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A MASSIVE STRESS DUMP OF … my queens and wives … and a some other people from the past few days this is a mess

It’s exam week and I am tired. Instead of coherent content, please enjoy this list of random dialogue that I currently have no context for:

Damian listened thoughtfully until Tim got to the end. “So basically we need your help. Any questions?”

“Yes,” Damian decided, after a few seconds of silence.


“When did I give you the impression that I cared?”

“Oh come on.”

“What was my mistake?”

“We’re on a timeline here.”

“No, really,” Damian asked, raising his hands in an exaggerated gesture of confusion. “Where did I go wrong?”

“I’m confused,” Duke told him. “Red Hood Jason or Trophy Case Jason?”

For some reason, Tim didn’t seem to understand the question. He pointed across the cave, to where Hood was sorting through medical supplies. “Jason.”

“So not the Robin that died.”

Tim pointed again, slower this time. “Jason.”

“That’s… the same person?”


“He didn’t actually die?”

“Oh boy,” said Tim, biting at his lip. “No, he was definitely dead.”


“Short-term. You really didn’t know?”

“It’s not an uncommon name?” Duke could hear the panic in his own voice, but he didn’t feel inclined to check it. “Why would I assume that one person… came back from the dead?? Instead of assuming there are two people named Jason?”

“Oh boy,” Tim repeated. He turned to Damian, who Duke suddenly noticed was smiling in a very unsettling sort of way. “You didn’t tell him?”

Damian shook his head. The smile became downright maniacal. 

Tell me what??”

“It’s a family meeting,” Dick told him. “You have to stay.”

Jason collapsed back into his armchair, glaring. “You know sometimes I think I never actually came back to life? I just died and went to hell.” He crossed his arms. “Because honestly? This could be hell.”

“Stop being dramatic.”

Jason threw him a look that clearly communicated ‘when hell freezes over’ in the most dramatic way possible, or at least that was the goal.

Dick turned away, rolling his eyes. He seemed to get the message. There, Jason thought. Nailed it. He felt better.

“What’s the holdup?” Tim asked, settling onto the couch next to Cass. “Something wrong?”

Dick shrugged. “Bruce says he has an announcement.”

“We have a new sibling?” Tim guessed.

“What? No.” Dick frowned, probably running the odds just to be sure. “Not that I’m aware of, anyway.”

“You had to think about it,” Tim noted, and then turned to face the door as Bruce finally made his entrance.

“I have an announcement.”

“We have a new sibling?”

“What?” Bruce asked. “No.” His eyes flicked upward for half a second, and then he continued, decisive. “No, you don’t.”

“See?” Tim asked. “He had to think about it.”

“I thought you were against this plan,” Duke said.

Damian nodded. “I am, but Todd and I reached an agreement.”


“Simple bet,” Damian confirmed. “If it works, I have to go to Drake’s birthday party, but if Todd dies again, I get to put ‘Damian told him so’ on his new headstone.”

“Oh,” Duke told him. “That sounds… fair.”

Damian leaned back against the wall, smirking. “I like my chances.”

[scene break]

At that point, Duke became pretty sure that the plan wasn’t going to work. He looked from Jason, up on the rooftop, to Damian, who was calmly punching numbers into his phone. “Uh. Shouldn’t we go help him?”

Damian raised a finger in a give-me-a-second kind of gesture while he put his phone to his ear. “Hello, Elliot Funeral Home? How much do you charge for gravestones? Midrange. I see. Very reasonable.”


“Fine,” Damian sighed. “Thank you,” he told his phone. “I’ll be in touch.”

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Possible alternate Jekyll and Hyde titles:

Honey, I Split My Personality
God Damn It, I Broke My Murder Stick
I’m Not The Asshole, HE Is
How To Get Away With Murder
A Metaphor For Heroine Addiction
The Tiny Man Inside
Why Is My Client Blackmailing Himself
Put That Man Back Where He Came From Or So Help Me
Secret Jerk

add more if you’d like

Protector - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by knightlley

Warnings: mentions of abuse

Requests: Anon 1: Number 4 with jughead please!
Anon: Numbers 4, 14, and 18 for juggie jones from the prompt list please?
@samiloves2sing: Could you please do a 1 and 4 with Jughead from Riverdale that ends up with y/n and Jughead being together cause they both have crushes on each other
1. “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
14. “I promise that I’ll protect you.”
18. “I think you’re worth much more than that.”

