the messenger is also great


Ý̵̱̣̘̭̃̌̕ó̶͕̲̥̟̂ú̷̦͍̠͙͓̀̈́̽͑ ̷̼͖̲̈̽͝s̶̛̗̤̓̉̕ḩ̷̮̦̰̐̇ǫ̶̮͖̖̎̈́̔͜͝ü̷̗͕̱̗̭̓l̴̛͈̊n̴͍̙͔̑͛̑͝'̸̘̦̗̀̍̌́̄ͅẗ̴̪̲̹͈͚́ ̸̻̟̦͕͔͒̓̔ţ̵̺͘r̴̜͊u̴̟͎̪͆͜s̶͈̠̈̃̚t̴̩̗͈̣́̀̔͝ ̸͉̯̬̺͓̌̓̃̓͑h̸̗̓̀̔̈́i̶͍͚̒ṁ̷̨̪̩̮̠ ̸̬̼̎ẗ̷̤͑o̵̝͖̭̣͎͘ơ̶̯̦̮̳̦͋̿ ̴̡͓̇m̶̠͓̱͎̅͘u̵͈̗͔͗̍̀̊͝ͅc̵̨̝̭̤̎̈́h̸͕̮̓̂.̶̫͎̓̊̈̕͘


❗ Stop overshadowing V in his own route ❗

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Types as Quotes from my English class

(For some minimal context, this was a college course on portrayals of death in medieval Britain)

ExFJ: “So would you give the corpse a piggyback ride?”

ExTJ: “If I’d written Beowulf I’d probably have tenure”

IxFP: “Underneath the armor, you are squishy”

IxTP: “That reminds me of a friend I had in college who was later on trial for stabbing someone repeatedly”

ISxJ: “I kill cattle because it’s satisfying”

INxJ: “You will be eaten: repent”

ENxP: “He’s the octopus of medieval death manuscripts”

ESxP: “It’s the ombré skeleton!”

me before jumin’s route: i mean he’s hot but he’s kind of a dick

me after jumin’s route: i would lay down my own life for this man. he deserves the sun, the moon and the stars. so beautiful.



Exactly! Jumin was so much more likable in other routes and I get so protective of him sometimes when the other members are being obnoxious. Like they complain about Jumin being a heartless robot but he’s always the first one to offer help when one of them is in trouble??? At the end of Jaehee’s route I actually died when he crashed 707′s car like I cannot believe??? The amount of spite and pettiness??? I loved him in Zen’s route omg that route was hard for me since I wanted to love them both. LMAO I don’t think it was Jumin’s place to call his mom but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it. and it was pretty funny tbh The V thing makes me really sad because Jumin wants to be there for him but V can’t tell him anything. ;_;

Agreed, I love Jumin SO MUCH as a character like he’s so sweet but so underrated because of his route. I can understand why you’d be hurt by 707′s route, but personally the ‘pushing away’ thing didn’t bother me too much??? probably bc i do the same lmao I actually couldn’t stand Jumin at first because I thought he was going to be the typical K-drama CEO arrogant jerk, but he’s actually pretty relatable?? Now, I am absolutely in love with him. <3

Yes, I’m glad you also love Cat Dad!! *A* I fall back in love with whoever’s route I’m playing, so I left off on Jumin’s Christmas DLC and now I can’t stop thinking about him. his dlc almost made me cry too like the hug thing hit me hard Not being able to pick a fave just means you have a lot of love to give!! 

jdfkgs thank you for thinking so! I love you too, you are phenomenal!! *_* I could never choose between Ryuji or Jumin, they’re complete opposites but I love them all the same, and it’s great that you do too! Tbh all this Jumin and Ryuji love is wonderful and I am 100% here for it.

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, the wi-fi was out for most of the day. This guy came over to mess with the wi-fi and TVs and I was just like ‘what is this guy barging in my room for’??? Anyway, sorry about that!

Happy Birthday!! (Saeyoung and Saeran)

I had originally written a long, elaborate story for the Choi’s birthday expect my computer crashed last night and I lost almost all of my files, including that story ;-; So instead, have this quickly written small story about my favorite twins that I wrote during my work break! I’m still going to post a headcanon later, I just really wanted to write something up for these two precious boy’s birthday since it’s still June eleventh where I live! Anyways, I still hope that you enjoy!! ^^

Sleep. That’s all Saeran ever wanted, well sleep and ice cream 

But just as Saeran was falling into a deep sleepy dream, the sound of an idiot yelling woke him up 

“Saeran! Wake up wake up wake up!” Saeyoung yelled as he bursts through Saeran’s bedroom door. Saeran just grumbled, pulling his fluffy comforter over his head. But his twin wasn’t letting him sleep in, not today. 

