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Mavinwood: Ryan is injured during a firefight with another gang, and Gavin can't lift him, so Michael gives Gavin his gun and carries Ryan out of the line of fire. They get separated, but Gavin proves to be surprisingly capable at holding his own to protect the people he cares about. Ryan and Michael realize that Gavin can be scary when he needs to be.

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Out (L.H.)

A/N: pretty angsty I must say and in no way am I trying to romanticize cheating but this is FICTION so I can write what I want

Warning: mention of anxiety attack and cheating is involved

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“I don’t get why I had to leave the party,” Luke grumbled when we walked into the hotel room.
I followed behind him, a bit more slowly due to the fact that my heels were pinching my feet in the most painful way  imaginable and I had a huge migraine. “I told you that you didn’t have to. I was fine on getting back by myself.”
He threw his leather jacket onto the little sofa in the corner of the room. “Yeah, then the other guys started bashing me for not going with you.”
I took off my heels and pinched the bridge of my nose as the throbbing in my head increased the more Luke yelled. “I didn’t ask for that. I told them that it was fine. Don’t take this out on me.”
He spun around quickly as his eyes screamed out anger. “Don’t take it out on you? Y/N, you’re the whole reason why I had to leave such a good party early in the first place!”
I pushed past him and walked over to my opened suitcase to change out of this uncomfortable dress and into some nice cotton shorts with a shirt. “Again, I didn’t ask to have a migraine and didn’t tell you to leave. Stop trying to make me seem like the bad guy here.”
I walked into the bathroom and shut the door as I started to change.
“What? So I’m the bad guy?” Luke yelled from the opposite side.
I finished changing and opened the door once more, walking back into the room. “I didn’t say that.”
“But it’s what you implied.”
I threw my dress onto my suitcase and glared at him. “I’m not trying to put the blame on either of us, Luke. I just wanted to come back and sleep because my head is killing me, but you’re only making it worse with all of your screaming.” I walked back into the bathroom to remove my makeup and wash my face.
“Then you shouldn’t have made me leave the party!” He shouted back, clearly not understanding that I wanted to drop the subject and just sleep.
I emerged from the bathroom makeup free and buried myself in the comforter of the bed. “Again. I didn’t make you leave. Go back if you want. I’m not forcing you to stay.”
Luke huffed when he saw that I wasn’t putting up much more of a fight. “Fine. I will.” He grabbed his jacket again and headed for the door. “I don’t even know why I left in the first place.” Then the door slammed shut.

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5SOS Preference #15: Restless Nights (His POV)
  • Calum Hood: "He's still fighting?" I ask my wife as I lean against the nurseries door post. (Y/N) nods her head as she rocks back and forth on the rocking chair with Ryder on her chest. She rubs our six month olds back soothingly as he moans sleepily into her neck, trying his best not to fall asleep. We both been trying to put him to sleep for about two hours now. After he would fall asleep, us two would have our time alone but guess not. I sigh and walk towards them. "Want me to call mom?" I whisper as I take a seat on the foot rest of the rocking chair. "I don't know." (Y/N) says, her voice cracking. "He's not running a temp. I don't know what's going on." She places a kiss on Ryder's cheek and I notice that this is stressing her out. "We'll figure it out baby." I say after I place a hand on her knee, giving it a reassuring squeeze. (Y/N) looks at me with teary eyes. "Let me take him." I reach my hands out and she places him in my arms. "You're a fighter, little man." I say with a chuckle after getting him situated in my arms. Ryder looks up at me with sleepy and teary eyes. "Go to sleep, Ry. You're not gonna miss out on anything. Just close your eyes." I begin to rock him slowly, his eyes start to blink heavily but he still doesn't budge. "Sing, Cal." (Y/N) whispers and I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. I nod my head and then begin to sing quietly a slower version of "Amnesia", earning an eye roll from my wife. She's probably over the song by now. Ryder watches me with heavy eyes and a miracle happens. His eyes close fully. I look up at (Y/N) as I continue to sing and she sighs in relief. She signals me to keep going and I do. I stare at our little, handsome prince as he snores quietly. After awhile, I stop, just waiting for him to wake up. But he doesn't. I get up slowly and walk towards his crib while (Y/N) follows. We each give him a gentle kiss on the forehead before I lay him down. "Thank you, Lord." (Y/N) praises after she covers Ryder up with a blanket. I smile and wrap my arms around her waist. "I believe it's our time to relax now, Mrs. Hood." I whisper before pressing my lips against hers.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Mommy!" I hear Austin scream for (Y/N) for the fifteenth time tonight. My bride sighs a little before getting out of bed again to go see our two year old. "There are monsters again!" Austin cries, clearly frightened. I get up and sit on the edge of the bed, rubbing my eyes. It's gonna be a long night. "Baby there's no such thing. You're okay. Everything's alright." I hear (Y/N) say, trying to soothe him. I look over to the clock next to me. 12:13 a.m. He's been going at this for an hour after he woke up from a nightmare. I breathe in before getting out of bed to go see them. "Shhh baby. Daddy's trying to sleep. He's got a big day tomorrow." I hear (Y/N)'s muffled voice through Austin's bedroom door. My heart drops when I hear his crying as well. "What's going on?" I ask as I open his door. They both sit on his bed, covered in a big blanket. (Y/N) leans her aching back against the wall, her growing stomach hides under the blanket, as Austin leans into her, crying into her side with her arm around him. "Daddy!" He cries once he sees me. I smile a little at my exhausted, little bug. I walk towards the bed and crawl onto it, joining them. "Daddy there's monsters." Austin says as (Y/N) rubs his arm. "Really?" I gasp and he nods. My wife shakes her head at me. She obviously doesn't want me to pretend that they are real. "Where?" Then Austin points under his bed. I nod my head before getting on all fours to check under his bed. "I don't see anything bud." I say. "Are you sure?" My son asks with concern eyes and I nod. "There's nothing. Don't you worry. You got me and your mommy. We'll protect you. And soon, you'll have to protect your baby sister or brother too." I say with a smile. Austin smiles widely and looks up at (Y/N) and she smiles down at him as well. "I can't wait." He says with a yawn. (Y/N) kisses his curly head. "I'm glad, kiddo." She whispers against his head. "Get some rest champ." I say as I get up. "You're going to see-" I stop once I turn around to see Austin sound asleep against his pillow. (Y/N) gets out of the bed slowly. "Well done baby." She whispers, giving me a kiss after closing Austin's door.
  • Michael Clifford: "Relax, baby girl. Just close your eyes. Daddy's got you. Shh." I coo as I rub my almost two year olds back. I rock back and forth slowly on the rocking chair while Aubrey holds my neck for dear life as she cries. "Mama! M-Mama!" She sobs into my neck. "She'll be back, Aubs. Mama will be here very soon. Just go to sleep, baby, I got you." I whisper. (Y/N)'s out for the night with the girls. She was hesitant to leave me with the kids but I insisted she should go, saying that the four of us would be just fine. She deserves it. She's been busy with work and taking care of her three boys and little girl. She deserves to be out for awhile. "I want mama now!" Aubrey screams, making me jolt a little. "Aubrey, what did I tell you about screaming?" I warn, thinking about her brothers sleeping peacefully in their room next to hers. She cries more, her tears soaking into my t-shirt. I pat her back gently while humming a nursery rhyme. Aubrey cries "mama" over and over again shakily and I feel like I've been sucking at being a parent. "Hey, hey, hey." I hear my wife whisper loudly. I relax and sigh in relief when I see her at the door. My hero. "Mama!" Aubrey squeaks out while getting off of me and running to (Y/N). She crouches down and opens her arms for Aubrey. "You should be sleeping little one." She says while kissing Aubrey's cheek after they embrace each other. "Why'd you go m-mama?" She sobs into (Y/N)'s neck. "Shhhh Aubs, you'll wake Zach and Nick." (Y/N) whispers while picking our little princess up. She walks over, giving me a smile and then mouthing a "hi" to me. I give her a small smile before getting up so she can sit down. She sits down and begins to rock back and forth. "Shhh baby. I'm here. A princess like you deserves her beauty rest." (Y/N) whispers to Aubrey. "L-like Princess Aurora?" Aubrey asks, referring to the princess from Sleeping Beauty. (Y/N) smiles. "Like Princess Aurora." She whispers. Once Aubrey quiets down, I walk out of the room to see the boys, making sure to close the door behind me so Aubrey can fall asleep without the light from the hall bugging her. After awhile, I watch (Y/N) walk down the stairs. I get up from the couch before she pecks my lips. "I'm a terrible dad, aren't I?" I mumble against her lips. "You mean awesome, right?" She asks with a smirk before I kiss her.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke, leave her be. She has to learn." I hear my wife mumble sleepily as I get out of our bed. "You know I can't do that." I whisper back gently while walking towards the door. Once I heard my little Ella's muffled cries coming from the baby monitor, I had to fight the urge not to get up and help her right then and there. After a good thirty minutes of her crying, I couldn't take it anymore. I walk down hallway to head towards Ella's nursery. "Daddy's right here, pumpkin." I say as I walk through her door. I frown a little at my almost one year old through the cribs rails. She sits on her bum with wet tears running down her red face. "D-daddy." Ella cries in relief before standing up and reaching for me. "What's wrong, huh?" I ask sadly while picking her up. I kiss forehead before she wraps her little arms around my neck. She tries to find her breath. "Breathe sweetheart. You're okay." I start to run my hand up and down her back slowly, trying to calm her down. I check to feel if she needs a diaper change but find out that she doesn't. She rests her head on my shoulder and cries more. "Someone's a little sleepy bug I see." I state with a smile before sitting down on the rocking chair. "No." Ella mumbles her new favorite word into my neck. I chuckle and begin to rock gently. She holds on tight to me, never letting go of me. "Daddy's not going anywhere, Ella. I'm right here." I coo. After a few minutes of doing rocking back and forth and rubbing her back, she quiets down and then cries again, trying to stay awake. "Don't fight it El." I whisper quietly. And then, just as I command, she quits fighting. Small snores escape her mouth. I keep rocking in case she wakes up again but she doesn't. I get up gently and walk over to her crib. I lay Ella down slowly as possible, very careful not to wake her up. "Sweet dreams pumpkin." I whisper after placing the blanket on her. I tense when I see her squirm a little but then she relaxes. I sigh and smile down at her. I turn towards the door and jump a little when (Y/N) leaning against the door post. She gives me a small smile as she reaches her hand out for me. "Come back to bed, Mr. Hemmings." She whispers as I place my hand on hers, then she pulls me back towards our room. I close Ella's door gently behind me, completely hypnotized by my wife's actions.
No Good Deed...