Summary: Jughead and the reader are at Veronica’s party and Jughead talks to the reader about their abusive father.

A/N: To the 2 anons and @samiloves2sing, I hope you all don’t mind but you all had similar requests so I thought that I could combine them and create an imagine that could have a part 2 with the final prompt? Let me know if you guys want a part 2. I hope you enjoy it, it’s one of my favourites!! Xx

Mask - Noun: a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or frighten others. Verb: to conceal (something) from view. It’s almost fitting that you should be at a masquerade party, for you are both covering your face as a disguise and concealing something from view. The former being a symbolic foreshadow to the latter.

Veronica insisted on having a party to release all of our emotions as Riverdale’s tragic downfall increases. Her theme is almost poetic. A masquerade. Whether she realises it or not the theme is a metaphor for Jason Blossom’s murder as his murder could be hiding among us. Hiding behind a mask of lies every waking moment of the day.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only one hiding something. Your father, a well loved council member, abused you behind closed doors. Your mother had passed away during childbirth and your father had never recovered. 4 years ago you had turned 12 and your father came home drunk. Up until then he had been a good father but the 12 years of bottled up resentment had finally burst. You took the beatings and after he had passed out you would tend to your wounds and escape to Pop’s, where your dark haired crush and best friend would be waiting for you.

You never told Jughead what happens but after a few meet ups where you had consistently shown up with multiple bandages and (at times) casts, he put two and two together. Most of the times he would distract you from the day’s events and let you read and give your opinion on his novel, but there were the days where he would take you to the twilight and cuddle with you while you watched movies. You knew he wasn’t one for affection or physical contact so knowing he was fighting his natural instinct to shy away from those things, helped mend the emotional and mental issues you had accumulated.

And so its with a knowing look that Jughead greets you with that you know that he knows what it’ll cost you to show up at Veronica’s party. You look away from the brooding writer to try and forget about the impending doom that will befall you when you leave the blissful chaos you’re currently in the middle of.

“A beautiful mask for the beautiful mystery in black,” you hear your crush comment behind you. You turn around, a blush tinting your cheeks and your heart skipping a beat at the compliment.

“And a simple mask for the perceptive writer,” you remark, locking eyes with him and conveying all your emotions through your eyes.

“Should we get you a drink m'lady?” He obnoxiously bows with a wink.

“As long as it’s not alcoholic,” he grins and starts to make a reply only to be interrupted but a certain, drunk, redhead.

“Oh (Y/N) have a little fun! It’s a party after all,”

“Archie I-” he shushes you and shoves a drink in your hand.

“When I come back, that drink better be gone,” he grins walking away with a sway in his steps. As soon as he’s far enough, Jughead, who you hadn’t noticed had left, came back with a drink in his hand and swaps it with the one Archie gave you. Smiling at him gratefully you take a sip. Lemonade. He always knows what to do. You skull the drink as Archie turns around to look at you and you flip your cup, showing an empty cup. He grins nodding before going back to…you don’t even know what he’s doing. After a couple of hours, you and Jughead escape into a room and lock the door, securing a quiet and peaceful escape.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” He questions as you both sit down next to each other on the bed.

“Yea, I’m alright, just tired,”

“You know I’m not talking about the party,”

“I know but I can’t give you an answer you’ll be satisfied with,”

“(Y/N), how about you come stay at the twilight with me tonight? Nothing will hurt you there,”

“Juggy, no. I can’t,”

“I promise I’ll protect you,”

“Jug I’m not worth your protection. You need to be focused on someone else. I’m a lost cause,” you pause a while before smiling, “I’m a lost girl, soon I can go to Neverland.” You make a reference to your favourite childhood story knowing your raven haired confident would understand your hidden message.

“(Y/N),” he frowns, “ you know I think you’re worth much more than that. I’m not letting you go so easily” You breath hitches at the implications of your crushes statements.

“Jughead, you can’t protect me. It’s too dangerous and you’re the only thing left that is important to me now. Please don’t put yourself in harms way for someone like me.” He stands up, takes his beanie off and runs his hand through his hair in frustration. He then quickly turns around, grabs your head and crashes his lips to yours. Your eyes widen in shock and the force and passion of his kiss takes your breath away. You quickly recover and kiss him back with just as much passion.

