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After single-handedly demolishing the slave trade by attacking the rich merchants, Bernie Sanders began the Haitian Revolution and abolished slavery in America and Brazil, then he gave birth to Martin Luther King which he nurtured and mentored about black rights. Finally he saved Trayvon Martin and created black history month, ending racism forever.

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do you know of any bands/songs that are mainly spoken word? Kind of like la dispute, but not as hard. I've been looking lately and the best I've found so far is Sleeping Patterns by Merchant Ships.

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Operation: ‘Choke Point’ Explained

Operation Choke Point was launched by the Justice Department in 2013 as a way to fight fraud by pressuring banks to “choke off”  access to credit and other banking services by merchants and industries the administration considered a high risk for fraud.

Without access to banking services, it is difficult—if not impossible—for a business to survive.

Republicans who have been fighting the program believe that the Obama administration abused its power under Operation Choke Point by targeting entire lines of legal industries. Some members view the tactics as “reminiscent of the IRS targeting of conservatives,” as Rep. French Hill, R-Ark., said Thursday on the House floor.

Businesses targeted under Operation Choke Point include gun sellers, pawn shops, and short-term lenders. The National Rifle Association is among groups that have strongly come out against it.

Azj'ir Zaara

Fabulous, Professional Boytoy, Poetry in Motion
Keeper Miqo'te

Performer | Dancer | Courtesan

Starstruck and ambitious, Azj'ir left the forests of Gridania as a boy, swept up in the life of the Ul'dahn rich and famous as a merchant daughter’s plaything. He was clothed in the finest Thanalan had to offer, wined and dined and shown off like an expensive accessory. Azj'ir knows he is beautiful, and strives to grace the lives of all by dancing for them. Let him take your breath away.

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For your last anon - there are a few novel adaptations of Shakespeare plays "retold" that are coming out, or are already released, for Shakespeare 400 this year. Gap in Time - The Winters Tale. Shylock is My Name - The Merchant of Venice. Vinegar Girl - The Taming of the Shrew. I have only read "Gap in Time" and would highly recommend it. I just thought your anon, yourself, and some of your followers might be interested it checking them out.

The reason I didn’t recommend things like this (and I, Iago or The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, etc.) in response to that particular ask is that most of them are very loosely based on Shakespeare’s plays and should not be taken as representative of the plays. So, I hesitate to say, “If you don’t like reading Shakespeare in a play format, just read one of these novels and it’s basically the same thing” because it’s misleading. However, with the caveat that reading Gap in Time is not really comparable to reading The Winter’s Tale in a different format, it would be a way to get a sense for the representation/reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s works in contemporary fiction.

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Sorry for the slightly odd outfit; his belongings are few and far between at the moment. XD

Full Name:
Keit’a Zhwan

Gender and Sexuality:
Male, demiromantic/asexual


Miqo'te/Keeper of the Moon 

Birthplace and Birthdate:
Gridania, 2nd Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon

Guilty Pleasures:

Keit’a loves fashion. He strikes deals with members of the weavers’ guild in order to stay up-to-date and get gossip. They barter with clothes and jewelry. Lavish coats and hats decorate his wardrobe (even though it’s probably a little too hot in the desert for such things.)

He doesn’t like leaving Ul’dah. When he was young, his parents left him with associates in Ul’dah so he would learn to socialize and make a living for himself (they’re traveling merchants). He’s been there ever since. Keit’a will leave the city to visit Rothe on occasion, but will loathe the time spent traveling.

What They Would Be Famous For:
He is brutally tenacious and he uses his attention to detail to create unique jewelry. He wishes he was able to be selective with his clients, but his guardians intentionally assign difficult and nit-picking customers to him so he can improve his customer service. He’s known to be very amiable to customers until they get out of earshot. Then he’ll rant to whoever will listen.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
Keit’a’s pride gets in the way often. He’s quick to start a fight if someone attempts to attacks his dignity, and he doesn’t give a warning before he lunges. His gloves are rigged with mythril that he melded into them.

OC(s) You Ship Them With:

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

Favorite Book Genre:
He likes nonfiction works. He doesn’t read prose often.

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
Romance clichés are intolerable.

Talents and/or Powers:
He was told to work or get out, so he became an apprentice at the goldsmith guild because mining was dirty and weaving was too meticulous. He’s come to like the art, but would much rather make vanity jewelry than gorgets or staffs.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Once you get past his superficial salesperson persona, he is extremely loyal and will essentially become a doting mother. He worries about those he has close personal relationships with and will periodically check in on them.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
Keit’a is focused on the prize: money. He associates himself very closely with being a goldsmith, but not as much as part of the guild. He treats the guild like a business and keeps his relationships there in a similar manner. 

How They Change:
Keit’a traveled through Gridania for part of his childhood, which was when his parents noticed his penchant for keeping to himself and that he had close to none of the skills needed of a merchant. In an attempt at forcing him to socialize, they entrusted him to family friend in Ul’dah.  

A quote from Serendipity explains his development more succinctly than I can right now lol. “While [brass] isn’t the fanciest metal around, it can be made to resemble gold in appearance if shaped and polished well.” 

His demeanor certainly isn’t gold, but it’s not tarnished or dull by any means. Keit’a’s development is about refining himself and growing in both a social and career sense.

Why You Love Them:
I initially make Keit’a because I needed a retainer for Rothe. For a while, that was all he was going to be, but a bunch of crazy ideas of him and Rothe doing really. stupid. things kept popping up in my head. The two of them become idiots together and it helped me see another side of Rothe and unlock Kei’s personality.


I…suppose so? Whose young love are we observing here?

He gestures down off the castle steps at a young couple who believe they are out of sight – one of the Inquisition’s soldiers and a merchant lady, by the looks of them. “Those two. Infatuated.” He chuckles. “Why? Who did you think I meant?”

They wandered for half the morning. She saw a beautiful feathered cloak from the Summer Isles, and took it for a gift. In return, she gave the merchant a silver medallion from her belt. That was how it was done among the Dothraki. A birdseller taught a green-and-red parrot to say her name, and Dany laughed again, yet still refused to take him. What would she do with a green-and-red parrot in a khalasar? She did take a dozen flasks of scented oils, the perfumes of her childhood; she had only to close her eyes and sniff them and she could see the big house with the red door once more. When Doreah looked longingly at a fertility charm at a magician’s booth, Dany took that too and gave it to the handmaid, thinking that now she should find something for Irri and Jhiqui as well.
—  Daenerys Targaryen, A Game of Thrones. 

I used to collect monsters, you know, back when I was a wealthy nobleman. I’d keep them in this enormous cave, just on the outside of the city, where I’d go to watch them pick at each other’s bones. Merchants would come from all over to present these rare, dangerous beasts to me. “Toss them in the Bone Pit!” I’d laugh, spilling gold at their feet. Ah, youth.

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