Title: No Good Deed…
Word Count: 750
Rating: G
Pairing: Natan (Satan and Me), fluffSummary: Natalie has a nightmare, and thanks to a contract neither of them will break, Lucifer knows exactly what it’s about. 

A/N: Had this jotted down a few days ago, but because of the update today, it all makes even MORE sense.  Super short, but whatever.  Actually envisioned it as a little fan comic, but I have neither the skill nor the time to get this into shape, so a short one-shot will have to do.

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based off of if you leave me now by chicago (or you could listen to into your arms by the maine bc i wrote half of calum’s part with that song on replay idk)

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If you don't know - preference 4/4


Tonight we’re fading fast
I just wanna make this last
If I could say the things I want to say,
I’d find a way too make you stay
I’d never let you get away

There was so much I wanted to say to her but I couldn’t. She was sitting across the room talking to me and the boys about how she wanted to travel around the world for a few years to get away for a bit.

“So do you think it’s a good idea?” She asked nervously.

There were a series of yeses and nods of heads from the boys.

“So you want to go traveling by yourself for a few years? Won’t that get a little lonely?” I said breaking my quiet stance I had held the past hour.

She looked at me in shock before composing herself.

“I-I’ll meet new people and I’ll get to explore… I won’t be completely alone” she said quietly.

“So we won’t see you for a few years then?” I said angrily

“I guess not..”

“Great. That’s just fucking great. Have fun.” I growled before anger took over me and I stormed out of the room and retreated to my bedroom.

If only I had a good enough reason to make her stay. I didn’t want her to go, I loved her too much and if it was up to me if never let her get away.


So go ahead rip my heart out,
Show me what loves all about
Go ahead rip my heart out
Thats what loves all about

“Stop it y/n, please just stop it.” Luke sighed in defeat.

“Stop what?” I asked innocently not having any idea what he was talking about.

“stop pretending that the other night didn’t happen” he growled

“That’s because it didn’t” I told him sternly as we had agreed to forget about it.

“We slept together. That’s not going to change so please stop ignoring it” he said

“I’m not ignoring it, I just don’t want to talk about it. It was a mistake, we were drunk and it’s never going to happen again.” I said

“You honestly can’t see can you?” He asked

“See what?”

“You just don’t see that I love you. I don’t count the other night as a mistake” he whispered

“Luke?” I gasped at him “what?… I.. No. Stop messing around.”

“Do you love me?” He said ignoring my last comment.

“You’re my best friend of cours-”

“Not like that, you know what I mean”


“Go on tell me, I can take the truth” he said

“I don’t know… I don’t know what love is… I’ve never been in love before…”

“That’s okay, I can show you. Just give me the chance”


I want you to want me to stay,
And I need you to need me to stay
If you say that you don’t feel a thing
If you don’t know let me go

“Ashtonnnnnn Hiii” I slurred hiccuping down the phone.

“Y/n? What the hell?” Ashton’s tired voice rang through my head.

“Ashtonnnn get upp!! ‘Snot bed time!! ” I giggle

“Y/n? Are you drunk?” He asked softly

“Nope” I giggled again popping the p

“Where are you? I’m coming to pick you up” he said

“I’m at our place” I sighed sadly.

I heard him let out a breath before hanging up.

Okay so maybe I was a bit drunk. Okay make that very drunk. I had no Idea what I was doing or why I’d called Ashton.

Some time later Ashton’s car pulled up and he stepped out making his way towards me.

“Y/n…” He started sitting next to me on the park bench.

“Ashtonnnn” I mimicked him

“you have to stop doing this” he said bluntly suddenly bringing me back to reality.

“Im sorry” I said sadly before getting up to leave.

He grabbed my hand not saying anything and led me over to his car strapping me into the passenger seat and climbing into the drivers seat.

He looked over to me sighing when I turned my head to look out of the window. He stared the car driving all the way to my house in silence.

Once we got their I hurried out of his car stumbling quickly to my front door and fumbling in my clutch for my key.

“Give it here” Ashton said taking my bag and easy finding the key and unlocking the door.

He followed me into the house making me go upstairs to get changed into my pyjamas that consisted of one of his shirts I kept when we broke up.

