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“He thinks it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him. Part of it’s finally knowing what’s going on. And he’s excited to have his friends back– to be part of the in-crowd. Shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. It’s so Quil.” 

blue night radio ♡ 170224
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jonghyun: i lived in a dorm with my members and there were five beds in the room. onew hyung slept in the bed in the middle. there were five beds and one washroom. i was really taken aback when i first saw the dorm. i used the top bunk! i tried sleeping on both the bottom and top bunk, but i liked the top one better.

Existe un momento en medio de la noche en el que uno puede limpiar el panorama y ver todo con claridad; es un punto optimista en medio de la oscuridad cotidiana. // There is a moment in the middle of the night that one can clear the panorama and see everything clearly; it’s an optimistic point in the midst of daily darkness.

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Hiya!! I love your blog your writing is amazing! I was wondering if you have time if you could maybe write one about either Betty or Jughead having problems with anxiety and one comforting the other? (Dealers choice which one has anxiety) bye!! 😊

Hey! Thanks so much! This one hits close to home!


She wasn’t breathing right, she couldn’t seem to get enough air into her lungs.

Putting her hands against the locker she shifted in her white, cheerleading sneakers.

She dropped her head to the metal locker, with an audible thud.

What was wrong with her?

Betty Cooper, perfect, polished and your very own girl next door.

So why was she standing in the middle of the empty Riverdale hallway, having one of her worst panic attacks to date?

Cheryl blossom.

The biggest bitch to ever step foot in the small town, destroying everything she touched.

That brings her back to her current predicament.

Cheryl had decided that Betty’s uniform was looking a little snug, and felt it needed to be known.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she remembered the harsh bite of Cheryl’s words.

“Maybe you need to lay off all that baking Betty dear, perhaps you should think of joining a gym, I have no room for cows on my team.”

All of her goonies had laughed, joining in on the fun and taunting her.

“Oh you’re going to cry now? What a surprise, Betty Cooper showing some emotion. Pathetic”

She briefly heard Veronica shouting at Cheryl before she was running out that door, faster than she had ever run.

Shaking her head to clear the thoughts, she choked on a sob, turning to pinch her flat stomach.

“Fuck them.”

Betty whipped around at the voice, coming face to face with Jughead jones, his face looking absolutely lethal.

“Juggie…” she whimpered, quickly swatting at the tears staining her face.

She still couldn’t catch her damn breath.

Jughead reached for her, pulling her tight against him.

“Breathe beautiful, come one you’re okay I’m right here.”

Betty looked up at him, eyes skimming around him the panic Evident In her face.

“I.. I can’t.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders

“You can. look at me. Breathe.”

Pulling her eyes to his. She finally felt the air enter her lungs.

Slouching into his arms, she panted against his chest, closing her eyes for a few minutes.

Finally she pulled away looking up to him.

“Better?” He said softly, pushing a strand of her ponytail out of her face.

She smiled weakly at him,

“Better, thank you.”

He rested his hand on her cheek.

“Don’t thank me, Cheryl’s an idiot, all of them are. You’re beautiful , there’s not a single thing about your body that you have to change. They’re jealous is all. They wish they looked like you.”

She blushed, looking down at her sneakers, before popping her head Back up.

“How did you know? Why were you at cheerleading practice?”

It was his turn to blush.

“I was just walking past, it’s not like I was watching or anything, I didn’t even think you had practice today. You never have practice on wednesdays. Not that I know when you practice..” he rambled on.

She just smiled at him,giggling at that red faced boy.
He looked up at her

“Yeah real funny bets.”

She rolled her eyes, smiling and grabbing his hand.

He glanced down at there hands and pulled her along.

“Come on, ill treat you to a burger, lord knows you could use it.”

She laughed

The Danish Royal Court has announced good news! In May, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will come to Sweden for an official visit. On the court’s website it reads that Mary and Frederik will travel to Sweden on the 29th to 30th May for a so-called business thrust together with representatives of Danish companies.

But Mary and Frederik will also have time to socialize with their godchildren, Estelle and Oscar. The Danish Crown Prince Couple are close friends with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and they often spend time together privately. One of Estelle’s middle names is Mary after her godmother. Crown Prince Frederik is godfather to Prince Oscar.

“The Crown Prince is a very, very good friend of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The same is true of his relationship with Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. They meet often, both at home with each other and around the world. They are closer together than I was my cousins, as the three heirs, faith is closer in age.” Queen Margrethe has recently said of the heirs of Scandinavia and their relationship together.

