the mention of pecan pie

Eight Years

Written for: Kas’ 2.5k Follower Writing Challenge @kas-not-cas

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

Prompt: I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t!

A/N: Congrats for all your followers! You’re a rock star and I hope you like this. As always feedback is greatly appreciated!

Summary: After a bad hunt John sends the reader away effectively ending her relationship with Dean but eight years later finds them reunited with a surprise Dean or Sam never saw coming.  


         The silence is heavy in the Impala as John presses the accelerator casting wrathful glances at you from the rearview mirror. Dean hasn’t even looked at you since he climbed into the car, but his message was loud and clear since he didn’t sit in the back with you like usual. Everyone has been in a heated daze since Sam left for Stanford. John and Dean are upset while you understood and wished Sam the best prompting some tense moments between you and your boyfriend. So hunting so soon after was probably a terrible idea and now you had the claw marks to prove it. Before you can think about it too long the Impala screeches to a halt in front of the hotel and both Winchesters climb out without so much as a word or glance in your direction.

     You take your time getting out as not to disturb the bandages covering your ribs where the werewolf decided to use you as a scratching post. The scratches aren’t deep just enough to bleed and hurt a bit but you can handle it. As you get closer to the door Dean and John are yelling again which is all they’ve done since Sam left but right now you need rest. Swinging the door open both men look at you while Dean looks damn near tears John’s holding your duffle causing you to tilt your head in confusion.

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Fate - Back to the start - AU series - Part 11

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Theme song: The Scientist - Coldplay

Word count: 2,603

Nobody knows when exactly… well, nobody knows about it at all… but suddenly, hidden in one of the rims of the Grand Canyon, the old vintage clock started ticking again, only… backwards.



“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dean asked poking her.

Y/N didn’t reply at this either, but she said something else instead, “Thank you.”



“Babe?” She called him.

“Yeah?” He asked from the door of the bedroom.

“No inappropriate underwear,” she said, pointing a finger at him.

“Too late for that,” he smirked, moving inside the room again.



“I was thinking I should try that pecan pie you keep tormenting me with,” she replied smiling.

“You don’t have to do that for me, babe,” he said, giving a quick kiss to her hand.

“All right, I’m gonna be honest but don’t freak out, okay?” She asked and when he nodded she continued. “It wasn’t true I didn’t want to taste it; I was planning a long year of refusing it every time you would ask and then eating it on our anniversary to give you that satisfaction after a year of torment. One of my best plans, I know…” 



“I wish time would just stop… and we would be okay…” 

“I think time already stopped once for us.” 



“I’m starting to think that you just lost your mind, so can you tell me where are we going exactly?”

“I’m taking you to the Grand Canyon.” 


“Don’t even mention the pecan pie! I don’t wanna taste it!” Since the day he had found out she had never eaten pecan pie, 1 month before, he kept insisting every morning for her to try it but without any success.

He sighed. “Okay, but just so you know, I’m gonna mention it again tomorrow!” He said seriously, hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek.



Y/N shrugged. “Yeah, I sort of love you, so…” 

“Sort of?” He asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, we cried all over the waiting area of the ward. That’s enough chick-flick for one day. Sort of will do,” she shrugged.

Dean smiled widely and took her hand in his. “I sort of… love you too,” he stated sweetly.



“I just don’t see you like that, I’m sorry.”  

Dean froze on his spot and felt like a tear in his heart, growing bigger by the second. He just nodded sadly, trying to hide his disappointment without any success. “Right,” he whispered and then swallowed. “It’s okay,” he added giving a little smile that didn’t reach his eyes.



An old couple, a man and his wife, crossed the street just in front of him. A second later or a second before and he wouldn’t have noticed them, and who knows how his life would have been, but he did. The old man, while walking, took his wife’s hand in his and kissed it; the old lady just smiled at him. There it was all the push Dean needed. I think it was the wrong day for all of that to happen, but fate has its reasons, right?

Everything changed in that brief second and only one thought was in his mind: Y/N. He wanted to cross that street at seventy years old with her hand in his. He wanted to have breakfast with her for the rest of his life. He wanted more.



“Make a wish… A really good one, though.” 