He had disappeared downstairs and returned with a glass of water. He stopped in the doorway taken aback as he stared at his T-shirt I was wearing. He as brought back as I moved to get into my bed. He placed the glass down onto my bedside table as I crawled further into my covers wondering what he would do next.

“Get some sleep” he said before turning to leave and closing the door behind him and just like that he was gone.

“Ashton wait” I called out as I heard his footsteps come to a halt and turn around.


“I want you to stay” I said lifting up the covers.

“I shouldn’t …”

“I need you to ashton … Please”

“Y/n… I can’t… We broke up two moths ago … You need to move on.” He said.

“Oh” I said as a few tears started to fall down my cheeks.

“Don’t cry. Please. I still love you, I really do but your drunk and you’ll forget about this by the morning”


You would scream, we would fight, you would call me crazy
And I would laugh, you were mad but you’d always kiss me
In the shirt that I had that you always borrowed
When I woke, it was gone
There was no tomorrow

“For fuck sake shut up” I said before pulling her to me and kissing her roughly.

“I hate you” She said pulling back then crashing her lips back onto mine.

“I hate you too” i said back to her as we fell onto the bed cuddled together.

“Michael?” Luke’s voice sounded through the hotel room

“Go away” I grumbled

“Look, you need to get out of here, it’s not good for you”

“Leave me alone”

“Fine, but you can’t stay in bed for the rest of your life” he said

I can try. I thought.

What was the point of doing anything when y/n wasn’t there with me.

The day she left haunted my every dreams, I would never forget it until she was back in my arms and I could call her mine again.

I remember the morning I woke up to find she wasn’t there anymore.

“Y/n?” I called out into my apartment, not knowing that she was gone.

I checked every room and their was no sign of her which confused me, she normally stuck around for breakfast.

I checked my phone to see I had a message from her.

‘Im sorry. I can’t do this anymore.’

A sob came from within me and I let the tears fall freely crying openly into the empty hotel room.

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t updated for ages but exams are over now so wooo (and this is really bad sorry)

"I Can't"- Calum Imagine (Part 3)

Requested- Yes
Word Count: 878

Calum stood there looking at his son in awe. He looked likewe wanted to say something but physically couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. “Do you, do you want to hold him?” He eagerly nodded his head as I passed James over to him. I saw the boys looking at each other in confusion and started to make their over when Mikey said something and they stopped. James’ hazel eyes became wider when he Calum grabbed hold of him. “Hi buddy” He smiled down at him and James just giggled and hid his head in Calum’s neck. Calum chuckled and looked up at me. “He’s got your laugh” I weakly smiled at him. “What’s his name?” “James” I stated and he grinned at me. “You called him what I’ve always wanted to call my son” I nodded at him and looked down at my shoes. “Yeah, um, I thought he might as well have something his father wanted seeing as I didn’t think he would come back” His eyes were clouded with sadness all of a sudden and I could see the regret flooding into his face. “I’m sorry y/n I-” I interrupted him “Save it Cal, I don’t want to hear it” He just nodded then James looked up at him. “Who are you?” He asked as he prodded Calum’s dimple that appeared as he grinned down at him. “You have the same caves as mummy does in her cheek” He chuckled “Yes I do and I’m” He stopped and looked at me as though to see if it was alright to say he was his father. I nodded at him and he breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m your daddy” James gripped onto him a bit tighter and grinned up at him. “Can you play with the ball with me?” He had those puppy eyes he did when he wanted something or wanted to do something. “Of course we can bud.” He grinned and asked to be put on the ground. He started running for the ball as though nothing had happened. “Can the boys come over as well y/n” I burst out laughing. The confusion on his face was priceless. “What?” I just shook my head “You four are literally joined at the hip. I expected them to be over here already”

I’d sat on the grass watching them kick the ball around whilst James would chase it for about half an hour when I felt someone’s presence next to me. I turned to see Ashton sitting there looking at the boys. He turned to face me and smiled at me. “We’ve missed you y/n” I just brought him into a hug. “Me to Ashton me to” I let him go and looked back at the boys. “Don’t leave again. Calum was a mess without you” I looked back and saw him picking James up and put him on his shoulders and run around with him whilst James laughed. “I don’t plan on it. I was a mess as well”

We ended up back at my apartment with James asleep because he was so worn out and we sat in the living room talking like old times. Just as Luke was about to say something I heard crying coming from James’ nursery. I sighed and got up making my way to the nursery. I got to the door and saw him stood up in his cot and crying, when he saw me he shut up and I went and lifted him out. “What’s wrong gorgeous?” “I’m hungry” I smiled at him “You never did get your ice cream did you?” He shook his head and laid it on my shoulder. I went through to the kitchen and put him in his high chair. I put some ice cream in a bowl as I heard James go “DADDY” I turned round to see Calum stood at the door. I put the bowl down on James’ plate and turned towards him. “How have you been?” I just nodded my head. “I’ve been holding up” He just looked at me and I sighed “I’ve been shit. My family disowned me apart from Em, the person I loved left me and the only good thing I got out of this was I got a beautiful son.” I had tears in my eyes and he brought me into a hug. I didn’t return it at first until I realised how much I’d missed him. “I missed you Cal” He started rubbing circles on my back like he used to when I was upset with his chin leaning on the top of mine. “Me to y/n me to” we grabbed me tighter as though he was scared he was going to lose me. “I made a mistake. One that affected both of us massively and I won’t make that mistake again.” He pulled out of the hug and we both turned look at James who now had ice cream all over his face. “I don’t plan on leaving either of you anytime soon” He turned to me a looked me dead in the eye “Because I love you both too much” And in that moment I knew that things would be alright because we were all back together.

A/N Last part. I didnt think I could keep it going any longer. I didnt want it to be a fanfic. I hope it’s okay and I’ll be writing preferences later on! 

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you do an imagine where you and Calum broke up but you still work with 5sos. Love your imagines btw!!

o0o0o0oOO0 okay so imagine you’re like a part of their management team and basically your main job is to make sure they’re in the right places at the right time. So obviously, you’re like literally with them 24/7. And you and Cal were dating before you even got the job. In fact, the reason you got the job was because he like suggested you and then you ended up being the most perfect person bc you’re so organised and what not. 

But anyway, he would’ve only broken up with you because one of the main bosses was getting really iffy about the two of you together. And then like your job was being threatened because the boss didn’t want you dating Calum and working with him as well and somehow just the stress of it got to the both of you and it ended up a super messy teary yelling break up one night. :(  

And afterwards, you didn’t speak to each other at all besides strictly work related things, like constantly you had to go into his hotel room and get him to hurry up because you were about to be late for an interview or something. But normally this wouldn’t have ever been a problem. Because Calum was usually really like the easy one of the four boys to organise, and Michael was the difficult lazy one, but ever since the two of you broke up, Calum had been getting worse and worse. And you could notice that he honestly wasn’t right with anything. Like, he actually didn’t say a word in interviews, and barely moved from his mic to run around on stage during shows and stuff. 

And then one day you were in the hotel foyer with Michael Ash and Luke, and the three of you were waiting for him to come down so you could head off to the studio because that day was completely booked for recording, and you’d say something to the guys like, ‘have you seen Calum yet this morning?’ and they’d shake their head and you’d just sigh and then Ashton would be like, 'you know he’s just been useless lately because he’s not coping with the loss of you.’ So then you wouldn’t even fake surprise because you kind of knew that, like, it was no coincidence he’d been getting sadder and sadder ever since the two of you broke it off. And then you’d just let out a huge breath of air and you’d be just feeling so stressed and conflicted, and Luke would put his hand on your shoulder and just be like, 'Just go up and talk to him, we’ll get the taxi to the studio and meet you both there later.’

