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“Skam Imagine Part 1: Chris Schistad cheers you up at your surprise birthday party”

Inspired by Fickle Game by Amber Run

warnings: Chris is the world’s best kisser, pass it on

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You’d had many dreams about coming home to house a chaos and screaming, in fact it was one of your most recurring nightmares. Mind you, it usually involved watching your family get murdered or something only of nightmares. Coming back from the library to find half of your school already waiting at your house was just as traumatizing. You didn’t think even three quarters of the partying teens knew who you were, but no one passed up a good party. 

Was it a good party? Were people going to talk about your birthday party for days to come? 

Maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. 

You knew it was Eva who had set it up but the way she opened the door with a sly grin and a big gift box that she kept shoving in your direction. You had taken the box and opened it before Eva tore it apart for you, not worrying about the beautiful yellow ribbon around it. 

“You’re giving me a dress?” Your eyes skimmed over the silky red number and internally cringed. It was gorgeous, absolutely stunning, but it wasn’t exactly… you

“Don’t look at it with such disdain, Y/N, it’s your size and everything. You’re going to be the hottest person here. Besides me, obviously, but it’s your birthday so you get to be second hottest.”

You gave her a pointed look and then glanced back down at the dress. It was insanely gorgeous, and it was your birthday. Maybe you could wear it just this once? 

“But really, it’s going to look amazing. And Kåre is here, so not only can you ask him out finally, but you’ll be in the perfect outfit.  

Somehow you had wound up in the dress quicker than you would have thought possible. The mention of the boy you seemed head over heels for, for the past two years, was at your party. 

You bounced down the stairs and gave hugs to your friends who seemed a little tipsy and quite excited to see the birthday girl. Noora handed you a gift, too excited to wait to give it to you, and you opened it quickly. Noora always gave the best gifts, usually from second hand stores or homemade. And every single one was chosen with love. 

You look at the silver bracelet that had an amethyst stone in the middle, a small hairline fracture down the middle. It was one of the prettiest thing you’d ever seen and instantly recognized it from the homemade jewelry store across from where you worked. You were always tempted to buy the entire store. 

“Noora, it’s beautiful, thank you so much,” you gushed to her loudly. 

She gave you another hug and Chris came bounding around the corner in one of her crazy outfits that always looked fabulous on her. She gave you an almost forceful kiss and grabbed you by the shoulders. 

“I’m poor, Y/N. But I’m a damn good kisser,” she exclaimed drunkenly, making you laugh and hug her tightly. 

Eva suddenly was leading you away from the other girls and pushing you in the direction towards him. Kåre was standing only a few feet away, a drink in his hands and one of his friends by his side. His black hair was covering his eyes and your hand twitched, longing to reach out and push it out of his face. 

That boy had totally consumed your thoughts. 

“Kåre, have any words for the birthday girl?” You flinched at Eva’s incredibly loud voice and froze when he looked right at you. Eva seemed to slither into the crowd and abandon you to face Kåre coming right towards you. 

“Y/N! What’s up? I didn’t know this was your party!” 

You opened your mouth and closed it, twice, while trying to decide if you should be offended or not. It wasn’t a big deal, so he didn’t know who’s party he was it? It’s not like Eva had sent our pretty invitations or anything that he had been looking at for a week. At least you didn’t think so; you assumed she’d just spread the word at school. 

“Yeah, it’s my birthday. Gettin’ older,” you mumbled with a forced laugh. 

“Cool. You look pretty hot,” he said a little bluntly, making you realize he was definitely a little tipsy. You were dumfounded at first, even excited, that he found you attractive. Then you felt insanely awkward. 

“You too,” you said shakily, hoping he didn’t realize how nervous you were. The two of you’d had classes together and even group projects, but you’d never really talked that much. Not outside of classes at least. 

“Anyways, I have to find some of my friends. And tell your friend, Eva I think, to come find me later.” He winked at you and seemed to disappear so quickly you wondered if he had even been there. 

What did he mean about Eva? 

Realization dawned on you and you slowly felt every part of your body crumble into a thousand pieces. Every little bit of hope that you’d had for you and Kåre disappeared. He was into Eva. Suddenly your birthday, your dress, and even your friends couldn’t cheer you up in the slightest. You turned away from the crowd of people in your living room and decided to hide in the kitchen. 

The two people making out against your counter seemed slightly irritated that they were no longer alone and scrambled out, not noticing your depressed expression. 

You saw of the alcohol used to make drinks out in the hall and grabbed the bottle of peppermint vodka like it was a long lost friend. The smooth mint flavour burned down your throat deliciously and and four shots later, you felt like your body was humming. Getting drunk wasn’t your style, but you did enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling a little bit could give you. 

