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DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.

milkybleachcult  asked:

Hi, saccstry! So I was wondering, if you could dye your hair what ever colour you wanted and if you could have it any length or haircut what would it be? Bye the way, you're such a huge inspiration to me and I love your artwork. It's beautiful.

Thank you :D I would want either pale blonde or pale pink hair, in either pin straight or mermaid-wave texture, at mid thigh length, but in a V shape so there are shorter pieces in the front. I have my hair cut like that now, but it’s brown and the longest pieces are lower back length. I’ll probably just grow it to hip length at the longest and keep it brown. I bleached my hair once and it turned out yellowy, plus my eyebrows looked reeeeally dark because of the contrast. I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to lighten my eyebrows. So poop-brown my hair shall remain lol

Hair Products I Enjoy

I am not so good at the hair. Makeup is definitely my thing. I feel confident about cat eyes and doing lipstick. Hair? Not so much. I have curly/wavy, thin hair that needs frequent washing. Also, I air dry it because I fucked up my hair so badly in high school from straightening it every day. And then I fucked it up again by dying it My Chemical Romance Black, Wendy’s Girl Red, Hot Topic Blood Red, and that chocolate cherry color that looks good on about 300 people in the whole world. So now I just use as little heat as possible on it to keep it healthy and purdy, save for special occasions when I do it up. Lack of blowdrying or curling means I need to have an arsenal of products at my disposal to make my hair not look like dog shit–with nothing but luck and the hands of the Mighty Hair God, who is definitely Jennifer Aniston or Mila Kunis. Side note–do you know how many times I’ve showed hair stylists Mila Kunis’ head before a hair cut? Do you know how many times I’ve been called Mila Kunis? Okay. Great. So here’s what I use:

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