the mexican standoff

  • <p> <b>Phichit:</b> Oh suuuure, don’t listen to crazy ol’ Phichit, because one time he stole a Zamboni and joyrode it around town! And tried to take it through a McDonald’s drive-thru, and then they wouldn’t serve him so he drove it into the front of the McDonald’s and they called the cops! And then there was a Mexican standoff! Yeah, sure, whatever! Don’t listen to HIM! What! Cuz what! Cuz he might steal a Zamboni again! Look out, it’s Zamboni thief Phichit!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Ugh, this again. We’re not gonna call you “Zamboni thief Phichit”.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> IT’S A COOL NICKNAME!<p/></p>

Every Bullet Counts, FAHC penthouse edition, the rules being as follows

  • nerf guns only
    • extremely modified, retrofitted nerf guns. as long as they shoot nerf darts and not actually bullets the shit checks out, heaven help us.
    • You start out with 2. you want more you’ll have to fucking work for it. or die. you die and you can get two more.
    • Actually i lied, Nerf Guns and a Melee Weapon of your choice
      • nothing actually made of metal
      • no garrote wire
      • nothing that can explode
      • nothing that will without a doubt cause internal bleeding of any serious variety
      • nothing that will reasonably causing internal bleeding of any serious variety
      • foam swords. jack bought foam swords for everyone.
      • Caleb is still notified
  • you get hit with a dart and it sticks you are DEAD and they will know
    • Who’s ‘they’?, Michael asks. Geoff shrugs. “you’ll know them when you get caught trying to not be fucking dead.”
    • death lasts for 5 minutes, go back to your room with your nerf tactical ak-47 and think about why you suck so much
    • you cant get any deader than you already are. waste your darts at your own risk.
    • your fake murderer is the owner of your darts. you have lost custody of them. you are such a shit dart parent. no ones darts are their own
  • nowhere but Geoff and Jack’s room is strictly ‘off-limits’ enter at your own risk. (that means you Gavin.)
    • getting caught by the other residents of the apartment complex will result in a penalty ryan and no you can murder the witnesses
  • no actual murder, NO ACTUAL MURDER. no murder, no homicide, premeditated or not, no  death of ANY KIND OR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE MICHAEL AND RYAN
  • as little collateral damage as possible. please. please for the love of god i do not want to renovate the penthouse again
  • it ends when everyone else but you surrenders

Alliances are made, broken, discarded, remade, no one is friends, husbands and wives on opposing sides. Gavin turns to his boyfriend, “Team Nice Dynamite Michael!” Michael nods, “team nice dynamite Gavin.” shoots him in the chest with the dart, kisses him and absconds into the penthouse. Gavin, broken by the betrayal, plots revenge in his room, where Ryan is just sitting there…waiting….until Jeremy ducks in and shoots him. 

ray is in the rafters. ray has ‘made’ a ‘nerf sniper rifle’ and Ray will not come down for any reason. Geoff and Jack are locked in a stalemate in Geoff’s room. its been three hours, one of them in total spent locked in the cold embrace of death and also their respective rooms. Ryan is outside. Ryan is always outside. Geoff asks himself why he didn’t ban camping. Gavin has bought a nerf arrow set, with 2 arrows, no mods. Geoff allows it. A string of deaths and ‘MARK NUT’s later, Geoff really wishes he hadnt.

Jeremy hits Mica once, Mica hits Jeremy 5 times. Jeremy Matt and Trevor team up for a grand total of 28.7 seconds before turning on each other, the stream team is no more. Michael walks down a hallway. Gavin is there, Gavin offers peace, Michael offers a nerf dart. Gavin grins and hands him his dart, and michael is suspicious, but fuck it he earned these darts, and then he’s shot in the back of the head. He turns, Lindsay, his own wife, smiling victoriously, oh the betrayal. She takes his darts, gives one to Gavin, they share a tender high five in the name of team loser’s solidarity, and a quick smooch while Michael bitterly trudges back to his room. Five minutes later, he exits his room, bent on revenge. Take one step outside his doorway. A nerf dart hits the crown of his head. Meg descends, very rapidly, from the ceiling, or more specifically the vent in it, steals his darts, kisses him on the cheek, leans in whispering “there can be only one.” and flounces off as Michael fumes.