She smiled, closed her eyes and blow the eyelash away two seconds later. When she opened her eyes it was gone. 

“I really hope it comes true,” he stated sweetly putting an arm around her.

“Me too,” she replied with a little smile, putting her head on his shoulder.



Y/N uncrossed her arms and just smiled sweetly.


“You know, you’re really adorable when you want to…” 

He covered his face with an indignant expression. “I always am!” But, as soon as she picked the pillow from the floor and turned her back to him, to put it back on the couch, he smiled widely.



“Finally… It takes an hour to wake you up!” 

“Shut up…it’s not my fault,” she replied shoving him away playfully. Then she noticed where they were. “Did we seriously fall asleep here?” 

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I blame those little hobbits…”



He still looked pretty concerned. “You’re feeling okay?”

“Yeah,” she smiled more convincingly now. “It’s probably just the heat…” 

“Yeah I know, that’s what happens when you stand so close to me.” 

“You’re an idiot!” She laughed.



“What’s yours?”


“Your name?” 


“Y/N,” he repeated nodding.

“I have the feeling you’re not really good with names.” 

“I’ll remember,” he said, and he meant it.



“Look if it isn’t Charlie’s friend,” he said approaching her.

Y/N looked up from her computer and smiled. “So you do own clothes?!”




“Would you rather have syphilis?” 

Dean’s mouth opened and closed repeatedly without emitting a sound.

“Didn’t think so either. Don’t worry, she’ll be out of your apartment in three minutes tops”



She wasn’t supposed to be there. She should have been at the church right now, along with the others bridesmaids but, of course, not once in her life she could be punctual. Charlie had called her 5 minutes before, saying that she had woken up late and that she needed a ride to the church. So that’s why she was there.

She had parked in front of the building her friend lived in and had gotten out of the car, taking her high heel shoes in one hand and the hem of her long aqua dress in the other to move faster. She had run up the stairs and now she was in front of Charlie’s door and about to insert the key in the lock when a gruff voice behind her startled her, “Hey, are you a friend of Charlie?”

She turned around and she was definitely not expecting that. In front of her was a tall man with broad shoulders. All good so far. The strange thing was that he was standing there in his boxer shorts. “Is it a new norm of the building to walk around in underwear?” She couldn’t help but to ask sarcastically.


The clock stopped.

As soon as she asked that, a weird feeling developed inside of her. “Whoa! I think I just had a really strange déjà vu.” 

The man in front of her was staring at her weirdly as if he was trying to understand something. “Look I’m not trying to hit on you or anything… especially when I’m “dressed” like this… but do I know you?” He asked frowning.

Y/N couldn’t help but notice how familiar he looked; she just couldn’t put her finger on it; it was like something was missing. “I don’t know, but you look really familiar.” 

He smiled and she couldn’t explain why but her heart skipped a beat. Is love at first sight a real thing? She wondered.

“I’m Dean,” he continued, offering his hand.

As soon as she touched it, he felt the time stopping; the feeling of her hand touching his send him shivers down to his spine. He was looking at her and he swore he could feel love in his heart. But it didn’t make sense, right? He had just met her after all. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t catch her name and he cursed himself for that, “Sorry, uh - can you… say that one more time?” He stammered, still holding her hand.

“Y/N,” she said again, smiling at him.

“Y/N,” he repeated nodding but then he found himself incapable of leaving her hand. What was she doing to him? He didn’t act like this with girls, never.

At the same time, Y/N was growing more confused by the second. It was the strangest feeling, like when you have a word on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t manage to spit it out. God, it was exasperating!

So they stood there for a long moment, lost in each other’s eyes, trying to figure out the missing piece of the puzzle. Dean was so lost in her eyes that missed something he shouldn’t have: a girl with a high pitched voice that was calling for him.  He didn’t notice it until it was a little too late.

“Dean, here you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

The close voice brought him back to his senses; his eyes went wide and he dropped Y/N’s hand, immediately missing the feeling of it, ‘Help me out,’ e mouthed with pleading eyes.

“So what you say about that lunch with my parents?” The woman continued, getting closer to them.

Y/N put away her ‘lost in Dean’s amazing green eyes’ expression and turned towards the woman with an angry face. “You know he’s married, right?!” 

