the mexican one

Muñeca Traicionera

Summary: Sam decides to pull a prank on one Bucky Barnes - how far will it go? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Latinx!Reader

Warnings: Language, Sexual Innuendos?

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m real scared about this fic b/c I feel like its not good but ANYWAYS, about 85% of the dialogue and some descriptions are in Spanish - NO English translations so either ask me or google translate for help lmao sorry - the songs mentioned are Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos and Loco by Enrique Iglesias!  I want to dedicate this to all my Hispanic/Latinx/POC writers and readers who have felt the lack of representation; hopefully this is the start of something good for all of us :) Enjoy! [PS: this is definitely not the last time I write a poc!/latinx!reader fic!]


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anonymous asked:

Hi! May I request a drabble with Lev? Like there's this girl whose also half japanese and half mexican, so one day Lev watches as she's being bullied because of that and he steps in. She usually takes care of herself, but she thanks him and they bond over that. Later Lev develops a crush on her and asks Alisa help to confess? I hope this isn't to detailed or something:/ Thank you so much and keep the awesome work up!❤❤❤

yes you may indeed! this is so adorable !!!! thank you for your sweet words and for requesting! i hope you like this ;;;

idk why i spent two days thinking on how i should write this and had a lil trouble but i really hope it comes to your satisfaction 

Lev wasn’t the kind of person who liked showing his serious side nor meddle into someone else’s business, but what was happening in front of him right now was way too much for him to do nothing about.

From the types of people he hated, bullies came at top. Although this time, they weren’t just bullies but racist bullies, so double the hatred. 

“Don’t you think it’s a little rude to be that close to someone when it obviously looks like they’re uncomfortable?” he spat at the two boys who were basically shoving themselves into your face.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you, so get out of here.” one of the boys spat back, and the other ignored him.

Lev scoffed. 

Before the two boys got any more closer to you, he went and grabbed each by the collar pulling them too hard and making them smack their backs to the wall.

“You do realize I’m also only half Japanese right? Let’s see you talk shit to me.” he gazed at them. 

He really did love being tall, it made staring at people and terrorizing them come in handy sometimes, like right now. He knew exactly how it felt it to be bullied for your race so he couldn’t let that happen to someone else too. Not on his watch.

He knows how horrible it feels, he wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else. He really hated those kind of stuff, it made his blood boil in anger. He could feel his heart beat really fast.

The two boys did not move an inch but remained on the floor from where they got smacked to the wall. Lev really knew how to show his serious side when he has to, and let the people know just how serious he is. 

He looked down at them, face dark.

“You should know that bullying someone is wrong let alone bullying them over being who they are. For the sake of the 9 months your moms carried you in their womb, don’t let that go to waste by being ignorant and horrible human beings.” he scoffed.

They just stared at him and then back to you. It seemed like they noticed how angry he really was right now because they got up quickly and did not waste a minute to apologize. 

They were just about to turn around and leave when Lev put a firm hand on their shoulders.

“If I see you bothering her, or anyone else again, words won’t be the only thing I’ll be using to stop you.” he spat. 

They shivered under his touch but remained still until he finally lifted his hands off and they left, not even looking back once. 

Feeling his heart still beat fast and anger still running through his body, he wanted to leave quickly and not scare you with the dark look he had trouble controlling on his face.

He put a hand in his hair scratching it embarrassingly, trying his best to hide the anger and the fact that he actually wanted to beat them in utter cold blood, “Are you okay?” he chuckled.

You smiled at him.

“Thank you. I’m okay and you really didn’t have to do that. I’m used to it, I know better than to let such stuff get to me. Still, I very much appreciate your help.” you beamed.

“I’m used to it.” Those four words replayed in his mind. 

He really had no idea how you still can say that with such a sweet look on your face. No one should have to go through that and yet it seems like it didn’t even affect you. You really did not give them the satisfaction of bringing you down.

“Woah.” he thought.

You were amazing, unlike him here, trying to calm down when he wasn’t even the one who they bothered.

He didn’t know why but he had to stop and admire you for a full on minute, until he finally snapped out of it and actually said something.

“No problem!” he chuckled and left.

He felt like he needed to be alone for a bit to try and calm down. This is exactly why he hates getting angry, once he gets worked up over something it takes him sometime to stop thinking about it.

“Wait!” you shouted and ran after him.

You stood beside him with a smile on your face. “We’re in the same class, aren’t we?” you asked.