“I’m not letting you go back there,”

“You can’t stop me, my father is the only family I have left,”

“(Y/N) you have me,”

“I know I do but letting you protect me would only hurt you. It’s like letting you stand in front of a gun that’s gonna fire towards me regardless of its obstacle.” He sighs giving up.

“Fine, but I expect to see you at Pop’s at 9 tomorrow morning and not in Neverland. Understand?” He tells me in a firm and commanding tone. I notice the fear in his voice and hug him tightly.

“Thank you Jug.” We pull away and I look at the time.

“It’s really late, I should go home before it gets worse,” he looks at me worriedly.

“Ok, let’s go,”

“You’re not coming with me”

“I’m going to walk you home, and you cannot say or do anything about it.” You both walk out of the room, find Veronica and thank her for the party. You both then start making the doomed trek to your house. Halfway there Jughead grabs your hand and squeezes it reassuringly.

“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” he says.

“Ok,” you simply reply, getting tired of the constant circle the conversation is going in.

When you’re two houses away you stop, let go of his hand and turn around to face him.

“Juggy, thank you for everything but now you have to let me go,” he grabs you by the waist and kisses you again, softly this time. You wrap your arms around his neck and you hold each other tightly, afraid to let go. When you both break away for air, you peck him one more time and then walk to your house. Giving Jughead one last look you walk inside to face your father.

“(Y/N)! Your finally home,” he spits at you with disdain. “I told you not to go to the party,” he gets up from his chair and starts coming towards you, backing you up against the wall. He takes another swig of his beer and raises the bottle behind his head. He goes to take a swing at you, when the front door bursts open and your dad is knocked to the ground. Your knight in shining armour, Jughead, steps in front of you.

“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”

A/N: part 2 anyone?

Y/N = your name


Wade loves Peter’s eyes. They are so brown, so large and oh so “Bambi” that he couldn’t resist being drawn to them. And Peter shamelessly employs his piercing power of the Bambi eyes to get Wade to do as he wants. Stop killing baddies, brushing his teeth. Wade is even commanded to behave when in the same room with Peter’s metaphorical family of murderous Avengers just because Peter flashes his eyes at him. Fuck, that is so cute.Wade hopes his body’d finally form an immune against them. Nope.

Submitted by  havemyweedcookies

tell me,
has anyone made the comparison between the blood on ur hands,
and the massacre.
I think you killed 12 people,
was it an accident or–

I don’t want you to lie to me but if you did this,
maybe it’s best if you choke on the truth.

ramsey’s golden boy. the golden boy. ramsey’s. golden. fake AH crew. you have so many names. but why does it matter when they’ll all die with the words caught in their throats, your bullet in their windpipe. their blood on your hands.
tell me you didn’t mean to do this.

gilt: the golden boy.
guilt: you.

guilt: please, for the love of god, you keep waking in the middle of the night and reaching for your gun,
and part of me is worried one day you’ll mistake me for an intruder and pull the trigger.

and part of me is worried it won’t be a mistake.

I’m drowning my I love you because I don’t wanna be responsible for what happens if I say it.
maybe I’m worried you’ll wanna kill me too.

to be honest, I’m more worried about you saying it back.

I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU (hey, hey, remember when I said I might love you,)

I love how young the Power Rangers (2017) fandom is right now. The ships and headcannons and fanfiction and fanart is growing. No one hates each other and has tried to metaphorically murder someone over who a fictional character dates. It’s so nice and peaceful.

So this is a friendly reminder that this peace won’t last. It never does, so enjoy the peace of the fandom while you can. Because one day … one day … there will be war.

Bum in Wonderland (Analysis)

So, I thought it’d be interesting to see the metaphors about the characters in the special chapter. Now, obviously these are from Bum’s POV, so how they appear is down to his frame of mind.


First up, we have Jieun. So, this one’s so obvious I don’t even need to say anything. She was alive, now she’s dead. Bum is the ‘artist’, which is obviously a metaphor for ‘murderer’. In the second image, her eyes are open and she’s looking at Bum, which is a clear indication of the guilt he feels regarding her death. Basically, her presence is all about Bum.

