the middle one is may fave now

My Top 10 Golden Girls Moments Numbers 5-1

5) Cupcakes

I quote this any time someone even MENTIONS cupcakes. LOL 

4) The Great Herring War

“Oh THAT great herring war!” The reason this is so hilarious is that Bea and Rue weren’t even supposed to be laughing. It was all genuine. What’s even better is that Betty just kept going and didn’t break character once. I never really found the story itself quite that funny, it was more so the way Betty told it and the response from Rue and Bea. <3 

3) Blanche Delirium

Favorite Blanche moment EVER. I loved them all, but Rue may have been my fave. And this scene is why.

“He cut off his EAR.”

“…I have too many earrings.” ROFLMAO!!!

2)  “NOT NOW, MA!!!”

The murder mystery episode. Definitely one of the best. Dorothy is in the middle of trying to solve the mystery and of course, Sophia decides it’s the time to tell everyone she’s been jacking the silverware into her purse. Both Bea and Estelle’s facial expressions are FLAWLESS!!!

And last but not least……

1) Rose’s prayers.

This was the first moment of the Golden Girls that literally got me hooked when i was like 7.  I wish i could find a better quality of this scene. Just…i don’t even need to explain this.