So here you go, heading up to his room, and you let yourself in and the poor boy is just head down on his bed, under the covers. And you just walk over and get on the mattress above the quilt, kneeling next to him, and you just whisper, 'Calum, are you awake?’ and there’d be a slight pause before he’d mumble, 'no,’ and it would get muffled by the pillow and you’d put your hand on the little bit of his back that was exposed and say, 'You’ve only got studio work today, just working on that new song,’ and he’d just groan into the pillow sleepily. And I mean you wouldn’t even know what to do, so you’d just mindlessly start rubbing your hand up and down his back soothingly, and eventually he’d turn his head to the side and be squinting up at you, and you’d just stop when you saw him, because he’d have huge bags under his eyes and the actual eyes would be red and sore and his lips would be all cracked and your heart would bE WEEPING LIKE NO MY POOR BABY ALL THE RELATIONSHIP FEELS ARE COMING BACK

and then he would turn around completely and you’d just be thinking like omg he looks so miserable and you just want to hug him and tell him it’s okay and then tears would start welling in your eyes and he would see and he’d just lift up the covers a little to suggest for you to hop in. And, obvs you didn’t even hesitate

Straight away he would just wrap his arms around you so you’d have your head on his chest and he’d have you so tight against him, and then he’d sniff and be like, ‘I still love you,’ and you’d nod and be like, 'I know, and I love you too,’ and he’d go all rambly and shit out of nowhere saying, 'I want to be back together and I want us to be back in the same bed and I want to hold you and kiss you and we can just keep it a secret, okay? we don’t have to tell any of the bosses or anything, baby, please, you don’t know how much I need you, you’re everything to me.' 

and you’d be looking up at him and just slowly smiling and when he stopped talking for a second, you’d just crawl up and kiss him and it would feel so good and back to normal again and ugh CALUMDAMMit. And then he’d just somehow keep talking even as you were making out and the words would be like floating into your mouth and he’d be all like, 'you’re so beautiful, [y/n], it’s been so hard to see you every day and know that you’re not going to be in my arms at the end of the night and I can’t do anything without thinking about how amazing you are, baby, and how much I just want to always touch you and I need to know that you’re going to be in my bed  so I can be the one to fuck you and have you screaming for me,’

and his voice would like start getting deeper and croakier while he spoke and it would go from super sweet to just really fucking horny and tbh you wouldn’t even be mad when he flipped you over and started sucking down your neck bc you’d just be thinking like, yes I have really missed this little shit. And you’d end up just having really loud, really sloppy morning sex and calum would be so into it like he was trying to prove that you should get back with him, but you didn’t need convincing. 

but, i mean, if you did need convincing, you definitely would’ve been bc damn he was just being vocal like he hadn’t spoken in weeks (which he hadn’t) and he’d be yelling like, ‘oh, fuck, baby, i’ve missed this, i’ve missed how tight you are, god, babe, did you miss my cock too? hey? did you?’ 

5SOS Preference #12: Homecoming (AU)
  • Ashton Irwin: "Oh my (Y/N), my (Y/N), my beautiful, beautiful (Y/N)." Ashton whispers in relief into my ear. He holds me into his strong arms as I cry into his chest. "I-I missed you so m-much." I sob into his chest. He's here. My soldier is finally here. It's been 8 long and crucial months without him. But he's here now and is here for a good, two years. He kisses my head and his grip tightens on me, bringing me more close to him. "I missed you more, baby." He whispers. "Impossible." I mumble and he chuckles, my heart starts to flutter immediately. I almost forgot about his adorable chuckle. "I missed everything about you." I say before breathing in his aftershave and cologne. I pull away from him while wiping my eyes and he smiles at me. I kiss his lips in return. "Mmmm." Ashton hums after pulling away with his eyes closed. His big hands find my hips and then gives them a slight squeeze. "You don't know how long I've been craving those lips, ma'am."
  • Luke Hemmings: I gasp a little when I see Luke. His hair is pushed up as wears his camouflage uniform, which makes him look more attractive than ever, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looks amazing and I can't stop watching him. Luke looks all around, searching for me. "Luke!" I call out with a wave, trying to get his attention. He turns his head to where I'm at and then, his eyes meet mine. I smile and so does he. I walk quickly towards him as he runs to me. He drops his luggage then scoops me up in his big arms and turns us around slowly while he buries his head into my neck. "God (Y-Y/N), it's been so long." Luke croaks out as he stops turning. My neck starts to feel wet due to his tears. "I know baby. I know." I whisper as I rub his back. "I love you s-so much," He mumbles as he holds me tighter. "And I'm very thankful to have you here. Right here in my arms."
  • Calum Hood: "My God." Calum whispers as I place our sleeping, little two month old, sunshine in his muscular arms. It's the first time he's ever been with her. He left for war when I was 6 weeks with her, leaving me with the the other eight months by myself. Calum had second thoughts about leaving us but I told him that I'd be just fine without him and that he has someone to look forward to when he comes back. He holds her in front of him with such delicacy, his one hand on her bum while his other holding her head. "She's so precious, (Y/N)." He whispers. He watches her in awe with tears in his eyes. I watch him stare at her, my heart over-flowing with happiness. "She takes after her mama," Calum looks over to me with a smile. I smile back. He returns his eyes back to her, leaning in and then planting a kiss on her forehead. She squirms a little and then relaxes. "We did good, mama." He whispers to me before kissing my lips. "How did I ever get so lucky?"
  • Michael Clifford: I jump on Michael before wrapping my arms around his neck and then my feet around his waist. He stumbles back a little, a chuckle escaping his lips. "Hey (Y/N)." He whispers into my ear after wrapping his firm arms around my back. And I lose it. It's so surreal that he's here. It felt like an eternity since the last time I saw my Michael. Everything about him feels like home to me. "You're here." I sob with a little laugh. "You're really here, Mikey." He chuckles. "I'm here." He whispers in relief. "I was so worried Michael." I say while pulling away to look at him. "So worried. You didn't write back and...and I thought you were-" I couldn't finish my sentence because of his lips crashing onto mine. "Don't say it, please." He whispers slowly against my lips with his eyes closed. Michael rests his forehead against mine. "I'm here. That's all that matters, baby. I'm here with you and I promise you, I am not going anywhere, okay?" I smile and nod my head. He smirks. "Now, will you just kiss me and tell me you love me already?"
Rooftop - Roommate!Ashton

Living in a crowded city in a four leveled apartment had its ups and downs. The pros being that you lived with an extremely attractive boy and you were in walking distance of some shops. The cons being you lived on the fourth floor and your neighbors were always fucking.

One of your favorite things, though, was going up to the roof to look at the stars. On nights you couldn’t sleep you could be found gazing at the sparkling sky.

It became a routine really. Every night around 12:36, after Ashton went to bed, you would sneak out, careful not to rrewake him, and go to the roof. Ashton (that you knew of) didn’t know about your nightly adventures which was probably the best. You tried to clear your head on the roof and Ashton was always on your mind. You see, after living with him for eight months you had grown a not-so-small crush on the tall boy.

You didn’t mean to, honest. It’s just that with the loving gestures that he does, that probably don’t even mean a thing to him, mean the world to you. You tried to find out ways of getting rid of your feelings or just mustering up the courage to tell him the truth, but neither happened.