Ryan is dual wielding foam swords and beating Geoff voraciously with them.  Ryan has been shot three times. “it takes me a very long time to die.” he says. Jack is certain Ray has fallen asleep up there but refuses to go check. Jack holds Mica in her arms as she dies, only to get shot in the head by Gavin, who's ‘parrot caught in a woodchipper’ imitation brings Michael, Lindsay Trevor, Meg and Ryan in for the kill. Ryan, Michael, Lindsay, Meg and Trevor are caught in a mexican standoff. Jeremy swoops in and kills them all with a foam hatchet.

Ray wins after literally everyone else stops and goes out for bevs and they realize that Ray never came down. “i fell asleep.” was his winners statement. truly inspirational.

Says Here You're Dead ch 1

Superphantom. Based on this hysterical headcanon

ch 2

Sam Winchester accepted his styrofoam cup of coffee with a half-hearted pluck from his brother. He set it down beside the humming vent of his laptop, untouched.

“What? Not even a ‘thanks’?” Dean asked between sips of his own drink.

“Oh, thanks,” Sam muttered in response, but his eyes didn’t lift from the screen. They flickered through text, absorbed with the kind of unbreakable concentration Dean never understood.

“Got something?” Dean asked, his interest piqued. He rested his cup on Sam’s shoulder, and his free hand gripped around the back of his brother’s chair.

“I think so,” Sam answered as he shrugged his brother off. “How’s a ghost hunt sound to you?”

“Better than another day of cable tv and internet porn.”

“Dude, serious.”

Dean smiled and took another gulp of his coffee.

“I can’t get much of a concrete source on this, but,” Sam slipped a hand around the backside of his computer and snatched a newspaper folded against its creases, “a whole town disappeared off the grid yesterday. No phones, no internet, no power as far as I can tell, and they’re saying no one could get in or out.”

Dean snorted quietly and leaned around Sam. “And you think we can get them back?”

“No, they came back on their own, sometime around 10 or 11 last night, but supposedly they’re blaming the whole uh—inter-dimensional travel they called it—on ghosts.”

Dean scrunched his eyebrows together, lips parted in doubt. “You ever heard of a ghost that could zap an entire city off the planet?”

“That’s why they’re saying ghosts, plural, and that’s not all.” Sam shifted his attention back to the computer screen; Dean’s eyes followed. “Apparently this town has been under ghost siege for two years, at least.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed as he did the math. "And we’ve never heard of them?”

Sam laughed humorlessly. “Yeah, well they claim they’ve got their own personal ‘ghost hero’ who cleans these things up before they get out of hand. Town’s small and pretty remote, so that doesn’t help news travel.”

Dean smirked at the image in his mind. “What they’ve got…vigilante Batghost looking after them?”

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Says Here You're Dead ch 2

Based on this hysterical headcanon. Ch 1

At 3:15 Danny, Sam, and Tucker walked quietly through the Fentons’ front door. At least Sam and Danny did. Tucker slipped on the icy front step, lunged forward, and slammed his knee hard against the rail before catching himself luckily on the doorknob. Had Danny and Sam not been so worn and so anxious, they might have felt sorry for him.

3:15. The three had been careful to return home normal time, bus stops factored in. They hadn’t been in class since 11:20 that morning, so they hedged their bets and hoped none of their afternoon teachers had bothered to take attendance–a safe assumption from past experience.

In the four hours of time since they left Casper High, the three of them had accomplished exactly nothing. The first hour–until about 12:10–had been spent at the Nasty Burger, tucked in their usual back booth, trying to come up with a plan of action for dealing with ghost killers. With the hazy outlines of a plan, they’d returned to school, scoped out the rooms, and couldn’t find a single trace of the Winchesters. Somehow, that was worse than running into them headfirst.