“Come on Saeran, you gotta get up! It’s the most important day in the world! Pleaseee? Do it for me?” Saeyoung said as he poked Saeran’s head through the blanket. Saeran let out a muffled ‘No’ so Saeyoung sighed, grinning deviously as he told his brother “Okay then I guess I’ll have to eat all of these homemade pancakes all by myself." 

Saeran slowly removed the comforter from his head just so his eyes were peaking out. He saw Saeyoung retreating to the kitchen as Saeyoung’s lips quirked up into a smile as he said over his shoulder "With chocolate chips!" 

Against his better judgement, Saeran got out of bed and after freshening up in the bathroom, joined his brother in the kitchen. Saeyoung was happily humming away as he flipped another batch of chocolate chip pancakes onto a plate then taking his own plate, sat down next to Saeran. 

As Saeyoung shoveled bite after bite of the sweet breakfast into his mouth, he excitedly asked Saeran "What do you want to do today my favorite bro?” Saeran just rolled his eyes as he took a bite of the warm pancake, shocked that his brother cooked something this tasty. 

“Why does it matter what we do today? Plus, why did you go to all of the trouble of making us pancakes? You’re acting stranger then usual today and that’s saying something.” Saeran speculated as his twin gave him a sincerely confused look. 

“Y-You really don’t know what today is Saeran?” Saeyoung asked as he set down his cutlery, looking his brother straight in the eyes. Saeran saw that his brother’s usual bright honey eyes were a dull shade of yellow, making him concerned. “No. What’s going on today?” Saeran mumbled as he looked away from Saeyoung’s sad eyes. 

“It’s our birthday today silly Saeran! How could you forget?” Saeyoung giggled nervously as Saeran remembered that it was in fact June eleventh. But Saeran sighed and kept his eyes to the floor as he quietly said to his brother “I guess I did forget. I never celebrated our birthday whenever you left and especially when I was in Mint Eye, I was never allowed to. Plus it would cloud all of my memories of our shabby 'parties’ we had when we still lived with mom. So yeah, I did forget…" 

"Saeran…” Saeyoung lightly said as he stood up from his chair and gently wrapped his arms around his younger brother. Saeran felt tears well up in his eyes but he quickly pushed them away, softly hugging his brother back. Saeyoung let go and gave him a warm smile saying “I’ll be right back!” Then zooming off to his room. 

Saeyoung came back into the kitchen with a neatly wrapped gift and handed it to his twin cheerfully saying “Happy birthday Saeran! I got you a little something for being the best little bro in the entire world!” Saeran carefully unwrapped the gift until he could completely see what his brother got him. 

Saeran held up a blanket with a design that resembled the galaxy on it. Saeyoung smiled and told him “I know how much you like laying down in the grass and watching the sky and stars so I figured that laying on a blanket would be more comfy and since you get cold a lot, you can wrap yourself in it! Plus, it shows you that my love for you is as big as the galaxy! Oh and there’s one more thing for you bro!" 

Saeyoung hastily handed Saeran a smaller gift and Saeran couldn’t stop the two tears from flowing down his cheeks. It was a photo of Saeyoung and himself from Saeran’s first RFA party, Saeyoung with a huge, goofy grin on his face while Saeran had the tiniest hint of a smile. Saeran quickly wiped his tears away and gave Saeyoung a genuine smile saying "Thank you idio- Saeyoung. This is the best birthday ever.” Hugging the photo to his chest Saeran suddenly remembered something and headed to his room. 

He came back with a shopping bag, shoving it in Saeyoung’s direction sheepishly saying “Here. I knew that our birthday was coming up but since I didn’t know when, I bought this for you so… Happy birthday Saeyoung.” His brother eagerly took the item out of the bag, his eyes widening in glee as he held up a brand new hoodie. 

The next thing he knows, Saeran is tackled with a hug by Saeyoung who rubbed his cheek affectionately against his brother’s. “This is absolutely the greatest birthday gift in the entire world! I love it so much, and I love you too little bro! Thank you so much Saeran!” Saeyoung exclaims as he giddily tries on his new hoodie. “Just start washing the one you always wear okay? That hoodie is disgusting.” Saeran stated to his overly happy brother. Seeing Saeyoung this happy truly made Saeran’s heart fill with its own joy as he finally gave his brother a sincere smile. 