Unfortunately it was only moments later that the tears began to flow down your cheeks like rain drops against a window pane. You grabbed a cloth from one of the kitchen drawers to wipe your eyes but you were crying too hard to really make a difference. 

When was the last time you had cried like this over a stupid boy? Your friends used to warn you about him too, saying he was too into himself to be smart and notice you. 

“I’ve seen many girls cry at parties, but I have to say, you look the most heartbroken, elskling.” The voice startled you and you looked up at it’s owner with wide eyes. 

Never in your young years had you imagined Chris Schistad calling you ‘darling’. Never in your young years had you ever actually imagined him showing up to your party though either. It was like a rare sighting of an endangered animal. Or a unicorn for that matter. 

“I’m trying to suffer in silence.” 

“Somebody is snippy when they’re sad,” he commented with a hint of amusement in his tone. You shot him a glare but by the way his lips curled into a smile, you knew it wasn’t very effective. 

“Up up, elskling,” he said motion to the counter that you were leaning against. You shook your head and his gaze became harder, more demanding, but oddly still kind. You rolled your eyes and did as he asked. 

“So tell me, what does it take to make a girl cry on her own birthday?”

He knew it was your birthday? Chris was full of surprises apparently. You couldn’t decide if you were more shocked or flattered. 

“Stupid boy wants to fuck my best friend,” you said bluntly, reaching for the bottle of vodka again. Chris lightly slapped your hand away and grabbed the bottle for himself, taking a couple of swigs and putting it out of your reach. 

“Drinking won’t solve anything,” he said pointedly before resting a hand on your thigh. You looked down at it and felt a small rush in your head, from the alcohol or maybe from the effect of Chris touching you. “If he makes such a nice girl cry, fuck him.”

“Thanks but already I tried actually that,” you retorted with a miserable pout. Chris choked on a surprised laugh and moved slightly closer to you on the couch. 

“You’re funny too, why haven’t I see you around at school?”

You looked away and pretended to be deep in though, biting your lip gently. “If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it’s probably because I’m not much to look at. I’m not your type.” 

He took a sip of his drink and watched you carefully for a moment, his eyes slipping over your body as smooth as the alcohol that had rushed down your throat earlier. You felt your body numbing and you wondered if Chris Schistad really did have magical powers. Here he was talking to you at your own party; you supposed anything could be possible. 

“I beg to differ. And while I truly appreciate that dress,” he said with a longing sigh, a little too suggestive, “you’re really, really too pretty for some asshole to ruin your birthday.” 

Your stilled and Chris’s hand moved up your thigh to where your own hand rested. You prayed he wasn’t going to just shove his hand down your pants and be that guy and was pleasantly surprised when he put his hand over yours. The rough yet incredibly warm hand covered your own and matched the warm feeling in your chest from the alcohol. Perhaps Chris Schistad was his own form of alcohol. 

“Maybe we just hadn’t found the right time to meet then,” you suggested in a low voice. 

He gave you one of his wicked smiles and nodded, tossing his blonde hair out of his eyes. “Now seems pretty good though, doesn’t it?”

Before you had a chance to nod, he’d gently pulled your thighs apart and pressed his body between them, resting one hand on your cheek and the other on your back. You breathed in, regretting it a moment later when his lips touched yours, so gently you almost didn’t feel it. 

Worrying he would pull back, you breathed him in and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips closer against yours. Something needy and passionate washed over the both of you and his teeth were tugging at your bottom lip while your tongue grazed his top lip. 

Soon his tongue was sweeping through your mouth, peppermint an overwhelming flavour on both of your tongues. You leaned him into, your back slightly arched, and his palm against your back sliding upwards, pushing your shirt with it. His pinky grazed your bare skin and you made a small sound in the back of your throat. 

He moved his hand back down and covered your exposed skin, his finger tips kneading gently into your lower back. Your finger nails tug into his neck and he stopped breathing for a second, seeming almost enticed by the quick sting. 

“Happy Birthday, elskling,” he whispered into your lips. 


A/N: This was so fun to write and since I’m looking for fun with these, I didn’t edit. Editing makes me uninspired and tired unfortunately. This is part one! I’ll try and write another part or two tonight :) 

Loved You|Corbyn Besson

(We are just going to pretend Christina doesn’t exist in this imagine oops sorry Christina ily)


“Hey, beauties! It’s your girl, (y/n), and today I’m going to a Why Don’t We concert to visit an old friend. Beth and I should be leaving in about an hour. I still need to finish my makeup and hair, but I wanted to show you guys my outfit. I think it’s so cute! Well, I’ll see you guys at the concert… through the screen or something. Haha!” I turn off my camera and set it on my white bed. Beth walks in, looking hotter than ever. I can’t lie, I have always been a little jealous of her beauty.