“No, he’s not!” The woman high-pitched.

“Really!?” Y/N continued with a threatening voice. “Who do you think I am?”

The woman was about to faint. She looked absolutely terrified. “Oh God, I had no idea!” She apologized immediately.

Y/N’s expression didn’t change. “I suggest you vanish before I get really mad,” she said with a low voice and squinted eyes.

That woman’s run was comparable to the one that the Road Runner does when he escapes from Wile E. Coyote. A second before she was there and a second later she was gone. Dean exhaled, relieved. “I owe you big! Man, I met her three hours ago and she wants to introduce her parents to me! Who does that?!”

“The panic you had in your eyes was hilarious!” She managed to say, laughing, “I was about to ruin my cover.”

“Have breakfast with me!” He couldn’t avoid but to ask suddenly; he needed to know more about her.

At her surprised expression, he was rapid to add, “I swear I’m not trying anything… just - have breakfast with me.”

“I… uh… I’m sort of going to a wedding,” she replied sadly; she didn’t want to go anymore.

“A wedding?” He asked confused and suddenly he noticed her dress. How had he forgotten about the dress? “Right, that explains the dress… pretend I didn’t say anything,” he stated and he looked almost hurt about it.

That hurt expression was about to break her heart. The hell with the wedding! “You know what? Just give me a minute with Charlie and we can go.”

Now was his turn to be surprised. “Really?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Maybe you should wear something in the meantime?”

Dean looked down at himself. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” 

God, if they hadn’t been so lost in each other, the situation would have made them laugh. There they were: Y/N in a very elegant dress and Dean in his underwear, in the middle of the hallway of the building, giving googly eyes to each other. 

“Okay, I’ll be back in a minute,” she said, opening Charlie’s front door and getting inside and, just when she closed it, she realized that she still had her shoes in her hand. Luckily Charlie’s behavior put her out of her thoughts. She was running around her apartment, grabbing stuff here and there and she didn’t stop when she noticed her friend. “I’m so sorry Y/N! Just a minute!”

“No don’t worry about it; I’m not coming to the wedding.”

That’s when Charlie stopped and turned to look at her. “What? For serious?” 

“Yeah… I don’t even know the bride that well, I still haven’t figured it out why she wants me as a bridesmaid… She has like 5 of them already! Tell her I woke up with a really bad fever, huh?” She continued, putting her shoes on. “Here, take my car keys… have fun! I’ll call you tomorrow,” she concluded handing her the keys and rushing towards the front door.

“Why?” Charlie asked, stopping her.

“Because I feel like I’m supposed to do something else this morning.” 

“Like what?” Her friend questioned, more confuse than before.

“Like having breakfast… Byeee,” Y/N answered, exiting the apartment and closing the door, while Charlie was yelling at her: “Yeah, that still doesn’t make any sense!”

When she got in the hallway again, Dean was running down the stairs from the floor above, already dressed. 

“Wow, that was quick,” she commented.

“Yeah…” He replied shyly. He had been that quick because he was a little afraid she would change her mind in the meantime, but he didn’t admit this to her. “There’s a diner 2 blocks from here… sounds good?” 

“No man, I have the feeling that they have some sort of rat situation over there… there’s one three blocks from here, though; they make the best pie!” 

“You like pie?” Dean asked, feeling like he could marry her already. She had saved him from the crazy chick, she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, the feeling of her hand in his warmed his heart and she liked pie? She had ‘woman of Dean’s life’ written all over her face.

“Yeah, just cherry, though;  apple is okay I guess…” 

“What about pecan?” 

“Never tasted it,” Y/N admitted, shaking her head.

Dean frowned.“Seriously? You have too!”

“No,” she said, starting to going down the stairs with Dean next to her. “I can tell you this… that’s not gonna happen.”

He looked as if someone had just beaten his puppy or, in his case, the Impala. “Yeah, we’ll see about that!”

So pie is his weak spot; I can work with that, she thought, starting to elaborate a plan about that pecan pie already. “I guess we will,” she smirked.

