the middle one is just like idk


Found my old laptop from when I was probably 11-12.
Went back to read the stories I had started.
Let’s just say I’ve made A LOT of progress since fifth grade.

I think one of the kindest things you can do for yourself as an artist is to accept that you will make bad drawings sometimes and just…stop caring about it. It’s not like that bad sketch you drew was your one and only chance to ever draw the thing. It’s so much easier emotionally to just say “lol what is that?” delete it and start over than it is to spend the next six hours crying about it. Once you stop treating every single thing you draw as something precious and learn to just throw stuff away it takes so much stress away. One bad drawing doesn’t make you a bad artist, or a fraud. Even the best pro artists are gonna have moments where they draw things wrong. You’re going to make bad drawings so just go out there and make them so you can move on with your life. Chances are your second attempt will be better. 

  • Carlos: Did I ever tell you about that one time when I broke my mother's favorite lamp when I was a kid?
  • Cecil: No, but do tell me.
  • Carlos: It's hilarious. When she heard the crash she was all like, "CARLOS FERNANDO, SO HELP ME GOD."
  • Cecil: Fernando?
  • Carlos: It's my middle name.
  • Cecil: ....
  • Cecil: I thought your middle name was "the".

Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[1/?] American Graffiti (1973, Dir. George Lucas), as Bob Falfa.

  • American Graffiti marked the first of Harrison Ford’s many collaborations with George Lucas, and the very first substantial role in his movie career.
  • Even though all the actors were supposed to be playing teenagers, Ford, 30 at the time, was the oldest cast member in a group whose ages ranged from 12 to 27.
  • He initially turned down the role after they offered him 485 dollars a week for it, claiming he could make twice as much as a carpenter, his day job at the time. He eventually accepted when the original offer was raised by just 15 dollars.
  • Falfa famously wore a cowboy hat after Ford himself refused to cut his hair in a ‘60s crew cut, feeling the part was too small and it was not worth the trouble of having to grow it back out for potential future parts.

dance fucker dance; not like actual dance genre music, but just 19 fun, energetic songs to dance around to when no one is watching


you’re gonna go far kid - the offspring / the run and go - twenty one pilots / hate everyone - say anything / come with me now - kongos / dirty little secret - the all-american rejects / fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys / henrietta - the fratellis / teenagers - my chemical romance / queen of hearts - we the kings / the middle - jimmy eat world / nicotine - panic! at the disco / mr brightside - the killers / goodbye copenhagen - new politics / chelsea dagger - the fratellis / girls - the 1975 / just one yesterday - fall out boy / memories - panic! at the disco / black widow - iggy azalea ft. rita ora / lost generation - rizzle kicks

I’ve been hearing rumors that a new album is going to release soon but I really don’t think so. Yes, heathens was released, but there was an interview where it mentioned a new twenty one pilots song would be featured in a summer film (this song is probably for suicide squad, but remember this is just my assumptions). Also, Twenty One Pilots has had a pattern of releasing albums every two years since the self titled album (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 (and then I read no phun intended was “released” 2007 but idk about the facts on that) ) so it’s likely we should be expecting an album 2017. Furthermore, they are going to be on a tour for the rest of the year, so it seems unlikely they will release an album in the middle of emotional roadshow. Trust me guys. I’d love new music too. But there’s no point in getting super excited about something that, until we have more evidence, is unlikely to happen.

sometimes i’ll be talking to someone, and while i’m in the middle of telling them something there’s a voice in my head saying “oh my god, just shut the fuck up no one even cares” and then i get really discouraged and just sort of end what i was saying and then don’t talk again because i feel like no one actually wants to hear what i have to say

Sometimes things aren’t fair and I have to remind myself to keep breathing so I don’t fall apart in the middle of class and oh fuck I just want to scream but I have no voice in this huge world filled with so many others. It’s just not fair.

Sometimes I think so much it makes my head ache because all the thoughts are like knives in my fucking brain and I used to wince every time one pierced my mind but now I barely blink.

Sometimes I hurt and my chest feels like it’s going to cave in and I can’t stop crying because everything I do isn’t good enough and I will always be a disappointment.

Sometimes I want to die because I see no point in living when my future is a black hole just waiting to suck all the light out of my life and swallow me whole. The stars in my eyes will fade and the planets in my hair will disintegrate and I won’t be able to do a single thing about it.

—  Sometimes… 

I didn’t want you to think any less of me.

Prince Ashton

Requested: Yes

Summary: You were a cliche rebellion princess. You know? The kind that liked sword fighting and all the adventurous things in life. Well one morning, an arrogant boy interrupts you and it takes everything in you to not kill him right then and there. Then later on that day- he just so happens to be someone important to your father.

Word Count: 1511

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