“Hey, hot stuff,” I begin to curl my hair. She just laughs a little and sits on my bed. Beth had been one of my best friends since middle school, so we are both going to see our friend. Well, old friend. Corbyn and I were close as two people could get, but something happened. It tore us apart, and we shouldn’t have let that happen. I think about him all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone so much. That’s why I’m going to see him today.  I just hope he’s happy to see me.

We walk into the building filled with teenage girls. They’re all either in merch or in a super cute outfit, like me and Beth. We tried to get there early so we could get really close. Hoping that Corbyn would see us. Luckily, we got into the second row of people.

About thirty mintutes of vloging later, the show begins and my heart is pumping. All the boys walk out and the screams are insanely loud. I see Corbyn, but he doesn’t see me. I wait for the screams to die down before I yell, “Corbyn!”

~Corbyn’s Pov~

“Corbyn!” I hear from a voice that’s too familiar. My head immediately snaps to her. (y/n) is in the crowd of my show, looking more beautiful than I remember her to be. My heart is beating so fast and time has seemed to stop. She’s smiling and waving at me, but I stay frozen. My wide eyes can’t move from the girl I have been avoiding for two years. The girl who broke my heart.

I’m so caught up in thought I miss my cue to start singing. Jack elbows me and I quickly sing with the rest of the boys, pretending i’m not about to have a breakdown.

~Your Pov~

I waved and smiled, but he just stared at me. A few girls look at me with a confused look. I can’t tell if this is a good or bad thing. Guess I’ll find out after the concert.

As everyone begins to leave, Beth and I head backstage where we bought passes to. Once we get there the boys are all posing for a picture with another fan. We seemed to be last in line, which is actually what I was hoping for.

We walk up to the boys and Corbyn just stares at me again. Daniel puts his hand on my shoulder, getting my attention. I look at him and, of course, he had a smile on his face.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he asks me.

I glance at Corbyn, who’s now looking at his feet, and then answer, “I’m (y/n).”

“(y/n)?” Daniels face falls and he turns to Corbyn, “This is her?”

Corbyn just nods without looking up. All the boys start to look at me, making me really insecure.

“Hey, guys can you stop staring at her like that? It’s kind of rude,” Beth snaps.

“Sorry,” Zach says, “We have just heard so much about you.”

My eyebrows furrow and I look at Corbyn, “You talk about me?”

He finally looks up, “Yeah. You were a big part in my life, (y/n), why wouldn’t i?”

“I don’t know,” I start, “You kinda dropped me like I was a stranger. Especially when I needed you the most.”

He scoffs, “I left you? That’s how you remember it?”

I look at the others, embarrassed this was happening in front of them. I could tell Beth was about to blow up on him, but I shook my head to her. I want to hear his side.

“Well, how do you remember it, Corb?” I ask.

“I remember being in love with you for five years. I remember getting dragged to a party because I’d do anything you’d ask me to. Anything. I remember us having our very first kiss at that party. I remember how good it felt. Imagining our future if maybe being a couple. Thinking ‘This is a night I will always remember’. And I was right. Cause I remember you hooking up with a fuckboy thirty minutes later. I remember you walking into school with him, instead of me. I remember you canceling all our plans, because you wanted to hang out with him. I remember the pain I got everyday, waiting for your text to say you love me, not him. And I got tired of waiting, (y/n). I got tired of not being the one with you. It hurt to know he put you in pain, and I am sorry for not being there for that, but you distanced yourself from me. That’s how I remember it.”

His eyes were red, the tears sliding down his face. Jonah puts his hand on Corbyn’s shoulder, to show support. I didn’t realize till now that I was crying, too. I never knew how he felt. I feel like the worst person on earth.

“I am so sorry,” is all I can think of to say. Beth rubs my back to comfort me. It makes me feel even worse, though. I don’t deserve her to comfort me.

“Is that all?” he asks.

“I really am sorry. I was a shitty friend. I shouldn’t have let him come between us. I shouldn’t have done that to you. God, I’m so fucking sorry, Corbyn. I had no idea you felt that way. I loved you, too. Maybe we could fix this and give us a try?” I walk closer.

But he stepped back, “(y/n), we loved each other. With a D. I think it should stay that way.”

I bite my lip to avoid sobbing. This all hurt like hell. Now I know how he has felt for so long.

“I guess I should leave now,” I turn around. Beth puts her arm around me as we walk out. I knew this was going to be the last time I see him, so I look back for one last glance. I see a blurred picture of him, due to my tears. I’m going to miss him even more than before.

(a/n: SORRY ITS A SAD ENDING FOR MY FIRST ONE but i felt like it had to be done. if you really want i can make a part two with a happy ending?)