As soon as they got out of the building he took her hand in his, worried, at first, about her reaction; but, when he saw her smiling at his action, he grinned, as they started to cross the street, hand in hand. This looked like a déjà vu to him, but he honestly couldn’t explain why…

They moved into Dean’s beach house 6 months later.

He kept tormenting her every day with the pecan pie; she tasted it on their first anniversary, all part of one of her best plans.

They had breakfast together for the rest of their long, long, lives.

 And, what about the old vintage clock? Well, nobody ever saw it again.

I guess we could say that its job there was done.

But let me tell you this: you’ll hear about it again…

The end.

Fate - The surge - AU series

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warning: mention of cancer

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Theme song: Brand New Day - Ryan Star

Word count: 1,246

3 months later. 6 am.

“Dean,” Y/N called softly, shaking his arm.


“C’mon, wake up… I’m bored,” She whined.

“Yeah… I’m awake…” He replied slowly and with a sleepy voice.

“Liar,” she stated smiling as she started to leave short kisses on his cheeks… then on his lips… then on his neck.

He smiled, still with closed eyelids, and put an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him. “What time is it?” He whispered.

“6 am,” she answered, leaving a quick kiss on his lips again.

He opened his eyes and noticed that she looked different. She seemed perfectly healthy this morning; her eyes looked bright and her skin was way less pale than it had been the days before. “You feel better today, don’t you?” He asked softly, caressing her cheek.

“I feel great!” She exclaimed smiling. “I think the second treatment really worked.”

He wanted to believe this so much but, at the same time, he wanted to be sure before celebrating. “Good,” he replied kissing her briefly and then putting his arms around her to snuggle. He loved waking up like this, with her next to him. Since everything had happened he had started to change around her; no more tough attitude, he was completely comfortable around her and sometimes he regretted not having confessed his feelings before. “If you’re bored, I know what we can do to pass the time…” 

“Okay, I’m all for that,” she replied, starting to kiss his neck again.

“Good, let’s go have breakfast,” he said happily as he started to move out of bed.

She sat on the bed and frowned at him, incredulously. “Breakfast?”

“Yeah,” he answered, putting on his jeans. “C’mon babe, I want pie!” He added with a smile.

Y/N was still on the bed, looking confused, “Since when do you prefer breakfast to sex?”

Dean shrugged. “We can have sex when we want to, but breakfast is only once a day,” he stated matter-of-factly as he started to put his shoes on. It was a little strange, but it’s also true that he loved having breakfast with her, or maybe he wanted to go to the diner with her this much because deep down he knew that this one was going to be their last breakfast together.

“Okay, you win,” she sighed, getting out of bed. “But you’re buying me pancakes!” She continued pointing a finger at him. He was about to reply, but she didn’t let him and, still pointing her finger, she said, “Don’t even mention pecan pie! I don’t wanna taste it!” 

Since the day he had found out she had never eaten pecan pie, 1 month before, he kept insisting every morning for her to try it but without any success.

He sighed. “Okay, but just so you know, I’m gonna mention it again tomorrow!” He told her, hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek. “I’m gonna need my shirt to go to the diner, babe…”

She nodded, “Okay, I’m gonna look for it.”

Dean broke the hug and moved to stand in front of her. “You gonna look for it?” He asked, hardly managing not to laugh.

She frowned, confused. “Yeah, just give me 2 minutes and I’ll find you a shirt.”

At this point, he smiled and shook his head. “Y/N, you’re wearing it right now,” he stated, pointing at the shirt she had on.

She looked down and then back at him. “No! This shirt is comfy and smells good. It belongs to me now!” 

“Babe I don’t have any other shirts in your apartment and I can’t go to the diner without one,” he explained.

Y/N laughed at this. “Really?” She asked mocking him. “Because you didn’t seem to have a problem with walking around in your underwear the day we met.”

He frowned but recovered quickly, having found a good answer. “That’s different; I was trying to impress you that day, showing you the merchandise. I looked handsome, didn’t I?” He asked, smirking.

She remained serious. “No, you looked like a creep lurking in the hallway!”

He pretended to be offended and exclaimed, now telling the truth, “I wasn’t lurking in the hallway! I was running for my life!”

Y/N burst into laughs. “What that girl ever did to you, man?” She asked, shaking her head in amusement.