Saeyoung and Saeran spent the rest of their birthday having a small party with the rest of the RFA members, who made a large cake and sang to them much to Saeran’s surprise. The night ended with Saeyoung and Saeran lying in their yard staring at the sky with Saeyoung in his new hoodie and Saeran wrapped in his new blanket.

“You know Saeran, this really has been the greatest birthday, mostly because I got to spend the day with you. So happy birthday, I really am happy that you’re back Saeran.” Saeyoung said softly as his gaze stayed on the stars. Saeran looked at the twinkling sky as well, no longer feeling any anxiety or fears, just acceptance and love from Saeyoung and RFA members. 

Saeran sat up and flicked Saeyoung’s forehead, resulting in the older twin harshly rubbing the affected skin. Saeran giggled at Saeyoung, wrapping him more cozily in his blanket as he still held onto the photo of the two of them in his chest as he told his brother “I am too, I finally feel happy now. Happy birthday Saeyoung, and thank you for everything you do, you really are an idiot but also a great brother.”

aka The Crawling Chaos, Ahtu, The Black Man, The Black Pharaoh, The Black Wind, The Bloated Woman, the Crawling Mist, The Dark Demon, The Black Demon, The Dark One, The Dweller in Darkness, The Faceless God, The Floating Horror, The Haunter of the Dark, Face Eater, Father of All Bats, Dark Wing, Sand Bat, Fly-The-Light, the Howler in the Dark, the God of the Bloody Tongue, or the Bloody Tongue, L'rog'g (also Lrogg), Mr Tiddles, the Bat God of L'gy'hx, Messenger of the Old Ones (also Messenger of the Great Old Ones), Mr. Skin, Randall Flagg, Shugoran, Thing in the Yellow Mask, The White Man, The Skinless One, The Masked Messenger :) 

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"i don’t appreciate the fact that voluptuous bodies are praised only if there’s skinny arms, a flat stomach and a chiselled face but you want thick thighs, a big bum and breasts. but you also don’t want stretch marks, cellulite, scars. like how do you think bodies work" -marimopet. I think they're right, how about a headcanon of an insecure chubby mc that really likes to cover her body and is really insecure about being naked in front of them? (RFA+V+Saeran) Thanks! :D

Hecking darn, I’m so sorry that this took me so long. Please let me know if you’d like me to change anything. Also I’m 80% sure the formatting off on this, but I’ll be glad to change it in the future. Again, sorry for making you wait and much love!


  • He was coming back from an outing with some campus friends when he saw you looking over yourself in the mirror
  • You looked slightly disgusted with your stomach and kept poking at your thighs
  • Your nose wrinkled a bit seeing them wiggle a little bit
  • Yoosung was really very confused so he called out your name
  • Jumping a bit, you turned towards him and apologized
  • “Nonononono, MC! Don’t say sorry! You didn’t do anything wrong!” he nearly yelled worriedly while hanging up his coat 
  • After he settled in, he practically ran to you in your room while you were hurriedly adjusting your clothing
  • “Why do you have look on your face?” “’Cause my thighs are really jiggly” “But you looked mad at yourself” “Well, yeah, I don’t like them all that much, Yoosung”
  • This boy was d e v a s t a t e d 
  • He pretty much threw himself on you to hug you 
  • “But MCCCCC, you’re not allowed to not like them. You’re really really cute, and so are your thighs!” 
  • From that day forwards, he would give you compliments on how you looked in outfits
  • 8/8 would lay on you because you were “comfy and safe”
  • Never ever would pressure you to wear other things but would encourage you to like yourself a bit more
  • “C’mon, MC, if you don’t like the squish, then what kind of person are you? Squoosh is good. Squoosh is safe”
  • Would attempt to fight anyone that body shamed
  • May’ve tried to deck a fuckboy
  • “Okay, how would you feel if I didn’t like my body?” “Yoosung, that’s completely different” “Nuh-uh!” “Fine, then I’d always tell you that your perfect, ‘cause you are” “See?” “Plus, if you thought you looked bad, then how should I feel about myself?” “Nope! That’s counterproductive!” “Then I’d always make sure that you know I love you and how you look” “Do you see now? That’s what I’m trying to do!”
  • Constantly would give really cute pep talks if you needed it 
  • No pressure if you didn’t want to wear something, but he’d make sure to tell you you were stunning