—  Svenskdam
The Signs as Phases They Went Through in Middle School
  • Aries: Misanthropic goth kid. "Life is meaningless, we all die some day anyway". Collected miscellaneous animal bones. Probably once tried to buy a human skull off the deep web.
  • Taurus: Was really into Pokemon. Tried to "troll" other students they didn't like on social media but was never taken seriously. Had a lot of self image issues. Probably writes their own slam poetry.
  • Gemini: Viewed themself as the most intelligent person in the world, smarter than any adult. Viewed everyone else as stupid and inferior to them. Probably spent a majority of their childhood on the computer.
  • Cancer: Was one of those middle schoolers that was far too loud in movie theatres or the library. Always said that they "had no friends" even though they were popular. Went through significant others faster than most go through underwear.
  • Leo: That one kid that drew nothing but animals. Warriors fan. Owned "how to draw anime" books. Talked a lot about how in love they were even though they were 13. Used cutesy :3 smilies and *roleplay actions* in casual texts for some reason.
  • Virgo: Constantly full of sarcasm and snark towards authority and peers alike. Wore brand name clothes and shunned people who didn't. Came out in the 6th grade and forever cemented themself as the Gay Friend.
  • Libra: Incredibly obnoxious. Really into "XD LOLZ RANDOM!" humor. Owned more stuffed animals than friends.
  • Scorpio: Caused drama for the sake of causing drama. Had scene hair. Was typically pegged as most likely to have broken the vandalized or broken something even though more often than not it wasn't them. Not as edgy as they liked to think they were.
  • Sagittarius: Young Republican. Repeated borderline racist rhetoric they read on the internet as an excuse to be a jerk. "Do you even lift?". Wondered why they don't have a girlfriend even though they were a jackass to everyone they met. Introvert with one close extrovert friend that made friends for them.
  • Capricorn: Self identified Juggalo, facepaint and all. Really passionate about music and willing to cuss someone out for insulting their favorite bands. Occasionally volatile and didn't understand that consequences applied to them.
  • Aquarius: Glorified violence. Told offensive jokes for the sake of offending people, then gets upset when they don't "get the joke". Had a permanent "why me" complex about everything.
  • Pisces: Operated under the belief that millennials always know better than adults. Brought home every animal they found. Had a lot of big ideas but could never quite accomplish them.

Being in the Durarara community is really surreal, because it’s almost like we’re split down the middle. On one side are people who watched the anime, liked it, stick around for a few months, then leave. To them, Durarara was nothing more than a popcorn franchise. Whilst they were watching it, they enjoyed it, but never looked into the deeper meaning.

The other half have people who watched the anime, read the manga, scour the internet for every piece of info they can. They listen to character songs, and could spend hours talking about the complexity of the characters, the relationships, everything. They see the deeper meaning, they get it.

When you start a conversation with somebody about Drrr, you never know which side they’re a part of. You never know if they think Izaya is a good or bad person. You never know if they think about the symbolism. You never know if they even know about how the novels suffer from the anime. It’s a unique, thrilling, and completely new conversation every time.

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“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” Olivarry (cause I feel like Barry always wears Oliver's clothes...but reverse it XD)

The alarm blares into the room, and Barry lets out a groan, followed by a whine when he squints at the time. It’s his day off. Why did he set his alarm on his day off?

By instinct, he rolls onto his side, hand reaching out to the other side of the bed to seek out Oliver’s heat, which… is empty, and cold. Hardly a surprise, considering their lifestyles – it wouldn’t be the first time either one of them has had to leave in the middle of the night – but when he hears the floorboard outside their bedroom creak, Barry props himself up, pushing one hand through the tousled mop of hair on top of his head.

The door creaks open, and Barry rubs one of his eyes, his vision still blurry and adjusting to the small strip of light that follows the older man into the bedroom. “Ollie?”

“Hey,” his boyfriend replies in a whisper, a soft smile lining his lips as he crawls into bed with him, leaning in to give Barry a gentle peck on the lips, which is nice, except-

Barry blinks twice, pulling back, eyes roaming down to the older man’s chest. “You’re wearing my shirt?”

The confusion that falls over Oliver’s face is almost comical, but he looks down to get a glimpse, and then realisation dawns. He huffs, shaking his head, before stripping off the far too tight Star Labs shirt and throwing it carelessly onto the floor where they’d left the rest of their clothes the previous night. “What? I got called in. It was cold.”

“You went into the Arrow Cave in that?

Oliver pinches the bridge of his nose, and lets out a long-suffering sigh. “First of all, we’re still not calling it that, Barry, I don’t care how long we’ve been together. Second, it’s not even the same location anymore. Third, it’s cold. I needed a shirt.”

Barry’s dumbfounded expression doesn’t shift even slightly.

“Is that a problem?”

“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes,” he manages, his words sounding somewhat jumbled even to his own ears. “I mean, not that you’re not allowed, because I wear yours all the time, obviously, but, it’s just- it’s tight, and the material stretches, and it-“

His babble is stopped suddenly by Oliver’s lips on his own, and his boyfriend is pulling the covers over them, hands roaming down his back to his ass, pulling him closer, tangling their legs together.

“Smells like you,” he mumbles in admission against Barry’s lips.

Barry’s heart skips at that, and he can’t help the smile that presses against the other, his hands sliding around Oliver’s waist as he soaks in the warmth. “That, I can live with.”