You were pretty sure you’ve seen him somewhere before, you just couldn’t figure out where exactly. Luckily though, your memory decided not to fail you for once and you remembered.

He was the kid in class who always hit his head in the morning because of his height. He never seemed to remember that the door frame is too short for his height, he never learned. Literally, he went through the same thing every morning.

It always made you laugh that you’d actually sometimes look forward for the time he arrives when you’re having a bad morning because it never failed to make you laugh.

“Oh! We are?! ” he asked.

“Yes, you’re the guy who always hits his head in the morning aren’t you?” you giggled.

That sound felt very familiar. Your giggle, he was sure he’ve heard it before. In fact many times. 

He gasped.

“And you’re the one who’s always laughing when that happens?! You even got in trouble once for laughing out loud during class didn’t you?!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, yes! That’s me.” your cheeks felt red.

Without realizing the two of you ended up chatting and making your way back to class together.

Although, Lev did notice something. He wasn’t as angry anymore, he felt a little calmer.

The both of you reached class and got into your seats. He noticed you sat a little farther away but still in his view. He smiled when he looked at you, and you smiled back.

“He looks better now, I’m glad.” you thought as you returned the smile.

You saw how angry he looked back then and you would have regretted it if you haven’t tried to at least make his mood a little better and lighten it up. After all, he did just help you, it’s the least you can do. 

Ever since the encounter the two of you had, you’d see more of each other. Always finding each other in the morning, wether its at the school’s gate or in the school’s hallway, you’d always greet each other and chat whenever you got the chance.

“It’s really hard! I need a break! And some food, please.” Lev whined. 

The two of you found yourselves growing a lot closer ever since then and have been hanging out after school for almost three weeks now. The teacher had assigned you with him for a project, and the both of you were more than happy to be each others partners. 

Or so you thought. Turns out he needs a lot of breaks and food to motivate him. 

“Ugh. Fine!” you sighed and got up to get something from the kitchen. 

Today the two of you were at your house, and he cannot lie to himself, spending all this time with you lately has been one of the best. He really has no idea why the two of you never met earlier. Even though you’re just friends now, he’s pretty sure his feelings are more than just that.

He wants to be able to hold you when he wants, to give you sudden back hugs, and to kiss your lips. Every time you’d smile at him, he feels so happy to be the reason for it. He wants to always be the reason for your smile.

The minute he reached home he went into his bedroom and lazily fell on the bed.

“Lyovochka!” he heard his sister yell. 

Before he got the chance to get up she opened the door and came in. 

“Who is it?” she asked with a wide grin on her face.

Not having any idea what she meant, “Huh?” he asked.

She sighed and walked closer to him. “You’ve been really happy lately. Like you’ve found someone happy.” she giggled.

“How long have you been together?! Do I know her?!” she exclaimed.

“Ahhhhh, I haven’t told her how I feel about her yet and yes you do. She’s the one always coming over after school.” he frowned.

Sure he knows how he feels, but it isn’t as easy actually letting you know how he feels. He still can’t seem to find a way to tell you. 

“I knew it! She’s so pretty even I’d fall for her. You’ve come to the right person!” she smirked. 

Even though she was the one who came to him but oh well. 

After an entire hour of brainstorming and some yelling for ways to tell you how he truly feels about you with Alisa he finally found the perfect way to confess.

Today the two of you were at his house and currently in his bedroom studying. He can feel his heart beat really fast and could not stop gulping the minute you walked into his house. 

You were sitting right in front of him with only a Kotatsu between the two of you. You were busy writing and he was busy mentally screaming from the inside. One last time, he gulped and opened his mouth.

“Can you read this for me?” he asked you.

You put your pencil down and looked at him. “Oh, are you having trouble? Let me see.” you smiled and took the book from his hand.

“I really like you. Will you please go out with me?” you read what it said.

Your cheeks felt red and your lips turned into a wide grin. Unable to contain your emotions you started giggling shyly.  

You took the pen and started writing your answer. 

“I’d love to.” you wrote and drew a tiny heart right beside it.

You handed the book back to him and saw as his expression changed from worry and embarassment to an immediate smile.

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”  Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata, whose Zapatista peasant army fought a long guerrilla campaign south of Mexico City.  This picture was taken in Mexico City in 1914, after the revolutionaries captured the capital.  However, the victors soon fell out, and Zapata allied with Pancho Villa against the liberal Constitutionalist faction.  He did die, assassinated in 1919, but still has an iconic legacy in Mexico today.


