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Chart Ruler & Life Purpose

Your life purpose is to [Ascendant/chart ruler] [house].

Sagittarius Ascendant, Jupiter in 4th - your life purpose is to expand internally.
Taurus Ascendant, Venus in 8th - your life purpose is to accumulate secretly.
Cancer Ascendant, Moon in 11th - your life purpose is to nurture socially.

Leo Ascendant (sun): exist, shine, radiate, proceed, become, create
Cancer Ascendant: (moon): feel, shift, evoke, sense, nurture, understand
Gemini/Virgo Ascendant (Mercury): think, understand, reason, learn, teach
Taurus/Libra Ascendant (Venus): share, accumulate, negotiate, beautify, love
Aries Ascendant (Mars): initiate, challenge, conquer, survive, accomplish
Sagittarius Ascendant (Jupiter): mentor, experience, expand, inspire, discover
Capricorn Ascendant (Saturn): endure, earn, mature, evolve, strengthen
Aquarius Ascendant (Uranus): change, innovate, progress, rebel, defy
Pisces Ascendant (Neptune): transcend, absorb, enlighten, subsume, illude
Scorpio Ascendant (Pluto): transform, empower, destroy, control, recreate

Chart ruler in 1st: openly, directly, independently, fully, actively
Chart ruler in 2nd: securely, materially, satisfyingly, increasingly, selfishly
Chart ruler in 3rd: communicably, mentally, mutually, inclusively, resourcefully
Chart ruler in 4th: internally, psychologically, comfortably, familiarly, emotionally
Chart ruler in 5th: creatively, individually, personally, romantically, playfully
Chart ruler in 6th: routinely, collaboratively, dutifully, healthily, cleanly
Chart ruler in 7th: interpersonally, receptively, closely, committedly, admittedly
Chart ruler in 8th: secretly, controversially, intimately, radically, transformatively
Chart ruler in 9th: adventurously, fearlessly, philosophically, freely, wildly
Chart ruler in 10th: publicly, successfully, recognizably, powerfully, boldly
Chart ruler in 11th: experimentally, inventively, uniquely, socially, communally
Chart ruler in 12th: spiritually, unconsciously, intrinsically, painfully, karmically

*Supplementary to the chart ruler & in the same sense, you can also look at the ruling planet of the sign / house your North Node is in.

arrowsbane  asked:

Hey, hey Kat! In regards to the Anon asking for Oro mentoring Naru, and 'diamond at my fingertips' what about a role-reversal of sorts, wherein Sarutobi regrets assigning chibi!Oro to Team7 because Naruto coaxes Oro out of his shell with pranks and together they start looking at trapping and the sabouteur track. Perhaps along the way, they wind up catching tokujo (cough-Genma-cough) in traps. (Because then Iruka & the terrible twosome would have to wage war, yes?) Yes? It could happen, right?

Seems plausible to me!


“When I first met with the director, I really wanted to work on this project. I thought maybe I could learn a lot from this, you know like a life mentor of some kind. Thanks to him I am not only learning but enjoying acting as well. I wanted to act as a manly character in the past. However, I feel like now is the only time to present my current self. I want to do the best I can in any given situation. Through this project, I learned not to get too carried away with complements. Director Kim and senior actor Choi Min Soo mentioned that people are always longing to hear compliments so don’t rely too much on such things. Though succeeding as an actor is important, I think spending time with people and bringing them happiness is just as crucial.” - Lee Hyun Woo

anonymous asked:

*sobs* kat I want orochimaru to mentor Naruto so bad. So so bad. Tsunade can take sasuke and sakura can have jiraiya (oh god) itd be so glorious I need it why did my brain think of this

It is a good thought! Have you read my Cry Havoc series? It’s got mentor!Orochimaru and Naruto terrorizing Kakashi, if you’re interested. ^-^


I’m not crazy, y’all. Dragonball Supers animation is bad on a basic level.

Not sure if the Animation Director or the story-artist is more at fault but regardless, the product is bad and someone should have known better.

(scans from the book “Character Mentor” by Tom Bancroft)

The sun is setting.


NCT’s mentor : Kim Doyoung 👨‍🎓


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.


“Tony thinks creating an A.I. that is exactly like him with no mute button is a gift”

Invincible Iron Man vol. 3, #3 (2017)

Just imagine...

The Young Justice mentors secretly shipping their protégés with each other.

The Young Justice mentors making bets on which ship will happen first.

The Young Justice mentors having heated debates about their OTP’s and discussing why it would/wouldn’t work.

The Young Justice mentors secretly spying on their protégés with hopes of finding proof for their ships.