the mexican mafia

The Beauty Queens and Battle-Axes of Organized Crime

The specter of death haunts mob marriages constantly, and in Mafia-controlled lands many women dress exclusively in black. It’s a sign of mourning. Mourning for a murdered husband or slain son. Mourning because a brother, nephew, or neighbor was killed. Mourning because the husband of a co-worker was taken out or because the son of a distant relative was assassinated. There’s always a reason to wear black. And underneath the black, they dress in red. In the past, women would put on a red undershirt to remember all the blood that had to be avenged; today they often wear red lingerie, especially when they’re young. It’s a continual reminder of the blood that their own pain won’t allow them to forget, and the contrast with the black really highlights the terribly intimate color of revenge. To be a widow in criminal territories means losing one’s identity as a woman almost entirely and retaining only that of mother. As a widow, you can remarry only if you meet several conditions: Your sons must agree to the marriage, the man must be the same rank as your deceased husband, and, above all, you must have mourned for as much time as the clan prescribed, all the while remaining abstinent.

Laurel's Family

Who else got the impression that Laurel’s father is somehow involved with the cartel….I mean judging the way Frank talked about her father in the premiere?? And that house? He has to be some kind big deal, right?
How awesome would that be? Mexican cartel princess and mafia consigliere. Just what the show needs – and by show I mean myself.


BTSMafia!Au: All members

Summary: You lived a very comfortable life; You had a very loving and successful husband, your beautiful kids were now turning into responsible young adults, and you had more than enough money to live without worries. You were very lucky, right? You had never stopped to think about where all of this was coming from, and how it would impact your family later on in life. Now, you didn’t even have time to think. Your luck had run out.

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It all happened so fast. In a matter of weeks, your life had gone from being so perfect to… this. You had it all; a perfect hardworking husband, a supporting family, and a beautiful set of children – all who were grown up already and were turning into the most promising young men.

You had married Namjoon, a man you met at a café 16 summers ago in California. You were alone that day, and he approached with the kindest smile, and a coffee in each hand. You didn’t like coffee very much, you were actually just there because you liked that café’s hot chocolate. But he didn’t know that. He seemed so professional, with his white long sleeve shirt and black tie. His sleek haircut and silver blond hair seemed so cool. It was love at first sight and it didn’t matter if you liked coffee of not; you drank it anyway.

You we’re afraid of a new relationship because your first love had left you pregnant with your first child at the young age of 15. But this wasn’t because he bailed on you- it was because your first love, the father of your child, was killed. His family had been involved in some shady things, drug trafficking to be exact, and he, who was already 18, got himself too involved in things. His father was the one who got him involved. He asked him if he could do favors for him. Unfortunately, those favors were the ones who got him and his father killed. Growing up in Texas, you knew there were a lot of drug trafficking problems around you, but you didn’t know they were going to impact you in some way. The worse thing is, you didn’t even know what was going on. He never told you. Jonghyun never said anything. He just stopped visiting you one day and then his sister called you to break it to you. He was your high school sweetheart, but it left you with such a bitter taste.

You were a mess. So you didn’t expect Namjoon to even want you.
But he did.

You eventually found out he also had kids from his first relationship. Two of them, actually. Seokjin and Yoongi. They were already 5 and 6 when you met them. And they were the most adorable kids. They immediately got along with Hoseok – your 4 year old.

Fast forward to the most beautiful moments in your life: your marriage with Namjoon.

You married Namjoon and moved with him to Seoul. There you found out he was more than loaded with money. He worked for a huge electronics company and would travel a lot to different places. Sometimes he was gone for weeks, so you were left alone to take care of little Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok. From what Namjoon had told you, he had inherited a huge amount of money from his father, and that explained why he didn’t hesitate when buying anything for you or the kids, no matter how expensive it was. You were living in luxury.
His first wife, according to him, had cheated on him and left him with two kids. He later found out she was killed by some gangsters in an attempt to rob her. He said karma had gotten to her. Then he smiled so wide you could almost hear his face contorting.

You had three more kids; twins Taehyung and Jimin, and baby Jungkook. Namjoon was so happy to have such a huge family, and you were happy about the fact that even if Namjoon was gone for so long, you still had plenty of company. You had learned Korean to get by, but you didn’t go out very often. Namjoon said it was better to stay indoors anyway, so he made sure you had everything you wanted and needed in your home. Your family was not well off at all, so at first this change was huge for you. And you thanked every day for this change. You were lucky, right?

Fast forward to today.

You found yourself crying on the side of your bed. Yoongi, now 19, stood in front of you, waiting for you to finish crying, so he could continue to explain to you that Hoseok would be fine, and he would turn up soon.

“Don’t worry. You trust me.” He said, but that didn’t calm you down. It brought memories of when Jonghyun had disappeared.

“Yoongi, where is my baby?!”

I was having dinner with my family one night and they started talking about Spanish Mafias and Mexican Cartels. They told me stories about how whole families would disappear sometimes without a trace. It was very interesting to hear this and it inspired me to write this. I have read several (really good!) EXO and BTS Mafia!AUs so I thought it’d be a fun experiment.I really want to keep the story concentrated in actual cartel doings, though, because they are pretty scary and realistic. And living here in Texas, I get to hear all these stories and tell them to you guys. I hope you guys like it!