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Honestly, after the way the Jekyll and Hyde thing ended, I really thought they would have to destroy or banish the EQ in some weird magical shenanigans. But the show actually did something clever, something I didn’t think they were capable of doing anymore. They saved Regina and the Evil Queen with love.

They remembered that hope is a powerful thing, and that Regina has had a lot of good personal growth. And they used it to create the best possible ending. Regina won’t go all evil again just because she has some of Queenie’s darkness in her, just because she still has that voice that tells her to hate herself and makes her lash out at the world. She’s stronger than that now. In return she gave her old self exactly what she needed. Acceptance. She looked her past in the eye, all the parts she wanted to physically cut out of her soul just a few weeks ago, and said “I love you.”

How many of us have that strength? How many of us need to do that for ourselves and haven’t figured out how to get there? How many people are struggling with hating themselves and wishing they could carve out the parts they don’t like?

That’s some powerful television. That’s what this show can do when it’s good. I’m filled with hope we can carry this through the rest of the season.

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Just watched Shin Godzilla. Anno is one of the best directors alive. But holy shit, this movie bombards you with accoustic and visual information. Need to rewatch it, several times. The movie seems to be calling for a change in mentality and attitude. Spoilers->As for the last shots, I don't know what to think. With Yaguchi saying something along the lines of "This isn't over", it seems like a sequel setup. But it has to be something more. Idon't know why, but those humanoid things...

Wasn’t it a blast, though?


I want to say a thousand things to you. Sorry for scaring you. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for not telling you I’m bipolar. I was scared of losing you. I’d forgotten it’s not possible to lose someone, everyone’s alone anyway.
                                                              Y o u  a r e  n o t  a l o n e .

when isak and even are officially back together he’s not going to take shit from anyone who tries to judge them because they’re in a m/m relationship and he’s not going to take shit from anyone who has anything negative to say about even/even’s mental illness and honestly this+oxygen is making me feel so alive right now 

i love the way magnus is responding to isak’s questions because honestly it just makes isak (and a lot of us, the viewers) aware that mental illnesses are complex and not everyone has the same symptoms and we can’t just put everyone in one giant basket. it makes isak realize that there’s only so much information he can get on the internet, he can’t possibly find all the answers there, he has to talk about this with even


12x01 “Keep Calm and Carry On” // 12x14 “The Raid”
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I don’t know about you, but this is making me very uncomfortable. Of course this isn’t anything new but when going back to the season premiere and watching that scene where Mary is very okay with torture much to Dean’s surprise and almost shock just seemed very similar to the one we saw in 12x14 “The Raid”, where once more Mary condones what at the very least we must assume to be torture given the fact that Sam was treated like a “rogue” as well by Toni, I suppose (I will just never understand how Sam could make such 180 tbh, with what he experienced with the BritMoL. it is just troubling to see him “happy” about the hunter getting whatever unpleasant treatment it might be, because usually Sam is not one to wish something he had to suffer on anyone else even if they are assholes, but oh well…). And it just troubles me to see Dean in the background between Mary and Sam visibily swallowing (and looking at the very least as uncomfortable as he did when Mary condoned torture in 12x01) over what Ketch is insinuating while his both closest family members amost smile about this “rogue” getting what he “deserves”. And especially Toni’s line kind of feels like a thick heavy cloud of spec on what the BritMoL may try to do to Dean too should they clash with him at some point, because he isn’t one to back down or just follow - yes, Dean Winchester has come a very long way from taking order from his dad without question, but has rejected control (unless he was subjected to it by the MoC or Amara) stood up for free will every single time.

The violin scene at the end of The Final Problem is truly one of the most impactful moments (if not the most) in all of BBC Sherlock. I honestly am still speechless that Moftiss wrote something so profound. Eurus was beyond communication with the outside world after the events of this episode, back to the untouchable genius in her glass cage. But Sherlock. Sherlock, this incredible and kind man, who had lost so much to this woman, understood her and still reached out to help. He wasn’t encouraging her to play her own song, he was initiating a duet–so she wasn’t alone, even in her music. It was a conversation, it was understanding, it was connection. This man went beyond words, where others had failed and stopped trying, and showed her that she wasn’t alone. Sherlock has become- or perhaps he always was- one of the best men I’ve ever seen.

Here’s my reason for wanting Even to be the protagonist of season 4 :
- we need to see how parents deal with their child being mentally unwell. We’ve see how children react to their parents being unwell (Isak finds it hard to deal with and Magnus embraces it really well). I feel like it will help so many people out there to see the tables turned around, to see how parents can enhance your life if you just allow them to. We’ve not had the best parent-child relationship (Noora and her parents and Isak and his parents both have had their fair share of troubles) but Skam needs to show that parents are not villains, that there are kind loving parents out there who will do anything to keep their children safe (imagine if Even has two dads or two mums? Like how awesome would that be?).
- also do I even need to mention that we still don’t know barely anything about Even. That boy has so many layers to him (get it… okay I’ll shut up). I still have a million questions that I need answers to and having it from Evens point of view would make things so much sweeter.
-and just to add to the mix… more Evak. Need I say more?