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Set in the remote Methow Valley, Studhorse responds to the clients’ desire to experience and engage the surrounding environment throughout all four seasons. Referencing the tradition of circling wagons, the buildings—four small, unattached structures—are scattered around a central courtyard and pool. The 20-acre site is nestled in the northern portion of the 60 mile long glacial valley and the buildings are arranged to frame carefully composed views of the surrounding Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake.

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collection of stuff i want to see in steven universe:

  • garnet and pearl from the old days
  • garnet and amethyst from the old days
  • rose and any/all of the gems from the old days
  • how pearl and rose met
  • how pearl went from being a pearl to being a renegade pearl
  • at least one episode that just talks about what the war was like generally
  • white diamond? pink diamond?????
  • amethyst meeting the other CGs
  • the first day of baby steven’s life
  • the CGs as babysitters
  • greg as a dad to a much younger steven
  • sadie liking a girl
  • sadie dating a girl (kiki??)
  • canon proof of the lars is trans headcannon
  • ruby and sapphire kissing on the lips
  • blatant exchanges of affection between pearl and rose
  • the rest of the CGs in spacesuits (we’ve already seen pearl’s)
  • garnet doing standup comedy
  • stevonnie in battle
  • more semi-sort of-temporarily-healed corrupted gems like centipeetle
  • centipeetle’s true form
  • pearl making the first strong step towards being gay for another gem
  • garnet and peridot fusion
  • steven fusing with a CG
  • steven fusing with any gem at all
  • lapis getting to have a genuinely good time with no troubles
  • more pearls
  • the first time rainbow quartz was made
  • the first time opal was made
  • that massive fusion w/ all the CGs and rose
  • was alexandrite a coping mechanism for the CGs in the earliest stages of their grieving?? did alexandrite ever even form before that??
  • greg steven and amethyst roadtrip time
  • pearl developing her swordfighting skills
  • connie saving the day
  • connie bringing peridot to the local library
  • where lion came from
  • visuals of homeworld

and much more! reblog with your own if you want :^)


A Gift by Jillian
Via Flickr:
I gave myself the gift of a couple of hours on the Methow today. I also forgot my net and every fish was a long, slow, wonder of tension and patience until I could bring them straight to hand and pull my fly from their mouths. This river is so beloved to me. My time on it is sacred.


Untitled by Elias and Theresa Carlson via Flickr
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December 31st 2011 - Day 112

Winter Fences

Photo taken on December 24th, 2011 in Mazama, Washington.  This is a gate near C’s parents’ cabin.  I loved the contrast of the red rust against the green paint.  And how this painted gate stands out in the snow white scenery.  I also really like gates and fences.  I guess I like how they provide a frame, a sense of distance or borders to a scene … 

December 28th, 2011 - Day 109

The Methow

Photo taken on December 21st, 2011 in Mazama, Washington.  Last Wednesday, I was staying with C’s family in Mazama.  Over the past several years, I’ve grown to love this little part of Washington (“the Methow Valley”).  C grew up cross country skiing there in the winter and hiking, biking and playing there in the summer.  These are all things that I get to do now.  And I get to do it in this incredibly beautiful and relatively wild setting. I have always been very drawn to places; to setting; to scenery … And the Methow is one of those places I can’t help but marvel at …

There are so many photo ops in the Methow. I took a lot of photos during my stay but there were a lot of photos I didn’t get to take.  Some days, like last Wednesday, I went out with the intention of taking photos.  Other days, I just let the day unfold and took a photo here or there.  Now, I’m back home and reflecting on a really wonderful holiday spent with my new family (by marriage) in this very magical place.  I miss it, already. 

(Note: Mom and Dad, while I had a very happy Christmas with C’s family, I missed you both so much and I am really looking forward to sharing our family Christmas with C next year!). 

Translation of “Nguoi Ay” (That Guy/That Person), EXO will sing it in 150328 Music Bank in Hanoi. You can listen to it from EXO’s rehearsal for Music Bank here

Last night I saw that person
Going out with another girl.
I was taken aback because that wasn’t you
I don’t know how you’ve been.

How long has it been since we last met
How long has it been since we last talked
I can’t believe in what I saw
And still don’t know what I should do.

I have never stopped wondering
Why you left me that day?
To continue the path of love with him?
I have never stopped thinking
Did I make a mistake?
Or was there something else I didn’t know?

Does that guy treat you well and truly love you
Like the way I used to?
Does he even know that you love being protected?
I miss you so much, I miss you very much.
How to stop thinking about you every single night?

Does that guy raise his voice when he’s mad or make you sad?
Does he really cherish you and love you till the end?
I miss you so much, I miss you very much.
How to end this endless pain in my heart?

Translated by parknamja (@yeolistic in Twitter)


okay but it’s inevitable that Miyuki is gonna graduate before Eijun, so imagine that on the last day Miyuki’s gonna be in the dorms, he spends it together with Eijun, and Eijun tells Miyuki “say you’ll remember me”

and Miyuki just fucki ngg//// grabs hold of Eijun because how could he forget the obnoxious pitcher who formed a thrilling battery with him since the day they met

how could he forget how exhilarated he himself felt when Eijun had grown, when he pitched against Inashiro, when he threw a shut out

how could he forget the image that was burned into his memory of standing on the field with Eijun at sunset when they finally won the tournament, and the red glow illuminated the light in Eijun’s eyes

how could Miyuki forget the pitcher he’d been with for the past two years, the one he’d given his heart to

there was no way he could