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Since it seems to be “talk about things Doctor Sung has done” night, I guess I’ll share a moment I witnessed, too. After TWRP’s performance at an all-ages show, this kid walked up to the merch table with his mom. He didn’t have enough money for a t-shirt so his mom told him to pick a cd or poster. Sung was at the merch table and gave the kid a t-shirt and a cd. Sung was just really nice, and you could tell the kid was ecstatic.


Just wanna keep a master post of all the cool pins I can’t collect lol

Per the graphic that was posted by deathbatnews on Twitter, there will be new pins FOR EACH TOUR, so if A7X ever tours here in the States again, per the graphic we should expect brand new pins. Any new tour after this European one concludes in March should expect new pins :)

Also per the graphic, you can purchase one at the merch table, ask for the secret pin at the merch table which comes in a black bag (but I’m confused as to whether this is a PAY item or if you just get gifted it because you ask for the secret pin - UPDATE: per Patricia Ferry on Twitter, she paid £ 5 for the secret pin), and ask individual band members for pins as they also have some to gift as well. 

HERE is the original A7XPinGame graphic/tweet in case you wanna know more. I’m just gonna add any more pics of the pins I find to this post cuz I wanna keep track of “the whole set,” per tour.

UPDATE: Jan 13, 2017: new spaceman pin found courtesy of Kieran Heaffey on Twitter that was on sale in Birmingham.

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the other night at the show at my house someone rudely left like half of a messy grapefruit with the peel and everything out on the merch table for like two hours and they also left like that little red mesh bag that grapefruits come in out there too and there were trash cans everywhere. so i threw it away and i was complaining to my friend like who the fuck leaves half a grapefruit and the bag it comes in out on the table like who does that… and some dude was like oh that was mine and i didn’t know what to do so i pretended to be hyped on it i was like haha that’s tight dude im glad ur eating fruit that’s refreshing to see and i gave him one of my apples. but my still mad at him like this is how ants get into the diy scene

ok but ashton isn’t obligated to show up @ the merch table or invite everyone from the stands down onto the floor or ride around on a lil golf cart to greet fans at his show. it’s not his job to try to have genuine conversations w/ fans @ soundcheck q&a or check up on a fan who has had a panic attack and make sure they r alright. ashton is so Pure and does these acts out of the own goodness and love in his heart. he truly cares about his fans and we are all so Blessed™, and do not deserve this lil ray of sunshine… i can’t express this enough.

happy bday @drgnsmile !! here’s an orange feathery asshole


So here we go… This is my “unHOLY SHIT!” project. Well, Part I, anyways ;D

So - first off, this is my costume of Papa Emeritus III. Made from the EXACT SAME MATERIALS as the real deal! The only things that aren’t exact is the gold fabric on the mitre, the frilly stuff on the white part of the mitre, and the purple lining.

It’s a complete blast to wear - I had my first outing in it last night at the Kansas City, September 30th ritual. Did meet and greet again… and holy shit, Papa and the Ghouls were wide-eyed and speechless again! The crew and merch people loved it, the blond british gal who works the merch table went BONKERS over the costume! “Oh, I really dig your costume!… Wait… Where did you get that fabric?? How the- how the hell did you know those details!!! Holy shit!” she proceeded to take photos of me, took close-ups, and said “I’m showing this to Papa, nice work!”

So after spending an hour or so stuck in the same place as everyone wants a photo (not complaining mind you, it was an awesome experience) it was time for the meet and greet. The guy who sends you in looked at me, leaned back and yelled to Papa “Oh, you’re gonna LOVE this guy!”

I met Papa at the bus after the ritual, what a hottie holy sHIT, and he signed my Papa dollar and looked me over and said “Nice work! I dig it. Keep it up.” JDFKLAJDFKL;AN HELP

And then I wake up to the OFFICIAL BAND INSTAGRAM posting a picture of me while I was doing my meet and greet - holy shit! HOLY SHIT. HELP. THIS IS AMAZING.

So credits due:
Scott Blake of Yordreem Creations, for doing this one-time-only custom commission of both the mask and the costume - total badass and master of his craft. To be clear, he does not sell these.

Sewcherry Onatopp Stitchwork, for drawing up the mitre design, and doing all the embroidery work.

Enjoy! If you wish to join the journey, I’ll be posting more to this tumblr (I suck at staying active), and I also post to my instagram, @notpapaemeritus.