There was one particular night, you were home alone, Ashton having left for a party. You were enjoying your Netflix binge when the door quickly opens to reveal Ashton and a blonde girl sucking face. You awkwardly sat on the couch, watching the two.

“Um…” You cleared your throat loudly, your stomach tying into a knot as you watched the two together.

They pulled away from each other, their bodies still pressed together. “Oh! Uh, we’ll be in my room.” Ashton quickly mumbled before dragging the blonde down the hall and into his room.

You instantly felt sick to your stomach, although you really had no right to (but you couldn’t help it), when you heard moans coming from down the hall. Quickly turning off the tv, you left to go to the roof.

Once on the roof, you quickly sat in your usual spot, fighting back the tears for a solid minute before you lost.

It was another five or six minutes until the tears dried and you were stuck watching the stars at 2:54 am on a Thursday night alone.

Eventually you stopped sniffling and your stomach wasn’t as twisted. You didn’t know how long you’d been up here, you left your phone in your hurry to leave. You didn’t want to risk going back down to hear them still going at it and you, quite honestly, didn’t feel like moving.

It seemed like an hour had gone by before you were jerked from your position at the sound of footsteps. You quickly sat up to see Ashton walking towards you, a look of relief on his features. “I should have known you would be up here.” You didn’t say anything, just watched as he walked over and sat next to you. “You okay?”

You nodded, your eyes drifting to the sky. You could tell he was looking at you and you tried your best to not look at him. “You sure?”

“Yeah, why?” Your voice was a bit scratchy and you cleared your throat, taking a deep breath.

“You usually come up here when something’s bothering you.” He shrugged, turning his attention to the sky.

It was quiet for a moment.

“Why are you up here?” You spoke up, your voice almost a whisper.

He looked over at you before letting out a sigh. “There’s this girl..” You scoffed, shaking your head a bit. “Isn’t there always?”

He smiled slightly before continuing. “Long story short, I like her but I don’t know how she feels and I think…” He let out a sigh. “I think I’m falling in love with her.”

“Was it that girl you slept with?”

He let out a sigh, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “Uhm, well…” You secretly hoped it wasn’t her, and maybe there would be a small chance it could be you. “Uh, yeah. Yeah it’s her.”

Or not.

You could feel the tears lining up, a lump forming in your throat. You swallowed it down and nodded slowly. “Well, I hope everything turns out okay.”

He mumbled a small ‘thank you’ and you just hummed in reply.

“So what about you? Any boy troubles?”

Yes, you. You are my boy trouble, why can’t you fucking see that?



His voice was almost…disappointed? Which didn’t make much sense, really. You sat in a quiet awkward silence, the stars shining above you.

“Why do you think you’re falling for her?”

It was a dumb question really, you were just torturing yourself at this point. You mentally scolded yourself even though Ashton’s voice was too loud to do that properly.

“Um… I don’t know I just think about her all the time and I just want her with me 24/7.”

“You want to be with her or in her?” Your voice monotone, eyes focused on the dark sky. You could see his head snap to look at you out of the corner of your eye. “Are you serious?”

You shrugged, glancing at him. “Love and lust are two different things. Don’t mix up the two.”

He was still looking at you but you couldn’t bare to face his way – it hurt too much. With him here you wanted nothing more than to go down in your bed and curl up in your blankets – maybe take a 2 year nap, who knows!

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

You couldn’t help the tear that slipped from your eye, the lump in your throat growing. You cleared your throat. “Yep.”

If he said one more thing…

“You wouldn’t be crying if you were.”


“I don’t want to talk about it! Not with you at least so just fucking leave it alone! I’m fine, you’re fine, everything’s fucking fine so just leave it!”

You stood up – this roof no longer holds happy memories.


“No Ashton.”

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Collision- Michael Clifford ~ part 1

so I wrote this at 1am I’m sorry if it sucks and ignore mistakes whatsoever thank you babes

Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to send me requests or if you want a part two x or I’ll do a part two when it gets 50+ notes?

requested: nope

word count: 991 yay!

rating: swearing, no smut hehe

it never really struck me that me and the schools biggest jock would be together, dating. Just over a bit a year ago, he admitted his crush to me, and asked me out on a nice date. It was nothing fancy though, just a cup of warm coffee each with a slice of cake to share. I was hesitant at first, as he was the sports boy of the year, but not just for one year, for three years straight. I was just a nobody, who enjoyed being on her own.
We were different in so many ways. He loved punk rock music, all those guitars shredding and drums banging, but jazz was more of my cup of tea. He loved football and boxing, I was into hockey, but I don’t play hockey, I play the violin instead. Quiet and petite. He hated every subject, except for biology, the only class we were both in.
I excelled in biology surprisingly. Him, on the other hand, failed miserably. I wasn’t tutoring him though, Maddy and Mandy the twins were tutoring him, I was already tutoring some younger students higher calculus. I was the shy kid who always sat at the middle, not to obvious, not too hidden. He on the other hand, was rude, snobby and really ignorant. It didn’t cross my mind that I would be dating him, and watching him smash every player on the field, this minute.
Before the game, he gave me his jersey to wear. It was massive on me though, considering he was 6"3’ and I was 5"5’. It hung loosely on my tiny figure but appeared to be quite a tight fit for my boyfriend. His last name, ‘Clifford’ was etched onto the back of the jersey, nice and big.
'Do I get a good luck kiss?’
'CLIFFORD’S GONNA GET LAID TONIGHT’ yelled his team mate and best friend Calum. Calum was a tall, dark haired tan boy. Various tattoos and blonde strips of hair, the type everyone would go for. Michael was different though, his hair was always a wild color, never settling down for one for more than half a year.
Embarrassed, I quickly pecked him on his lips, just to get him pumped up.
'Alright kids, huddle up!’ their coach yelled. I never called him coach, he was my dad and that would be weird, I’d never play my dad’s favorite sport.
'Y/N that includes you, i need you to motivate Clifford alright? This is the most important game of his career, if he smashes this game, he’s getting a shot at a scholarship. You got me?’
I quickly nodded, not wanting to disappoint my father.
'Boys, we gotta smash this game. I don’t care if this is your first year, or last game. I just need you to win this’
They soon separated, the game started in 5 minutes. I hugged Michael before he got on the pitch, and 15 seconds later after he was on the pitch, he had already taken down number 26 from the opposite team.
I walked over to the benches, and stood up for a bit. Next to me was a family of four with a screaming baby and to the left of me was a boy around my age.
'You a fan of the tigers?’ he chuckled
'Yeah, my boyfriend Michael is the captain for them’
'Well he sure is darn lucky to have you as his girl friend’ you blushed furiously
'What brings you here?’
'Oh my brother is the captain for the dragons. My name is Jake, sorry I forgot to introduce myself’
'I’m Y/N, nice to meet you’
Throughout the entire night, Jake and I had a couple of laughs and chuckles. When Michael scored the last try of the night,I jumped in joy. Before I left the stands, Jake and I swapped numbers and after that, I ran to see Michael.
'Congratulations on the win babe!’ you giggled happily
'I’m surprised you noticed’
'What do you mean’ I retorted, unfamiliar with the feeling of Michael suddenly becoming distant and cold
'That fucking guy was hitting you up okay’
'Jake wasn’t hooking me up! We we’re talking about how his brother Braydon Miller was the captain of the dragons!’
'Great! So it has to be a Miller huh?’
'Michael are you serious right now? You don’t trust me to take care of myself while watching you play your game?’
'You are so annoying Y/N!’ Michael yelled, clenching his fist. He dragged his fist, having colliding with my face, but barely missing
I yelped in pain and tears hit me like a tsunami.
'Babe I’m so sorry’
I yanked off his jacket, not caring if I was in the middle of the freezing winter air. I pulled out the necklace he gave me on our one year anniversary too, chucking them both onto the ground, leaving him.
He gave me the necklace on our 20th proper date, not counting the small dates. It was our one year anniversary, and he went out and picked out a necklace, with a little heart lock. Inside was a picture of us two in the snow together. I remember that day so clearly, it was a snow day and I was in my room reading per usual. He ran to my house during the blizzard, climbed up my pipe that lead to my room and plopped himself onto my balcony and insisted having a snowball fight. He dragged me out into the freezing snow to have a bit of fun. My 8 year old brother Brooke took that picture, inside our house. He loved Michael, Michael adored Brooke, since he was an only child. He treated Brooke as his own brother, taking him out to watch baseball and hockey, even if they weren’t his main sports.

