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Going to the Women’s March on Washington with Harry Imagine

Or when Harry fangirls over feminist icons and chants feminist chants…

“You sure you’re going to be alright going to this?” you fidget with the zipper of your puffy winter jacket, zipping it up and down. “It’s just they’re predicting there will be nearly half a million people there.”

Harry puts his hand on yours, stopping your fidgeting. “I’ll be fine, it’s an important day, it’s an important issue, it’s important that I’m there.”

You look up at him and smile. Sometimes you can’t believe how lucky you are to love someone like him and have him love you back just as much and sometimes more.

Harry glanced down at his watch. “C’mon then, grab your sign, I don’t want to miss anything,” he gently taps your bum as you walk away to grab your sign. The night before you both had stayed up late, sharing a bottle of cabernet and painting your sign. You were quite proud.

“Trans rights = lgbtq rights = black rights = muslim rights = immigrant’s rights = women’s rights = human rights,” the sign said. Harry had contributed by drawing on hearts and inclusive gender signs inside flowers.

You hold the sign up above your head and smile wide at Harry as you walk towards him at the door.

“Utter perfection,” Harry murmurs, pulling his phone from the back pocket of his skinny black jeans. You start to bring your arms down to get ready to go. “Nuh uh, let me get a picture of ya like that, this is history I need to preserve.”

You roll your eyes but lift the sign back up and smile.

“Got it,” Harry pushes his phone back into his pocket and zips his coat up, pulling his hoodie up and sunglasses onto his face. “Can you tell I’m Harry Styles?” he laughs.

“Not at all,” you lie, bopping him on the nose. “Let’s go then,” you say, walking out the door and waiting for Harry to follow so you can lock the door to the flat.

You take the metro to the mall, the car nearly completely packed with women in pink hats. Harry stands close behind you as you both hold tightly to the metal pole in the aisle, every once in awhile he tugs on your braids beneath your black baseball cap and chuckles, knowing how much it annoys you.

You step out of the train and are immediately overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. Then Harry grabs your hand and your anxiety lessens immediately. You both exit the station and follow the stream of people towards the museums and the crowds.

You’re a few blocks from the metro station when you hear it. “Oh my god, that’s Harry Styles, Susan, That’s Harry,” a younger girl with a bright pink hat on screeched at her friend. They immediately approach you and you feel Harry’s hand tighten around yours.

“Hey there,” he smiles down at them. “I like your sign,” he points to the ‘women of color matter’ sign in one of their hands.

They both look at him in awe. “Can we please take a picture with you and our signs?”

“Of course,” he smiles brightly, then turns to you with an apologetic look. But you’re used to it and honestly don’t mind. Harry’s fans have never been rude to you, at least in person. Twitter is a completely different beast.

You take the iPhone from the girls with a smile and step back to fit them all in the shot. Harry flips off his sunglasses and puts up a peace sign as the girls beam and hold the signs in front of them. You take four pictures and have to admit they are adorable. You hand the phone back to the girls and step back into place tucked into Harry’s side.

“Thank you so much Harry, we’re so happy you’re here!” they grin.

“It’s an important cause, women’s rights are human rights,” he smiles. The girls grin even wider and run off. “I’m going to tie my hoodie a little bit tighter,” Harry mutters to you and you giggle, it’s impossible for him to disguise himself, especially with those curls poking out of his hood.

“C’mon, the speakers are starting soon,” you skip ahead of him, catching up to the crowds before coming to a stop next to the Vice TV bus. Harry chases after you, coming up behind you and grabbing you by the waist hoisting you in the air for a brief second forcing a rather high pitched screech from your mouth.

You keep walking until the crowd comes to a standstill. You’re next to a big screen but not close enough to see the actual stage. Harry stands behind you as the crowd tightens around the two of you, his feet on either side of yours.

Throughout the speakers you hold the sign high above your head and chant along with the crowd. Every once in awhile your arms get tired and the sign falls back and hits Harry in the head, making you giggle and Harry whine.

“It’s Angela Davis,” Harry gasped suddenly as a new speaker came on screen. “Holy fuck,” you look back at him and his look of awe and can’t help but grab his cheeks and kiss him hard.

“Black lives matter,” he shouts even louder than you.

“Say his name,” he yells passionately as Janelle Monae and the mothers of the slain boys perform and say their names. You even see a tear drip down his cheek as your own eyes water.

When the speeches seem to be coming to an end and the crowd turns to march to the White House, Harry grabs your waist and mutters in your ear, “we just witnessed history, I’m so glad I experienced it with you.”

After marching to the White House and screaming at the top of your lungs you are completely exhausted. You drop your head onto Harry’s shoulder and he carries the sign as you walk towards the nearest metro station.

Once you’re back to your Airbnb, you both crash onto the couch, nearly instantly falling asleep your head tucked into his shoulder and a big smile on your face.

Watch The People, Not Me.


Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: So while in D.C. I am doing my best to come up with the some fics to post. However I did get an idea from riding the metro. I figured I’d do something along the lines of the season 3 finale where the team is called to New York City to investigating shootings. However this will take place during season 13 down in the Subways.


The BAU is called to the Headquarters of the FBI is Washington D.C. They are being requested to join the MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) in finding the unsub that is responsible for the homicides in the metro stations. Spencer has a crush on the reader but he doesn’t want her to know so he sneaks looks at her while they’re in the metro stations observing the people.

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Inside America's 'creepiest' abandoned mall
These apocalyptic images could possibly be the final look inside Missouri's abandoned Metro North Mall in Kansas City with the 40-year-old building set to be demolished within weeks.

So sad. I still remember the days when I went here years ago. It was so pretty during Christmas time and you could visit Santa which I’ve done when I was a kid. 

The curiousity in me makes me wanna go in and explore it myself and take my own pics especially since it’ll be demolished in a matter of weeks. :(