the middle class revolt

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Okay, if I'm remembering all the stuff my 8th grade English teacher practically forced down my throat when I had to read A Tale of Two Cities and he gave us background info on the French Revolution, the Bourgeois were the middle class who revolted against the rich and eventually became the rich. Anyone think this could somehow connect to Chloe?

Yup, you are correct! Chloe’s last name is definitely an allusion to that class of people. The dictionary definition of “Bourgeois” is: “of or characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes”

Minus the history lesson, “bourgeois” is a shorthand for the elites, usually people who profit off the work of others. If you DO want the history lesson, the wikipedia page is here.

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hey egowave whys that post bad? the french revolution is a special interest of mine but im still researching it so id like to hear wht you have to say about it because i trust your opinions O: i feel like the 'bourgeoisie leading the revolution for their own ambitions' bit was bullshit for the most part (some did join in but usually because they believed in equality right?) and admittedly i do feel bad for marie antoinette but again im still learning up on it so i was wondering your stance ,

ok yes i have a lot to say about that actually (im on the phone w my gf and ive been complaining about it for like 10 minutes) first off the information is.. not factual at all and has no sources at all. 1. i think its really nasty to be like “oh well these monarchs werent actually that bad!!! it doesnt matter that they let their people starve they deserve sympathy!!!” monarchy is monarchy regardless of how “innocent and kind” monarchs are which most times theyre not anyways. she also was not a young girl at the time of the french revolution she was 37. i do think that a lot of times she DOES get unfair blame (the monarchy in france was around for a while, she just happened to be there when it ended causing ppl to see her in a worse light and i also think people give her unfair blame bc she was a woman) but saying that she deserves “all the sympathy in the world” and basically excusing her from all blame is fucking ridiculous. also using some example of her helping some poor wounded peasant as proof of how good she is  is also stupid as shit.

and the “the peasants didnt lead the revolution which means its bad’ part is awful too. of course the peasants didnt literally lead the revolution the committee of public safety and robespierre and others did. to the best of my knowledge they were educated but they were NOT bourgeoisie. and yes the peasants did not literally lead it (anyone whos taken history class that talks about the french rev would kno this so its not exactly a misconception) but they were the driving force behind it, the french revolution happened because everyone in the third estate was starving while king louis and nobles lived in palaces. the revolutionaries were not manipulating the common people into revolting. 

also this line about middle class white men is absolute bullshit and using this as a gotcha about how the revolutionaries are actually, pretty bad guys. like, idk i cant even explain well why this is bullshit. op must really fucking love monarchy since theyre framing this in a way that makes the revolutionaries look bad for getting rid of monarchy. not to mention that the revolutionary leaders literally abolished slavery in france…. the revolutionaries ambitions were, at most, for the people. im sure they werent 100% unselfish but its factually incorrect to say they were LEADING THE REVOLUTION just so they could have more money for themselves. and NEWS FLASH! all the nobles and king louis and marie antoinette were also white. so that entire point is unnecessary as fuck and irrelevant. the king and queen and nobility had power over the revolutionary leaders and the people and thats that.

another thing is the revolution was completely justified. the distribution of wealth was so uneven and the conditions of poverty people were living in were awful so i do not have much sympathy for the1st and 2nd estate (although to an extent i agree that marie antoinette was thrown into a bad situation that she couldnt control-but that doesnt excuse her from blame)

this post is basically monarchy apologist bullshit and completely incorrect in a lot of places and makes it look like the revolutionaries didnt give a shit about the cause they were fighting for. but boo hoo those poor monarchists who got executed after their people were finally tired of being oppressed for years and starving to death and being over taxed. but yeah getting rid of the monarchy and slavery was a bad thing actually, why the he;ll dont we go back to having kings and queens again. the entire post is trying to make the revolution look bad and make the oppressive monarchs look sympathetic which i already see historians do enough. its bullshit and i could probably go on for a while longer about it but this is already enough. also sorry if the tone of this sounds really angry i am just pissed that i saw a post as bad as that one and i like the french revolution a lot