  • Ashton: His arms wrap tightly around you the second you walk into the room with tears in your eyes. It doesn't matter to him that you came in during a writing session with some of his heroes. Your his and you're upset. You bury your head in his chest and his arms wrap around you in an attempt to block out the rest of the world. He rests his chin on your forehead as you cry into his chest. He doesn't ask questions. He knows you just need him right now. "I've got you," he mumbles, somehow squeezing you tighter into his chest. Your hands fist into his t-shirt as you cry. Ashton drops a kiss to your hair before resting his chin on your head again, attempting to completely surround you with him. One of his hands starts to rub smooth circles on your back. He doesn't shush you or tell you it's all going to be okay. Right now you're upset and he lets you be upset. When you finally calm down enough to stop sobbing into his chest, he lifts his head and says, "You boys can finish this one without me today, okay? I've got somewhere else I need to be." That somewhere else is with you. He takes you back to his hotel and you tell him everything through more tears. That night, you fall asleep in his clothes, wrapped up in his arms. He never once tells you to pull yourself together. He's there for you, which is exactly what you need.
  • Calum: Interrupting rehearsal wasn't something you had never done before. When Calum sees you in the doorway of their rehearsal room, he immediately cuts the song short and puts down his bass. He comes over and takes your face in his large hands. He sees the tears stains down your cheeks and frowns. "Hey, hey, what's wrong? Talk to me," he says. You shake your head in response. He sighs and says, "Babe, I can't fix it if you don't tell me what it is. Don't shut me out right now." You mumble, "I shouldn't have come here. I'm interrupting-" Calum cuts you off, "Don't you dare apologize for coming to me when you're upset. You're my girlfriend. I'm supposed to fix this kind of stuff. Now, tell me what happened." You're shaking and the tears start to fall again as you tell Calum why you're so upset. The second you stop talking, he presses a deep, long kiss to your lips, his hands still cupping your face to keep you close to him. "Boys, I'm skipping out," he tells the guys when he pulls away from you. He starts to get yelled at by his manager, but Calum cuts him off by saying, "My girlfriends needs me right now. You can manage for a day without me." He drops his hands from your face to slide his fingers between yours. He spends the day distracting you with stupid faces and cheesy love confessions, which is exactly what you need.
  • Luke: You nervously knock on Luke's front door, your body already shaking with sobs you're trying to hold back. You know he's having dinner with his family, his family who has never met you to boot, but you need Luke right now. His mom opens the door and you quickly say, "Can I speak to Luke, please?" She starts to ask you who you are, but Luke hears you from the dinning room and comes up behind her. Luke breathes out your name when he sees you obviously upset. You slide past him mom and wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. He strokes your hair softly and says to his mom, "Yes, this is the girl I told you about. Can we have a little time alone right now?" His mother mumbles that she'll be in the dinning room before she leaves. "What happened?" Luke says, releasing you so you look up at him. You start rambling about all the little things that are adding up and how you can't cope with everything right now. "Hey, it's okay," Luke tells you. "No, it's not," you mutter through your sobs. "I'm being a stupid girl who can't handle her own stuff. I'm dumping it all on you and we've only been together for a month, so you have to think I'm clingy and stupid-" Luke's jaw clenches before he speaks, "Don't put yourself down like that, ever. It pisses me off. No one gets to speak to you like that, least of all you. Okay? What do you need from me, baby? I'm not really that good at this kind of thing, so tell me what to do and I'll do it."
  • Michael: Reading through your mentions on Twitter wasn't something you did very often because you knew what some of the fans thought of you. For some stupid reason, you decided to ignore your cardinal rule for the day and read some of them. You immediately regretted it, seeing hate comment after hate comment. Your hands are shaking as you dial Michael's number. "Hey, baby," he says. His familiar voice is warm and comforting. "Michael," you choke out, "I didn't listen to you. I read through my mentions and-" He cuts you off by saying, "What did they say to you? Everything that isn't positive is a lie, baby. Are you okay? Do you need me to come home for a few days? I have a show tomorrow, but then the boys and I have four days off. I can come home." You smile as your crying begins to lesson thanks to his sweet words. "No, I'll be okay. I just needed to talk to you," you tell him. "I wish I was home with you," he sighs. "I also wish I didn't have to go right now, but I have some interviews. I'll call you after, okay? I promise." You let him go back to work, instantly feeling worse when you stop hearing his voice. You pull yourself together enough to take a shower. When you get out, your check your phone. You find that Michael posted a picture of the two of you on the band's Instagram with a long tagline: This is my beautiful, funny, smart, amazing girlfriend. She called me crying an hour ago because of some of the terrible things all of you have said about her. Stop hurting her. She's everything to me whether you like it or not and I love her. So go apologize. She's wonderful. You'll love her as soon as you talk to her. I promise :)
eye of the storm - michael angst


Word Count: 793

Summary: You wake up in the dead of night from the noise of a thunderstorm, only to find Michael wide awake, strangled by his own thoughts.

A/N: Not too sure what this is but I felt like writing angst after watching the Jet Black Heart music video. I hope you like it :-)

It was the storm that stole the sleep from you. The thunder was rolling, lurching deeply in the distance while the sky was illuminated by sporadic strikes of lightning. Everything was loud and bright, the rain falling in sheets as it poured down the massive hotel room windows. You were cold and the space on the mattress beside you was empty, Michael’s scent lingering in his wake. You shifted and kept the sheets over your bare chest while your gaze searched the suite to look for him.

And there he was, his hands pressed up against the glass windows, shoulders hunched and head bowed. You knew he was having one of those moments where sleep couldn’t find him and nothing could hinder the demons that roamed the realms of his thoughts. You could see it effortlessly, even if his back was to you, even if he didn’t have the slightest clue that you were awake as well, studying him with worried eyes.

“Michael, baby,” you pleaded hesitantly. “Come back to bed, all right?”

He didn’t even react to the sound of your voice. He only dropped his hands from the windows, letting them swing to his sides as he continued to stare through the window, out to the city surrounding. Lightning struck, and again, he didn’t flinch.

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Being the new girl (Luke imagine) part 2


A/N: Thank you so much for this request! I really wanted to write a part 2! I’m sorry it’s a bit short, but I have ideas for maybe a part 3 (???) If you think I should write a third part, please like or reblog and/or message me requesting it!!

(You can find part 1 of this imagine right here)



“[Y/N], wait up!” my friend [Y/F/N] calls after me. I stop and wait for her.