Texas hunters accidentally shot each other and falsely blamed it on Mexican immigrants

  • Two men shot in January near the Mexico border in Texas were wounded by “friendly fire” from their hunting parties — not undocumented Mexican immigrants, as one of the men had claimed, according to police.
  • Walker Daugherty and Michael Bryant, guides with Redwing Outfitters, were indicted on charges of using deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others, San Antonio’s KTSA reported.
  • On Jan. 6, Dougherty, 26, of New Mexico, is believed to have shot Edwin Roberts, a 59-year-old Florida chiropractor who was hunting at a ranch in the border town of Candelaria, Texas. 
  • Daugherty, who was also hunting at the ranch, was apparently shot and wounded by Bryant, a member of his hunting party. Daugherty and Roberts were airlifted from the scene.
  • Daugherty and his fiancee told officers they believed that undocumented immigrants from Mexico were responsible for the shooting.
  • Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller then used that as “proof” that Trump’s proposed border wall was necessary. The story went viral on the internet and Dougherty raised more than $20,000 on GoFundMe to cover his medical expenses. Read more (2/20/17 1:30)


November 14th.
In the coffee shop,
the man in the
Make America Great Again hat
smiles at me, so I take this
as an invitation.

“Pardon me, but I have to ask—
do you think Trump’s
ideologies keep every person
in this country safe?“

He doesn’t hesitate.

“Ma’am, I can’t get wrapped up
in identity politics, all I can
worry about is how
I’m going to feed my girls.”


At my 40th birthday party,
an acquaintance asks
why we have “so much
Mexican art in the house.”

“It might be because I’m Mexican,” I say.

“No,” he laughs, “you’re not Mexican.”

“Yes. I am.”

“No,” he continues, reassuringly,
“and if you are, you’re only, maybe, 17%.“

The winter air stiffens between us.
An old, familiar pain.


There was a time when I
would have thanked him.

The early years,
when I wanted only to pass,
to rid myself of my last name—
the dead giveaway,
its muddy lineage

crawl out from the burying shame
that held me down every time
my father picked me up
from school in our shitty car,
his bushy mustache
& brown face
magnified by the sun.


A local white woman
posts a photo of her new tattoo:
a Mayan god etched eternal
on her flesh. When I point out
the disrespect, she assures me
she speaks Spanish fluently,
spent three years
in South America.

For the next six hours,
I argue with her friends.
They demand I quit being so
divisive. Judgemental. Close-minded.

“We have a racist running for President,
and you’re complaining about a tattoo?”
asks the white boy, who spray paints
murals all over this city
with impunity.

O, to be permitted the luxury
of only worrying about one thing at a time.

O, to be white in America,
to wake up knowing every god is your god.


When you never see yourself,
you search for yourself all the time.

You know the white girl
in the sombrero isn’t you.
The bro dude in Calavera makeup
isn’t either, not the ponchos
and glued on mustaches,
not the lowrider Chevy
in the Disney movie
or the hoochie-coochie
sex pot on the Emmy
award-winning television show.

Maybe you are only this:

the scorched bird pulled
from the chimney,
covered in soot.
Not the actual bird,
its velvet sack
of jigsaw’d bones,
but the feeling
of recognition.

The ash of knowing.


A white comedian tells this joke:
“I used to date Hispanics,
but now I prefer consensual.”

The audience laughs.
And you do, too.
Until the punchline hardens,
translates into a stone
in your throat.

You swallow it, like you always do.

You don’t change the channel,
but you also can’t remember
a single joke she tells after that.

A few months later, the comedian’s career
blows up. She’s so real. So edgy.
Such a hardcore feminist.
When someone writes an essay on
her old stand-up routines—
noting her blindspot when it comes to race,

her response is:

“It is a joke and it is funny.
I know that because people laugh at it.”


If two Mexicans are in a car, who is driving?
A police officer.

How do you starve a Mexican?
Put their food stamps in their work boots.

What’s the difference between a Mexican and an elevator?
One can raise a child.

What do you call a Mexican baptism?
Bean dip

How do you stop a Mexican from robbing your house?
Put a help wanted sign in the window.

What do you call a Mexican driving a BMW?
Grand theft auto

What do you call a Mexican without a lawnmower?

What do you call a building full of Mexicans?

How do you keep Mexicans from stealing?
Put everything of value on the top shelf.

What do you call a bunch of Mexicans running downhill?
A mudslide.

Why don’t Mexicans play Hide ’n Seek?
No one will look for them.

What does a Mexican get for Christmas?
Your TV.