  • Okay, when you were ever in public with this boy, he noticed you were a little anxious
  • He tried to ask about it but you always deflected it so he backed off 
  • There was one day where he came home later from rehearsals and you were sitting on the bed scrolling through some comment section of one of his fanpages 
  • Zen was worried considering your facial expression that looked like a mixture of sadness and something else he couldn’t place
  • You, on the other hand, were trying to laugh it off in your head
  • I mean, you were already struggling with self-image issues and you could laugh those off
  • These were different, though. They had usernames and pictures along with a few anonymous people
  • It felt like you were on display in some exhibit where people came to point and laugh
  • After he showered and you were still looking concerned while reading on your phone, he dramatically fell next to you on the bed
  • You brushed off anything he tried to ask so he went on the messenger to see if anyone had anything to say
  • It clicked with him once he saw that Jaehee was ranting about how rude some people were being on some fan blogs
  • “Hey, MC?” “Hmm? “Y’know you’re really beautiful, right?” 
  • You laughed a bit in response to that then stopped realizing that he probably wouldn’t like you finding humor in that
  • “I’m serious, you know. I’ve seen a lot of people through my career, but you take the cake,” “Hyun, have you seen my arms?” “Yeah, and they’re amazing!” “What about my stomach?” “A masterpiece!” “And my chins?” “Fit to be in a museum!”
  • Shaking your head, you wondered how you could wind up in a relationship with him and leaned over towards him
  • “You’re funny.” “But it’s all true! My princess is gorgeous” “Obviously not, considering what people say” “Yeah, well, screw those people. They probably have no joy in their lives. They probably think about dead puppies. Not everybody finds everybody attractive, too. There’s people who don’t think I’m hot as hell”
  • You fake gasped and he started laughing, no giggling 
  • shit, this was cute
  • The next day, he came out with a press release saying how much he loved you and that if anyone were to harass you and call themselves a fan, they could call themselves banned from anything and everything he could get them kicked out from 
  • Any time he could, he would tell you how good you look 
  • Would proudly say that he’s “MC’s boyfriend” and no security detail or workers would know you as “Zen’s partner” nope, you were MC, the partner of Zen
  • He would ask you before buying you any clothing he thought would look good
  • Would slap your ass if you said it was fine
  • Would also ask before he took any clothing off by tapping it
  • Everyone who needs reassurance needs a Zen
  • Because we all know he’s a fucker that’s into body worship


  • You visited her at work and were currently spinning around in a desk chair 
  • When you were waiting for her to finish a meeting before you could see her, you accidentally took a magazine from the lobby
  • Jaehee was typing while you were flipping through it, waiting for her to go on her lunch break
  • You made an offhand remark about comparing yourself to the models and she stopped working
  • Looking up at her, you asked if she was done but she nodded and stood up to walk over to you
  • “You’re as attractive as any of those models, so don’t you think otherwise for a second” “Jaehee, I was just-“ “Nope, if you’re going to say it’s normal, that just makes it worse. Who cares if you’ve got rolls or extra fat? Sure as hell isn’t me, so you shouldn’t either. You’re more adorable and hot than anyone I’ve known, so I’m saying that your data is incorrect.” “But-“ “No, no buts. You’re wrong” 
  • Would stop you if you were going to make a remark towards yourself 
  • She probably has not liked how she looked in the past
  • If I were her, I’d be fucking dONE with those boobs
  • So she wouldn’t let you fall into that trap either
  • Would ask you little questions each day about how were feeling
  • Understood if there was a day you just really couldn’t like yourself no matter how hard you tried
  • Always there to tell you that you looked great
  • Took random pictures of you and would send them to the messenger to say how great you look
  • Just really supportive and sweet
  • Would also help you with clothes shopping, especially if it was in the women’s section
  • Nobody knows what women’s sizes actually mean


  • If you thought you could get away with the things you said, you were w r o n g
  • “Hah, same,” you said as you pointed to a can of biscuits that popped 
  • (I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I was referencing the pressurized ones where dough will push out against the opening and look like body rolls)
  • “Hah, no,” he said as he went to hug you
    “I’m the only one that can make self-depreciating jokes around here, MC!”
  • Saeyoung already knew that you didn’t like how your body looked, but hey, he’s gonna try his best to make sure you didn’t 
  • If you liked cuddling, he would always trace your stretchmarks because “They looked prettier than Elly!”
  • This shit was real if something was prettier than that cat
  • Would also smack your ass if he thought you looked better than usual if you said that it was okay
  • Also would stop working on something if he noticed you weren’t doing too well
  • Cheesy notes for you to find would be all around the bunker 
  • He would get rid of anything that made you uncomfortable, too 
  • Has hacked into social media accounts of people he thought were being douchebags to you 
  • If he knew it was a bad day, he’d just hug you to let you know he was there