Dean shuddered at the thought. “She wanted me to meet her parents at lunch to make us official!” He exclaimed incredulously. “Who does that, having known a person for three hours?!”

Y/N was into tears at this point for how much she was laughing, but she had to ask, “You panicked, didn’t you?”

“Of course I panicked!” He exclaimed with wide eyes. “The moment she got into the shower, I ran!”

“Lucky you, I was there to help,” she said sweetly.

He smiled and hugged her while planting a kiss on her forehead. “I know,” he replied softly; then he looked at her and continued, giving voice to a thought that he had had recurrently in the last couple of days, “Why don’t you call the doctor today and ask if she has the results already?”

“She said she’s gonna call the minute she has them. I don’t want to bother her,” she explained, “Plus, I’m feeling really good today… I think I’m in remission.”

“I know, but it’s just that… I want to be sure, before moving forward, you know?” 

“Moving forward?” She asked, a little confused.

“Yeah,” he admitted shyly. “I was thinking I could, you know… leave the apartment to Sam and Jessica and we could…” He started and was a little afraid to continue since they hadn’t mentioned living together so far, even though they practically did.

“We could what?” Y/N asked gently.

“You know, move into the beach house,” he continued, looking at the floor. But since she was not answering he looked up at her and noticed she was standing there with surprised eyes and, he thought, it wasn’t a good sign so he started quickly, “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to! Really, Y/N.”

But she was surprised in a happy way. He had mentioned to her that he wanted to move to the beach house to settle down and have a family and the fact that he wanted to do it with her was the most beautiful thing he could have ever said. “You want to move into the beach house with me?” She asked sweetly and still a little surprised. Dean noticed at this point the look in her eyes; she was happy about it; she wanted it too. 

“Yeah,” he replied smiling.

She grinned. “Okay, I’ll call the doctor today,” she decided, ready to move forward with him. “And I’m gonna give you the shirt for this time, just because you’re so adorable,” she continued, taking off the shirt, handing it to him and then planting a kiss on his lips. “Now, move your ass! I want pancakes,” she said, grabbing one of her shirts and starting to move towards the front door.

Dean stood there for a second longer, smiling at her behavior. He felt happy right there, in that moment; the difficult weeks spent in the hospital were forgotten for now. Maybe, he thought, everything was going to be okay and soon enough they could move into the beach house together.

Sadly, that never happened.  

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Can you imagine a high school au where Dean meets Benny’s dad? Like he’s met Mama Lafitte and she loves him and she’s the sweetest thing (not to mention she makes the best pecan pie he’s ever had but don’t let his legal guardian Missouri hear that) and he’s only seen Mr. Lafitte in pictures who’s a big, gruff man with a beard, a mean look, and at least four tattoos from what he’s been able to see. 

Dean comes to the conclusion that he isn’t going to make it out alive when his dumb boyfriend decides to drag him to a family dinner one evening. So imagine his surprise when Benny’s old man greets him with a big smile and a really tight hug because he’s just so happy to meet the young man who’s got his boy head over heels.

Dean finds out that being actual teddy bears runs in the family.

anonymous asked:

sinakin up in this bitch (anonymous cause id be messaging from my main and ew) but i have some jack zimmermann stuff to talk about. JACK IS FRENCH CANADIAN (we're canada buddies) SO THAT MEANS HE HAS A FRENCH CANADIAN ACCENTS AND LET ME TELL YOU, I LIVED IN QUEBEC FOR AN EXCHANGE A FEW YEARS AGO AND FRENCH CANADIAN ACCENTS ARE REALLY HOT. now imagine bitty getting all flustered when he finds out hot boi jack zimmermann has a sexy accent. bang.

  i feel like this would work best in an online relationship au or something, like, maybe bitty and jack both sign up for maple match (that dating site that pairs up americans hoping to escape a trump presidency with single canadians). when they meet irl for the first time they’re both a little starstruck, because exchanging text messages and reading online dating profiles didn’t really prepare them for this.

   and, okay, at first they’re both charmed by each other’s accents, but then bitty mentions that he brought jack a maple pecan pie and they get into a fight about the correct way to pronounce the word ‘pecan’.