“Hey, ready for lunch?” I ask as she catches up with me.

“Yeah!” she smiles. “Where’s Luke?” I shrug.

“Don’t know…”

“He still won’t introduce you to his friends?” she asks upset. I sigh.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just-”

“I know, I know! ‘He’s only worried what people will think since he just went through a break-up…” she interrupts . I nod, I had explained this before.

“Yeah, and he doesn’t want his ex and her friends to start hating on me and that’s why we’re keeping it on a down low for now, and I’m fine with that!” I finish glaring at my friend who’s rolling her eyes at me.

“That’s what you said after your first date!” she exclaims. “But it’s been two months! You’ve been on like ten dates, god damn it! How can you still believe this is about protecting you?!” I stare at her, hurt. Her expression softens. “I mean, I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t just stand here and watch him take advantage of you…” my pain turns into fury and I stop short giving her a dark look.

“Of course, because why would Luke actually want to be with me? It doesn’t make sense, right?” I spit and push past her.

“I didn’t mean it like that…” she cries but I keep walking, leaving her behind.


I step into the cafeteria, unable to shake [Y/F/N]’s words out of my head. Luke told me on our first date that he didn’t want people to know about us just yet. I had felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being his secret, but he had promised it was only for a little while and not wanting to lose him before I even had him, I’d agreed to keep it quiet.

What I hadn’t been prepared for was how much it would hurt to have him walk past me in the halls as if I wasn’t even there. He never acknowledged me, not even with a look, and it felt awful. Really, I felt bad for snapping at [Y/F/N]. She only said what I’m too scared to admit myself. Luke had lied to me. He wasn’t waiting for the craziness after his break-up to blow over – he was embarrassed, and he didn’t want his friends to find out he was dating me.

Tears burn in my eyes and I quickly exit the cafeteria. I sprint-walk down the corridor towards the girls bathroom. Halfway there a group of people turn a corner ahead of me and makes their way my direction. Immediately I recognize a few of Luke’s friends and a second later he himself comes around the corner.

I slow down, looking around, but there is nowhere to go but forward. I keep my head down as I pass the group. I take a quick look at Luke and our eyes meet. He looks confused, he’s probably wondering why I’m crying. For a second I think that he’s going to say something, but then he adverts his eyes and keeps on walking. I hold down a sob and run to the girls bathroom. Right as I lock myself in one of the stalls my phone vibrates in my pocket. I pick it out and read the message.

'Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong?’ Luke writes. I sob and write back.

'I can’t Luke, I thought I could, but I can’t…’

'Can’t what? What are you talking about???’

'I can’t be your secret anymore! I thought I would be okay with not telling people about us, and at first I was, but now I know you’re just embarrassed, and I can’t do this anymore. I love hanging out with you, but it hurts too much when you ignore me. I’m sorry…’ I send the message, crying uncontrollably. Everything hurts and I press my hand over my mouth to muffle the sobs.

'What? No, [Y/N], please don’t do this… Where are you? Let’s talk about this…’

'I’d love to… But I’m afraid you’re not speaking to me right now, we’re in school remember? What if someone sees us?’ I press send and before he gets a chance to answer, I’ve blocked his number.

I spend the next hour locked in the bathroom, bawling my eyes out. 

'Sky High AU'

requested by anonymous

summary: Calum and I had grown up in the underground superhero world but Sky High was the biggest change we’d ever experienced

warning: it’s really really long, 6k long but so, so worth it

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I Can't Be Your Everything: Ashton Imagine

[Requested by anonymous

Pairing: Ashton

Word Count: 666

Rating: PG-13


I Can’t Be Your Everything: Ashton Imagine

“I could give you love, but it won’t be enough. No I can’t be your everything.”

The tour bus was empty due to the boys having radio interviews.

I sat in Ashton’s bunk, cross legged with my laptop sitting on my lap.

I was currently browsing on twitter as I had nothing better to do, I clicked on my mentions.

I smiled at the kind messages, my smile disappeared when nasty comments appeared.

“@twittername: @Y/T/N you seriously don’t deserve to date ash. he’s only dating you bc you’re a lost cause.”

“@twittername: @y/t/n ash must have really low standards if hes dating you. He probably doesn’t even love you.”

“@twittername: how about @y/t/n kills herself so someone better can be with ashton? She’s such a disgusting whore.”

“@twittername: dear @y/t/n, break up with ashton, do him a favour. You’re no good for him.

Tears filled my eyes, was I really that bad of a girlfriend?

I feel as if I’m not giving him my all.

Maybe if I let him go, he’ll find somebody better than me. Someone who can be his everything.

I reached for my handbag which was sitting on the floor; I grabbed my notebook and a black pen.

I tore a page out carefully and began to write

Dear Ashton,

By the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be gone. These six months being with you have been a blast.

Meeting you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, I am hook line and sinker in love with you.

You have been an amazing boyfriend Ashton and you’ve done so much for me and I am eternally grateful for that.

I cannot be any more trouble for you or the fans. I can’t be your everything Ash. I’m sorry.

But I think it’s time that I have to let you go, for you to find somebody better.

Somebody who can be your everything and give you enough love.

Please tell the boys I’ll miss them and I love them very much okay?

Please don’t blame yourself for this Ash, it’s my choice.

You will always have a place in my heart.

Love Always,


I folded the tear-stained paper in four, leaving it on his pillow.

I quickly packed all my stuff, squashing everything in my little suitcase.

I took a deep breath, and picked up my suitcase leaving the bus.

I began walking away, in hope of finding somewhere to catch a taxi.

I looked back at the bus, tears began streaming down my cheeks. I whispered softly “Good bye Ash, I love you.”



When the sun began to set, the four boys filed into the tour bus after a long day of radio interviews and press conferences.

Ashton yelled “Y/N, baby! We’re back.”

There was no reply, Luke furrowed his eyebrows “I don’t think she’s here mate. Did she tell you she was planning to go out?”

Ashton shook his head “Not that I know of.”

Michael sat on his bunk which was opposite to Ashton’s; he looked confused as he noticed Ashton’s bunk was a lot cleaner. He scanned the bunk, noticing the folded letter on Ashton’s pillow.

Michael called Ashton over “Hey Ash, there’s a letter for you on your pillow?”

Ashton asked from the entertainment area of the bus “Who from?”

“I don’t know mate, but it might be from Y/N.”

Ashton walked over to his bunk, sitting on the edge of it.

He picked up the letter and unfolded it.

Tears filled his eyes as he began to read it.

Calum noticed Ashton’s mood change “Ash, you okay?”

Ashton spoke softly “She’s gone.”

Luke asked “Who’s gone?”

Ashton cried “Y/N, she’s gone. She left me.”

The boys asked in unison, unintentionally “Why?”

“She felt as if she wasn’t good enough for me.”

Michael retorted “That’s a load of bullshit; she’s one of the best girlfriends you’ve ever had.”

Ashton rubbed his eyes “What am I gonna do? I don’t even know where she went.”

part two? 

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p.s sorry if it’s crappy :(

part two yay

anonymous asked:

"Why can't you just tell me you don't want me?" Y/N said. "Because I fucking love you, Y/N!" - Michael

“Why can’t you just tell me you don’t want me” you said. “Because I fucking love you!” Michael yelled back from across the room. “Is this fucking opposite day? You literally ignored me for weeks, and whenever you did talk to me you treated me like crap and gave me one worded answers. I don’t think that’s how people show that they love someone Michael.” You replied as you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms as you watched him pull at his hair from across the room. 