  • Being around a bunch of people who probably had multiple nutritionists drew attention to yourself if you had to attend any parties or business meals with him 
  • You absentmindedly said something about it once you had both gotten home from a dinner party
  • Looking up to Jumin when he got quiet, you saw him with his head cocked to the side and a questioning look on his face
  • “But you’re far more beautiful than anyone there?” “Tch, I wish I was, Jumin. They’ve all the most expensive trainers and makeup artists to make them look far better than me.” “That’s the difference between them and you, MC. You don’t need anything like that to be stunning. I can get anything you’d like if it was something you enjoy. I could get all the best makeup for you if you were doing it for fun, not if you saw it as an improvement. You can’t improve perfection, my love.”
  • Realizing he was genuinely confused at how you could, you shook your head slightly
  • “MC? Is it alright? I didn’t think that you thought of yourself this way. It never crossed my mind, because I thought you were always more beautiful than anything or anyone else. You’re-you’re incredibly attractive, MC. I don’t understand why you compare yourself to them when you’re so much more gorgeous than they could ever be.”
  • Now, you were sniffling a little bit while noticing your eyes were about to spill over with tears
  • “Th-thank you, Jumin. That means a lot, really, it does. I always convince myself that you’d rather be with anyone else. I always thought you didn’t like how I looked with suggestions you made.” “MC, I’m so sorry that you thought that. I’d never be with anyone else, because they all pale in comparison. If you meant clothing I picked, I’ll make sure you pick most of it now. I just thought you always looked good in everything. “
  • From then on, you always woke up to a compliment either in person or part of a good morning text
  • All your clothing was to be perfectly tailored
  • He also made sure any department that needed models would have weight diversity 
  • Also fired any employee that made comments towards you or anyone else that wasn’t standard-model skinny

V: (This’ll be one of the few I write that he’s blind in)

  • He came back from a meeting and was slightly confused to not hear you 
  • You heard the door open, though, and tried to make yourself look presentable as you were crying quietly earlier
  • Even though Jihyun couldn’t see if your face was red, he could tell if you were off
  • Walking down the staircase to greet him, you were still clearing your throat and trying to wipe at your face
  • “MC? Are you alright? I wasn’t sure where you were.” “Yeah, it’s all okay. I was just in the room.” “Are you sure that you’re okay? You seem upset. I’m sorry if it was because I came back so late”
  • “No, dear, it wasn’t your fault at all. I was just, well, I was kind of upset with how I look.” “But you’re very attractive?” “Jihyun, you can’t even see me.” “Yes, I can, just slightly, you know that. You’re really very good-looking, MC. I feel bad that you can’t see that in yourself. You have stunning eyes, and your cheeks are really soft and cute.”
  • You knew he was trying to help but sometimes you can’t think like that
    “Well, I’m still a fat ass.” “Fat doesn’t mean ugly. Fat just means you have more of a person to love.”
    After this conversation, you were pretty much dragged to the couch
  • Once you sat down, he practically fell on you
  • “Sorry! Sorry, I just meant to sit and then, yeah”
  • You laughed a bit as he moved a bit to still lay on you just more comfortably
  • “See, MC? More to love” “Yeah, but I don’t love it” “I really really wish you could, because I think it’s the best ever”
  • He was just trying to make you feel the best you could
  • After knowing you didn’t like how much weight you had, he tried his best to make you feel confident
  • Everything has its ups and downs, and he just wanted to make you feel as far up as possible

Okay, again, really very sorry for taking so long. I’ll fix anything that’s not good, and add stuff if I missed it. Bye, for now, nerds!

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What are your top 10 tumblr blogs?

I really love @myetie’s blog. She’s an amazing artist with a wonderful art-style and is drawing a lot of mystic messenger fanart.

I also really like @askull4everyoccasion’s and @askmicrowaveayem’s blogs. They are great writers and have written amazing undertale stories like AYEM (a year every minute). You should really check their stories out!

@heavenfell-au is definitely up in my ‘top 3 favorite blogs’ and they are an amazing writer and artist!! They have this story called “their wings” and if you havent read it, you really should! I believe they also draw something for every chapter of “their wings” they upload, so you should look at that as well, it’s awesome!

@indulgenceahoy also writes some really really good undertale fanfiction and is a great artist with a nice art style I really like!