The Movie (Bum’s School Friend and His Uncle)

Next up, we have that horrific movie scene, which will no doubt give me nightmares, and shows some of the worst moments of Bum’s life. His relationship with his school friend (whose name I’ve forgotten), and with his uncle. When he tries to make it stop, it cuts his wrist. Again, the metaphors are pretty obvious, I just liked the clever imagery.


Next up is Seungbae, who I gave a whole post to here. Basically, Bum sees him as an empty threat, and/or a useless protector depending on the situation.


Finally, we get Sangwoo. Sangwoo the terrifying, knife-wielding murder clown, and Sangwoo the person. Again, the metaphor is pretty clear. When Bum was first attacked my Sangwoo, he was thin terrifying, alien being. Bum says how confused he is by this completely different Sangwoo. So confused, he seems unable to connect the two as the same person. So, here we get this unrecognisably dressed-up clown version of Sangwoo who represents Bum’s inital confusion and terror. The knife is the same, though. Then he turns into Sangwoo. I thought it was kind of telling that Bum and Sangwoo are the only ones who appear as they are. The rest of the characters are representations. It’s almost as if these two are the only ‘real’ characters, and everyone else is just an image of the person they are inside. Sangwoo starts off as another horror-show exhibit, and becomes Bum’s lifeline. Not to mention, the only thing that makes any kind of sense. He is Bum’s destruction, and his salvation. Obviously, all of this is just my interpretation.

Oh, and does anyone know who the figure in this last image is supposed to be? I thought maybe his uncle, or the gay bar man? Maybe even some warped version of Bum? I have no idea.

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Original images from Lehzin. Credit to Koogi.

anonymous asked:

Fic Request: "Who do you think taught Mazikeen?"

MY DAY HAS COME. I’ve had this headcanon for so long and I’m so excited to finally write something about it!

Having to call Maze into the office was always a little chaotic for the rest of the staff.

Most of the other officers had seen, or at least heard, about her in action and they usually parted like the Red Sea wherever she went. So of course it made perfect sense that Dan and Chloe were the ones to keep an eye on her. Not Lucifer, no why would Olivia send Maze’s friend to look after Maze?

Actually, Lucifer was supposed to be here, but for whatever reason was running late. His nasally voice filled Dan’s head and corrected him: five reasons, douche.

Even in Dan’s head the guy was still an asshole.

He sighed and leaned against the wall of the precinct’s gym. Chloe stood next to him. They both watched Maze be well…Maze.

She had her crescent-shaped blades in hand and was going through a series of impossible positions before flinging them into the corkboard on the far wall. Each time, the curved blades sang through the air and buried themselves in the direct center, one right after the other. And each time Maze would stalk up, rip them out, and start again.

“Who do you think taught Maze how to fight?” Dan wondered aloud.

In the corner of his eye he saw Chloe shrug.

“It’s probably better that we don’t know.”

As if making the point, another thump of a blade hitting the board rang through the room. Dan resisted a cringe.

If she wanted to, Maze could break him into pieces. Very painful, very tiny pieces. If she was feeling particularly in a mood, she would probably throw said pieces into the ocean and clean up all evidence of the metaphorical murder with ease.

Dan gulped.


A door opening drew their attention away from the bounty hunter and to the door on the right.

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Signs as Danganronpa Abridged Thing Quotes
  • Aries: "The first one to die of dehydration just isn't bro enough."
  • Taurus: "I have brase balls, forced in the line of duty as hall monitor."
  • Gemini: "Bitch what did you say about donuts?"
  • Cancer: "This school environment is not welcome in a school environment."
  • Leo: "It has to be the cis white male scum." "I'm Japanese" "Stop derailing my argument with facts!"
  • Virgo: "Let's show those dense mother fuckers some logic, shall we."
  • Libra: "AH! Social interactions, get it away from me."
  • Scorpio: "You all got to know each other good and proper," "awesome now kill each other."
  • Sagittarius: "No, BRO, I do not care that you are a murderer, I do not even care that you are a furry!"
  • Capricorn: "Listen, what we got going on right here, it's gonna go viral on the net
  • Aquarius: "Ok, are you all done making complete ass's of yourselves?"
  • Pisces: "Is this metaphorical murder or literal actual death causing?"