the mentalist play role


From “Amica” Magazine, September 2012 (I apologize for any mistake)

In his on screen version, playing The Mentalist title role, the rather boastful consultant who helps a team of detective in California, Simon Baker is sometimes arrogant, sometime irksome and sometimes, with that smile that fades into sadness, irresistible. In real life, instead, he is only irresistible (no, he isn’t short, he is 1.78, can be enough?)

In Paris, or better at Chantilly, where he attends to the Prix De Diane races in quality of elegance ambassador, for the prestigious brand Longines, Baker shows which the contemporaneous elegance qualities are: being kind, talking calmly, patiently allowing people to take him a million photos and even making a photo to a blogger that, after having photographed him in every possible way, also asked for a photo of herself made by him (what a satisfaction).

Strawberry blonde hair (probably an Australian particularity, being him born in Tasmania and having the same color of Nicole Kidman), 43 years at the end of July, wearingnerd glasses, the same wife since 1998 (actress Rebecca Rigg) and three grown up children, Simon Baker is considered Patrick Dempsey‘s heir as television heartthrob.

Patrick Jane is the kind of man that always gets what he wants. Is Simon Baker the same kind of man?

I don’t think so. My inner nature is more the one of a survivor than the one of a fighter; I have humble origins and I come from a working class family taught me the work ethic and a sense of gratitude for all the given opportunities. I never take something for granted, I appreciate all the opportunities who come, I try to take the best from them and I am grateful for my life.

We like your character because is unconventional, and has a painful past: a serial killer has killed his wife and child. What have you loved the most of your character, Patrick Jane, when you first read the script?

Exactly the same things.

Do you think you and him are alike?

Sometimes I feel a sort of awe towards him; no, I don’t think we are so similar.

This role made you a sex symbol, what do you think about it?

I’m flattered but this is only one of the many label the world of cinema and television is full of. It can be useful for audience ratings, not for me. I don’t identify myself with this label they gave me, but I thank for the compliment!

You have been recently elected elegance ambassador: what is the meaning of elegance for you?

For me elegance means self-esteem, being always genuine and being able to enjoy life without apologizing for it.

You said in a past interview “I still feel I have to seduce my wife” Seriously? After 14 years of marriage?

My wife is a constant challenge for me, she keeps me on edge of my seat, which is fine because prevents me from getting bored. We share a healthy communication; our relationship is a positive confrontation that keeps me enthralled and intrigued. I have no idea of how she succeeds in doing that, I do not think she does it intentionally, but she does it someway.

Irresistible and incorruptible.