@rsfoster is a really good artist as well! They draw a lot of undertale fanart and i love how their traditional art looks, the coloring is just amazing!

@bossmonsterbani has an unique art-style that I really love. They are also making great animations!

Another Blog I really like is @eaavan-bimyou’s blog. They are a really nice person with a beautiful art-style and really good art. You should really check their Blog out!

@mysticdaddies is also a Blog I really like. They are writing some awesome mystic messenger stories and headcanons (and also some great nsfw stories like “Bang!”, just so you know)

@seek-victory is a good yuri on ice art blog that you should check out if you love yuri on ice and 'victuuri’ as much as I do.

And the last two Blogs i really like are @littlemissweaboo and @toggy001. They are amazingly nice people and are really good artists. They draw a lot of undertale fanart and have really nice blogs. You should Check them out as well!

There are of course way more Blogs i really like, but these are my favorite ones I think. Oh, and these are in random Order btw. And sorry that I turned the 'top 10’ into a 'top 12’ ^_^



The Lenape Natives initially lived along the Delaware River Valley in parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania –from which they received their more common name, Delaware. They became dependent on the colonies and became so involved in the trade of pelts and furs that they eventually killed off most of the mammals in their area –they soon grew impoverished and were forgotten as traders abandoned them for the Iroquois Natives to the north. Under the threats of poverty, conflict, alcoholism and disease, the Lenape numbers had dwindled from about ten to twelve thousand to about three thousand since contact was made with the Europeans.

“-as small groups sold their land or were forced from it at various times. The scattered, decimated, and unorganized bands … soon gathered, or were gathered, as they had never been in pre-European times. The ‘towns’ that grew up in the river valleys of Pennsylvania in the early decades of the eighteenth century were not formed from homogeneous cultural units.”

^ Lenapehoking, the original Lenape territory. 

Selling their lands, being forced out of others, and willingly abandoning others – they became refugees within their own land and would also retreat to the land of others. After the death of William Penn in 1718, he was succeeded by his sons Thomas Penn and John Penn –whom were involved in the infamous Walking Purchase of 1737 in which they brought forward a suspicious and possibly fraudulent copy of a land deed from 1686 that led to a large theft of land from the Lenape. The Penn brothers had arranged to have three trained runners sprint through a cleared route, covering about sixty-five miles in eighteen hours and winning them 1,200 square acres of land from the Delaware.

^ Delaware by David Wright.

They [Thomas Penn and John Penn] were used to an expensive life-style, but had no money. In their desperation, they contemplated ways to sell Lenape land to colonial settlers. The resulting scheme culminated in the so-called Walking Purchase. In the mid-1730s, colonial administrators produced a draft of a land deed dating to the 1680s. William Penn had approached several leaders of Lenape polities in the lower Delaware to discuss land sales further north. Since the land in question did not belong to their polities, the talks came to nothing.

But colonial administrators had prepared the draft that resurfaced in the 1730s. The Penns and their supporters tried to present this draft as an actual deed. Unsurprisingly, Lenape leaders in the lower Delaware refused to accept it. What followed was a convoluted sequence of deception, fraud, and extortion orchestrated by the Pennsylvania government that is commonly known as the Walking Purchase. In the end, all Lenapes who still lived on the Delaware were driven off the remnants of their homeland under threats of violence.” – Steven Harper.

^ Walking Purchase.

The refugee Lenape villages that had arose from this displacement are believed to have been an important component that led to the French and Indian War and the surge of revolutionary ideas among the Lenape Delaware Natives. One of these revolutionaries was a man from the Delaware named Wangomen, who believed that the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, had chosen him as a messenger. Wangomen, also known as the Assinisink Prophet, was visited by a great buck during a hunting trip that conveyed the message that by abandoning the old ways, the Natives had placed themselves in this difficult situation.

The great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, let him peer into the heavens where he saw that there were three heavens –one for Natives, one for ‘Whites’ and one for ‘Negroes’. The ‘Whites’ were ill-treated in their heaven, as punishment for their abuses against the Natives, for taking the promised land away from them and for their enslavement of the ‘Negroes’. 

Another Delaware man named Papoonan, had a vision while mourning his father’s death –the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, was offended by the way that the Natives had abandoned the old ways. Papoonan was a supporter of Natives purifying themselves in the old ways of their forefathers and for them to denounce the use of alcohol. Unlike the other prophets he preached peace, coexistence, the sharing of resources and also accepted some of the teachings of the Moravian Christian missionaries 

^ Neolin, the Delaware Prophet.