“I do love you, I just- I’ve never felt love like this before and I don’t want to fuck this up because you make me so happy and shit you know?” “Obviously I wouldn’t know that, we haven’t talked in almost a month other than your dry replies to my text messages” You watched him grow red out of frustration as you glared at him.

“I’m scared okay? I was scared that I would tell you how I felt and that you would laugh at me or leave me and I hate feeling vulnerable like this. I literally think about you all the fucking time, I’ll be making a sandwich and I’ll think hm what would Y/N want or what is Y/N doing right now. I write all these songs about you and I’ll look at them and I sound like a love sick puppy. And I’m scared that if I told you that I loved you that I would never recover if you rejected me” He whispered as his hands were covering the majority of his face to cover up the few tears that had fallen during his speech.

“But why would you assume that? I would never hurt you and I thought you knew me well enough to know that, I love you so fucking much that it hurts and I made it so obvious and I was so open with you about everything. I’m scared too, but I didn’t ignore you for weeks and make you feel like shit” You replied. “I know I didn’t handle it right and I’m sorry I treated you like shit, I just needed to get myself together because I’m really in deep with you and I’ve fucked it up, I know, but I can’t lose you now. I’m in love with you like a lot and I wanna make it up to you” He whispered as he cautiously walked towards you and reached for your hand.

“You have one more chance Clifford, if you fuck it up again then we’re over, okay? I’m not putting up with your shit anymore.” You said as you leaned in to rest your head on his chest. “I promise, I love you so much” he muttered as he kissed the top of your head and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you too”

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Kiss of Realization - Requested (Luke)

BIG requested by done (Hi!I was wondering if you could write something about y/n and Luke, where y/n is on tour with the guys and has feeling for luke but luke only thinks of her as a sister or close friend. but one day luke is comforting y/n bc of hate she’s getting, like being called a groupie, and she thanks him and tries to give him a kiss on his cheek but he moves his head and they accidentally kiss and he like freezes and y/n apologizes and leaves the room, but luke realizes he actually has feeling for her too.) ENJOY!!!!

You lock the door before pressing your back against it and sliding down until your bum touches the floor. You let the tears slide down your cheeks now you’re alone. A small sob escapes your lips but you bite your lip hoping to stay quite.

’(Y/N) open up’ you hear Luke’s voice, it’s soft, soothing but it only upsets you more, you’ve been avoiding him like the plague since you spilt your heart to him, but he rejected you, of course because your you, your nothing.

‘Leave me alone Luke’ you snap, you hear him sigh as you sniff. ’(Y/N) come on, you can’t avoid me forever’ he sighs a little; his words only making you feel more pathetic. 'Why are you crying?’ He asks, you hear shuffling and a scrap down the door and you assume he is sitting with his back to the other side of the door.

'Why do you care?’ You know you sound childish but you don’t care right now your hurt. 'Okay open this door, I’m serious (Y/N), open the fucking door’ he tells you, you can hear he is annoyed at what your said. You sigh reaching up you unlock the door and shuffle away a little so he can slip in and he does, closing the door and dropping down by your side.

'What’s up?’ He asks 'this isn’t about me right?’ He asks, you glance at him from the corner of your eyes. 'I hate you’ you mutter, you see the corner of his lips twitch with a smile, only making you glare harder.

‘They hate me, your fucking fans, hate me’ you tell him, he nods a little understanding and wraps an arm around your shoulders. You don’t relax into him like you normally would not for a moment anyway until he pulls you closer. ‘They call me a groupie; they make horrible rumours up about me. I hate it Luke, you guys are like my brothers, your all I have and they make me want to run away, get away from you guys. But your all I have and I never want to leave, but I don’t want to stay and I’m so confused Luke’ you cry into his chest, his large hand rubbing you back soothingly.

‘You don’t have to listen to them. I love our fans, we all do by they get weird some times and that’s just what happens. I’m sorry that they hurt you so much, I wish I could take the pain away’ he tells you, you sniff into his shirt trying to stop the tears but it’s doesn’t work, ‘And you know if you ever tried to leave us we would be following you around right?’ he chuckles a little and you let out a small scoff between your tears. ‘I’m serious, I dunno what we would do without you, and Michael wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed’ he laughs.

‘Seriously though, you’re our best friend… best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You have been here through it all; you make sure we don’t turn into arseholes.’ You feel his lips against your head as he speaks. ‘And you are a groupie, but you’re the cute groupie that stands back while the others throw themselves on us, you’re the one that supports us and our music not just are fame status. You were are first groupie and you better get used to it because the only time you’re not gonna be a groupie is when we split up’ he chuckles and you do to, pulling away from his chest a little.

‘I love you (Y/N), your truly one of the most important people in my life and I never, never even want you to lock yourself away from me and cry again, and I never want you to even think about running away from us….away from me’ he tells you taking your face in his hands, you nod a little, his pale blue eyes boring into yours, as his thumbs brush over your cheeks whipping away the tears.

‘Thanks Luke’ you whispers, he nods dropping his hands and you move in to kiss his cheek like you always do, but as your about to press your lips to his cheeks he moves and your lips brush, its literally seconds but it sends a shock through your whole body, and you hate yourself for feeling it, so much so that you stand and pull the door open rushing out. Fuck, that’s shouldn’t have happened, that brush shouldn’t have done that to you.


Her lips brush mine for a millisecond before she stands rushing out of the door and I’m frozen, why did that happen, how could that have happened. Its shock, it has to be shock. But I’ve never felt that before, not just shock can do this, I was shocked when Ashton scared me but this, this wasn’t shock, it was something new altogether. And although dreading something before I know what it is my stomach drops and my chest tightens, so much so I panic, am I having a heart attack. But it sooths back to normal in only seconds, love, its love, I love her.

After everything I said the other day, and I love her, I can’t just tell her, I can’t do that, I put her through so much pain, so much embarrassment but I hadn’t given myself time to think it over, me and her, we were friends, best friends always have been since we were eleven and she was adopted by my next door neighbours. I never thought I loved her, well not like this anyway, I but I do, don’t I? I love her.



‘I love you’ your head flies up to the door where Luke is standing, looking as shocked as you feel, you hadn’t heard the door open to lost in thought over the accidental kiss, all these years, all these years you have wanted that kiss, the first one to mean something, but it didn’t, not to him and it hurt like hell. You don’t look at him for long, to embarrassed by what had happened you drop your head.

‘What I said the other day, it was bullshit….I didn’t know it was bullshit but it was….just then, when, when we kissed, I mean I know it wasn’t really a kiss but it was close enough….but it, it made me realise that I do…I do love you, not as a best friend….well of course as a best friend but more too. I think….no, no it’s not think, I know….I know I’m in love with you’ his words have caught you off guard, your eyes and piercing through your fingers, they have frozen entwines which each other, you can’t move, not sure your even breathing are you hearing right? Is this happening.

His large hands slide over yours, covering them and you take in a sharp breath at his touch, he gently pulls you up, tilting your chin a little, ‘(Y/N) (Y/L/N) I love you’ he whispers, but your shaking your head, ‘That was meant to be it Luke, our first kiss, I have been imagining it for two god damn years and it was nothing, a brush, an accident, it meant nothing’ you sigh, disappointed and over whelmed by his confessions, his eyes are soft as they hold you captivated, ‘It wasn’t nothing, it wasn’t meaningless, it was a kiss of realization’. 

From Chelsea