The brothers’ absence sat uncomfortably in Danny’s chest; it felt like losing sight of a spider in the dead of night. Some part of him hoped that meant the brothers were gone, out of his hair, a false alarm. But another part looked over his shoulder every second, double-checking street corners, imagining the cold tingle of ghost fingers around his neck when he let his guard slip.

He was hunting killers, and if they were savvy to him, he’d be the first one picked off. His weariness leeched into the air, infected Sam and Tucker all the same. In the Nasty Burger they’d had a set of eyes trained on both doors at all times and, in Sam and Tucker’s case, spector deflectors enabled for good measure. They had no way to keep that kind of 360 degrees guard up once they returned to scope out the school; instead they just flitted from room to room, searching, scanning, letting the paranoia fester in their stomachs.

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korben600  asked:

From Metropolis, came to Gotham for a Comiccon, stepped off the train, and three villains busted into separate entrances in the station with guns. They were in a Mexican standoff for a few seconds, and I very calmly stepped backwards back into the train as the doors closed. I didn't get off till the train stopped halfway to Central city. #traindriverdidn'tevenlookup #iheardgunshots #asthetrainleft #2face #blackmask #puppetdude? #dontknowhisname #onlyingotham

  • Seongwoo: Oh suuuure, don’t listen to crazy ol’ Seongwoo, because one time he stole a Zamboni and joyrode it around town! And tried to take it through a McDonald’s drive-thru, and then they wouldn’t serve him so he drove it into the front of the McDonald’s and they called the cops! And then there was a Mexican standoff! Yeah, sure, whatever! Don’t listen to HIM! What! Cuz what! Cuz he might steal a Zamboni again! Look out, it’s Zamboni thief Ong!
  • Minhyun: Ugh, this again. We’re not gonna call you “Zamboni thief Ong”.
  • Seongwoo: IT’S A COOL NICKNAME!
Never forget

More theory time! With extra spoilers!

So Dazai is an awesome character. I personally love him to bits. He’s *incredibly* hot, he’s smart, he’s charming, he’s funny.

He’s also a full on sociopath.

I’m not talking here about how he manipulates the shit out of people (which he does), or how he murdered like half of Yokohama at some point (which he did) or how he is an expert torturer (which he apparently is). Those could technically be seen as justifiable strategies or past sins.

I’m talking about this.

The three major ability organisations in the city are at each other’s throats and Dazai decides to get the government involved. That up there is him inviting his ally and previous enemy Ango for a ride so they can make a deal about that. What’s great here is that this happens after Dazai has already threatened his life. The first thing he does when meeting Ango is point his own gun at his head.

I repeat: this is a meeting about the government (Ango) working together with the Armed Detective Agency (Dazai) and the first thing that happens is a Mexican standoff.


The Guild proceeds to ram the hell out of said car during the ride and Dazai spends some time in a cast. We don’t see Ango until several chapters later, when he’s in a hospital room, in a much worse state. And then you get this.

He knew. He friggin knew.

He didn’t just know an accident was likely to happen. He didn’t just sabotage that car. He willingly put himself in it with a man he was trying to rely on for support of the Agency. This isn’t just him being suicidal. This is him not being able to stop himself from getting petty revenge on an ally when the city around them is about to implode.

The air bag was plan b and that is inSANE.

Never forget that Dazai is a crazy motherfucker.

A Mexican standoff according to Wiki (and this arc):

A confrontation between two or more parties (read: Big Mom, Germa66, Capone) in which no participant can proceed or retreat without being exposed to danger. As a result, all participants need to maintain the strategic tension, which remains unresolved until some outside event (read: Luffy) makes it possible to resolve it. 


Not extremely accurate in terms of how “Mexican standoff” relates to the current situation in OP as of chapter 857, but oh well. XDD

(This is so rough. Anatomy is all over the place, poses are awkward, and the scale is all wrong but they wouldn’t fit into the frame otherwise. And I can’t be bothered to put that much effort into any of the three main bad guys of this arc and yet… I needed to make this gif. 8D )