the messy brain of mine


Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???


Rooms with white chairs
Only wall length windows and mirrors
facing those windows, chairs
placed at random intervals between
the glass
It is always open

The Second Floor
makes it feel as if
you’re standing on a rooftop
You look up to the sun and only see
three fluorescent lamps
light up the afternoon dark
A sense of almost-hope
comes with child-sized fingerprints on the window

The Ground Floor
Whatever inner foundation required
painted a bright, coral-orange colour
Looking through the mirror
gives the appearance of being on a busy street
Structured Stability
Overwhelming, and yet seemingly
So you only see it fit to take a seat
and watch

The Basement
Although surrounded by foundation
and concrete
they somehow managed to make the walls glass
and a small space
between the dirt and sky
is the only light
Buried trauma
This is rock bottom
you stand with chisel in hand
ready to break the glass

I didn’t scan it because the light was so pretty 😊// yesterday’s work, I completely just followed my heart & it came out like my brain, messy ! !