the merrythought


I did it ! ‘ Alice exclaimed fistpumping the air playfully as the silvery otter swam around her. She hadn’t been able to conjure a corporeal patronus. It had been a source of secret shame for her as most everyone in her DADA class had accomplished the deed. However, she’d misunderstood  Proffessor Merrythought’s instructions, it didn’t need to be a happy memory per say just a powerful one. She’d focused on the last memory she had had of her mother, going to get ice cream together Alice watching as her mother lit talking about her passion for food. That had done the trick, it seemed. And she didn’t care that she was celebrating like a fool in front of a gaggle of people.

A+ Lady Hogwarts Professors (1/2)

Aurora Sinistra, Astronomy:

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Bathsheda Babbling, Ancient Runes:

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Charity Burbage, Muggle Studies:

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Galatea Merrythought, DADA:

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Minerva McGonagall, Transfiguration:

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