the meringue rainbowcy


Aaaannnnddd I just had to share Ashen because he just looks totally awesome in his 80′s get up.

Also Ashen looks more way more Vanilla than Berry I am now realizing especially with my defaults I use now.

But look at him, he is glorious with big head banging hair @__@


I decided to walk home and enjoy the views of Zephyr Hills. As I was strolling down the street a man stopped me and held out is hand.

“Hey there, you must be new in town ‘cause if I’d seen you before I'd definitely remember.” He said with a wink.

I blushed as I shook his hand. “Umm… I’m Seashell Milk Meringue. I live down there over the bridge” I said while pointing off over the hills in the general direction of my house.

“I’m Alpine,” He said as the sun slipped down behind the hills.“And this” He continued as he pulled out a pen and grabbed my hand.“Is my number.”

He smiled up at me and waved bye. I stood there in a daze. He was gorgeous and he seemed to like me! I felt like I was back in High school, the way butterflies were dancing in my stomach.

Reading through my story and I still have to say that even though this picture is not of the best quality(it was taken about 2 laptops ago.) and there was no pose player yet, this is still among some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken. 

Also I kind of miss how creative you’d have to be to stage things in pictures with in game animations. Though not so much that I’d actually give up poseplayer XD Laziness always wins.