against the window to smile and wave at as all and Jimin was smiling at everyone. I actually got a video of them driving into the venue and exiting the van. They definitely looked tired, but it was understandable.

During the waiting time, before BTS showed up and while all of us had 0 idea of what was going on, a very nice woman with gorgeous eyes started walking up and down the lines. This happened a few times. TGM maybe, no. Just a fan. Fans and venue staff ended up organizing the whole thing. This woman made sure that if/when TGM arrived we would all behave and show how good Toronto was. She was also the one to give us updates. I also have a video of her speaking.

At 5:30, all VIP and autograph people were brought in. GA were sorted into 3 rows to get us off the street. The venue was good at letting those of us who had been lining up since early get in first. Everything was very organized and neat. I saw a security guard trying to calm down a girl who was having a panic attack, which I thought was very good.

At about 6-6:30, they started letting all GA in. We were told we’d get our shirts after the show and we were given our wrist bands. We all piled into the venue, me and can-o-tuna-balism sticking together along with our new found friends. The show started at 7 with Consio doing 4 or 5 songs. He got the crowed really hyped, and he was really good. When he left the stage everyone started chanting “BTS BTS BTS”. At one point we heard a cough in a mic and a small hi, I’m pretty sure it was j hope, but about 5 or 10 minutes after that BTS came on and preformed NO right away.

This was my least favourite part tbh. I mean not because of BTS or because of NO (which is my like one of my all time faves). No, it was because the fans were screaming too loud to actually hear anything. I was being tightly sandwiched between two people, one of which look like she had passed out. A girl got in between can-o-tuna-balism and I and we ended up being separated, me being pushed to the middle, and they were pushed to the far left. We were even separated from our new friends. I was dreaming out too much to even enjoy No.
However once the song was done I found my way to them and BTS started talking.
If I remember correctly, the line up was V, Suga, Jin, Rapmon, Jungkook, Jimin, and then J-Hope. They started talking about Toronto, and honestly people were screaming too loudly for me to hear. I know Kookie mentioned Lake Ontario, Rapmon mentioned the scenery and people I believe, Jhope did his “I’m your hope, I’m your Angel, I’m Jhope” thing and said after the concert he wanted to go and eat with all of us. Jimin said “shhh shhh” and put his finger up to his lips before speaking about going somewhere with us. I couldn’t hear Jin at all, he spoke really softly. Yoongi said “Niagara falls” and then did cute waterfall sounds. Taehyung I couldn’t really hear but I know he smiled really big and said hi!! Also Yoongi is super pale, and Jimin looks like an actual angel. Tae looks so sweet. Jin is so friggin handsome man. J hope was just a big ball of smiles. Rapmon was v cool. Jungkook was v cute.

Rapmon also promised that in their next tour they’d come to Toronto because he really likes it here.

After that they preformed Dope, then Boy in Luv, then I Need U. By this point the fans stopped screaming so loudly and started singing along with the boys. They looked so happy and energetic and they interacted with us a lot.
In Boy in Luv, Tae stopped singing his lines and made us all sing his lines. When he was satisfied he nodded his head and gave us a thumbs up. He seemed really happy and impressed. The others would also point the mic at us for a word or two to sing for them, but not as much as Tae’s entire line.
In I Need U Yoongi did the same thing as Tae and made us rap his line for him. He looked really smug and stuck his tongue out a little. He honestly looked like he was having a lot of fun.
Also while the boys were talking, Yoongi and I made eye contact for a good 5-10 seconds because I was constantly staring at him and waving at him. He ended up nodding his head at me and gave a small smile and I smiled really big. The perks of being up close.

In between I Need U and Boy in Luv the boys took a short break. The were sweating a lot. At that point everyone started chanting “cypher! Cypher! Cypher!”, and the boy behind me was changing “touch my body!” and “mini skirt!”.

After I Need U they all said thank you, and V was the last on the stage. He looked a little bit lost tbh, and I thought he would go the wrong way for a second. But he gave the fans his signature smile and waved with both hands while saying “bye!” Or “bye bye” (it was hard to hear).

Then a girl came out and said high touch would start soon. Ally and I got a bottle of water while waiting and started making our way to where the door of the high touch would be.
At one point we couldn’t move much further so we stayed put. That was when the girl in front of us started wobbling a lot and looked really out of it. Her friend was very worried. Ally helped sit the girl down and gave her their water since the girl was dehydrated. All these fans started fanning the girl and giving her space to cool her down. I had her propped up on my knees and I gave her an energy bar I had snuck in (oops). Another fan had gotten a security guard to help the girl.
Honestly I was so proud of all the armies and how we took care of each other. Like its like we were all friends. It was amazing.
After that was the hightouch. We were led through a small hallway and got into single file, and then out of no where BTS was standing all in a line, perfect as can be. I wasn’t ready. I had originally wanted to tell Yoongi that he was a huge inspiration for me but I honestly couldn’t. I drew a blank.

I can’t remember the exact order because I was very dazed, but I know it was Rapmon, Yoongi (I made eye contact with him again and he did his little head noddy thingy), then I think it was J hope and Jin (maybe Jungkook and Jin??) then u know it was V and then Jungkook (I think??) and Jimin was the last one. Jimin actually grabbed my hand and shook it. All I could say was thank you to everyone of them.
Now why was I so distracted? Only because when I got to Yoongi I made eye contact with V and he started smiling really brightly when he saw my hat. So I kept solid eye contact with him until I got to him and I said thank you and he smiled really hugely and gave me a slight nod. I think he said thank you as well. So when it was the next member I was still dazed but Jimin brought be out of my daze with his sunshiney smile and high voice. I forget what he said but I’m sure it was thank you. I had also tried looking Jin in the face before I got to V, but I couldn’t do it because he was just so handsome.

They all looked like pictures but also pictures don’t really do them any justice?? Like they are so handsome. And so nice too. Like they were all smiles and so so happy looking. They didn’t even look tired at all. They looked like they were having fun.

After that group photo people were led to the right and GA people were led to the left.

And that was the end of the concert. I’m still in so much shock. Thank you Taehyung for making my night, and Yoongi for making eye contact with me on stage, and Jhope for waving at me while on the bus.

I tagged the wrong person I’m bad at remembering URLs fuck.