What do you call the Arizona man shot to death
by his white neighbor, screaming, “Go back to Mexico!”
Juan Varela


November 29th.
For weeks, I’ve avoided
eye contact with strangers.
My face is a closed curtain.
My mouth, the most
decorated knife.
I pay for groceries,
grab the receipt &
let my half-hearted
thank yous trail like smoke.
I no longer want to see
who refuses to see me.

Anyone is everyone.


December 1st.
I keep waking up.
There isn’t anyone
white enough to stop me.

Pantomime the living until
the body remembers:
wicked bitch. Bloodwhirl.
Patron Saint of the Grab Back.

Still. Still. Still. Still. Still. Still here.


I etch my own face upon my wicked flesh.
I am my own devastating god.


Rachel McKibbens, Dec. 2016

But like, Gareth Edwards got the biggest job of his life and he got to thinking about who he was going to cast as the male lead in his very own Star Wars movie. And he thought, so I need someone who is subtle and strong and can convey a hundred things without saying a word and who can look cool and be cool but also be engaged and a little awkward sometimes but also thoroughly convincing and make an army follow him to their death with just his words and be detached and cold enough to kill innocent informants and walk away and also be warm and dedicated enough to melt the heart of a woman who’s never known anything but loss and loneliness and who can do what needs to be done but also make everyone love him. Who can do all of that?

Diego Luna.

I suddenly remembered an old taqueria that used to be in my grandparent’s neighborhood as a kid that had like Goku painted on it eating a taco (along with other 90′s cartoon characters). I have no idea if it’s still there (God I hope it is)

so I tried to google search for it and oh man…

Mi nueva e s t é t i c a

Seventeen-year-old Sawin Osman allowed herself to be identified so she could speak out against the comments.

“We were walking past him on our way out of the restaurant. He yelled, ‘That girl could break a camel’s back,’

As the girls attempted to leave, he screamed, 

“F***ing goddamn, camel-jacking mother f***ing c***s.”

Beyond the shocking profanity at a family Mexican restaurant, one line of the bigot’s rant stood out to the victims.

“You can go and beat it. If you don’t like this country, leave,” the man told the girls.

Osman reported that all of her friends subjected to the demand to leave America are from Chicago.

Poor Snowflake… crawled out of his “safe place” and, with courage that will be spoken of for generations, went to a MEXICAN restaurant! He was triggered by a couple of women wearing scarves and was forced back to the cess pool he crawled out of. This use to happen all the time to black people. Racism and discrimination are part of the American fiber. She should have told him to go back where he came from.

Unfortunately there are enough racists in America to provide material for a video like this DAILY, if not HOURLY. 

María Izquierdo, Mexican painter, “Mis sobrinas”, 1940.

“María Izquierdo’s career helped open the door for many women artists. The Mexican artist’s prestige is often compared to that of Marie Laurencin from the School of Paris and although she is not as popularly known as Frida Kahlo, she helped establish a foundation for women artists. Maintaining value in art rooted in traditional Mexican values, Izquierdo’s art stood out for it s ingenious portrayals of Mexico among an area of highly politicized art. (…) A believer that women should have the chance to explore different professional realms, she also held strong to the traditional family roles instilled in her by her aunt and grandmother. While her painting /The Jewelry Box/ sends a satirical message surrounding the roles of woman roles and her work, Alegoría del trabajo (Allegory of Work) does provoke the idea of misogyny and oppression. Painting Mis Sobrinas (My Nieces) shows how she valued and believed in family ties and the “obligation” to family. She often depicted women in a variety of social settings and backgrounds, but only painted herself with her family or alone.[3]


(…) Izquierdo made it clear through her paintings that she believed women could be active members of society, helping to perpetuate culture and define the national identity of Mexico. Her altar scenes in particular bring her intimate style together with themes of feminism and nationalism, drawing connections that were profound for her time. Through these cupboard altars, Mexican women were able to add a rich religious context to their everyday domestic roles, and thus “propagate their national culture, generational traditions, and religious beliefs” (Donovan 162).”

This Day in 1D History - May 21


  • Louis is the sweetest sweetheart meeting fans outside the hotel in Sweden 


  • Harry and Lux have a quick chat about nap time and play dates (probably) by the pool in Barcelona
  • Harry makes sure Barcelona knows he’s a Packers fan (lmao)


  • the WWA Tour DVD is announced!!


  • Liam and Sophia are lovely as ever at the Monaco Grand Prix :)