the mermaid one tho

*squints* I see whatcha did there Disney

The little Mermaid and seeing your future boyfriend’s vessel

Beauty and the Beast and seeing his face for the first time

Tangled - Show off your power in front of bae

Sleeping Beauty - Dance with bae in the woods

Mulan - kick your bae so that he falls on his ass

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Well I'm certainly a fan of mermaid AU's. Even wrote one for Kalluraweek. Tho if yer not a fan of that kinda thing I could request something else.

did someone say mermaIDS 

I couldn’t decide on who to make the mermaid so i went with boTH

allura is the princess of the mermaids and keith is the hot headed outcast that saved the princess once and now they have secret meetings in a kelp forest so no one can find them and see them smoochin uwu


Mer!Requests part 1!!! More to come XD

Definitely gonna fix these up after I finish everything~

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Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to give my input on Dipper in Monster Falls. As a child, Dipper is already paranoid and a bit clumsy, which is why some people think that a deer is a good fit for him. However, that doesn't rule out his other personally traits. Full grown bucks are strong, stubborn, and good leaders. These are traits that Dipper already has as a child, when he grows up they'd be even more pronounced. There might be writers that portray Deerper as weak, but it's not really true.

but that’s the thing like everyone’s go to personality trait for Dipper is anxiety and it’s not a good way to define his character. you never see those depictions of deer Dipper being strong either you just see him being weak and scared and prancing away cause that’s what deers are famous for. There has to be a better creature out there to describe Dipper. Anxiety is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Dip. Determination does, and protection. Something that doesn’t bend or break.

He’s not the only one tho like why is Mabel a mermaid besides that she likes to sing and flirt with people? Why is Ford a sphinx? Sphinxes tell riddles and stuff like Ford doesn’t try to trick people? Why is Stan a gargoyle beyond that he’s protective? I just?? I want explanations. 


Disney Princesses Silhouettes painted on canvas

Kingdom Hearts Trios | Mulan & Pocahontas

the mermaid queen | lay & simon


Grand Beach Provincial Park – it didn’t exactly sound like a simple beach name to remember, complicated if he’d ever seen one, but considering the limited time frame they had to deal with anything seemed good enough to him. Arriving at the place, it actually looked far more like a beach than it did a park, and even though the clock had just about ticked over at 10 a.m half the place already came off flooded to him. Shit, he hadn’t sat foot at an actual lake like environment for over ten years and the little blonde girl currently resting inside his arms was eager to break that curse for good. The exact moment her blue eyes had matched up with the wide water area, a sparkle of recognition had traveled through her mind and made itself known through a loud gasp. Of course Hayley knew they were going to the beach, she had done nothing but brag, sing and dance about it for the past week and droven him half mad through the evenings – but seeing her warm, kind face light up like she had just been offered the biggest lollipop in the world, sure made the struggle worth it. “You got everything?” Simon asked Layken standing by his side, eyeing behind her to see if he could spot Lucy and Lucas coming their way. The other couple had told them to hurry on before them, having a little bit of a struggle moving the twins and all their needed accessories with them. It was not as if you’d get lost on this beach anyway, where else would they go but forward? “I don’t know for how much longer I can keep this monster in check”, obviously referring to Hayley who was now kicking her feet in anticipation to get down on the ground. He just wasn’t keen on letting her go until they had found a safe spot.