There was yet another man from the Delaware tribe named Neolin, meaning “the enlightened”, in this story he plays the greatest significance. Neolin traversed the spirit world for days before reaching three forks in the road, from both the wide and the narrow roads a great fire arose from the ground which forced him to turn back. On the third path he encountered a marvelous white mountain in which he saw a woman of radiant beauty that instructed him to strip himself of all that he has and to purify himself in a nearby river. After purifying himself he met with the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, who gave him a guideline for the Natives to follow. The Natives must refrain from drinking, be married to one woman, not covet their neighbors’ wife and not to fight with their fellow brethren.

That the land in which they inhabited was given to them by him, reminding them that they lived before the French and English had arrived and didn’t need their assistance. They hunted with bow and arrow without need of firearms. That now they had become dependent on the whites, for his children (the Natives) to send the whites back to the homes that he has given them, across the ocean. To “drive off your lands those dogs clothed in red who will do nothing but harm”. 

He sought to purify his followers, urging them to rid themselves of all European goods and return to the lifestyle of their ancestors. Though he had many followers, the idea of tossing aside their arms was too much for some Natives to comply with. Nevertheless, Neolin became yet another force swaying the Natives against the ‘Whites’. 

By so doing, and by strictly observing his other precepts, the tribes would soon be restored to their ancient greatness and power, and be enabled to drive out the white men who infested their territory. The prophet had many followers. Indians came from far and near, and gathered together in large encampments to listen to his exhortations.” – Chapter VII, The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.


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  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE RED ROMANS AND THE RED COATS – This post covers the religious beliefs of the Iroquois Confederacy, their origin story, their belief in duality (like yin and yang), their secretive and mysterious masked societies, and their involvement in the conflicts between their two great colonial neighbors (New France and the New England) like the famed French and Indian War. I’ll also speak of their involvement in the American Revolutionary War as well as the famed Joseph Brant, a Freemason Mohawk leader who swayed most of the Iroquois Confederates into siding with the British. It is believed that without the aid of the Iroquois Confederacy, North America would now be speaking French instead of English and that France would’ve held a massive portion of the eastern half of North America, leaving a massive battlefield for the French and Spanish to battle over.
Attack on Titan MBTI -- Moblit Berner

ISFJ – Moblit Berner

The Defender”

This seems like a great time to preface something:

I plan on doing all of the characters in the SNK series that have any kind of decent significance–enough to be able to figure out their MBTI.  Therefore, there will be some personality types that will repeat.

Actually, I feel that ISFJ is a relatively common type for characters in anime/manga in general, but I think Moblit might actually be one of the best examples I know of.

Anyway, as always, this is a spoiler-filled post.  Enjoy, but be wary.

The title of “Defender” seems appropriate for Moblit based simply on what we mostly know him for:  his protective nature, especially in regards to Hanji.  

–Moblit is supportive

As an Assistant Squad Leader…well, I feel that just saying his title is explanation enough.  He plays a support role, and he’s often seen giving advice to Hanji and other characters.

–He is reliable and patient

I mean, god, he has to be, right?  Patience is a requirement when working with Hanji, and he’s always there to pull or push her out of danger’s way.  But he doesn’t limit that to just her–he’s also verbally demonstrated these traits toward Levi and his squad during the beginning of the political arc.

–He’s observant

Again, working for Hanji, he has to be–and it’s not just to keep her out of trouble. He’s working as an assistant to a scientist, so having good observation skills is a must for that squad.  I’m sure that the other members of Hanji’s squad also shared this trait to some degree!

–He’s enthusiastic?

I know, I know. But hear me out.  Enthusiasm doesn’t always shine through in the same way extroverts like Hanji or Eren show it.  However, it does show.  Don’t forget that Moblit constantly fought alongside his squadmates, serving as Hanji’s diligent messenger all the while.  He is also known as a great artist and uses his skills to help people. I’ll pull the quote from 16personalities to summarize:  “When the goal is right, ISFJs take all this support, reliability, and imagination, and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives…”

–He’s loyal and a hard worker

Moblit deserves all the credit in the world for putting up with Hanji’s danger-loving ass as it is, but as I mentioned before, he has always been an active force in the Corps.  He doesn’t need foreground attention when he’s already accomplishing so much in the background.  And he stayed with Hanji, protecting her until his end.  Loyal as a dog.  But probably a lot smarter.