Casanova / Jon Moxley (part 2)

Warnings; Blood, Ultra Violence, Language
  She sat at the merch table slowly picking out the glass in her forearm. Some pieces were left behind from the match before hers and with her luck found a new home in her arm. It was time for the main event of the night. Jon Moxley vs Nick Gage. She had managed to avoid Moxley earlier in the day. However when his music hit and he slowly made his way to the ring, her lips betrayed her in the form of a smile.
  It wasn’t a surprised when most of the women were on their feet calling out to him. He had a smug look on his face as he walked by. On the apron he scouted the crowd and found her. He shot her a wink that made her look away.
  With a slap to Nick Gage the match began. It wasn’t long before Jon Moxley had his favorite weapon of choice, a fork. He drew first blood. A lead pipe was introduced into the match causing Mox to go down. Unfortunately for him that wouldn’t be all. Not only would his trusty fork betray him at the hands of Nick Gage but also a pizza cutter. Where the hell did he get a pizza cutter? She thought to herself. Mox was bleeding and bad. He realized this with a loud “Fuck”.
  From kendo sticks, guard rails, barbed wire tables and chairs both men beat each other until one of them couldn’t go anymore. The victory going to Jon Moxley. He picked up his CZW title and gave her once last bloody wink. Covered in blood and he was still doing this? He had some nerve she thought. The crowd exited the building leaving behind only the smell of stale beer and whatever broken objects that were used that night.
   Curiosity was beginning to set in. Moxley was nowhere in sight nor his buddy Sami Callihan. Maybe he really did get hurt tonight..he had to be okay right? With the unanswered questions she decided to find out herself. She walked behind the curtain and into the looker room. Moxley sat there cleaning the blood off his face alongside Callihan and a busty blonde who was trying to help him. How could she be foolish enough to think Jon Moxley would be interested in just one woman when he had so many at his feet, she scolded herself as she made her way out of the room.
   She packed the remaining merch she had left and made her way down the hall towards the back exit. What she didn’t expect was a loud angry voice shouting behind her, “Hey you! Hey I’m talking to you!”. A large hand grabbed her by the arm and shoved her against the wall. An equally large man stood in front of her, Nick Gage. His hand now tightening around her throat, “Next time I see that street dog I’ll make sure he doesn’t get up!”. “He isn’t my problem” she wheezed. “Don’t lie to me girly I see the way he looks at you!” His face was now inches away from hers as he eyed her up and down, laughing, “You should be with a real man not that bastard dog!”.  She spat at him, “Fuck you Gage!”. He cleaned his face with his free hand, “Feisty little thing aren’t you? I’ll gladly teach you some manners”.
  She clawed at him. Gage let go of her as his hands now covered his face. A kick to the shin, a stiff knee strike to the nose and just like earlier in his match he was once again on the floor covered in blood. She picked up her duffle bag and spat on him again. The shouting must have caught someone’s attention. Footsteps fast approached from behind her. Those footsteps belonged to Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan.
   The two men looked at her and Gage with mouths wide open. “What happened? What did he fucking do?!” Moxley asked noticing the red hand print that marked her neck. She shoved him with the remaining strength she had left, “Stay the fuck away from me Mox!” she hissed. Before he could go after her in protest Sami held him back, “Let her go man”.
   The taller blond freed himself from Callihan’s grip and ran out the back door. By the time he reached the parking lot it had been too late. She was gone. “Fuck!” he muttered repeatedly while kicking and punching everything in his path. Callihan stood at the back door, “Forget about her Mox”. Moxley glared at him. A red haze blurring his vision. He stormed back into the building and picked up Gage by the collar of his t-shirt. “What did you say to her?! What did you do?!” his words like thunder echoing in the hall. Gage only laughed in the other man’s face.
   Rage building and burning in Moxley’s chest. Clubbing blows coming down on Gage with no end in sight. It was Callihan who had to pull his friend off of Gage, “We gotta go Mox! Get out of here!”.
    The apartment door slammed shut, she slowly let her body slide down the smooth wood. Her hands covering her face as the tears of frustration and disgust began to fall. She had nothing to do with Mox, why did Gage go after her?
Totally different from the first part but it’s Jon Moxley I had to mix it up. Again any feedback would be appreciated!
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i think its funny when folks talk to me about the freedom in their life to do what they want.  as if, me being a mother, has been such a huge burden or limit.  

and every. fucking. time. someone tries to pull this – it is always someone who has done so little compared to me.  like folks who have the money and free time and us citizenship, but havent even left the usa.  they reblog shit about palestine, but never been to the middle east (and are too scared to go).  

they need the space to do serious writing, but i just finished a book tour this year and am working on my next book (about my boring life being a mama)

they really need to focus on their performance art, but i’m doing paid shows and collaborations while my daughter helps with setting up the merch table. 

and i’m sure that these folks are going to do really amazing things.  im sure.  and there are times when i am happiest just hanging out with my kid at the park or not accomplishing anything.  2017 is the year where i have nothing left to prove.  

but i just think it’s funny…you know…for the past 10 years i have been told how much my choice to be a mother has limited me.  

and i think the secret is, the secret that a lot of artists already know, limitations make it possible to make great art.  deadlines, limited colour palette, limited resources.  some of the best writing ive done under gun fire.  some of the best visual art i’ve done with found materials from unwashed streets.  some of the best adventures ive done broke as fuck.  

limitations can make you or break you.  

mothering has made me and broken me and remade me.  

mothering has made me realize how precious my life is and how i dont want to waste it wallowing in self-pity and shallow pursuits.  

im so bored of people talking about freedom and pursuing freedom as if freedom is economic wealth or not being committed to anything.

art and revolution require commitment and discipline.  

its not a lifestyle.  no amount of money, prestige, the right friends, the right shows, the right teachers, the right apartment, the right address, even the right scene won’t create deep transformations.