the messenger lyrics

‘Mine’ ~~ Zen

So, this is kind of new to me.

I do write a bit of fanfiction and I wrote a collection of one-shots once based on songs (I call them songfictions :D) for Haikyuu!! and I kind of want to do it for Mystic Messenger. For now, I’ve only written one for Zen and I kind of want to do it for all of the RFA members + V and Saeran. I’m not taking requests for these but I am welcome to any prompts you guys can send. I’m just doing this for fun so you guys don’t have to read through everything but I do hope you like this ~~ mod stranger

based on the song ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift (song lyrics are in bold italics)

You were in college, working part-time, waiting tables

“’From now… until the end of our days…’”

“’From now… until the end of time…’” you corrected Zen, looking up at him from the script you had in your hands. The two of you were in his apartment, practicing the lines he had to do for a play he was doing next week.

“Babe, do you have to be that strict?” Zen sighed but smiled playfully at you. “Besides, my version sounds more romantic.”

Left a small town, never looked back

“You told me to pretend being your director,” you shrugged. “So that’s what I’m doing. But… you’re right. Your version does sound better,” you smiled at him. “I guess you do have a thing for romance.” Zen grinned and leaned down over you, placing a kiss on your forehead, then your nose.

“I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out by now,” he said softly, pressing his forehead against yours. Grinning, you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Maybe you should remind me…” you whispered. You watched as Zen’s smile turned from playful to devilish in half a second but before he leaned in for another kiss, you held up the script between your faces.

I was a flight risk, with a fear of fallin’

“…by practicing your lines,” you added. Zen leaned back and fixed you with a slightly irritated but nonetheless amused look. You looked up at him innocently from over the script, using the paper to hide the teasing smile on your lips.

“Man, first my director harasses me and now my girlfriend too,” Zen sighed, running a hand through his long, silvery hair and lying down on the couch next to you. The couch in Zen’s apartment could barely fit the two of you but you didn’t mind it at all. To save space, you turned your body so you could face him. He looked at you and smiled, shaking his head. “You really are merciless.”

“And that’s why you love me~” you sang.

Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts

“That’s why I love you,” Zen agreed. He pulled you close and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck. You put his script down on a table nearby and wrapped your arms around him, running your fingers through the hair gathered in his ponytail. The two of you lay silently like that for a while, relishing each other’s company. No matter how much Zen said he hated his tiny apartment with the ugly peeling paint on the walls, the broken water heater, and everything else, you loved it. It was quiet here, peaceful. So much different from your own home that felt as if it was made out of broken glass stuck together.

I say, “Can you believe it?”

“Do you really have to go home?” Zen spoke up, his voice soft and hesitant, so much different from the loud, powerful one he used onstage. When he acted, he always seemed larger than life, something that almost wasn’t human. You knew just how much the fangirls loved him for that. But that wasn’t all Zen was. Only you knew this side of him, the side that was still wounded by his own past and fueled the insecurity that seeped in from time to time. But you loved this side even more, because it was the one that Zen protective of you.

“Yeah, soon,” you answered, trying to sound nonchalant about it. You didn’t want him to know that earlier today your father practically threw a beer bottle near your head. If you did, who knows what Zen’s temper was going to do?

As we’re lyin’ on the couch

“You know, I really hate this couch,” Zen said, propping himself up on an elbow and looking down at you.

“You hate everything here, Zen,” you deadpanned, staring up at him.

“Yeah, but this couch takes the cake,” he said. “It’s weird and lumpy in all the wrong places and much too small for us to do anything fun on it.”

“I see…” you nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow at the last part.

The moment, I can see it

“When we get out of here and move to a new house, I’ll buy us the biggest couch I can find,” he said excitedly.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for this awesome couch in the future,” you giggled.

“You can count on it,” Zen grinned and planted a kiss on your forehead.

Yes, yes, I can see it now

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Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness

Jumin Han

romaji lyrics -

heulin gieog-i seuchyeo jinaganeun jag-ajin eondeog wie olla
gin saebyeog-eul geujeo balabone soli eobs-i nag-yeobman ssah-ine
haega tteooleumyeon saedeuldo chaj-ji anhneun angsanghan gajiman nam-a
puleun chueogdeul-i hana dul ijhyeo ganeunde
haneul-eun balg-ge usgo iss-eo

gajimalla gajimalla solichideon neo
geu nunmuldo olaen sigan sog-e heut-eojyeo gago
bogosipda bogosipda aewonhaebwado
neon ajig boijil anhgo
alyeonhan geuliumman nam-aissne

seulpeun gieog-i dasi chaj-aomyeon jeomineun inae gaseum wien
ne nunmul-i bi doeeo naeline samuchineun apeum-eul jeogsine
gyeoulbi naelineun haneul-eul balabomyeo nunmul-eul gamchwo bojiman
geumsae nun-i doeeo meoli wie ssah-yeogago apeum-eun neoleul chajgo iss-eo

gajimalla gajimalla solichideon neo
ni nunmuldo olaen sigan sog-e heut-eojyeo gago
bogosipda bogosipda aewonhaebwado
neon ajig boijil anhgo
alyeonhan geuliumman ssah-ine
seulpeun gyeolmal-e jam mos iludeon
heunhan yes danpyeonsoseol gat-eun iyagi
majimag nam-eun han jang sonyeoneun oji anhgo
sonyeon-eun eondeog-eul naelyeogane

dol-awa jwo
dol-aganeun gilmog wie niga seo issne
nunsiul-eul bulg-ge muldeul-imyeo misojisneun neo
ulgo issneun ni eolgul-eul pum-e an-eumyeo
tto aesseo gamchuneun nunmul
joyonghi heulleo naelineun nae nunmul
hayeom-eobs-i heulleo naelineun yeonga

translation - 

Remember overcast stitch up smaller passing over the hill
Looking at the long dawn just four gained only four leaves without sound
The sun strikes the remaining bony thing that does not find the birds
The blue memories are forgotten and go one by one the sky is bright smiling

Do not go, do you hear things struck
As tears go scattered in a long time
I would like to see take a look I would like to see an analyst wanted
You’re still not sighting
Sketch of three remained only your longing

Sad memory comes back to me within a chest push Yuan
Yes, tears down your affairs in a timely manner the pain is hitting your
Winter rain falls and the sky looks concealed tears
Is the snow piled up on top of the head is a fact of life and I’m looking forward to the pain of you

Do not go, do you hear things struck
Your tears go scattered in a long time
I would like to see take a look I would like to see an analyst wanted
You’re still not sighting
Sketch of three gained only four longing
Sad ending was not fulfilled in
Common talk like an old short stories
The last remaining one girl is coming
The boy is going down the Hill

Come back to me please
I am standing on a street corner back
Eyes are red crying water smiling at you
The crying and rushing into the face
Also, try to hide the tears
Quietly flows down my tears
To make the tears flow without the salt
Which made the winter day in the eyes of the Sonata

Getting the prologue bad end be like

Unknown: Do you see the passcode lock?
MC: My name is NO! My sign is NO! My number is NO! You need to let it go~
Unknown: I
Unknown: You’re my assistant now.
Unknown: You never had a choice.
MC: lol


mystic messenger + lyrics (1/?)

↳ saeyoung + don’t wanna know by maroon 5.

[ obviously based off the reset theory so spoiler alert! ]

i’ve been listening to this song on a loop for like a week or two now and i swear i cANNOT listen to it without thinking of seven each time so. here’s this.