–He’s practical

As a messenger for the Corps, and as an Assistant Squad Leader, Moblit wore several hats, and he was able to be a working piece in the puzzles that eventually fit together.  The Female Titan arc?  Moblit fought with the others.  The political arc?  Moblit worked behind the scenes with the press to tear down the Central Police.  He’s not one for showy, crazy stunts, but instead, practical steps forward.

–He’s humble and shy

I think this is why we all took so long to recognize Moblit as an important character.  Compared to some of the “louder” personalities in the Corps, he was definitely one of the quieter ones.  

–He takes things personally

This is a double-edged sword, because without this personality trait, Hanji might have died instead of him.  Remember, he’s an “F” type–a Feeling type–which means he’s naturally going to get emotional attachments more easily than those “T” types.  He’s a natural worrier in a world that is giving him far too much to worry about.  

–Moblit repressed his feelings

Isayama has mentioned that Moblit is the most stressed and drinks the most in the Corps.  I’m sure he didn’t always quite fit in–if we assume that most Corps members are either “T” types who are already naturally emotionally repressed, or are “F” types that are also forcing down their emotions because of the circumstances, then it makes sense, right?  

–He overloads himself

Moblit is constantly a helping hand–the more you look for him, the more you end up seeing him do.  It’s quite impressive, but again, like my previous statement, it obviously took its toll on him.

–He’s altruistic, perhaps to a fault?

It’s no secret that Moblit’s a good guy.  He defends people who need defending, supports his superior officers, guides the younger soldiers, and ultimately sacrificed his own life for his Squad Leader.  But Moblit was also quite unhappy–and yet, we never heard much about his troubles, his past.  He was so busy playing support that his own problems?  Well, we may never know how much he was really suffering, simply because he hid it.  

Again, I’m going to pull a quote from 16personalities that I felt suited Moblit quite well:

“ISFJs are people of incredible loyalty, often trying to follow favored managers to new positions and locations.”

Moblit is loyalty #goals.  Like, god, genuinely, I wish I was that amazingly dedicated to even just one person.  (But I’m an INTJ and far too independent lmao)

Most people comment on his loyalty in regards to Hanji, and that’s …well, it’s “duh.”  Duh.  If you’ve kept up with the series, or have even read what I’ve written thus far, you know plenty of examples of how extreme his loyalty can be.  Moblit didn’t really even show aggression much in the series at all, except in response to protecting Hanji.  (For instance, the confrontation with Sannes and pajama Hanji.  One of my favorite scenes.)  

However, I think a lot of people gloss over Moblit’s loyalty to the cause of the Corps.

Think back to the political arc, particularly his interactions with new Squad Levi and Levi himself.  Moblit was involved with the torture of at least two men–from what we know, Moblit is a gentle, artistic soul.  But, he threw aside his personal feelings to keep his loyalty to the Corps, to protect the regiment he had dedicated his life to.  

Want another piece of proof?

Moblit was one of the main faces that appeared in Erwin’s mind as he doubted if his comrades’ deaths had held any meaning.  

We had lost plenty of Corps veterans at that point for Isayama to have shown other characters’ faces there.  In fact, Moblit’s death had not even been shown yet.  However, I believe that Isayama wanted to show him there because not showing him would have been a disservice to his entire character.  Moblit was loyal to the Corps, so much that his Commander recognized him as important.  (Probably more than the fandom does half the time smh)

Shall we continue with a breakdown of the I-S-F-J type?

I-Introversion, or a focus on the inner self

Moblit was incredibly loyal, but the stress of his role was also obvious. He has a far more introverted attitude in most cases.

S-Sensing, or a focus on facts as they are

Moblit is a scientist and an artist–two types known for their detail-oriented nature.  However, we also often see him asking a lot of questions and focusing on the pieces of the puzzle, rather than the puzzle’s outcome, especially in the political arc.

F-Feeling, or a focus on emotion

Moblit’s loyalty is most definitely based on an emotional bias.  While we don’t know all the details of how this came to be, we can see evidence of it in the last moments of his life.

J-Judgment, or a focus on decided paths and plans

His solid and steady nature balances the spontaneity of his Squad Leader, and his questions often lead to answers that form a focused path of how to proceed.  He follows orders with loyalty and precision.

Moblit will be missed.  He was such a realistic representation of the “average” human being at work accomplishing incredible things.  I feel that people miss that message with him a lot, so I hope that it’s driven home more with season two.

Rest in peace, Mobliterator.

Also, if people wanna add to this or tell me what you think, please let me know.  Because I love doing this.


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